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The Shepherd by David Pentland. (GS)- Panzer - Prints .com
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The Shepherd by David Pentland. (GS)

The Shepherd by David Pentland. (GS)

Orville, Normandy, 20th August 1944. Within days of the death of his friend and commander Obfw. Fendesack, Feldwebel Kurt Knipsel climbed into the last remaining Tiger II of 1st Company 503rd Heavy Tank Battalion as a tank commander. While leading the unit's retreat to the Seine he more than once saved it by knocking out allied tanks at extreme visual range. On the 28th the column reached Pontiose, and safety.
Item Code : DHM6288GSThe Shepherd by David Pentland. (GS) - This Edition
Limited edition of up to 10 giclee canvas prints.

Size 20 inches x 16 inches (51cm x 41cm)Artist : David Pentland
on separate certificate
£70 Off!Now : £180.00

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Carius, Otto (matted)
Kerscher, Albert (matted)
+ Artist : David Pentland

Signature(s) value alone : £205
£40 Off!Now : £400.00VIEW EDITION...
Original oil on canvas painting by David Pentland.

Size 16 inches x 12 inches (41cm x 31cm)Artist : David PentlandSOLD
POSTCARDCollector's Postcard - Restricted Initial Print Run of 100 cards.Postcard size 6 inches x 4 inches (15cm x 10cm)none£2.50VIEW EDITION...
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Extra Details : The Shepherd by David Pentland. (GS)
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Artist David Pentland with the original painting The Shepherd

Personal notes on this painting from the artist :

For many years Kurt Knipsel's exploits were relatively unknown. In recent years with the more general publication of books by the likes of Alfred Rubbel or Franz Kurowski, he has generally been hailed as one of the great tank aces. That he was only given his own tank to command during the retreat from Normandy, belies the skill and success he had displayed as a gunner prior to this in his years in Russia.

One of his most admired qualities for those that knew him was his humanity, and pulling his mortally wounded commander and friend Obfw. Fendesack from their Tiger's turret while under air attack was just one example of this. Being given the command of the company's last remaining King Tiger to batter a way through to safety, is evidence of the confidence that the other men of the elite 503rd Heavy Tank Battalion held in him.

In the painting I wanted to show a battered Tiger II leading a column of weary tank men marching along a French back road to avoid being spotted from the air. Some branches are used for camouflage, which also helps obscure the tank number. In this case it proved impossible to confirm the turret number, I had narrowed the choice to a couple, but conflicting accounts made it difficult to be 100% certain. As for the tank variant I was on safer ground, it being a Porsche version with a two piece barrel, and using the three colour sand, brown green paint scheme.

A photo of an edition of the print :

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