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Ulrich Wernitz - Pilot Profile - Ulrich Wernitz

Ulrich Wernitz

No Photo Available

Victories : 101
Country : Germany
Fought in : WW2
Fought for : Axis
Died : 23rd December 1980

Awarded the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross

Latest Axis Aviation Artwork !
 The Gruppenkommandeur of II./JG 54 Erich Rudorffer is depicted in Fw190A-6 'Black Double Chevron' over the misty forests of Finland in June 1944. Credited with 222 aerial victories, he survived being shot down no less than sixteen times and survived the war until eventually passing away in 2016 aged 98.

Erich Rudorffer by Ivan Berryman.
 With 275 victories credited, Gunther Rall is the third highest scoring Ace in history  He was awarded the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords.

Gunther Rall by Ivan Berryman. (P)
 Walter Wolfrum, a Knight's Cross winning German WW2 Ace with 137 victories, in his Bf109G.

Walter Wolfrum by Ivan Berryman. (P)
 Austrian-born Walter Nowotny was one of Germany's highest scoring aces of WWII with 258 victories to his credit, three of them flying the Messerschmitt Me.262. He is depicted here flying White 8 of Kommando Nowotny based at Achmer, Germany in 1944. He was killed in action later that year following a fraught combat with US fighters during the Defence of the Reich.

White 8 - Walter Nowotny by Ivan Berryman.

Ulrich Wernitz

Squadrons for : Ulrich Wernitz
A list of all squadrons known to have been served with by Ulrich Wernitz. A profile page is available by clicking the squadron name.


Country : Germany
'Ace of Hearts'

Click the name above to see prints featuring aircraft of JG54

I./JG 54 was initially formed as I./JG 70 near Nuremberg in July 1939, just two short months before hostilities broke out. As was to become tradition within Grunherzgeschwader, the Gruppe took the Nurember coat-of-arms (a veritcally divided shield with a black heraldic bird on the left, and red and white diagonal stripes on the right) to represent the region the unit came from.

On September 15, 1939, I./JG 70 was redesignated I./JG 54

The initial unit designation for II./JG 54 was I./JG 138. This unit was raised in 1938 after the Austrian annexation. Naturally many Austrian nationals were recruited when I./JG 138 was formed. The Aspern coat of arms (black lion's head surmounting a white cross on a red field) was taken by the Gruppe for its identity.

I./JG 138 was briefly designated I./JG 76 before finally becoming II./JG 54 on April 6, 1940.

The III./JG 54 has its roots in Prussia. Initially I./JG 21, the members were drawn from the Jesau region in Prussia. The modified Jesau coat-of-arms (a shield with a Jesau cross with three diving aircraft on a red background, with a white outline on the shield) was adopted as the Gruppe's own.

On July 15, 1939, I./JG 21 was redesignated III./JG 54. However, the bureaucratic nature of the young Luftwaffe was such that it was over a year before records would reflect the new designation. Consequently, III./JG 54 fought in Poland and France as I./JG 21.

Kommodoren of JG 54 :

Major Martin Mettig; 2 Feb 40 to 25 Aug 40.
Oberst Hannes Trautloft; 25 Aug 40 to 5 Jul 43.
Major Hubertus von Bonin; 6 Jul 43 to 15 Dec 43.
Oberstleutnant Anton Mader; 28 Jan 44 to Sep 44.
Oberst Dieter Hrabak; 1 Oct 44 to 8 May 45.

Known Victory Claims - Ulrich Wernitz









08/01/1942Ltn. Ulrich Wernitz1JG 54SB-2S Guijke: 20m13.14Eastern Front
01/05/1943Uffz. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54LaGG-500 333: 800m16.56Eastern Front
21/05/1943Uffz. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54LaGG-510 464: 50m19.07Eastern Front
24/05/1943Uffz. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Curtiss P-4010 184: 1500m18.53Eastern Front
01/06/1943Uffz. Ulrich WernitzStabJG 54Jak-110 293: 4200m4.58Eastern Front
18/06/1943Uffz. Ulrich WernitzStabJG 54LaGG-321 753: 3500m6.28Eastern Front
16/07/1943Uffz. Ulrich WernitzStabJG 54Jak-954 487: 800m7.54Eastern Front
16/07/1943Uffz. Ulrich WernitzStabJG 54Jak-954 498: 600m8.03Eastern Front
17/07/1943Uffz. Ulrich WernitzStabJG 54Jak-954 121: 50m3.55Eastern Front
23/07/1943Uffz. Ulrich WernitzStabJG 54Il-254 333: 250m8.55Eastern Front
01/08/1943Uffz. Ulrich WernitzStabJG 54LaGG-510 183: 2800m11.22Eastern Front
09/10/1943Uffz. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54LaGG-307 743: 4000m6.55Eastern Front
09/10/1943Uffz. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54LaGG-307 751: 3500m6.59Eastern Front
09/10/1943Uffz. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-907 753: 3200m7Eastern Front
12/10/1943Uffz. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54La-515 943: 50m10.55Eastern Front
13/10/1943Uffz. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-915 561: 1500m8.43Eastern Front
20/10/1943Uffz. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-906 163 NW fer Zennitza-See: 3500m9.14Eastern Front
22/10/1943Uffz. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54La-5[15 342] N. Gorki: 4000m8.15Eastern Front
15/12/1943Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Il-206 167: 150m9.08Eastern Front
01/01/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Il-206794: 150m12.55Eastern Front
06/01/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-905 151: 3000m10.43Eastern Front
08/01/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-996684: 3000m9.3Eastern Front
15/01/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54LaGG-505 161: 2000m12.26Eastern Front
07/02/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54La-506 784: 4500m7.5Eastern Front
30/03/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-970 694: 2000m12.32Eastern Front
30/03/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54La-570 352: 3500m15.26Eastern Front
02/04/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Il-260 462: 500m11.45Eastern Front
04/04/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-96044 Mitte: 2500m9.52Eastern Front
19/04/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Il-270 693: 300m9.25Eastern Front
08/05/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-970 331: 1300m14.13Eastern Front
08/05/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Curtiss P-4070 313: 1500m14.01Eastern Front
16/05/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-970 523: 30m10.2Eastern Front
28/05/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54LaGG-370 693: 5500m8.42Eastern Front
29/05/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-960 432: 2200m10.11Eastern Front
29/05/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-970 452: 800m10.18Eastern Front
29/05/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54La-560 412: 2500m10.06Eastern Front
30/05/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-970 433: 2300m21.11Eastern Front
15/06/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-9SP-33: 1000m7.1Eastern Front
15/06/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-9RP-9.47.15Eastern Front
15/06/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54La-5RP-7.2: 1880m7.18Eastern Front
15/06/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Il-2SP-6.2: 40m7.25Eastern Front
19/06/1944Ofw. Ulrich Wernitz5JG 54Il-281 484: 100m12.1Eastern Front
28/06/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54LaGG-3QT-8.4: 1800m12.1Eastern Front
28/06/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54P-39QT-3219.32Eastern Front
30/06/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Il-2OS-9.4: 800m11.36Eastern Front
30/06/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54P-39OS-2.7: 500m11.5Eastern Front
30/06/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-9PS-7.3: 1500m15.02Eastern Front
30/06/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-9OS-5.3: 900m16.01Eastern Front
30/06/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Il-2OT-1.4: 600m16.1Eastern Front
30/06/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54P-39OT-2.1: 50m16.14Eastern Front
30/06/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Il-2PS-5.8: 50m19.48Eastern Front
03/07/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54P-39OS-7.7: 3500m [Polotsk]11.38Eastern Front
03/07/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54P-39OS-5.7: 1800m [Polotsk]11.46Eastern Front
16/07/1944Ofw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54P-3900 34: 2500m5.13Eastern Front
17/07/1944Ofw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Pe-2OP-7.4: 500m [SW Druya]17.11Eastern Front
17/07/1944Ofw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Pe-2OP-5.7: 500m [SW Druya]17.14Eastern Front
21/07/1944Ofw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-9NM-4.6: 3000m19.15Eastern Front
21/07/1944Ofw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-9OM-2.4: 2500m19.17Eastern Front
21/07/1944Ofw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-9OM-5.2: 2000m19.21Eastern Front
21/07/1944Ofw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-9ON-5.5: 50m14.4Eastern Front
27/07/1944Ofw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54La-5NL-8.2: 1600m [Skopishki]14.5Eastern Front
27/07/1944Ofw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54La-5NL-8.3: 1400m [Skopishki]14.52Eastern Front
27/07/1944Ofw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54La-5NL-8.9: 1.500m [Skopishki]14.53Eastern Front
01/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54La-5KH-26 500m11.01Eastern Front
01/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54La-5KH-79 200m11.06Eastern Front
01/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54La-5LH-45 10m11.1Eastern Front
01/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54La-5KG-95: 2800m19.45Eastern Front
05/08/1944Ofw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Il-2LN-2.3: 1200m [Livenhof]14.42Eastern Front
05/08/1944Ofw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Il-2LN-3.7: 100m [Livenhof]14.47Eastern Front
07/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54AiracobraKN-4.1: 150m [NE Kreutsburg]16.11Eastern Front
15/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-9LF-9.3: 2200m9.11Eastern Front
15/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-9LF-7.4: 2800m9.13Eastern Front
15/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-9LF-3.4: 2200m9.22Eastern Front
15/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54P-39LK-4.5: 800m13.32Eastern Front
16/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Il-2LK-5.8 100m10.11Eastern Front
16/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Il-2LK-8.2 100m10.13Eastern Front
23/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Il-2JN-5.3: 150m11.09Eastern Front
24/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54La-57965: 3200m17.41Eastern Front
25/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-9LG-7.1: 3500m12.46Eastern Front
25/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54La-5LG-4.9: 2900m12.47Eastern Front
25/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-9KG-4.5: 2700m12.49Eastern Front
28/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54P-39LG-6.1: 2500m15.5Eastern Front
28/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Pe-2LG-2.2: 2800m16.12Eastern Front
28/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Jak-9JM-5.4/57 584: 6500m10.26Eastern Front
28/08/1944Fw. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54Pe-2JM-8.1/57 291: 2000m10.28Eastern Front
05/03/1945Ltn. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54--Western Front
05/03/1945Ltn. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54--Western Front
05/03/1945Ltn. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54--Western Front
05/03/1945Ltn. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54--Western Front
05/03/1945Ltn. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54--Western Front
05/03/1945Ltn. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54--Western Front
05/03/1945Ltn. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54--Western Front
05/03/1945Ltn. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54--Western Front
26/03/1945Ltn. Ulrich Wernitz3JG 54--Western Front

Known Claims : 94

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