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Founded :
Country : Germany
Fate :

German World War II fighter unit or "wing" which used the Messerschmitt Bf 109 and Focke-Wulf Fw 190 aircraft, between 1940–1944. The name of the unit derives from Jagd, meaning "hunt" and Geschwader, meaning "wing". First formed in May 1939 in eastern Prussia, I./JG 1 was one of the original groups created by the Luftwaffe as part of its expansion plans.

Between 1940 and 1942, JG 1 operated primarily over the Western Front and northern occupied Europe. During the initial days of the war, JG 1 faced little resistance, apart from occasional Royal Air Force (RAF) excursions. The unit was rarely engaged in large-scale confrontations during this time. From late 1942 onwards it was tasked with defense of the Reich duties. After D-Day, elements of JG 1 were moved to France and were tasked with air support to the army Wehrmacht, along with their air defense role. Operation Bodenplatte severely reduced the strength of JG 1.

Towards the end of the war, the unit was disbanded and its remaining pilots and aircraft were re-organized. What remained of these groups surrendered to Allied forces at the end of the war.

JG 1 was the first unit to attempt 'aerial bombing' techniques against the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) heavy bomber formations. It was the only unit to be equipped with the Heinkel He 162 jet fighter.

In 1944 the "Oesau" suffix was added to the unit's title, after its late Geschwaderkommodore Oberst Walter Oesau (127 kills), who was killed in action. Some 700 enemy aircraft were claimed shot down during the war.


JG1 Artwork Collection
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Cat Among the Pigeons (FW190) by Ivan Berryman.

The Last Offensive by Nicolas Trudgian.

First Strike on Berlin by Nicolas Trudgian.

Jet Interceptor by Nicolas Trudgian.

Knights of the Sky by Nicolas Trudgian

Ardennes Offensive by Nicolas Trudgian.

Storm Chasers by Nicolas Trudgian.

Day of the Fighters by Nicolas Trudgian.

Aces for : JG1
A list of all Aces from our database who are known to have flown with this squadron. A profile page is available by clicking the pilots name.
Heinz Bar220.00The signature of Heinz Bar features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Hans Philipp206.00
Herbert Ihlefeld137.00The signature of Herbert Ihlefeld features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Adolf Dickfeld136.00The signature of Adolf Dickfeld features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Alfred Grislawski133.00The signature of Alfred Grislawski features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Walter Oesau133.00
Heinrich Klopper94.00
Georg-Peter Eder78.00
Walter Hoeckner68.00
Herbert Huppertz68.00
Herbert Kaiser68.00The signature of Herbert Kaiser features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Fritz Losigkeit68.00The signature of Fritz Losigkeit features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Erbo Graf von Kageneck67.00
Hermann Staiger63.00
Lutz-Wilhelm Burkhardt58.00
Wilhelm Balthasar54.00
Hans Ehlers52.00
Rudiger von Kirchmayr46.00
Erwin Laskowski46.00
Heinz Knoke44.00
Ludwig Frazisket43.00
Paul Stolte43.00
Robert Olejnik41.00
Karl-Heinz Leesmann37.00
Hugo Frey32.00
Gunther Specht32.00
Hermann Segatz31.00
Walter Adolph29.00
Franz Blazytko29.00
Erich Woitke29.00
Eberhard Bock29.00
Emil Clade27.00The signature of Emil Clade features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Anton Piffer26.00
Leo Schumacher23.00
Hans Richter22.00
Robert Spreckels21.00
Georg Schott21.00
Emil-Rudolf Schnoor21.00
Erich Gerlitz20.00
Gerhard Sommer20.00
Siegfried Muller17.00The signature of Siegfried Muller features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Friedrich Eberle17.00
Karl-Emil Demuth16.00
Rudolf Hubl16.00
Max Dobislav16.00
Erhard Braune14.00
Hans Lass14.00
Werner Gerhard13.00
Harry Koch13.00
Joachim Schlichting13.00
Heinz Hanke9.00
Hugo Schneider9.00
Dieter Gerhard8.00
Hans Schubert8.00
Heinz Fresia7.00
Hubert Heckmann5.00
Albert Griener5.00
Hans Umbach5.00
Georg Lehmann5.00
Egon Falkensamer5.00
Aircraft for : JG1
A list of all aircraft known to have been flown by JG1. A profile page including a list of all art prints for the aircraft is available by clicking the aircraft name.


Click the name above to see prints featuring Bu131 aircraft.

Manufacturer : Bucker
Production Began : 1935
Retired : 0
Number Built : 0


Training aircraft.


Click the name above to see prints featuring Fw190 aircraft.

Manufacturer : Fokke-Wulf
Production Began : 1940
Retired : 1945


The Focke-Wulf 190 development project began in 1937. Conceived as a hedge against total dependence on the Messerchmitt 109, the 190 was designed by Kurt Tank utilizing a radial engine. This was against generally accepted design criteria in Germany, and many historians believe that the decision to produce a radial engine fighter was largely due to the limited manufacturing capacity for in-line, water-cooled engines which were widely used on all other Luftwaffe aircraft. Despite these concerns, Tanks design was brilliant, and the 190 would become one of the top fighter aircraft of WWII. The first prototype flew in mid-1939. The aircraft had excellent flying characteristics, a wonderful rate of acceleration, and was heavily armed. By late 1940 the new fighter was ordered into production. Nicknamed the butcher bird, by Luftwaffe pilots, early 190s were quite successful in the bomber interceptor role, but at this stage of the war many Allied bombing raids lacked fighter escort. As the war dragged on, Allied bombers were increasingly accompanied by fighters, including the very effective P-51 Mustang. The Allies learned from experience that the 190s performance fell off sharply at altitudes above 20,000 feet. As a result, most Allied bombing missions were shifted to higher altitudes when fighter opposition was likely. Kurt Tank had recognized this shortcoming and began working on a high-altitude version of the 190 utilizing an in-line, water-cooled engine. Utilizing a Jumo 12-cylinder engine rated at 1770-HP, and capable of 2,240-HP for short bursts with its methanol injection system, the 190D, or Long Nose or Dora as it was called, had a top speed of 426-MPH at 22,000 feet. Armament was improved with two fuselage and two wing mounted 20mm cannon. To accommodate the changes in power plants the Dora had a longer, more streamlined fuselage, with 24 inches added to the nose, and an additional 19 inches added aft of the cockpit to compensate for the altered center of gravity. By mid 1944 the Dora began to reach fighter squadrons in quantity. Although the aircraft had all the right attributes to serve admirably in the high altitude interceptor role, it was not generally focused on such missions. Instead many 190Ds were assigned to protect airfields where Me-262 jet fighters were based. This was due to the latter aircrafts extreme vulnerability to Allied attack during takeoff and landing. The 190Ds also played a major role in Operation Bodenplatte, the New Years Day raid in 1945 which destroyed approximately 500 Allied aircraft on the ground. The High Command was impressed with the 190Ds record on this raid, and ordered most future production of the Doras to be equipped as fighter-bombers. In retrospect this was a strategic error, and this capable aircraft was not fully utilized in the role for which it was intended.


Click the name above to see prints featuring He162 aircraft.

Manufacturer : Heinkel
Production Began : 1945
Retired : 1945


Heinkel He 162 Volksjäger Known as the peoples Fighter, named after the Volksstrum was a single-engine, jet-powered fighter aircraft built by Germany for the Luftwaffe at the end of World War Two. Designed and built quickly, and made primarily of wood as metals were in very short supply and prioritized for other aircraft, the He162 was nevertheless the fastest of the first jets that flew in the Luftwaffe and faster than the first Allied jet fighters. Volksjäger was the Reich Air Minstrys official name for the He162. The He162 was also well known by another name - the Salamander, which was the codename of its construction program, and Spatz (Sparrow), which was the name given to the plane by the builders Heinkel. In February 1945 the He162 began operations with deliveries of the He 162 to its first operational unit, I./JG 1 The He 162s only had 30-minute fuel capacity which caused problems, as at least two of JG 1s pilots were killed attempting emergency landings after exhausting their fuel.


Click the name above to see prints featuring Me109 aircraft.

Manufacturer : Messerschmitt
Production Began : 1937
Retired : 1945
Number Built : 33984


Willy Messerschmitt designed the BF109 during the early 1930s. The Bf109 was one of the first all metal monocoque construction fighters with a closed canopy and retractable undercarriage. The engine of the Me109 was a V12 aero engine which was liquid-cooled. The Bf109 first saw operational service during the Spanish Civil War and flew to the end of World War II, during which time it was the backbone of the Luftwaffe fighter squadrons. During the Battle of Britian the Bf109 was used in the role of an escort fighter, a role for which it was not designed for, and it was also used as a fighter bomber. During the last days of May 1940 Robert Stanford-Tuck, the RAF ace, got the chance to fly an Me109 which they had rebuilt after it had crash landed. Stanford-Tuck found out that the Me109 was a wonderful little plane, it was slightly faster than the Spitfire, but lacked the Spitfire manoeuvrability. By testing the Me109, Tuck could put himself inside the Me109 when fighting them, knowing its weak and strong points. With the introduction of the improved Bf109F in the spring of 1941, the type again proved to be an effective fighter during the invasion of Yugoslavia and during the Battle of Crete and the invasion of Russia and it was used during the Siege of the Mediteranean island of Malta. The Bf109 was the main fighter for the Luftwaffe until 1942 when the Fw190 entered service and shared this position, and was partially replaced in Western Europe, but the Me109 continued to serve on the Eastern Front and during the defence of the Reich against the allied bombers. It was also used to good effect in the Mediterranean and North Africa in support of The Africa Korps. The Me109 was also supplied to several German allies, including Finland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovakia. The Bf109 scored more kills than any other fighter of any country during the war and was built in greater numbers with a total of over 31,000 aircraft being built. The Bf109 was flown by the three top German aces of the war war. Erich Hartmann with 352 victories, Gerhard Barkhorn with 301 victories and Gunther Rall with 275 kills. Bf109 pilots were credited with the destruction of 100 or more enemy aircraft. Thirteen Luftwaffe Aces scored more than 200 kills. Altogether this group of pilots were credited with a total of nearly 15,000 kills, of which the Messerschmitt Bf109 was credited with over 10,000 of these victories. The Bf109 was the most produced warplane during World War II, with 30,573 examples built during the war, and the most produced fighter aircraft in history, with a total of 33,984 units produced up to April 1945. Bf109s remained in foreign service for many years after World War II. The Swiss used their Bf109Gs well into the 1950s. The Finnish Air Force did not retire their Bf109Gs until March 1954. Romania used its Bf109s until 1955. The Spanish Hispanos flew even longer. Some were still in service in the late 1960s.


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Manufacturer : Focke-Wulf


Full profile not yet available.
Signatures for : JG1
A list of all signatures from our database who are associated with this squadron. A profile page is available by clicking their name.

Heinz Bar
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Heinz Bar

28 / 4 / 1957Died : 28 / 4 / 1957
28 / 4 / 1957Ace : 220.00 Victories
Heinz Bar

Lieutenant Colonel Oskar-Heinz Heinrich Pritzl Bär born 25 May 1913 was a German Luftwaffe flying ace who served throughout World War II in Europe. A flying ace or fighter ace is a military aviator credited with shooting down five or more enemy aircraft during aerial combat. He flew over a thousand combat missions, and fought in all major German theatres of the war, including the Western, Eastern and Mediterranean fronts. On 18 occasions he survived being shot down, and he was credited with 220 aerial victories.

Heinz Bär, a Saxon with a strong accent, joined the Reichswehr in 1934 and transferred to the Luftwaffe in 1935. Serving first as a mechanic, then as a pilot on transport aircraft, he was informally trained as a fighter pilot. He claimed his first aerial victory in September 1939 on the French border. By the end of the Battle of Britain, his tally of victories had increased to 17. Transferred to the Eastern front to participate in Operation Barbarossa, he quickly accumulated further victories, a feat that earned him the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords for 90 aerial victories in February 1942.

During the remainder of World War II, Heinz Bär was credited with 130 other aerial victories, including 16 while flying one of the first jet fighters, the Me 262, an achievement which would normally have earned him the coveted Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds However, Hermann Göring's personal dislike of Bär, coupled with Bär's insubordinate character and lack of military discipline, deprived him of this award. After World War II, Bär continued his career as an aviator and was killed in a flying accident on 28 April 1957 near Braunschweig.

Hauptmann Emil Clade
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Hauptmann Emil Clade

5 / 2010Died : 5 / 2010
5 / 2010Ace : 27.00 Victories
Hauptmann Emil Clade

Born 26th February 1916, Emil Clade joined the Luftwaffe in April 1937. At the outbreak of war he was with 1 Staffel JG27 and took part in the Battle of France, the fighting over Dunkirk and then in 1940, based in the Pas de Calais, in the Battle of Britain, where he scored his first victory flying the Me109E. In early 1941 Emil was posted with JG27 to North Africa where he flew continually until the German forces were eventually defeated at the end of 1942. By the end of the war he had survived 6 bail outs and scored 26 air victories. He was awarded the German Gold Cross, and Iron Cross 1st Class. Sadly, Emil Clade passed away in May 2010.

Emil Clade - photograph taken c.2007 at a print signing event.

Hauptmann Alfred Grislawski
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by or with the mounted signature of Hauptmann Alfred Grislawski

19 / 9 / 2003Died : 19 / 9 / 2003
19 / 9 / 2003Ace : 133.00 Victories
Hauptmann Alfred Grislawski

Alfred Grislawski joined 9./JG52 in 1940, quickly becoming an Ace. An outstanding fighter pilot, his air victories were 133 in over 800 combat missions until he was severely wounded. he was awarded the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves. Died 19th September 2003.

Colonel Herbert Ihlefeld
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by or with the mounted signature of Colonel Herbert Ihlefeld

8 / 8 / 1995Died : 8 / 8 / 1995
8 / 8 / 1995Ace : 137.00 Victories
Colonel Herbert Ihlefeld

Born 1st June 1914 in Pinnow Pommern and died 8th August 1995 in Wenningen lower Saxony. Joined the Luftwaffe in 1936 and scored nine victories during the Spanish Civil War. Flew 1000 combat missions and claimed 132 enemy aircraft with 56 on the Western Front including 26 spitfires and 67 on the Russian Front. Participated in the air war over Poland, France and the Battle of Britain. In 1941 Ihlefeld was transferred to the Balkans for the invasion of Yugoslavia. He was shot down by AA fire and captured by the Yugoslavian Army. 8 days lated he was rescued by the German troops. Ihlefeld participated in the assault on Crete, claiming his 36th kill, a Hurricane. He then commanded Jagdgeschwader 77 in time for Operation Barbarossa in June 1941. In April 1942 Ihlefeld became the 5th pilot to reach 100 victories and his unit 1/JG77 was credited with 323 enemy aircraft kills compared to the loss of only 17 Bf109s. Ihlefeld then took command of Jagdgeschwader 52 in June 1942 but he was involved in a landing accident and badly injured and was not ready to return to active service until July 1943. In May 1944 he commanded JG11 and then JG1 during the defence of the Reich. In 1945 he took command of Jagdgeschwader 1 equipped with the Heinkel 162.

Leutnant Herbert Kaiser
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Leutnant Herbert Kaiser

5 / 12 / 2003Died : 5 / 12 / 2003
5 / 12 / 2003Ace : 68.00 Victories
Leutnant Herbert Kaiser

Herbert Kaiser joined the Luftwaffe before the war, and by 1938 he was a fighter pilot with II./JG186. He flew in the invasion of Poland and then during the Battle of France, scoring his first victory in May 1940. He took part in the Battle of Britain before transferring to the Balkans. In August 1941 he was posted to the Russian Front, then North Africa followed by Italy and the Dolomites. In March 1944 he joined JG1 in the defence of the Reich. Seriously wounded in a parachute jump in August 1944 he was hospitalised until February 1945. he then joined Adolf Galland's JV44. He flew over 1000 missions and achieved 68 victories. He was awarded the Knight's Cross in 1943. He passed away on 5th December 2003.

Leutnant Siegfried Muller
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Leutnant Siegfried Muller
5 / 12 / 2003Ace : 17.00 Victories
Leutnant Siegfried Muller

Born in 1924, Siegfried Muller first flew with JG1 Molders in the south of France. In 1943 he took part in the air battles over Salerno and Monte Cassino. He joined IV./JG3 Udet in June 1944, where he was promoted to Staffelkapitan of 16 Staffel /IV Sturm Gruppe flying heavily armoured Fw190s. With this Gruppe he took part in the Ardennes Offensive and on 1st January 1945, Operation Bodenplatte. At the end of the war he was attached to JG7 for training on the Me262 jet fighter. Awarded the Iron Cross 1 and 2, he scored 17 victories, including 9 four-engined bombers.

Manfred von Richthofen
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by or with the mounted signature of Manfred von Richthofen

21 / 4 / 1918Died : 21 / 4 / 1918
21 / 4 / 1918Ace : 80.00 Victories
Manfred von Richthofen

The legendary Red Baron was the most successful flying Ace of World War One, with over 80 confirmed victories. With his aircraft painted bright red, this brilliant tactician and leader served with Jasta 11 before commanding the new, much larger wing, Jagdgeschwader I, soon to earn the immortal nickname of Richthofens Flying Circus. On 21st April 1918, during a low level aerial duel, Manfred von Richthofen was fatally struck by a single .303 bullet, believed to have been fired from the trenches below. He was buried by his Allied opponents with full military honours.

Where do signatures of the Red Baron come from?

These rare signature pages and signature clippings are sourced by one of the leading German autograph companies on behalf of Cranston Fine Arts. The majority of the signatures of Manfred von Richthofen were signed in January - February 1918 on promotional train journeys across Germany to aid the recruitment by order of the Kaiser, with the train stopping at most train stations, where the Red Baron would sign autographs for the large crowds gathered. On these two, 3-day journeys, it is estimated he signed between 1500 - 2000 autographs each day. He would also have signed many hotel guest books along with other top Aces and on rare occasions you can find two or three of these signatures together.

Known Victory Claims - JG1









28/09/1939Fw. Klaus Faber3JG 1BlenheimRaum Osnabrück10.29Western Front
01/10/1939Oblt. Walter Adolph2JG 1BlenheimBad Driburg14.1Western Front
16/10/1939Ltn. Hans-Folkert Rosenboom3JG 1BlenheimFürstenau NW Osnabrück15.3Western Front
18/12/1939Oberstltn. Carl SchumacherStabJG 1Wellington10km N. Spiekeroog 300m14.35±Western Front
18/12/1939Uffz. HolckStabJG 1WellingtonN. Spiekeroog14.5Western Front
27/12/1939Oberstltn. Carl SchumacherStabJG 1Blenheim10km N. Langeoog 300m14.02Western Front
11/05/1940Ltn. Erwin Mann1JG 1GladiatorRaum Maastricht6.5Western Front
11/05/1940Ltn. Ludwig Franzisket3JG 1GladiatorRaum Maastricht6.53Western Front
11/05/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1GladiatorRaum Maastricht6.55Western Front
11/05/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1GladiatorRaum Maastricht-Western Front
11/05/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1GladiatorRaum Maastricht6.58Western Front
11/05/1940Uffz. Heinz Gillert1JG 1GladiatorRaum Maastricht-Western Front
11/05/1940Uffz. Emil Clade1JG 1GladiatorRaum Maastricht7.01Western Front
11/05/1940Ltn. Horst Braxator2JG 1BlenheimOversysche: 15m17.55Western Front
11/05/1940Uffz. Emil Clade1JG 1LeO 45W. Maastricht19.5Western Front
11/05/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1MoraneW. Maastricht19.51Western Front
11/05/1940Ltn. Ludwig Franzisket3JG 1MoraneRiemst19.55Western Front
11/05/1940Fw. Hans Richter2JG 1LeO 45W. Maastricht-Western Front
12/05/1940Oblt. Walter Adolph2JG 1BlenheimRaum Maastricht6Western Front
12/05/1940Oblt. Walter Adolph2JG 1BlenheimRaum Maastricht6.07Western Front
12/05/1940Oblt. Walter Adolph2JG 1BlenheimRaum Lüttich10.37Western Front
12/05/1940Fw. Hans Richter2JG 1BlenheimRaum Hasselt-Western Front
12/05/1940Fw. Franz Blazytko2JG 1BlenheimRaum Lüttich10.39Western Front
12/05/1940Ltn.Dr. Hans-Ludwig Örtel2JG 1BlenheimRaum Maastricht-Western Front
12/05/1940Hptm. Joachim SchlichtingStab I.JG 1BlenheimRaum Maastricht10.4Western Front
12/05/1940Oblt. Erhard BrauneStab I.JG 1BlenheimRaum Maastricht10.3Western Front
12/05/1940Ltn. Erbo Graf von Kageneck2JG 1BlenheimRaum Maastricht6Western Front
12/05/1940Ltn. Erbo Graf von Kageneck2JG 1BlenheimRaum Maastricht6.02Western Front
13/05/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1HurricaneJodoigne6.15Western Front
13/05/1940Ltn. Horst Braxator2JG 1LysanderHoongarde-Western Front
17/05/1940Uffz. Emil Clade1JG 1MoraneCompiègne12.58Western Front
17/05/1940Ltn. Ludwig Franzisket3JG 1Potez-63Laon13.05Western Front
17/05/1940Ltn. Erwin-Günter Mann1JG 1CurtissLaon13.53Western Front
17/05/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1CurtissCompiègne13.55Western Front
19/05/1940Ltn. Ludwig Franzisket3JG 1MureauxAmiens13.5Western Front
19/05/1940Ltn. Erwin Mann1JG 1MureauxAmiens13.5Western Front
19/05/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1LysanderAmiens13.5Western Front
19/05/1940Fw. Hans Umbach3JG 1LysanderAmiens13.5Western Front
19/05/1940Oblt. Karl-Heinz KirsteinStab I.JG 1Potez 63Amiens-Western Front
20/05/1940Ltn. Arno BeckerStab I.JG 1Morane 406Amiens-Western Front
20/05/1940Oblt. Erhard BrauneStab I.JG 1Potez 63Amiens-Western Front
20/05/1940Fw. Hans Umbach3JG 1Morane 406Amiens7.3Western Front
21/05/1940Uffz. Georg Lehmann2JG 1LysanderSt. Pol-Western Front
23/05/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1HurricaneDouai14.1Western Front
23/05/1940Ltn. Ludwig Franzisket3JG 1HurricaneDouai14.12Western Front
23/05/1940Ltn. Hans Lass1JG 1HurricaneDouai14.15Western Front
23/05/1940Ltn. Ludwig Franzisket3JG 1HurricaneDouai14.2Western Front
23/05/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1HurricaneDouai14.2Western Front
23/05/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1HurricaneDouai14.4Western Front
26/05/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1SpitfireRaum Calais-Western Front
26/05/1940Uffz. Emil Clade1JG 1SpitfireRaum Calais9.45Western Front
26/05/1940Oblt. Max Dobislav3JG 1SpitfireW. Calais: 2000m9.5Western Front
26/05/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1SpitfireRaum Calais10.03Western Front
05/06/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1LeO 451Montdidier10.4Western Front
05/06/1940Ltn. Ludwig Franzisket3JG 1LeO 451Nesle10.45Western Front
05/06/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1Potez 63Nesle10.48Western Front
05/06/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1LeO 451Nesle10.5Western Front
05/06/1940Ltn. Ludwig Franzisket3JG 1LeO 451Nesle10.5Western Front
05/06/1940Oblt. Erhard BrauneStab I.JG 1Potez 63Nesle-Western Front
05/06/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1Morane 406Roye21.2Western Front
05/06/1940Ltn. Ludwig Franzisket3JG 1Morane 406Roye21.22Western Front
05/06/1940Uffz. Georg Lehmann2JG 1Morane 406Roye-Western Front
05/06/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1Morane 406Roye21.3Western Front
05/06/1940Ltn. Erbo Graf von Kageneck2JG 1Morane 406Roye-Western Front
05/06/1940Ltn. Hans Lass1JG 1LeO 451Nesle10.5Western Front
06/06/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1Morane 406Roye16.4Western Front
06/06/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1LeO 451Roye16.5Western Front
06/06/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1LeO 451Roye16.55Western Front
06/06/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1LeO 451Ham17.05Western Front
06/06/1940Oblt. Hans-Folkert Rosenboom3JG 1LeO 451Roye17.05Western Front
06/06/1940Oblt. Hans-Folkert Rosenboom3JG 1LeO 451Roye17.1Western Front
06/06/1940Oblt. Walter Adolph2JG 1LeO 451Montdidier-Western Front
06/06/1940Oblt. Walter Adolph2JG 1LeO 451Montdidier-Western Front
06/06/1940Hptm. Joachim SchlichtingStab I.JG 1LeO 451Roye-Western Front
06/06/1940Oblt. Karl-Heinz KirsteinStab I.JG 1LeO 451Roye-Western Front
06/06/1940Oblt. Erhard BrauneStab I.JG 1LeO 451Roye-Western Front
06/06/1940Uffz. Hans Brandt2JG 1LeO 451Beauvais-Western Front
06/06/1940Ltn. Edwin Dutel2JG 1LeO 451Beauvais-Western Front
06/06/1940Oblt. Erbo Graf von Kageneck2JG 1LeO 451Noyon-Western Front
06/06/1940Fw. Georg Lehmann2JG 1LeO 451Lassigny-Western Front
06/06/1940Uffz. Rüdiger Menz2JG 1LeO 451Noyon-Western Front
13/06/1940Hptm. Erich Gerlitz1JG 1Bloch 151Provins13.25Western Front
13/06/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1Potez 63Provins17.5Western Front
13/06/1940Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar1JG 1BlenheimSézanne18.2Western Front
13/06/1940Hptm. Erich Gerlitz1JG 1BlenheimCoulomiers18.2Western Front
14/06/1940Uffz. Friedrich Grimpe1JG 1Potez 63Romilly14.3Western Front
14/06/1940Ltn. Hugo Schneider1JG 1Potez 63Romilly14.3Western Front
14/06/1940Ofw. Hans Umbach3JG 1Bréguet 693N. Romilly: 500m14.3Western Front
13/07/1940Ltn. Hermann BehrendStabJG 1BlenheimBrunsbüttelkoog19.45Western Front
13/01/1941Fw. Rudolf Mickel1JG 1BlenheimPl.Qu. 05 Ost S/43/3/3: 20km W. Bergen: 400m10.39Western Front
22/01/1941Fw. Rudolf Mickel1JG 1BeaufortPl.Qu. 05 Ost S/44/4/3: 40km NW Terschelling: 300m12.58Western Front
22/01/1941Uffz. Hans Krausse1JG 1BlenheimPl.Qu. 05 Ost S/43/2/1: 40km W. Den Helder15.12Western Front
14/02/1941Ofw. Werner Gerhardt1JG 1BlenheimPl.Qu. 05 Ost S/43/1/5/2: 20km W. Den Helder: 50m15.58Western Front
21/03/1941Oblt. Paul Stolte3JG 1BlenheimPl.Qu. 05 Ost S/43/7/1/4: 500m [W. Katwijk]7.3Western Front
23/03/1941Oblt. Paul Stolte3JG 1BlenheimW. Hoek-van-Holland18.52Western Front
23/03/1941Uffz. Heinrich Nöcker3JG 1BlenheimW. Hoek-van-Holland18.52Western Front
07/04/1941Uffz. Hans Krausse1JG 1Blenheim25km W. Ijmuiden18Western Front
09/04/1941Fw. Rudolf Mickel1JG 1SpitfireE. De Kooj13.25Western Front
14/04/1941Ofw. Werner Gerhardt1JG 1Blenheim15km W. Katwijk-aan-Zee17.28Western Front
28/04/1941Uffz. Franz Ritschel1JG 1SpitfireVlissingen16.35Western Front
28/04/1941Ofw. Werner Gerhardt1JG 1SpitfireVlissingen16.34Western Front
28/04/1941Ofw. Werner Gerhardt1JG 1SpitfirePl.Qu. 22/4/5: Vlissingen: 10m16.37Western Front
25/05/1941Uffz. Heinrich Nöcker3JG 1Blenheim100km NW Texel17.1Western Front
28/05/1941Oblt. Paul Stolte3JG 1Blenheim130km NW Texel15.45Western Front
04/06/1941Uffz. Heinz Nöcker3JG 1BlenheimN. Texel20.06Western Front
04/06/1941Uffz. Heinz Nöcker3JG 1BlenheimN. Texel20.08Western Front
15/06/1941Uffz. Kurt Barein1JG 1Blenheim60km W. Alkmaar19.47Western Front
12/08/1941Uffz. Friedrich Wachsmuth2JG 1Blenheim20km W. Walcheren13.2Western Front
12/08/1941Uffz. Siegfried Zick2JG 1BlenheimZouteland13Western Front
29/08/1941Uffz. Hans Schubert3JG 1SpitfireW. Den Helder11Western Front
15/09/1941Fw. Albert Griener2JG 1BlenheimBorkum: 200m-Western Front
18/09/1941Ofw. Werner Gerhardt3JG 1Blenheim--Western Front
15/10/1941Ltn. Dieter Gerhardt2JG 1Blenheim-10.45Western Front
15/10/1941Ofhr. Gerd Steiger2JG 1Blenheim-10.45Western Front
21/12/1941Ofw. Werner Gerhardt3JG 1Hampden30km W. Meppel16.3Western Front
07/02/1942Ofw. Detlev Lüth4JG 1HampdenW. Terschelling15.02Western Front
07/02/1942Ofw. Detlev Lüth4JG 1HampdenW. Terschelling15.09Western Front
07/02/1942Ltn. Heinz Grosser1JG 1HampdenLangeoog15.16Western Front
07/02/1942Oblt. Paul Stolte3JG 1HampdenPl.Qu. 74/2/5: Langeoog15.47Western Front
07/02/1942Ofw. Detlev Lüth4JG 1HampdenW. Terschelling16.04Western Front
12/02/1942 Staffelabschuß5JG 1Blenheim90km W. Texel16.43Western Front
12/02/1942Oblt. Max Bucholz5JG 1Blenheim90km W. Texel16.45Western Front
12/02/1942Oblt. Walter Dießelhorst5JG 1Wellington90km W. Texel16.47Western Front
12/02/1942Fw. Heinz Küpper5JG 1WellingtonPl.Qu. DR-3/05 Ost: W. Texel16.57Western Front
12/02/1942Uffz. Günther Kirchner5JG 1HampdenPl.Qu. BS-1/05 Ost: W. Texel17.03Western Front
12/02/1942Oblt. Eberhard Bock6JG 1Hampden7km W. Katwijk-aan-Zee17.37Western Front
12/02/1942Oblt. Eberhard Bock6JG 1Hampden10km W. Katwijk-aan-Zee17.39Western Front
12/02/1942Fw. Heinz Küpper5JG 1Wellington--Western Front
17/02/1942Ofw. Werner Gerhardt1JG 1HudsonW. Texel15.3Western Front
13/03/1942Fw. Ernst Winkler4JG 1Spitfire5km SW Leeuwarden14.14Western Front
02/04/1942Oblt. Herbert Huppertz12JG 1MosquitoTrondheim-Western Front
03/04/1942Uffz. Kurt Dombacher12JG 1SpitfireTrondheimfjord-Western Front
10/04/1942Oblt. Herbert Huppertz12JG 1Spitfire25km E. Trondheim12.33Western Front
12/04/1942Fw. Heinz Nöcker3JG 1Spitfire-16.53Western Front
22/04/1942Ltn. Heinz Grosser1JG 1SpitfireSW Ameland12.1Western Front
30/04/1942Uffz. Robert Stellfeld5JG 1SpitfireNW Walcheren15.1Western Front
09/05/1942Ofw. Detlev Lüth4JG 1SpitfirePl.Qu. 32315/05 Ost17.43Western Front
09/05/1942Fw. Georg Hutter5JG 1SpitfirePl.Qu. 32316/05 Ost17.45Western Front
17/05/1942Ltn. Paul-Rudolf DeterraStab III.JG 1Hudson20km SW Lister: 400-500m20.1Western Front
17/05/1942Uffz. Hermann Hoes9JG 1Blenheim25km S. Lister: tiefflug20.15Western Front
17/05/1942Ofw. Albert Griener9JG 1Blenheim25km S. Lindesnes: tieffluf20.17Western Front
17/05/1942Ltn. Erhard Richter9JG 1Hudson20km S. Lister: tiefflug20.18Western Front
17/05/1942Uffz. Werner Schramm9JG 1Beaufort40km S. Lister: tiefflug20.25Western Front
17/05/1942Uffz. Heinz Stöwer9JG 1Blenheim42km SSE Lister20.26Western Front
27/05/1942Fw. Erich Kaiser4JG 1HurricaneNW Domburg16.37Western Front
27/05/1942Fw. Ernst Winkler4JG 1HurricaneNW Domburg16.43Western Front
01/06/1942Uffz. Hans Meißner6JG 1SpitfireNW Walcheren18.43Western Front
02/06/1942Uffz. Herbert Brakebusch6JG 1Hudson40km W. Goeree11.4Western Front
02/06/1942Uffz. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1Hudson40km W. Goeree11.41Western Front
19/06/1942Uffz. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1Spitfire25km NW Zeebrügge11.2Western Front
19/06/1942Uffz. Herbert Brakebusch6JG 1Spitfire15km NE Zeebrügge11.22Western Front
19/06/1942Ofw. Hans Ehlers6JG 1Spitfire20km NE Zeebrügge11.24Western Front
19/06/1942Ltn. Walter Leonhardt6JG 1Spitfire45km NW Ostende11.28Western Front
19/06/1942Ofw. Hans Ehlers6JG 1SpitfireSW Walcheren11.35Western Front
02/07/1942Fw. Günther Allmenröder3JG 1MosquitoPl.Qu. 7587: 28km W. Helgoland: 5m13.49Western Front
04/07/1942Uffz. Johannes Rathenow10JG 1Boston IIIW. Den Helder8.3Western Front
08/07/1942Uffz. Anton Rehwald1JG 1BeaufortPl.Qu. 5414: 55km N. Terschelling: 100m [NW Borkum]20.35Western Front
10/07/1942Fw. Heinz Küpper5JG 1WellingtonPl.Qu. WD-1-Western Front
11/07/1942Uffz. Herbert Biermann2JG 1MosquitoFlensburg19.09Western Front
16/07/1942Uffz. Karl Dietmayer9JG 1StirlingW. Esbjerg21.26Western Front
16/07/1942Oblt. Karl Götze9JG 1StirlingW. Esbjerg21.45Western Front
22/07/1942Uffz. Günther Kirchner5JG 1Wellington100km W. Alkmaar12.2Western Front
26/07/1942Ltn. Dieter Gerhardt2JG 1Mosquito-20.32Western Front
28/07/1942Uffz. Karl Bugaj11JG 1MosquitoPl.Qu. 6238/ 05 Ost: 5800m North Sea19.5Western Front
29/07/1942Uffz. Rudolf Haninger4JG 1Spitfire50km NNW Ostende15.35Western Front
29/07/1942Ltn. Heinz Tröger4JG 1Spitfire50km NNW Ostende15.35Western Front
30/07/1942Uffz. Hans-Helmet Koch3JG 1SpitfireSW Cuxhaven17.05Western Front
01/08/1942Uffz. Karl Bugaj11JG 1MosquitoN. Langeoog13.18Western Front
01/08/1942Fw. Günther Allmenröder3JG 1MosquitoN. Langeoog13.16Western Front
01/08/1942Ltn. Gerd Steiger2JG 1Spitfire30km W. Helgoland18.01Western Front
11/08/1942Ltn. Gerd Steiger2JG 1Spitfire10km SW Helgoland12.4Western Front
15/08/1942Uffz. Max Kolschek6JG 1MosquitoN. Hulst, 5km NW Ghent14.2Western Front
17/08/1942Uffz. Heinz Born9JG 1SpitfireSW Jüderoog: 3500m [NW Büsum]13.23Western Front
17/08/1942Ltn. Dieter Gerhardt2JG 1Spitfire-12.5Western Front
19/08/1942Ltn. Gerhard Sommer2JG 1Mosquito10km NE Scharmbeck: 8800m [Wesermünde]15.48Western Front
23/08/1942Uffz. Hans-Gerd Wennekers2JG 1WellingtonScheldemündung-Western Front
28/08/1942Uffz. Albert Brett10JG 1SpitfirePl.Qu. 514 4G1: 4000m [SW Tilburg]13.1Western Front
28/08/1942Oblt. Hugo Frey10JG 1BostonPl.Qu. 426 3C4: 10000m13.1Western Front
28/08/1942Ltn. Dieter Gerhardt2JG 1Spitfire40km NW Helgoland: 9300m13.2Western Front
06/09/1942Fw. Erwin Roden12JG 1MosquitoPl.Qu. 4128/05 Ost F7: 9000m18.3Western Front
07/09/1942Uffz. Herbert Biermann2JG 1PR Spitfire20km N. Emden: 1000m [Beer 20km S. Norden]10.27Western Front
08/09/1942Oblt. Rolf Strohal12JG 1MosquitoPl.Qu. 6228/05 Ost D3: 9200m19.03Western Front
11/09/1942Ltn. Ernst Terborg4JG 1BlenheimN. Harlingen20.3Western Front
16/09/1942Ltn. Rainer Framm11JG 1Spitfire25km E. Wesermünde: 2100m [NW Bremerhaven]10.27Western Front
16/09/1942Uffz. Hans Raddatz2JG 1Spitfire25km E. Wesermünde18.32Western Front
19/09/1942Fw. Rudolf Piffer11JG 1MosquitoPl.Qu. 7349/05 Ost D9: 6000m [Osnabrück]14.41Western Front
28/09/1942Uffz. Kurt Knespel10JG 1Wellington10km NE Urk17.56Western Front
09/10/1942Fw. Fritz Timm12JG 1MosquitoPl.Qu. 5118/05 Ost8.05Western Front
11/10/1942Uffz. Günther Kirchner5JG 1Mosquito2km W. Utrecht18.32Western Front
11/10/1942Uffz. Max Kolschek4JG 1MosquitoW. Hoek-van-Holland19.05Western Front
23/10/1942Uffz. Rolf Bölter1JG 1Boston III15km N. Ameland: 500m18.32Western Front
29/10/1942Ltn. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr4JG 1Wellington90km W. Den Haag16.23Western Front
29/10/1942Uffz. Kurt Niedereicholz4JG 1Wellington80km W. Katwijk16.07Western Front
29/10/1942Uffz. Kurt Niedereicholz4JG 1Wellington120km W. Katwijk16.13Western Front
31/10/1942Ofw. Ernst Heesen5JG 1Wellington30km N. Zwolle13.15Western Front
31/10/1942Fw. Karl Bugaj11JG 1WellingtonPl.Qu. 6216/05 Ost H5: 400m [35km E. Nimwegen]15.22Western Front
31/10/1942Uffz. Rolf Bölter1JG 1BlenheimN. Wangerooge14.26Western Front
31/10/1942Ltn. Heinz Knoke2JG 1Blenheim20km N. Wangerooge14.26Western Front
06/11/1942Ltn. Heinz Knoke2JG 1Mosquito50km NW Helgoland: 50m13.55Western Front
13/11/1942Ltn. Wilhelm Tschira5JG 1Hurricane20km NW Bergen-aan-Zee14.32Western Front
13/11/1942Ofw. Ernst Heesen5JG 1Hurricane20km NW Bergen-aan-Zee14.34Western Front
13/11/1942Fw. Erich Kaiser4JG 1Boston100km W. Goeree16.47Western Front
20/11/1942Uffz. Otto Schmid5JG 1Beaufort75km W. Zandvoort16.08Western Front
25/11/1942Ofw. Ernst Heesen5JG 1Lancaster70km WNW Bergen-aan-Zee16.34Western Front
28/11/1942Uffz. Heinz Fuchs4JG 1Spitfire4km S. Camperland12.1Western Front
28/11/1942Fw. Ernst Winkler4JG 1Spitfire5km NW Waarde12.2Western Front
29/11/1942Uffz. Kurt Niedereicholz4JG 1Spitfire10km NW Walcheren11.43Western Front
01/12/1942Fw. Rudolf Haninger4JG 1Spitfire30km E. Orfordness-Western Front
06/12/1942Ofw. Hans Ehlers6JG 1B-17--Western Front
06/12/1942Uffz. Eugen Wloschinski6JG 1B-17--Western Front
06/12/1942Fw. Ernst Heesen5JG 1BostonWestspitze Overflakkee12.5Western Front
06/12/1942Uffz. Günther Kirchner5JG 1BostonNoord Beveland12.52Western Front
06/12/1942Uffz. Robert Stellfeld5JG 1BostonSüdwestspitze Goeree12.54Western Front
06/12/1942Fw. Fritz Ratshofer5JG 1BostonWestspitze Walcheren12.55Western Front
06/12/1942Uffz. Rudolf Rauhaus6JG 1Ventura3km W. Rilland13.07Western Front
08/12/1942Ofw. Ernst Heesen5JG 1HurricaneE. Clacton-Western Front
13/12/1942Oblt. Walter Leonhardt6JG 1Spitfire30km W. Schouwen16.34Western Front
18/12/1942Ofw. Ernst Heesen5JG 1Wellington10km N. Great Yarmouth16.04Western Front
12/01/1943Uffz. Alois Job8JG 1PR SpitfireHövaag NW Kristiansand: 100-150m14.24Western Front
22/01/1943Uffz. Hans Vorhauer11JG 1Mitchell22/4/2: 5m [30km N. Ostende]15.1Western Front
22/01/1943Fw. Ernst Heesen5JG 1Mitchell60km N. Walcheren15.12Western Front
22/01/1943Oblt. Walter Leonhardt6JG 1Mitchell60km N. Walcheren15.13Western Front
22/01/1943Uffz. Günter Kirchner5JG 1Mustang60km N. Walcheren15.15Western Front
22/01/1943Uffz. Robert Stellfeld5JG 1Spitfire60km N. Walcheren15.15Western Front
22/01/1943Fw. Karl Bugaj11JG 1Mustang22/4/7: 10km 40km NW Ostende15.18Western Front
22/01/1943Uffz. Schmid5JG 1Mustang60km N. Walcheren15.18Western Front
22/01/1943Oblt. Walter Leonhardt6JG 1Mustang60km N. Walcheren15.21Western Front
22/01/1943Uffz. Hans Vorhauer11JG 1Spitfire22/6/2: 5m [30km NW Blankenberge]15.25Western Front
26/01/1943Uffz. Hans Vorhauer11JG 1Spitfire05 Ost S/22/7/8/4: 6000m13.45Western Front
26/01/1943Fw. Karl Bugaj11JG 1Spitfire05 Ost S/32/7/6/1: 1500m13.45Western Front
27/01/1943Oblt. Hugo Frey2JG 1B-1720km NW Tossens: 800m11.15Western Front
27/01/1943Ltn. Dieter Gerhardt2JG 1B-17--Western Front
27/01/1943Fw. Siegfried Zick2JG 1B-17E. Jadebüsen [Jade Bay]: 4500m11.23Western Front
27/01/1943Uffz. Otto Werner3JG 1B-17Wallen: 7500m11.25Western Front
27/01/1943Ltn. Paul Arlt1JG 1B-1715km N. Wilhelmshaven: 9000m11.3Western Front
27/01/1943Ofw. Ernst Winkler4JG 1B-24--Western Front
27/01/1943Fw. Rudolf Haninger4JG 1B-24--Western Front
27/01/1943Uffz. Josef Löhr12JG 1B-24544 7B2: 6000m West-Terschelling11.55Western Front
27/01/1943Uffz. Herbert Hänel12JG 1B-24543 7C3: 7000m in Waddenzee11.53Western Front
29/01/1943Hptm. Dietrich Wickop4JG 1Spitfire-15.47Western Front
30/01/1943Hptm. Egon Falkensamer3JG 1Wellington7568 10km NW Helgoland: 300-0m16.24Western Front
30/01/1943Uffz. Herbert Hänel12JG 1Wellington541-7: 200-300m13.25Western Front
01/02/1943Hptm. Dietrich Wickop4JG 1Spitfire15km E. Lowestoft16.57Western Front
04/02/1943Uffz. Schmid5JG 1B-17NW Texel12.4Western Front
04/02/1943Hptm. Dietrich Wickop4JG 1B-1710km E. Den Helder11.27Western Front
04/02/1943Uffz. Otto Werner3JG 1B-1717km E. Leer: 6500m SE Emden11.35Western Front
04/02/1943Uffz. Felix Emerich12JG 1B-1750km NW Texel12.3Western Front
04/02/1943Ofw. Detlev Lüth4JG 1B-17NW Texel12.35Western Front
04/02/1943Uffz. Robert Stellfeld5JG 1B-17NW Texel12.38Western Front
04/02/1943Uffz. Rudolf Mayer12JG 1B-17E. Leer-Western Front
08/02/1943Fw. Georg Hutter5JG 1Spitfire15km WNW Hoek-van-Holland11.45Western Front
10/02/1943Uffz. Rudolf Rauhaus6JG 1Spitfire10km SW Croes10.58Western Front
13/02/1943Fw. Erich Kaiser4JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
14/02/1943Uffz. Max Kolschek4JG 1B-17--Western Front
26/02/1943Uffz. Heinz Hanke9JG 1LancasterSW Helgoland: 8000m11.42Western Front
26/02/1943Oblt. Gerhard SommerStab I.JG 1B-172km NW Sengwarden: 7500m11.35Western Front
26/02/1943Ofw. Erich Dobrick2JG 1B-17--Western Front
26/02/1943Fw. Hans Raddatz2JG 1B-17--Western Front
26/02/1943Ofw. Otto Bach12JG 1B-17348-4: 20m [100km NW Terschelling]10.41Western Front
26/02/1943Ltn. Heinz Knoke2JG 1B-241½km Fl.Pl. Zwischenahn: 7500m11.18Western Front
26/02/1943Oblt. Hugo Frey2JG 1B-24N. Varel bei Watt: 7500m11.2Western Front
26/02/1943Uffz. Leo Demetz3JG 1B-24Eversten b. Oldenburg: 7500m11.2Western Front
26/02/1943Fw. Hans-Gerd Wennekers2JG 1B-249km N. Bad Zwischenahn: in See 7500m11.22Western Front
26/02/1943Ltn. Dieter Gebhardt2JG 1B-176km N. Wilhelmshaven: 7200m11.28Western Front
26/02/1943Uffz. Alwin Doppler8JG 1B-244434: 5500-600m12.15Western Front
26/02/1943Hptm. Günther Specht10JG 1B-1750km NNW Borkum12.18Western Front
26/02/1943Uffz. Wilhelm Meissner6JG 1Spitfire-14.15Western Front
26/02/1943Ltn. Peter Marxen12JG 1B-246575: 10m12.24Western Front
27/02/1943Ltn. Heinz Tröger4JG 1Mitchell110km W. Ijmuiden17.08Western Front
03/03/1943Uffz. Schmid7JG 1Blenheim6958i See: 50m14.42Western Front
04/03/1943Uffz. Günther Range3JG 1B-17--Western Front
04/03/1943Uffz. Max Kolschek4JG 1B-1710km west Vlielandee9.5Western Front
04/03/1943Uffz. Wilhelm Meissner6JG 1B-1725km W. Hoek-van-Holland10.2Western Front
04/03/1943Uffz. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1B-17West Hoek-van-Holland10.2Western Front
04/03/1943Ofw. Fritz Timm12JG 1B-1772116: 5500m [6km W. Texel]10.5Western Front
04/03/1943Fw. Georg Hutter5JG 1B-1710km E. Den Helder11.25Western Front
04/03/1943Hptm. Dietrich Wickop4JG 1B-1710km E. Den Helder11.25Western Front
04/03/1943Oblt. Kurt Goetze8JG 1B-1734-1-7: 5700m11.36Western Front
04/03/1943Hptm. Emil-Rudolf Schnoor8JG 1B-17-11.36Western Front
04/03/1943Ltn. Hans Pancritius8JG 1B-1734-6-9: 6000m11.4Western Front
05/03/1943Fw. Georg Hutter5JG 1Mosquito50km east Lowestoft14.2Western Front
08/03/1943Ltn. Rüdiger von KirchmayrStab II.JG 1Mustang35km W. Walcheren7.33Western Front
10/03/1943Oblt. Harry Koch6JG 1Spitfire7km W. Westkapellen16.13Western Front
10/03/1943Uffz. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1Spitfire30km N. Ostende16.18Western Front
11/03/1943Ofw. Hans Ehlers6JG 1Spitfire40km W. Ijmuiden17.53Western Front
11/03/1943Uffz. Max Kolschek4JG 1Spitfire40km W. Ijmuiden17.53Western Front
18/03/1943Uffz. Rudolf Hübl10JG 1B-17--Western Front
18/03/1943Ltn. Heinz Knoke2JG 1B-2420km SE Helgoland: 7000m15.14Western Front
18/03/1943Oblt. Hugo Frey2JG 1B-2410km SW Wangerooge15.18Western Front
18/03/1943Ltn. Dieter Gerhardt2JG 1B-24bei Helgoland15.37Western Front
18/03/1943Fw. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1Spitfire40km NW Schouwen15.4Western Front
18/03/1943Oblt. Harry Koch6JG 1Spitfire10km W. Schouwen15.45Western Front
18/03/1943Uffz. Eugen Wloschinski6JG 1Spitfire40km NW Schouwen15.5Western Front
18/03/1943Oblt. Karl Becker10JG 1B-17658-9: 8000m [N. Ameland]16.05Western Front
18/03/1943Fw. Hartwig Küpper12JG 1B-24658-1: 8000m16.15Western Front
18/03/1943Ltn. Hans Pancritius8JG 1B-2435-8-7: 6000m16.25Western Front
22/03/1943Uffz. Robert Spreckels8JG 1B-17N. Texel-Western Front
22/03/1943Uffz. Alwin Döppler8JG 1B-1773-7-7: 6500m [N. Texel]14.41Western Front
22/03/1943Ltn. Hans Pancritius8JG 1B-2474-1-5: 7500m off Texel14.45Western Front
22/03/1943Ltn. Heinz Knoke2JG 1B-1730km W. Helgoland: 6000m15.21Western Front
22/03/1943Oblt. Gerhard SommerI.JG 1B-2405 Ost S/75/8/2 SW Helgoland: 7500m15.23Western Front
22/03/1943Oblt. Hugo Frey2JG 1B-17N. Nordeney: 8000m15.25Western Front
01/04/1943Ofw. Fritz Timm3JG 1Lancaster05 Ost 5/36/5: 10km E. Harderwijk7.22Western Front
04/04/1943Uffz. Robert Stellfeld5JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
04/04/1943Fw. Edwin Roden4JG 1P-38-10.38Western Front
04/04/1943Hptm. Dietrich Wickop5JG 1Spitfire15km E Lowestoft16.57Western Front
04/04/1943Uffz. Schönrock4JG 1Ventura--Western Front
04/04/1943Ofw. Ernst Winkler4JG 1Ventura--Western Front
04/04/1943Fw. Rudolf Haninger4JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
04/04/1943Uffz. Heinz Fuchs4JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
04/04/1943Fw. Edwin Roden4JG 1Ventura--Western Front
04/04/1943Ofw. Detlev Lüth5JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
05/04/1943Uffz. Robert Stellfeld5JG 1B-17--Western Front
05/04/1943Ofw. Peter Eberhardt5JG 1B-17--Western Front
05/04/1943Hptm. Dietrich Wickop5JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/04/1943Uffz. Werner Wiegand2JG 1Mosquito2km SE Bad Bentheim: tiefflug20.38Western Front
15/04/1943Ofw. Ernst Heesen5JG 1P-47-17.4Western Front
15/04/1943Ofw. Ernst Heesen5JG 1P-47-17.4Western Front
16/04/1943Hptm. Dietrich Wickop5JG 1Spitfire6km W. Vlissinghen14.3Western Front
16/04/1943Hptm. Dietrich Wickop5JG 1Spitfire6km W. Vlissinghen14.3Western Front
16/04/1943Fw. Georg Hutter5JG 1Mosquito3km E. Oostmalle12.3Western Front
17/04/1943Major Fritz LosigkeitStab I.JG 1B-1705 Ost S/83/1/5: 7000m13.18Western Front
17/04/1943Ofw. Hans Laun1JG 1B-1705 Ost S/74/6/1: 7000m13.3Western Front
17/04/1943Fw. Albert Lindenschmid3JG 1B-17--Western Front
28/04/1943Hptm. Dietrich WickopStab II.JG 1Spitfire30km W Bergen-aan-Zee8.1Western Front
30/04/1943Uffz. Ludwig Berger10JG 1Beaufighter05 Ost N/99/33/3 10m6.18Western Front
02/05/1943Ltn. Heinz Tröger4JG 1SpitfireW. Vlissinghen-Zeeland19.43Western Front
02/05/1943Ltn. Rüdiger von KirchmayrStab II.JG 1Spitfire1km N. Wissekerke19.37Western Front
02/05/1943Hptm. Dietrich WickopStab II.JG 1Spitfire2km N. Wissekerke19.3Western Front
02/05/1943Uffz. Wilhelm Meissner6JG 1SpitfireKamperland: North Beveland19.36Western Front
02/05/1943Ltn. Friedrich-E. Wiegmann4JG 1SpitfireS. Vlissinghen-Zeeland19.4Western Front
02/05/1943Major Hans PhilippStabJG 1Spitfire120km W. Haarlem19.43Western Front
02/05/1943Major Fritz LosigkeitStab I.JG 1VenturaS/23/4/9: 35m [120km W. Haarlem]19.43Western Front
02/05/1943Oblt. Rainer Framm2JG 1VenturaS/23/41/7: 35m [120km W. Haarlem]19.47Western Front
02/05/1943Fw. Martin Lacha3JG 1SpitfireS/32/5/3: 800m [SW Vlissinghen]19.4Western Front
03/05/1943Ofw. Hans Ehlers6JG 1Ventura25km N. Haarlem17.58Western Front
03/05/1943Uffz. Heinz Fuchs4JG 1Ventura20km W. Haarlem18Western Front
03/05/1943Hptm. Dietrich WickopStab II.JG 1Ventura7km NW Amsterdam17.53Western Front
03/05/1943Uffz. Wilhelm Meissner6JG 1Ventura10km NW Amsterdam17.57Western Front
03/05/1943Ofw. Georg Hutter5JG 1Venturabei Amsterdam17.56Western Front
03/05/1943Hptm. Dietrich WickopStab II.JG 1Ventura-17.45Western Front
03/05/1943Uffz. Rudolf Rauhaus6JG 1Ventura16km W. Amsterdam17.45Western Front
03/05/1943Ofw. Ernst Winkler4JG 1Ventura3km S. Haarlem17.45Western Front
03/05/1943Ltn. Egon Besgen5JG 1VenturaHaarlem17.45Western Front
03/05/1943Ofw. Hans Ehlers6JG 1Spitfire15km NW Haarlem17.52Western Front
04/05/1943Hptm. Dietrich WickopStab II.JG 1Spitfire10km SW Haamstede19.22Western Front
04/05/1943Ofw. Hans Ehlers6JG 1SpitfireSE Lamswaarde19.18Western Front
09/05/1943Hptm. Robert Olejnik4JG 1Mosquito15km SE Den Helder20.13Western Front
14/05/1943Ofw. Otto Bach5JG 1B-17SW Tholen-Western Front
14/05/1943Ltn. Heinz Tröger4JG 1P-4750km N. Vlissinghen-Western Front
14/05/1943Ofw. Hans Ehlers6JG 1P-4740km W. Vlissinghen-Western Front
14/05/1943Uffz. Werner Wiegand2JG 1P-472389: tiefflug20.1Western Front
14/05/1943Uffz. Felix Emerich1JG 1P-473256: 6300m [W. Walcheren]13.29Western Front
15/05/1943Uffz. Hans Vorhauer2JG 1B-176415: 7200m11.18Western Front
15/05/1943Fw. Rudolf Piffer2JG 1Stirling6415: 7300m11.41Western Front
15/05/1943Fw. Albert Lindenschmid2JG 1B-176779: 5000m11.25Western Front
16/05/1943Major Hans PhilippStabJG 1P-4725km north Zeebrugge13.12Western Front
16/05/1943Oblt. Harry Koch6JG 1P-4710km north Zeebrugge13.13Western Front
17/05/1943Fw. Kurt NiedereicholzStab II.JG 1B-265km W. Zandvoort12.24Western Front
17/05/1943Ofw. Ernst Winkler4JG 1B-2680km W. Noordwijk12.3Western Front
21/05/1943Ltn. Eberhard BurathStab I.JG 1B-176412: 7000m [100km N. Ameland]13.02Western Front
21/05/1943Ltn. Wilhelm Krebs3JG 1B-175582: 1800m13.15Western Front
21/05/1943Uffz. Johannes Rathenow1JG 1B-176575: 300-400m13.1Western Front
31/05/1943Hptm. Robert OlejnikStab II.JG 1Spitfire60km north Margate-Western Front
31/05/1943Fw. Erhard Bruhnke4JG 1Spitfire60km north Margate-Western Front
03/06/1943Ofw. Georg Hutter5JG 1Mustang-11.11Western Front
10/06/1943Ltn. Heinz Tröger4JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
10/06/1943Fw. Rudolf Haninger4JG 1Mustang--Western Front
10/06/1943Fw. Kurt NiedereicholzStab II.JG 1Mitchell1km west Maldeghem18.46Western Front
10/06/1943Ofw. Hans Ehlers6JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
11/06/1943Uffz. Herzog2JG 1B-1705 OstS/AO 9: 5500m [N. Borkum]18.15Western Front
11/06/1943Ofw. Hans Laun1JG 1B-1705 Ost S/AO 9-Western Front
11/06/1943Ltn. Eugen Wintergerst9JG 1B-1705 Ost S/AO 9-Western Front
12/06/1943Uffz. Hans Vorhauer2JG 1Wellington05 Ost S/FH 9-7: 30m [W. Ijmuiden]18.41Western Front
13/06/1943Oblt. StrohalI.JG 1B-17CJ-8: 800m [NW Texel]11.4Western Front
13/06/1943Uffz. Bernhard Kunze1JG 1B-17EG-1: 400m [100km W. Texel]11.4Western Front
13/06/1943Ofw. Georg Hutter5JG 1Spitfire15km N. Bergen-op-Zoom8.03Western Front
13/06/1943Uffz. Herzog2JG 1B-17AS-6: [S. Marne]10.1Western Front
13/06/1943Uffz. Rudolf Hübl1JG 1B-17DG: 25m [120 sm. W. Texel]11.35Western Front
13/06/1943Ofw. Hans Laun1JG 1B-17--Western Front
13/06/1943Ofw. Hans Laun1JG 1B-17--Western Front
13/06/1943Hptm. Eduard TrattKdo. I.JG 1B-17AP: 500m [N. Baltrum]10.17Western Front
22/06/1943Ltn. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1Spitfire-10.32Western Front
22/06/1943Fw. Martin Lacha3JG 1B-17JP 4: 7000m [Havixbeck]9.47Western Front
22/06/1943Ltn. Georg Schott1JG 1B-1705 Ost S/ KP 13: 6500m [Recklinhausen]9.48Western Front
22/06/1943Uffz. Bernhard Kunze1JG 1B-17LN 2-3: 1500m [Geldern]10.1Western Front
22/06/1943Uffz. Johannes Rathenow1JG 1B-17JM 2: 9000-4000m [Wageningen]10.1Western Front
22/06/1943Uffz. Löhr3JG 1B-17JL 5: 6000m [Geldermalsen]10.16Western Front
22/06/1943Ltn. Rudolf Engleder1JG 1B-17--Western Front
22/06/1943Ofhr. Hans Berger2JG 1B-17--Western Front
22/06/1943Ofw. Hans LaunEKdo. I.JG 1B-17Hünxe: 5000m [ESE Wesel]9.43Western Front
22/06/1943Ofw. Hans LaunEKdo. I.JG 1B-17--Western Front
22/06/1943Uffz. Walter Köhne2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/ JO 8: 7000m [W. Raesfeld]9.55Western Front
22/06/1943Oblt. Harry Koch6JG 1B-17--Western Front
22/06/1943Oblt. Eugen Kotiza6JG 1SpitfireBrouwershaven-Western Front
22/06/1943Uffz. Mörtl2JG 1B-17--Western Front
22/06/1943Ofw. Hans LaunEKdo. I.JG 1B-1705 Ost S/ KO 2: 5000m [Schermbeck]9.5Western Front
22/06/1943Ofw. FickEKdo. I.JG 1B-1705 Ost S/ JO 7: 1200m [Ascheberg]9.44Western Front
22/06/1943Fw. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1Spitfire-9.2Western Front
22/06/1943Fw. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
22/06/1943Ofw. Hans Ehlers6JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
22/06/1943Ofw. Husser8JG 1B-17-8.52Western Front
22/06/1943Uffz. Hans Vorhauer2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/ JO 4: 4000m [NE Bocholt]9.42Western Front
22/06/1943Fw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/ KO 3: 7000m [S. Dinkslaken]9.48Western Front
25/06/1943Hptm. Emil-Rudolf SchnoorStab I.JG 1B-17DP: 7000m [S. Dollart]9.1Western Front
25/06/1943Ofw. Hans Laun1JG 1B-17--Western Front
25/06/1943Oblt. HardtStab III.JG 1B-17DR 91: Munderloh 7500m [Oldenburg]8.5Western Front
25/06/1943Fw. Hans Fordemann7JG 1B-17--Western Front
25/06/1943Fw. Albert Lindenschmid9JG 1B-17--Western Front
25/06/1943Ofw. HusserIII.JG 1B-17DR 91: 4000m [W. Delmenhorst]8.58Western Front
25/06/1943Major Karl-Heinz LeesmannStab III.JG 1B-17--Western Front
25/06/1943Ltn. Freimut UllmannStab III.JG 1B-17--Western Front
25/06/1943Uffz. Koch6JG 1BeaufighterAN 4: 20m [40km N. Schiermonnikoog]16.15Western Front
25/06/1943Hptm. LuckenbachStab III.JG 1B-17--Western Front
27/06/1943Ofw. Erich Kaiser1JG 1Beaufighter05 Ost S/HI-2: 300m [W. Scheveningen]15.04Western Front
01/07/1943Ltn. Georg Schott1JG 1Typhoon05 Ost S/HJ-4: 200m [off Scheveningen]12.05Western Front
01/07/1943Ofw. Detlev Lüth4JG 1Spitfire5km NW Ostende12.17Western Front
01/07/1943Fw. Martin Lacha3JG 1P-47JH-6.8: 7000m [NE Ouddorp]16.04Western Front
01/07/1943Fw. Martin Lacha3JG 1P-47JJ-4.3: 5500m [Oostvorne NE Schiedam]16.08Western Front
02/07/1943Ltn. Rudolf Engleder1JG 1Spitfire25km W. Rotterdam16.06Western Front
05/07/1943Uffz. Heinz Fuchs4JG 1MustangSea 100km W. Egmond-aan-Zee17.3Western Front
06/07/1943Uffz. Hans Vorhauer2JG 1P-47EG-6: 150m [70km NW Zandvoort]21.55Western Front
07/07/1943Uffz. Rudolf Hübl1JG 1MustangEK-5: 5-10m [SSE Den Helder]6.09Western Front
07/07/1943Uffz. Rudolf Schnappauf1JG 1MustangEK-5: 400m [SSE Den Helder]6.08Western Front
18/07/1943Fw. Alfred Miksch8JG 1MustangSea 100km W. Texel11.12Western Front
18/07/1943Fw. Alfred Miksch8JG 1MustangSea 100km W. Texel11.2Western Front
18/07/1943Ltn. Freimut UllmannStab III.JG 1MustangSea 100km W. Texel11.3Western Front
18/07/1943Major Karl-Heinz Leesmann (Kdr)Stab III.JG 1BeaufighterSea 8km W. Den Helder20.44Western Front
18/07/1943Major Karl-Heinz Leesmann (Kdr)Stab III.JG 1BeaufighterSea 10km W. Den Helder20.45Western Front
18/07/1943Hptm. LuckenbachStab III.JG 1BeaufighterSea 8km W. Den Helder20.47Western Front
25/07/1943Uffz. Fritz Haspel8JG 1B-17--Western Front
25/07/1943Uffz. Eugen Wloschinski6JG 1B-17-16.5Western Front
25/07/1943Ltn. Horst Ertmann6JG 1B-17-16.35Western Front
25/07/1943Hptm. LuckenbachStab III.JG 1B-17--Western Front
25/07/1943Major Karl-Heinz Leesmann (Kdr)Stab III.JG 1B-17--Western Front
25/07/1943Fw. Georg Hutter5JG 1B-17--Western Front
25/07/1943Oblt. Harry Koch6JG 1B-17--Western Front
26/07/1943Ltn. Rudolf Engleder1JG 1B-17BP-5.2: 4200m [Westerholt]13.00-05Western Front
26/07/1943Ofw. Otto Bach5JG 1B-17FT-4.7: 7700m [Nienburg]11.45Western Front
26/07/1943Gefr. Hermann Gottwald6JG 1B-17GT: 7700m [Stadthagen]11.5Western Front
26/07/1943Oblt. Harry Koch6JG 1B-17HU-7: 7400m [S. Hildesheim]12Western Front
26/07/1943Uffz. Eugen Wloschinski6JG 1B-17Reckbergen 5km NE Rintelen: 3000m11.53Western Front
26/07/1943Ltn. Heinz-Günther Lück1JG 1B-17CP-5.2: 7000m [N. Emden]12.4Western Front
26/07/1943Ltn. Eberhard Burath1JG 1B-1705 Ost S/CP-5-2: 7000m12.5Western Front
26/07/1943Uffz. Karl Knespel1JG 1B-17UO: 6000m [45km N. Nordeney]12.5Western Front
26/07/1943Oblt. Karl Becker3JG 1B-1705 Ost S/OQ-7: 6000m12.55Western Front
26/07/1943Ofw. Erich Kaiser1JG 1B-17--Western Front
26/07/1943Fw. Martin Lacha2JG 1B-17--Western Front
26/07/1943Hptm. Robert OlejnikStab III.JG 1B-17--Western Front
26/07/1943Fw. Alfred Miksch8JG 1B-17--Western Front
26/07/1943Uffz. Bernhard Kunze1JG 1B-17BP-5b bei Grossheide: 4200m12.55Western Front
26/07/1943Oblt. Herwig Zuzic8JG 1B-17--Western Front
26/07/1943Uffz. Johanning8JG 1B-17BL in See: 3500m [off Terschelling]14.12Western Front
28/07/1943Uffz. Löhr3JG 1B-17--Western Front
28/07/1943Ltn. Georg Schott1JG 1B-17DN-5 6500m [Leek]10.43Western Front
28/07/1943Oblt. Karl Becker3JG 1B-17CQ-7: 6000m [NW Oldenburg]12.55Western Front
28/07/1943Oblt. Harry Koch6JG 1B-17HS-6: 5000m [Herford]10.28Western Front
28/07/1943Uffz. Eugen Wloschinski6JG 1B-17HU-8: 6000m [Hildesheim]10.35Western Front
28/07/1943Oblt. Harry Koch6JG 1B-1705 Ost S/HU-8: 5000m10.46Western Front
28/07/1943Ofw. Josef Laun3JG 1B-17CO-7/DO-1: 6500-7000m [Groningen]10.4Western Front
28/07/1943Hptm. Emil-Rudolf SchnoorStab I.JG 1B-1705 Ost S/CU-6: 6500m [S. Hamburg]10.52Western Front
30/07/1943Fw. Alfred Miksch8JG 1B-17HM: 6500m [Apeldoorn]10.33Western Front
30/07/1943Oblt. Karl Becker3JG 1B-1705 Ost S/HN-8: 7500m [Doesburg]10.15Western Front
30/07/1943Uffz. Hans Vorhauer2JG 1P-47JM-4.9: 200m [140° Groesbeek]10.16Western Front
30/07/1943Uffz. Josef Kehrle8JG 1SpitfireJL: 5000m [Tiel-Leerdam]10.24Western Front
30/07/1943Uffz. Ernst FlorianStab I.JG 1B-17HN-1: 6000m [E. Apeldoorn]10.25Western Front
30/07/1943Fw. Anton Piffer2JG 1P-47JJ-6.9: 1700m [Dordrecht]10.25Western Front
30/07/1943Ltn. Heinz-Günther Lück2JG 1B-17--Western Front
30/07/1943Ltn. Rudolf Engleder1JG 1B-17--Western Front
30/07/1943Uffz. Erich Rütter2JG 1B-17--Western Front
30/07/1943Ltn. Eugen Wintergerst9JG 1P-47IH in See: 5500m10.42Western Front
30/07/1943Oblt. Harry Koch6JG 1B-17HJ-9: 5000m [S. Utrecht]10.46Western Front
30/07/1943Fw. Alfred Miksch8JG 1B-17--Western Front
30/07/1943Ltn. Hans Feustel2JG 1B-17--Western Front
12/08/1943Ofw. Martin Licha4JG 1B-17NN-7: [Aachen]9.3Western Front
12/08/1943Ogefr. Hermann Gottwald6JG 1B-17NE Aachen9.35Western Front
12/08/1943Ofw. Otto BachStab I.JG 1B-17OO-3 : 1km SW Metternich: 6800m9.18Western Front
12/08/1943Oblt. Harry Koch6JG 1B-17OP-47: 7000m [Bad Neuenahr]9.21Western Front
12/08/1943Ofw. Detlev Lüth4JG 1B-17NO-9: Hermebeieich: 6500m9.16Western Front
12/08/1943Hptm. Walter HoecknerStab II.JG 1B-17MP-9: Lindlar]9.25Western Front
12/08/1943Hptm. Emil-Rudolf SchnoorStab I.JG 1B-17PQ: 9400m [Raum Koblenz]9.1Western Front
12/08/1943Ofw. Erich Kaiser1JG 1B-17NN-2 bei Linnich: 8500m9.3Western Front
12/08/1943Uffz. Hubert Swoboda2JG 1B-17PO-1: 9000m [W. Blankenheim]9.33Western Front
12/08/1943Oblt. Strohal3JG 1B-17--Western Front
12/08/1943Ofhr. Herbert EhI.JG 1B-17--Western Front
12/08/1943Ltn. Kurt Ibing4JG 1B-17NP-8: 8500m [Siegburg]9.25Western Front
17/08/1943Oblt. Harry Koch6JG 1B-1705 Ost S/NM-9: 6000m [Aachen]15Western Front
17/08/1943Ltn. Hans Ehlers2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/RT-8: 6500m W. Wertheim11.58Western Front
17/08/1943Oblt. Strohal3JG 1B-17SR: 5800m12.1Western Front
17/08/1943Ltn. Georg Fröhlich8JG 1B-17SR-2: 5000m12.1Western Front
17/08/1943Ltn. Hans Ehlers2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/SR-5: 6500m Worms12.15Western Front
17/08/1943Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/SU-4: 5800m E. Hardheim12.3Western Front
17/08/1943Fw. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1B-17NK-3: 5500m [SW Diest]15.07Western Front
17/08/1943Ltn. Schwarz3JG 1B-1705 Ost S/PP [Mayen-Mendig]15.24Western Front
17/08/1943Uffz. Schönrock4JG 1B-17-15.27Western Front
17/08/1943Uffz. Franz Scharler5JG 1B-17-15.28Western Front
17/08/1943Ofw. Otto Bach5JG 1B-17--Western Front
17/08/1943Uffz. Schönrock4JG 1B-17--Western Front
17/08/1943Hptm. Robert OlejnikStab III.JG 1B-17QR-9: 6000m15.45Western Front
17/08/1943Ltn. Wilhelm KrebsI.JG 1B-1705 Ost S/QM-9: 6500m SW Clervaux15.53Western Front
17/08/1943Ltn. Rudolf Engleder1JG 1B-17--Western Front
17/08/1943Uffz. Bernhard Kunze1JG 1B-1705 Ost S/RQ-2: 500m Stromberg12.25Western Front
17/08/1943Ofw. Karl-Emil Demuth3JG 1B-17Bonn Raum-Western Front
17/08/1943Fw. Walter Köhne3JG 1B-17--Western Front
17/08/1943Fw. Hans Meissner9JG 1B-1705 Ost S/RT: 6000m16Western Front
17/08/1943Fw. Bodo Nette3JG 1B-1705 Ost S/NL-6: 6500m Maastricht16.55Western Front
17/08/1943Fw. Martin Lacha3JG 1B-1705 Ost S/NM-8: 6000m S. Maastricht17Western Front
17/08/1943Ltn. Rudolf Engleder1JG 1B-17Breda Raum-Western Front
17/08/1943Ltn. Hans Berger2JG 1B-17--Western Front
17/08/1943Fw. Ernst FlorianStabJG 1B-1705 Ost S/QR-7: 6500m 10km W. Mainz15.4Western Front
19/08/1943Uffz. Johannes Rathenow1JG 1B-17KK 5: 4500m [Breda]19.26Western Front
19/08/1943Fw. Hans Meissner9JG 1SpitfireKH 2: 6000m [4km N. Haamstede]18.59Western Front
19/08/1943Ltn. Rudolf Engleder2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/KJ 6-9: 5500m [Oud Gastel]19.22Western Front
19/08/1943Ltn. Georg Schott1JG 1B-1705 Ost S/JJ 5: 5500m [Schiedam]19.21Western Front
19/08/1943Fw. Martin Lacha3JG 1B-1705 Ost S/JJ 4: 5000m [Schiedam]19.3Western Front
19/08/1943Uffz. Rudolf Hübl1JG 1B-17KH 2: 6000m [N. Haamstede]20.15Western Front
19/08/1943Ltn. Heinz-Günther Lück1JG 1B-17-19.55±Western Front
19/08/1943Uffz. Bernhard Kunze1JG 1B-1705 Ost S/JH 8: 5000m [off Ooudorp]19.43Western Front
04/09/1943Ltn. Joachim Göhre9JG 1SpitfireME-9: 600m [1km N. Bergues]19.5Western Front
24/09/1943Uffz. Rudolf Rauhaus4JG 1Mosquito05 Ost S/FN-7: 9700m [E. Zwolle]18.12Western Front
27/09/1943Oblt. Eugen Kotiza4JG 1B-17AO-9 6500m11.3Western Front
27/09/1943Fw. Hans-Günther ReinhardtStabJG 1B-17BO-4: 7300m11.3Western Front
04/10/1943Oblt. Rudolf Engleder1JG 1B-17--Western Front
04/10/1943Uffz. Bernhard Kunze1JG 1B-1712km ENE Siegburg: 7000m11.38Western Front
04/10/1943Ltn. Hans Ehlers2JG 1B-1705 Ost/S QQ: 7500m [Raum W. Frankfurt]11.5Western Front
04/10/1943Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-1705 Ost/S PO-8: 7500m [NW Daun]11.5Western Front
04/10/1943Oblt. Rudolf Engleder1JG 1B-1705 Ost/S QT-1: 7000m [5km N. Hanau]11.15Western Front
04/10/1943Oblt. Eugen Kotiza4JG 1B-17-11.28Western Front
04/10/1943Hptm. Walter HoecknerStab II.JG 1B-17OO: 8: 600m [Bad Münstereifel]11.38Western Front
04/10/1943Fw. Heinz Fuchs4JG 1B-17TO-3: 6000m [Schmelz-Hunsrück]11.28Western Front
08/10/1943Hptm. Friedrich Eberle9JG 1P-47EO-3.3: [10km W. Garrel]14.26Western Front
08/10/1943Fw. Albert Lindenschmid9JG 1B-17DS W. Bremen-Western Front
08/10/1943Ofhr. B. von KortzfleischStab II.JG 1B-17DS: 6500m [W. Bremen]15.25Western Front
08/10/1943Hptm. Robert OlejnikStab III.JG 1B-17DT: 7800m [ENE Bremen]15.23Western Front
08/10/1943Ltn. Hans Ehlers2JG 1B-17ES-9: 7000m [20km NW Nienburg]15.45Western Front
08/10/1943Obstlt. Hans PhilippStabJG 1B-17FR-5.2: 6600m [Diepholz-Quakenbrück]15.28Western Front
08/10/1943Fw. Hans-Günther ReinhardtStabJG 1B-17--Western Front
08/10/1943Oblt. Rudolf Engleder1JG 1B-17--Western Front
08/10/1943Ltn. Heinz-Günther Lück1JG 1B-17DQ-8: 6000m [W. Friesoythe]15.3Western Front
08/10/1943Ltn. Martin Lacha2JG 1B-17FS-7: 5000m [S. Wagenfeld]15.19Western Front
08/10/1943Fw. Johannes Rathenow1JG 1B-17--Western Front
08/10/1943Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-17DR-ER: 7000m [Oldenburg-Ahlhorn]15.15Western Front
08/10/1943Uffz. Hempler3JG 1B-17--Western Front
08/10/1943Uffz. Rudolf Hübl1JG 1B-17--Western Front
08/10/1943Uffz. Rudolf Hübl1JG 1B-17--Western Front
08/10/1943Fw. Rudolf Haninger4JG 1B-1705 Ost S/ES [SSW Bremen]-Western Front
08/10/1943Hptm. Walter HoecknerStab II.JG 1B-17DS-1: 7000m [10km NW Diepanu]15.15Western Front
08/10/1943Uffz. Schönrock4JG 1B-17DS-5: 6500m [NW Bremen]15.3Western Front
08/10/1943Fw. Kurt Niedereicholz4JG 1B-17ER-3 [S. Oldenburg]-Western Front
08/10/1943Ltn. Wegner4JG 1B-17DS W. Bremen-Western Front
08/10/1943Oblt. Eugen Kotiza4JG 1B-17DS W. Bremen-Western Front
08/10/1943Uffz. Hans Vorhauer2JG 1B-17ES-9: 7000m [20km NW Nienburg]15.45Western Front
08/10/1943Fw. Max Finsterwald11JG 1B-17ES-6 S. Thedinghausen-Western Front
09/10/1943Hptm. Emil SchnoorStab I.JG 1B-17--Western Front
09/10/1943Hptm. Emil SchnoorStab I.JG 1B-17--Western Front
09/10/1943Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-17SS-RS: 4000m [Frisians: Sylt and Føhr]12.51Western Front
09/10/1943Oblt. Rudolf Engleder1JG 1B-17--Western Front
09/10/1943Oblt. Rainer Framm9JG 1B-17AK-5: 30m13.35Western Front
09/10/1943Uffz. Kurt Busch9JG 1B-17BK-6: 300m14Western Front
09/10/1943Ofw. Heinz Hanke9JG 1B-17PS-4.7: 3500m15Western Front
10/10/1943Fw. Max Finsterwald11JG 1B-17--Western Front
10/10/1943Oblt. Heinrich Klöpper (Stkp)7JG 1B-1722km NE Münster: 7000m15.19Western Front
10/10/1943Uffz. Friedrich Gaber7JG 1B-17Oberlaun-Sterkrade: 8000m14.59Western Front
10/10/1943Uffz. Kreuz9JG 1B-17FL-EM: 7500m [Ijsselmeer]15.3Western Front
10/10/1943Fw. Erich Mattern8JG 1B-17Vynen/Xanten [KN-3]: 8000m15.15Western Front
10/10/1943Hptm. Harry Koch (Stkp)6JG 1B-17NW Münster-Western Front
10/10/1943Ltn. WegenerStab II.JG 1B-17NW Münster-Western Front
10/10/1943Oblt. Heinz Knoke (Stkp)5JG 1P-4705 Ost S/HQ-6 [Lienen NE Münster]15.27Western Front
10/10/1943Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-17--Western Front
10/10/1943Fw. Rudolf Rauhaus6JG 1B-17Münster-Western Front
10/10/1943Ofw. Karl-Emil Demuth2JG 1B-177km SW Enschede: 7000m15.15Western Front
10/10/1943Oblt. Rudolf Engleder1JG 1B-17--Western Front
10/10/1943Uffz. Herzog2JG 1B-176km NE Münster: 7500m15.06Western Front
10/10/1943Hptm. Walter HoecknerStab II.JG 1B-17JP-3: 12km SW Münster: 7000m15.06Western Front
10/10/1943Uffz. Walter RuttauStab II.JG 1B-175km W. Münster15.07Western Front
10/10/1943Ltn. Grimm4JG 1B-179km S. Münster: 7000m15.15Western Front
10/10/1943Hptm. Harry Koch (Stkp)6JG 1B-17Münster-Western Front
10/10/1943Fw. Kurt Niedereicholz5JG 1B-179km S. Münster: 7000m15.13Western Front
10/10/1943Fw. Heinz Fuchs6JG 1B-17Münster-Western Front
10/10/1943Uffz. Walter Ruttau4JG 1B-17HQ-1 SW Rheine: 7000m15.15Western Front
10/10/1943Fw. Johannes Rathenow1JG 1B-17--Western Front
14/10/1943Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-17NN: 7500m [Raum N. Aachen]13.35Western Front
14/10/1943Ofw. Karl-Emil Demuth2JG 1B-17--Western Front
14/10/1943Ofw. Heckmann1JG 1B-17Waldebeiath: 7500m13.5Western Front
14/10/1943Oblt. Rudolf EnglederStab I.JG 1B-17--Western Front
14/10/1943Uffz. Hänert1JG 1B-17PP-3: 7000m [Neuweid]13.5Western Front
14/10/1943Uffz. Rütter2JG 1B-17ON-6: 7500m [S. Prüm]13.45Western Front
14/10/1943Ofw. Leo Schumacher6JG 1B-17--Western Front
14/10/1943Oblt. Eugen Kotiza4JG 1B-17--Western Front
14/10/1943Fw. Kurt Neidereicholz5JG 1B-17--Western Front
14/10/1943Oblt. Heinrich Klöpper7JG 1B-17--Western Front
14/10/1943Hptm. Emil-Rudolf SchnoorStab I.JG 1B-178km SSW Aachen: 7000m13.45Western Front
14/10/1943Oblt. Rudolf Engleder1JG 1B-17MM-7: 7000m [Sittard]13.45Western Front
14/10/1943Uffz. Bernhard Kunze1JG 1B-17MM-8: 7000m [Sittard]13.45Western Front
14/10/1943Fw. Johannes Rathenow1JG 1B-17-13.5Western Front
14/10/1943Ofw. Detlev Lüth4JG 1B-17OO-1: 7200m [Zülpich SE Düren]13.4Western Front
14/10/1943Fw. Wolfgang Brunner6JG 1B-17Pl.Qu.: 7200m [Koblenz]13.55Western Front
14/10/1943Ofw. Fröhlich8JG 1B-17NN-2: 6500m [Linnich]13.45Western Front
14/10/1943Flg. Günther Ewald9JG 1B-172km N. Roermond: 6000m13.45Western Front
14/10/1943 n.n.1JG 1B-17--Western Front
20/10/1943Uffz. Schönrock4JG 1B-17--Western Front
20/10/1943Uffz. Zinkl6JG 1B-17KN 4: [5km SW Goch]15.12Western Front
03/11/1943Ofw. Detlev Lüth4JG 1B-1705 Ost S/BR 7: 6800m13.2Western Front
03/11/1943Fw. Ernst FlorianStab I.JG 1B-17--Western Front
03/11/1943Ofw. Rudolf Haninger4JG 1P-3805 Ost S/BR 7 Wilhelmshaven-Western Front
03/11/1943Uffz. Weber7JG 1B-1705 Ost S/BR 1: 8.500m13.2Western Front
03/11/1943Oblt. Heinrich Klöpper (Stkp)7JG 1B-1705 Ost S/BR 7:8500m13.2Western Front
03/11/1943Oblt. Heinrich Klöpper (Stkp)7JG 1B-17--Western Front
03/11/1943Ltn. Wilhelm KrebsI.JG 1B-1705 Ost S/BP 2: 7500m13.15Western Front
03/11/1943Ltn. Wilhelm KrebsI.JG 1B-1705 Ost S/BP 2: 7500m [S. Nordeney]13.05Western Front
05/11/1943Oblt. Heinrich Klöpper (Stkp)7JG 1B-17KH-1: 3000m [off Hamstede]13.54Western Front
05/11/1943Fw. Ernst Florian2JG 1P-47KH-1: 100m [W. Schouwen]14.02Western Front
05/11/1943Uffz. Walter Köhne3JG 1P-47Ooltgensplaad14.02Western Front
05/11/1943Uffz. Erwin Wessely5JG 1B-17KG: 6500m [W. Tholen]14.3Western Front
05/11/1943Ltn. Horst ErtmannStab II.JG 1B-17LH-4: 8km SE Breskens: 8000m14.3Western Front
05/11/1943Uffz. Walter Köhne3JG 1B-17Scheldemündung-Western Front
05/11/1943Fw. Ernst Florian2JG 1P-4705 Ost S/KJ-6 [Steenbergen]14.02Western Front
11/11/1943Hptm. Emil SchnoorStab I.JG 1B-17KL-1 Echten: 5000m [E. Meppel]14.47Western Front
11/11/1943Uffz. KirchoffStab I.JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/11/1943Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/11/1943Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/11/1943Ofw. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1P-47--Western Front
11/11/1943Ofw. Leo Schmacher6JG 1P-47--Western Front
11/11/1943Fw. Max SauerStab II.JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/11/1943Oblt. Rudolf EnglederStab I.JG 1P-38HP+HQ: 8000m [Münsterland Raum]13.59Western Front
11/11/1943Ofhr. Manfred Spörk7JG 1P-47IM-1: 200m [Rhenen]14.15Western Front
11/11/1943Ltn. Martin Lacha2JG 1P-47HQ-7: 5500m [Altenberg NW Münster]14.1Western Front
13/11/1943Uffz. Erich Rütter2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/ER-5: 7000m [Ahlhorn]11.45Western Front
13/11/1943Oblt. Rudolf Engleder2JG 1B-2405 Ost S/ER-5: 7000m [Ahlhorn]11.45Western Front
13/11/1943Hptm. Harry Koch (Stkp)6JG 1P-38FQ-6: 7000m [S. Quakenbrück]11.4Western Front
13/11/1943Ltn. Horst ErtmannStab II.JG 1P-38--Western Front
13/11/1943Ofw. Leo Schuhmacher6JG 1P-38--Western Front
13/11/1943Ofw. Benno Liper4JG 1P-38--Western Front
13/11/1943Hptm. Friedrich EberleStab III.JG 1P-38FP-4: 9200m [Twist SW Meppen]12Western Front
13/11/1943Oblt. Heinrich Klöpper (Stkp)7JG 1P-38--Western Front
13/11/1943Fhj.Fw. Albert Lindenschmid9JG 1B-1705 Ost S/HQ-1: 3000m [Emsdetten]12.05Western Front
26/11/1943Ltn. Horst ErtmannStab II.JG 1B-17--Western Front
26/11/1943Ltn. Heinz-Günther Lück1JG 1B-17EM-4: 8500m [10km NW Lemmer]12.45Western Front
26/11/1943Ofw. Rudolf Haninger4JG 1B-17W. Bremen12Western Front
26/11/1943Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-17DS-99: SE Bremen: 8500m11.56Western Front
26/11/1943Hptm. Walter HoecknerStab II.JG 1B-17ES-2-5: 8500m [bei Delmenhorst]12.07Western Front
26/11/1943Hptm. Harry Koch (Stkp)6JG 1B-17--Western Front
26/11/1943Ofw. Detlev Lüth4JG 1B-17--Western Front
26/11/1943Uffz. Erich Negraszus5JG 1B-17-12.08±Western Front
26/11/1943Oblt. Heinrich Klöpper (Stkp)7JG 1B-24DN-4: 5500m13.1Western Front
26/11/1943Ogfr. Wilhelm Kräuter7JG 1B-17DO-612.43Western Front
26/11/1943Ofw. Gerhard Flemming9JG 1B-17DRi: 5000m [Oldenburg]11.53Western Front
29/11/1943Oblt. BucholzStab III.JG 1P-38EO-3.4: 9000m [Börger SW Oldenburg]15.15Western Front
29/11/1943Uffz. Erich Negraszus6JG 1B-17--Western Front
29/11/1943Hptm. Alfred Grislawski1JG 1B-1705 Ost S/ES: 8000m [Bassum-Syke Raum]14.45Western Front
29/11/1943Ltn. Hans Ehlers3JG 1B-17--Western Front
29/11/1943Hptm. Walter HoecknerStab II.JG 1B-17ES-4.2: 8500m [Harpstedt-Syke]14.5Western Front
29/11/1943Oblt. Heinrich Klöpper (Stkp)7JG 1P-38FN-4.5: [Hasselt S. Meppen]14.15Western Front
29/11/1943Ogefr. Wilhelm Kräuter7JG 1P-38GL-1.9: 8500m [S. Ijsselmeer 135 ° Hdg.]14.35Western Front
29/11/1943Ofw. Alfred Miksch8JG 1P-38FN-3.6: 8600m [Smilde-Beilen]14.15Western Front
29/11/1943Oblt. Heinrich Overhagen8JG 1P-47HK-3: 9000m16Western Front
29/11/1943Fhj.Fw. Albert Lindenschmid9JG 1P-38FN-7.6: 10000m [Balkburg-Zwolle]14.3Western Front
29/11/1943Fw. Holz9JG 1P-38FN-2.8: 9500-10000m [Meppen-Ommen]14.3Western Front
29/11/1943Uffz. Brett7JG 1P-38JK-9.1: 9000m16.3Western Front
29/11/1943Oblt. Buchhölz9JG 1B-17EK-1: tiefflug [vor Den Helder]16.06Western Front
29/11/1943Ltn. Horst ErtmannStab II.JG 1B-17NW Borkum in See: 8500m14.5Western Front
01/12/1943Uffz. Kirchoff3JG 1B-17QO 2-3: 8000m [NW Daun]11.3Western Front
01/12/1943Oblt. Rudolf Engleder2JG 1B-17--Western Front
01/12/1943Hptm. Harry Koch (Stkp)6JG 1B-17MO: 8000m [SSW Köln]12.35Western Front
01/12/1943Hptm. Harry Koch (Stkp)6JG 1B-17W. Köln-Western Front
01/12/1943Ltn. Horst ErtmannStab II.JG 1B-17--Western Front
01/12/1943Fw. Hans-Joachim GebserStab III.JG 1B-17-13.3Western Front
01/12/1943Fw. Bernhard Kunze1JG 1P-47--Western Front
01/12/1943Hptm. Alfred Grislawski1JG 1B-17PP 3: 8000m [Neuwied]11.45Western Front
01/12/1943Ltn. Hans Ehlers3JG 1B-17Raum Düsseldorf: 8000m12.22Western Front
01/12/1943Hptm. Alfred Grislawski1JG 1B-17ON 2-3: 8000m [SE Aachen]11.45Western Front
01/12/1943Uffz. Brett7JG 1B-17JK-5: 50-100m [N. Dordrecht]13.3Western Front
11/12/1943Fw. Walter Köhne2JG 1B-17AQ-7: 7500m [2km N. Langeoog]12.26Western Front
11/12/1943Oblt. Rudolf Engleder2JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/12/1943Ltn. Martin Lacha2JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/12/1943Fw. Heinz Fuchs4JG 1B-17DO-2: 7600m [Slochteren]12.35Western Front
11/12/1943Hptm. Harry Koch (Stkp)6JG 1B-17SW Wilhelmshaven12.35Western Front
11/12/1943Ofw. Otto Bach5JG 1B-17CP-7: 7.600m [Dollart SW Emden]12.35Western Front
11/12/1943Ltn. Hans Ehlers3JG 1B-17EO-4.5: 7500m [Borger SE Assen]12.26Western Front
16/12/1943Hptm. Alfred Grislawski1JG 1B-17DK 5: 7000m [off De Koog: Texel]14.04Western Front
16/12/1943Hptm. Günther Wrobel1JG 1B-17--Western Front
16/12/1943Ltn. Martin Lacha1JG 1B-17DK 5: 7000m [off De Koog: Texel]14.04Western Front
16/12/1943Oblt. Rudolf Engleder2JG 1B-17DK 4-5: 6500m [5km W. Texel]14.12Western Front
16/12/1943Ltn. Hans Ehlers3JG 1B-17DL-EL: 4000m [Wadenzee-Ijsselmeer]14.15Western Front
16/12/1943Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-17DL: 7000m [Wadenzee]14.15Western Front
16/12/1943Uffz. Rudolf Schnappauf1JG 1B-17--Western Front
16/12/1943Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-17--Western Front
16/12/1943Oblt. Rudolf Engleder2JG 1B-17DK-4.5: 6500m [Texel]14.12Western Front
16/12/1943Fw. Walter Köhne2JG 1B-17--Western Front
16/12/1943Uffz. Werner WiegandStab I.JG 1B-17--Western Front
16/12/1943Ltn. Hans Ehlers3JG 1B-17EL: 7500m [Ijsselmeer]14.05Western Front
16/12/1943Hptm. Alfred Grislawski1JG 1B-17EK 2 in See: 7000m [SW Julianadorp]14.37Western Front
18/12/1943Ltn. Kurt Ibing11JG 1Spitfire05 Ost S/IN-9: 7500m [SE Emmerich]11.17Western Front
20/12/1943Ofw. Detlev Lüth4JG 1B-17--Western Front
20/12/1943Hptm. Harry Koch (Stkp) †6JG 1B-17--Western Front
20/12/1943Fw. Walter Köhne2JG 1B-17--Western Front
20/12/1943Hptm. Alfred Grislawski1JG 1B-17CS: 8000m [Brake-Beverstedt Raum]11.5Western Front
20/12/1943Ltn. Hans Ehlers3JG 1B-17DS-2: 7500m [Bremen Raum]12.05Western Front
20/12/1943Uffz. Hubert Swoboda11JG 1B-17BP-2: 6000m [Baltrum]12.3Western Front
20/12/1943Ltn. Hans Ehlers3JG 1B-17UP: 800m [North Sea: off Frisians]12.3Western Front
20/12/1943Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-17DR: 7000m [Oldenburg]13.21Western Front
22/12/1943Hptm. Friedrich EberleIII.JG 1P-38FM: 7600m [Wilsum SE Kampen]14.08Western Front
22/12/1943Ofw. Anton Piffer3JG 1P-38GR: 8300m [N.E. Osnabrück]14.09Western Front
22/12/1943Oblt. von Sanden2JG 1B-17FP-FO: 7000m [Meppen-Hardenburg]14.11Western Front
22/12/1943Fw. Bernhard Kunze1JG 1B-24GP-3 to GO-1: 7000m [N. Hopsten]14.25Western Front
22/12/1943Hptm. Alfred Grislawski1JG 1B-17GO-8: 8300m [N. Enschede]14.45Western Front
22/12/1943Fw. Paul Pfingst8JG 1P-38DO-5: 7-8000m [SE Groningen]14.55Western Front
22/12/1943Fw. Werner Wiegand3JG 1B-24FP-FO: 7000m [Twist]16.11Western Front
04/01/1944Fw. Heinz Fuchs6JG 1B-1705 Ost S/JN 5: S. Meppel12Western Front
05/01/1944Uffz. Rudolf Hübl1JG 1B-17--Western Front
05/01/1944Ltn. Heinz-Günther Lück1JG 1B-17-12.45Western Front
05/01/1944Ltn. Hans Ehlers1JG 1B-17-12.45Western Front
05/01/1944Uffz. Rudolf Hübl1JG 1B-17--Western Front
05/01/1944Fw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-17--Western Front
05/01/1944Obstltn. Walter OesauStabJG 1B-24-12Western Front
05/01/1944Hptm. Horst MaierStabJG 1B-24--Western Front
11/01/1944StFw. Rudolf Martens5JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/01/1944Ofw. Erich Kaiser3JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/01/1944Uffz. Fritz Haspel8JG 1B-17GP-GL: [Nordhorn-Zuider Zee]13.22Western Front
11/01/1944Uffz. BrettStab III.JG 1P-47GP-GL: {Nordhorn-Zuider Zee]13.1Western Front
11/01/1944Oblt. Heinrich Overhagen8JG 1P-47GP-GL: [Nordhorn-Zuider Zee]-Western Front
11/01/1944Ofw. Leo Schuhmacher6JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/01/1944Hptm. Alfred Grislawski1JG 1B-17-11.08Western Front
11/01/1944Ltn. Ernst Terborg3JG 1B-17-11.09Western Front
11/01/1944Hptm. Günther Wrobel1JG 1B-17-11.1Western Front
11/01/1944Ltn. Hans Berger2JG 1B-17-13.08Western Front
11/01/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1B-174km SW Osterode/Harz [NE Göttingen]11.3Western Front
11/01/1944Ofw. Wegner5JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/01/1944Fw. Heinz Fuchs6JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/01/1944Fw. Schönrock4JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/01/1944Fw. Max Sauer4JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/01/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/01/1944Oblt. Eberhard Burath4JG 1B-17KS-4: [S. Paderborn]11.3Western Front
11/01/1944Ofw. Rudolf Haninger4JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/01/1944Fw. Joachim Kirchner5JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/01/1944Fw. Joachim Kirchner5JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/01/1944Oblt. Heinrich Overhagen8JG 1B-17GP-GL: [Nordhorn-Zuider Zee]13.22Western Front
24/01/1944Ofw. Karl-Emil Demuth1JG 1B-1705 Ost S/NN-NJ: 7000m [Aachen-Brüssels]-Western Front
24/01/1944Uffz. Erich Negraszus5JG 1P-3805 Ost S/OG-OH: [E. Roubaix]11.28Western Front
24/01/1944Uffz. Hauptmann5JG 1P-3805 Ost S/OG-OH: [E. Roubaix]11.3Western Front
24/01/1944Ofw. Rudolf Haninger4JG 1P-51-11.34Western Front
24/01/1944Ogefr. Krames4JG 1P-5105 Ost S/NJ-OH: [W. Brüssel]11.37Western Front
24/01/1944Hptm. Alfred Grislawski1JG 1B-1705 Ost S/NN-NJ: 7000m [Aachen-Brüssels]11.4Western Front
24/01/1944Ltn. Hans Berger2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/NN-NJ: 7000m [Aachen-Brüssels]-Western Front
24/01/1944Uffz. Rudolf Hübl1JG 1B-1705 Ost S/NN-NJ: 7000m [Aachen-Brüssels]-Western Front
30/01/1944Oberst Walter OesauStabJG 1B-17-12.2Western Front
30/01/1944Ltn. Ernst Terborg3JG 1B-17W. Hannover11.57Western Front
30/01/1944Uffz. Hubert Swodoba5JG 1B-17NNE Braunschweig11.54Western Front
30/01/1944Uffz. Rudolf Rauhaus6JG 1B-17SW Osnabrück11.58Western Front
30/01/1944Oberst Walter OesauStabJG 1B-17-12Western Front
30/01/1944Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-17-12.02Western Front
30/01/1944Oblt. Hans Ehlers3JG 1B-17-12.05Western Front
30/01/1944Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-17-12.05Western Front
30/01/1944Uffz. Erich Negraszus5JG 1B-17E. Hannover12.06Western Front
30/01/1944Uffz. KirchoffStab I.JG 1B-17-12.15Western Front
30/01/1944Oblt. Hans Ehlers3JG 1B-17--Western Front
30/01/1944Major Emil SchnoorStab I.JG 1B-17--Western Front
30/01/1944Fhj.Fw. Max SauerStab II.JG 1B-17NE Hannover11.54Western Front
31/01/1944Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1P-38Ijsselsteyn: 19km E Helmond15.3Western Front
31/01/1944Uffz. Rudolf Martin2JG 1P-3825km NW Venlo16Western Front
31/01/1944Hptm. Günther WrobelStab I.JG 1P-388km N. Eindhoven15.3Western Front
31/01/1944Hptm. Römer2JG 1P-382km S. Nuenen-Eindhoven15.3Western Front
08/02/1944Fw. Walter Köhne3JG 1B-17--Western Front
08/02/1944Oberst Walter OesauStabJG 1P-38PS-QR: 8400-7600m [220° Bad Nauheim]12Western Front
08/02/1944Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-17-12.17Western Front
08/02/1944Major Emil SchnoorStab I.JG 1B-17--Western Front
08/02/1944Gefr. Marek2JG 1B-17--Western Front
08/02/1944Uffz. Herbert Dosch5JG 1P-47QJ-7: 3000m [Fourmies]12.3Western Front
08/02/1944Ltn. Hans Berger1JG 1B-17RJ-2: 8700m [10km S. Chimay]12.52Western Front
08/02/1944Uffz. Rudolf Martin1JG 1B-17RJ-7: 7500m [10km N. Montcornet]12.45Western Front
10/02/1944Fw. Rudolf Hübl1JG 1B-17--Western Front
10/02/1944Ofw. Karl-Emil Demuth3JG 1B-17--Western Front
10/02/1944Oberst Walter OesauStabJG 1B-17FO-4: 6000m [S. Coevorden]12.55Western Front
10/02/1944Oberst Walter OesauStabJG 1P-47FM-FN: 4000m [Meppel 270° Kampen]13Western Front
10/02/1944Major Heinz Bär6JG 1B-17FN: 7000m [Zwolle-Meppen]11.13Western Front
10/02/1944Ofw. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1B-17FN-FO: 7000m [Zwolle-Hardenberg]11.13Western Front
10/02/1944Major Heinz Bär6JG 1P-47FO: 3000m [Zwolle-Coevorden]11.18Western Front
10/02/1944Uffz. Hans-Joachim Tünglar5JG 1P-47GR-4: 5000m [10km N. Osnabrück]11.21Western Front
10/02/1944Fw. Fritz Haspel8JG 1P-47GR-5: 3000m [Bohmte]11.3Western Front
10/02/1944Fw. Walter Köhne3JG 1B-1705 Ost S/GR-5: 2-3000m [Bohmte]11.3Western Front
10/02/1944Ltn. Herbert Eh3JG 1B-1705 Ost S/FR-9: 7500m [E. Dümmer]11.34Western Front
10/02/1944Ofw. Karl-Emil Demuth3JG 1B-17GA: 7000m [Hannover Raum]11.34Western Front
10/02/1944Uffz. Herbert Dosch5JG 1B-17FR-GS: 5000m [NE Osnabrück]11.35Western Front
10/02/1944Uffz. Rudolf Martin1JG 1B-1705 Ost S/FS-5: 7500m [S. Sulingen]11.55Western Front
10/02/1944Fw. Heinz Fuchs4JG 1B-17GB-8: 7000m [Braunschweig]11.59Western Front
10/02/1944Oblt. Eberhard Burath4JG 1B-17FB: 4000m [NE Gifhorn]12.04Western Front
10/02/1944Fw. Max Sauer4JG 1B-17HU: 6200m [Hameln Raum]12.05Western Front
10/02/1944Uffz. Helmut Stiegler4JG 1B-17FS-7: 6000m [NE Osnabrück]12.15Western Front
20/02/1944Ofw. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1P-38LB: 5500m [S. Nordhausen]13.5Western Front
20/02/1944Ltn. Hans Ehlers3JG 1P-51--Western Front
20/02/1944Ofw. Karl-Emil Demuth2JG 1B-17--Western Front
20/02/1944Ofw. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1B-17LC: 6000m [S. Nordhausen]13.48Western Front
20/02/1944Fw. Heinz Fuchs4JG 1B-17HD-5: 7000m [Magdeburg-Schönebeck]13.35Western Front
21/02/1944Ofw. Karl-Emil Demuth2JG 1B-17--Western Front
21/02/1944Major Heinz Bär6JG 1B-1712-14km W. Hannover: 6500m13.58Western Front
21/02/1944Uffz. Hans Rau4JG 1B-1705 Ost S/ W. Hannover14Western Front
21/02/1944Major Heinz Bär6JG 1P-51GT-58: [5km N. Stadthagen]14.03Western Front
21/02/1944Hptm. Hermann SegatzStab II.JG 1B-2405 Ost S/GR-2 5km S. Damme14.5Western Front
21/02/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1B-24 HSS05 Ost S/GO-GP Hengelo14.55Western Front
21/02/1944Major Heinz Bär6JG 1B-17NNW Rheine:15.25Western Front
21/02/1944Ofhr. Erich Zulauf8JG 1B-17FM-9: 4000m [W. Zwolle]15.21Western Front
21/02/1944Fw. Fritz Haspel8JG 1P-47FN-2: 4000m [Meppel]15.5Western Front
22/02/1944Uffz. Hans-Joachim Tüngler5JG 1P-4705 Ost S/MM [SW Roermond]15.37Western Front
22/02/1944Hptm. Hermann SegatzStab II.JG 1B-1705 Ost S/KO E. Wesel: 6000m12.45Western Front
22/02/1944Major Heinz Bär6JG 1B-1705 Ost S/KO [NW Bottrop]12.51Western Front
22/02/1944Fw. Heinz Fuchs4JG 1B-1705 Ost S/JP ]SE Coesfeld13Western Front
22/02/1944Fhj.Fw. Zauter6JG 1B-1705 Ost S/KO-5/6 [Raum Wesel]13.05Western Front
22/02/1944Uffz. Hans-Joachim Tüngler5JG 1B-1705 Ost S/KN: 6000m [Xanten]13.05Western Front
22/02/1944Uffz. Zinkl4JG 1B-1705 Ost S/JQ-4 [Raum Münster]13.06Western Front
22/02/1944Uffz. IrmerStab II.JG 1B-17--Western Front
22/02/1944Uffz. Rudolf Hübl1JG 1B-17--Western Front
22/02/1944Major Heinz Bär6JG 1B-1705 Ost S/HO-1/4 [N. Grevenbroich]14.18Western Front
22/02/1944Ltn. Hans Ehlers3JG 1B-1705 Ost S/JP : 6500m [Coesfeld-Dülmen]12.5Western Front
22/02/1944Oberst Walter OesauStabJG 1B-17-15.25Western Front
22/02/1944Oberst Walter OesauStabJG 1B-1710km N. Thier: 1000m [Gütersloh]13.36Western Front
22/02/1944Hptm. Hermann SegatzStab II.JG 1B-17JN-7: 6000m [Raum Kleve]12.25Western Front
24/02/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1B-2405 Ost S/GS-8 [SW Lübbecke]12.37Western Front
24/02/1944Hptm. Emil SchnoorStab I.JG 1B-24--Western Front
24/02/1944Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-24--Western Front
24/02/1944Uffz. Rudolf Hübl1JG 1B-24--Western Front
24/02/1944Uffz. Rudolf Hübl1JG 1B-24--Western Front
24/02/1944Ofw. Karl-Emil Demuth2JG 1B-24--Western Front
24/02/1944Uffz. Hans-Joachim Tüngler5JG 1B-2405 Ost S/GR-3: 5000m [S. Lemförde]12.24Western Front
24/02/1944Major Heinz Bär6JG 1B-2405 Ost S/GR-8: 8500m [E. Osnabrück]12.3Western Front
24/02/1944Major Heinz Bär6JG 1B-2405 Ost S/GS-9 [E. Osnabrück]12.34Western Front
24/02/1944Ltn. Hans HalbeyStab III.JG 1P-4705 Ost S/ON: 8500m [Eupen-Simmerath]14.22Western Front
24/02/1944Oberst Walter OesauStabJG 1B-17HT-JT: 7500-6000m [S. Hameln]12.35-40Western Front
24/02/1944Ltn. Werner Deppe5JG 1B-24--Western Front
25/02/1944Major Heinz Bär6JG 1B-1704 Ost N/AT-8/9: Raum Stuttgart13.43Western Front
25/02/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1B-1705 Ost S/TT/UT: N. Heilbronn13Western Front
25/02/1944Oberst Walter OesauStabJG 1B-1705 Ost S/AR-8 Baden-Baden: 6500m13.05Western Front
25/02/1944Hptm. Hermann SegatzStab II.JG 1B-1705 Ost S/UT-2/5/8: S. Heilbronn13.2Western Front
25/02/1944Uffz. Walter Pleines7JG 1B-1704 Ost N/AT: 6000m [Stuttgart]13.23Western Front
25/02/1944Major Heinz Bär6JG 1B-17US-UT-AS-AT: 5500m13.3Western Front
25/02/1944Ltn. Wegner5JG 1B-17--Western Front
25/02/1944Major Heinz Bär6JG 1B-1705 Ost S/US 1-5: 5000m [Heilbronn]14.45Western Front
25/02/1944Major Heinz Bär6JG 1B-2405 Ost S/UR-2/3: Raum Germersheim14.55Western Front
25/02/1944Oberst Walter OesauStabJG 1B-1704 Ost S/AQ 2-3 W. Baden-Baden 5000m15Western Front
25/02/1944Uffz. Rudolf Zinkl6JG 1B-1715km SW Ansbach: 5500m13.27Western Front
02/03/1944Hptm. Lutz-Wilhelm Burkhardt7JG 1P-4705 Ost S/PM: 5500m [SW Verviers]14.3Western Front
03/03/1944Major Heinz Bär6JG 1P-5105 Ost S/EU 3-6: tiefflug [SE Soltau]11.4Western Front
03/03/1944Oblt. Witzmann6JG 1P-5105 Ost S/EA: 2000m [Fassberg/Südheide]12Western Front
03/03/1944Ofw. Leo Schuhmacher6JG 1P-51--Western Front
06/03/1944Oberst Walter OesauStabJG 1P-47Cloppenburg-Vechta: 500-800m12.05-10Western Front
06/03/1944Oberst Walter OesauStabJG 1B-17ER to FR: 3000m [Raum Vechta]12.15-20Western Front
06/03/1944Ofw. Karl-Emil Demuth2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/FR: [E. Lingen]12.02Western Front
06/03/1944Ltn. Hans Berger2JG 1B-17--Western Front
06/03/1944Ofw. Karl-Emil Demuth2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/FR: 6500m [Diepholz]12.05Western Front
06/03/1944Fw. Walter Köhne3JG 1B-17FR to ER: 6500m [Vechta-Emsdek]12.05Western Front
06/03/1944Fw. Walter Köhne3JG 1B-17FQ to FR-1: 2000-0m [Quakenbrück]12.07-10Western Front
06/03/1944Ltn. Hans Windbichler2JG 1B-17ER-7 to FR-1: 6500m [SW Delmenhorst]12.1Western Front
06/03/1944Fw. Rudolf Hübl2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/FR: 6500m [Raum Diepholz]12.08-10Western Front
06/03/1944Ltn. Hans Ehlers3JG 1B-1705 Ost S/FR-2: 6500m [Vechta]12.35Western Front
06/03/1944Uffz. Martin1JG 1B-17EO-FO: 5000m [Emmen-Hardenburg]15Western Front
06/03/1944Major Heinz Bär6JG 1B-1705 Ost S/FR-4: 6000m [S. Dinklage]12Western Front
06/03/1944Ofw. Otto Bach5JG 1B-1705 Ost S/ER: [S. Delmenhorst]12Western Front
06/03/1944Uffz. Helmut Stiegler4JG 1B-1705 Ost S/ER-3: 6500m [N. Wildenhausen]12.05Western Front
06/03/1944Hptm. Hermann SegatzStab II.JG 1B-1705 Ost S/FR-2: [E. Lingen]12.08Western Front
06/03/1944Hptm. Hermann SegatzStab II.JG 1B-17FR-3 to FS: 6000m [E. Diepholz]12.1Western Front
06/03/1944Major Heinz Bär6JG 1B-17FS-45: 6000m [W. Diepholz]12.1Western Front
06/03/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1B-1705 Ost S/FQ/FR: [E. Lingen]12.58Western Front
06/03/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1P-5105 Ost S/GP/GO: [Platzne Rheine]13.3Western Front
06/03/1944Uffz. Helmut Stiegler4JG 1B-1705 Ost S/GL-3: [Raum Hilversum]14.3Western Front
06/03/1944Major Heinz Bär6JG 1B-1705 Ost S/GO/GN: [Raum Deventer]14.45Western Front
06/03/1944Fw. Heinz Kahl4JG 1B-17GO-GN: 4000m [Almelo-Raalte]14.5Western Front
06/03/1944Ofw. Leo Schumacher6JG 1B-1705 Ost S/EQ-ER: 6000m [Ahlhorn-Lorup]14.58Western Front
06/03/1944Uffz. Hubert Swoboda5JG 1B-1705 Ost S/EN: [SW Hoogeveen]15.01Western Front
06/03/1944Fw. Wiegand2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/FR: 6500m [Diepholz]12.05Western Front
08/03/1944Fw. Werner Wiegand2JG 1B-17GT to FT: 7000m [Nienburg-Wunstorf]13.05Western Front
08/03/1944Fw. Rudolf Hübl2JG 1P-47GU Fl.Pl. Langenhagen tief: 200m13.07Western Front
08/03/1944Fw. Walter Köhne3JG 1P-47FT Steinhuder Meer: tief-Western Front
08/03/1944Oblt. Hans Ehlers3JG 1P-4740km NE Hannover: tiefflug13.3Western Front
08/03/1944Uffz. Friedrich Enderle3JG 1B-17FT-5 Nienburg: 7000m13.4Western Front
08/03/1944Uffz. Schulz4JG 1B-17GA E. Raum Hannover Peine12.52Western Front
08/03/1944Ofw. Rudolf Haninger4JG 1B-17FU Raum Neustadt-Winsum13.12Western Front
08/03/1944Ofw. Kurt Brodbeck6JG 1B-17GU N. Hannover12.5Western Front
08/03/1944Uffz. Hubert Swoboda5JG 1B-17NW Hannover: 7600m12.55Western Front
08/03/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1B-24JH-4 Luben 2km NW Luckau14.25Western Front
08/03/1944Hptm. Hermann SegatzStab II.JG 1B-24JH-4 Luben N. Luckau: 8000m14.2Western Front
08/03/1944Uffz. Helmut Stiegler4JG 1P-47GQ-2 NE Rheine-Hopsten: 7000m12.27Western Front
08/03/1944Uffz. Walter Pleines7JG 1B-17GN-8,9 Deventer-Raalte: 200m15.45Western Front
10/03/1944Ofw. Karl-Emil Demuth2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/GQ: 7000m [Bramsche]11.34Western Front
15/03/1944Oblt. Hans Ehlers3JG 1P-38FS Raum Uchte-Wagenfeld 3000m-Western Front
15/03/1944Ofw. Rudolf Haninger4JG 1P-4705 Ost S/FQ: NW Osnabrück10.15Western Front
23/03/1944Major Emil-Rudolf SchnoorStab I.JG 1B-17--Western Front
23/03/1944Fw. Werner Wiegand2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/FR: 6500m [Diepholz]10.1Western Front
23/03/1944Fw. Walter Köhne3JG 1B-175km E. Oldendorf: 3500m10.47Western Front
23/03/1944Oblt. Eberhard Burath4JG 1B-1715 Ost S/GA-GB Raum Braunschweig10.33Western Front
23/03/1944Uffz. Weber5JG 1B-1715 Ost S/FB-1: 5500m [N. Braunschweig]10.35Western Front
23/03/1944Ofw. Leo Schuhmacher6JG 1B-17HA-HB: 5500m [Salzgitter-Schöppenstedt]10.38Western Front
23/03/1944Uffz. Zinkl6JG 1B-1715 Ost S/HA: 5500m [Raum Hildesheim]10.38Western Front
23/03/1944Uffz. Helmut Stiegler4JG 1B-1715 Ost S/GA 6/GB 4 Raum Braunschweig10.35Western Front
23/03/1944Hptm. Lutz-Wilhelm Burkhardt7JG 1P-47--Western Front
23/03/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1B-17--Western Front
29/03/1944Oblt. Hans Ehlers3JG 1P-38--Western Front
29/03/1944Major Heinz BärStab II.JG 1P-5115 Ost S/HB-9: S. Sölingen13.25Western Front
29/03/1944Major Heinz BärStab II.JG 1P-51FB-9: 500m [10km N. Oebisfelde]13.35Western Front
29/03/1944Uffz. Helmut Stiegler4JG 1P-5115 Ost S/HB-5: 30m [N. Halberstadt]13.4Western Front
29/03/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1B-17--Western Front
01/04/1944Uffz. Rudolf Rauhaus6JG 1P-47--Western Front
08/04/1944Ofhr. Herbert Neuner2JG 1B-24--Western Front
08/04/1944Uffz. Zinkl6JG 1B-24--Western Front
08/04/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1B-2405 Ost S/EB: 7000m [SW Salzwedel]13.51Western Front
08/04/1944Ofw. Otto Bach5JG 1B-2405 Ost S/EB-FB: 7000m [SW Salzwedel]13.51Western Front
08/04/1944Major Heinz BärStab II.JG 1B-2405 Ost S/EB: 7000m [SW Salzwedel]13.5Western Front
08/04/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter Eder6JG 1B-2405 Ost S/EF-EB: 7000m [SW Salzwedel]13.51Western Front
08/04/1944Fw. Walter Köhne3JG 1B-2405 Ost S/EA-EB: 7000m [Faßberg-Uelzen]14Western Front
08/04/1944Fw. Wolfgang Brunner6JG 1B-2405 Ost S/EB-FB: SW Salzwedel13.52Western Front
08/04/1944Oblt. Helmut Biederbick2JG 1P-515km NW Klötze: 3000m [S. Salzwedel]14.05Western Front
08/04/1944Uffz. Helmut Stiegler4JG 1B-2405 Ost S/EB-FB: SW Salzwedel13.51Western Front
08/04/1944Ofw. Leo Schuhmacher6JG 1B-2405 Ost S/EB-FB: SW Salzwedel13.51Western Front
08/04/1944Oblt. Helmut Biederbick2JG 1B-24 HSS-13.5Western Front
08/04/1944Major Emil SchnoorStab I.JG 1B-24FA-EA 79: 7000m [Faßberg-Celle]13.55-14.00Western Front
08/04/1944Oblt. Hans Ehlers3JG 1B-2405 Ost S/EB: 6500m [S. Salzwedel]13.55Western Front
08/04/1944Oblt. Schüller6JG 1B-24Fl.Pl. Salzwedel: 7000m13.52Western Front
08/04/1944Uffz. Gottfried Just2JG 1P-4715 Ost / EB: 7000m [Uelzen-Wittingen]13.56Western Front
08/04/1944Fw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-2405 Ost S/EB-9: 7000m [b. Diesdorf]13.56Western Front
09/04/1944Fw. Heinz Kahl4JG 1B-24SA-SB: 6000m [Kieler Bucht]-Western Front
09/04/1944Hptm. Alfred Grislawski8JG 1B-17--Western Front
09/04/1944Hptm. Alfred Grislawski8JG 1B-17--Western Front
09/04/1944Oblt. Hans Ehlers3JG 1B-17--Western Front
09/04/1944Oblt. Hans Ehlers3JG 1P-51--Western Front
09/04/1944Hptm. Lutz-Wilhelm Burkhardt7JG 1P-47--Western Front
09/04/1944Uffz. Kurt Niedereicholz5JG 1B-17SU-14 [N. Schleswig]: 4500m15.35Western Front
09/04/1944Fw. Umlauf2JG 1B-24TB-TC: 7000m [Heiligenhafen]11.05Western Front
09/04/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter Eder6JG 1B-2415 Ost N/SB: 7000m [Kieler Bucht]10.58Western Front
09/04/1944Major Emil SchnoorStab I.JG 1B-17SC: 7000m [Raum Fehmarm]11.02Western Front
09/04/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter Eder6JG 1P-47SA-SB: 7000m [Kieler Bucht]11.1Western Front
09/04/1944Ltn. Franz Koplik9JG 1B-17ST Raum Schleswig: 3000m15.35Western Front
09/04/1944Uffz. Wolf Oswald3JG 1B-24 HSSTB-6 /TC-4: 7000m [Heiligenhafen]11Western Front
09/04/1944Fw. Heinz Kahl4JG 1B-24SA-SB: 7000m [Kieler Bucht]11.07Western Front
09/04/1944Fw. Rudolf Hübl2JG 1B-24 HSSTB-6/ TC-4: 7000m [Heiligenhafen]11.02Western Front
09/04/1944Ofw. Treptau2JG 1B-24 HSS15 Ost N/TB-TC: 7000m [Heiligenhafen]11.1Western Front
09/04/1944Fw. Walter Köhne3JG 1B-24 HSS--Western Front
11/04/1944Oblt. Hans Ehlers3JG 1B-1715 Ost S/GA: 5500m [7km SE Burgdorf]11.02Western Front
11/04/1944Major Emil SchnoorStab I.JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/04/1944Major Emil SchnoorStab I.JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/04/1944Ofhr. Herbert Neuner2JG 1B-17--Western Front
11/04/1944Uffz. Gottfried Just2JG 1B-1715 Ost S/GA: 5500m [Raum Braunschweig]11.02Western Front
11/04/1944Fw. Rudolf Hübl2JG 1B-1715 Ost N/UE: 6500m [Raum Rostock]13.17Western Front
11/04/1944Oblt. Rudolf Engleder2JG 1B-24-14Western Front
11/04/1944Uffz. Karl Grube4JG 1P-51GC-15: 200m [Oebisfelde-Fleckingen]11.3Western Front
11/04/1944Oblt. Hans Ehlers3JG 1P-51--Western Front
11/04/1944Oblt. Hans Ehlers3JG 1P-51--Western Front
11/04/1944Major Heinz BärStab II.JG 1B-1715 Ost S/FB-7 10km NE Fallersleben10.59Western Front
11/04/1944Ofw. Leo SchuhmacherStab II.JG 1B-1715 Ost S/FB [N. Braunschweig]11Western Front
11/04/1944Ofw. Otto Bach5JG 1B-1715 Ost S/FB: 6000m [N. Braunschweig]11Western Front
11/04/1944Flg. Georg Blech5JG 1B-1715 Ost S/FB [N. Braunschweig]11Western Front
11/04/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter Eder6JG 1B-171km S. Fallersleben: 6000m11Western Front
11/04/1944Ofw. Kurt Brodbeck6JG 1B-17-11Western Front
11/04/1944Fw. Heinz Kahl4JG 1P-5115 Ost S/GA-GB: 5000m [W. Gardelegen]11.17Western Front
11/04/1944Fw. Walter Pleines7JG 1P-4715 Ost S/GB [Raum Braunschweig]11.2Western Front
11/04/1944Ofw. Herbert Kaiser7JG 1P-47--Western Front
11/04/1944Ofw. Herbert Kaiser7JG 1P-47--Western Front
11/04/1944Hptm. Lutz-Wilhelm Burkhardt7JG 1P-51--Western Front
11/04/1944Oblt. Eberhard Burath4JG 1B-1715 Ost S/FB [Raum Braunschweig]-Western Front
13/04/1944Uffz. Kirchoff3JG 1B-1705 Ost S/RS: 7000m [Darmstadt]13.5Western Front
13/04/1944Oblt. Hans Ehlers3JG 1B-1705 Ost S/RS-SS: 7000m [Raum Darmstadt]13.5Western Front
13/04/1944Oblt. Helmut Biederbick2JG 1B-17--Western Front
13/04/1944Major Emil SchnoorStab I.JG 1B-17--Western Front
13/04/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter Eder6JG 1B-1705 Ost S/RS: 6500m [Darmstadt]13.57Western Front
13/04/1944Uffz. Hubert Swoboda5JG 1B-1705 Ost S/RS: 6500m [Raum Darmstadt]13.57Western Front
13/04/1944Uffz. Schulz4JG 1B-1705 Ost S/RS: Raum Darmstadt-Western Front
13/04/1944Oblt. Bucholz9JG 1P-4705 Ost S/RS: 7500m [Raum Darmstadt]14.1Western Front
13/04/1944Uffz. Hubert Swoboda5JG 1B-1705 Ost S/US-3/6: 6500m [bei Sinzheim]15.39Western Front
13/04/1944Uffz. Wilhelm Kräuter7JG 1P-47--Western Front
13/04/1944Hptm. Lutz-Wilhelm Burkhardt7JG 1P-51RS: 7500m [Darmstadt]14.1Western Front
13/04/1944Hptm. Friedrich EberleStab III.JG 1B-24--Western Front
13/04/1944Hptm. Alfred Grislawski8JG 1B-24--Western Front
18/04/1944Ofhr. Herbert Neuner2JG 1B-17--Western Front
19/04/1944Flg. Georg Blech5JG 1B-1705 Ost S/MU-6: 6000m [SE Kassel]10.46Western Front
19/04/1944Ogefr. Peischl7JG 1P-5105 Ost S/KU-LU: 7000m [W. Eisenach]10.46Western Front
19/04/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1B-17--Western Front
22/04/1944Fw. Walter Köhne3JG 1B-1705 Ost S/ MQ: 6500m [W. Rothaargebirge]19Western Front
22/04/1944Oblt. Helmut Biederbick2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/ MQ: 6500m [W. Rothaargebirge]19Western Front
22/04/1944Ofhr. Herbert Neuner2JG 1B-17-19Western Front
22/04/1944Ltn. Hans Windbichler2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/ MQ: 6500m [W. Rothaargebirge]19Western Front
22/04/1944Fw. Hans-Jörg Karl1JG 1B-1705 Ost S / HQ: 2000m [Raum Münster]19.15Western Front
22/04/1944Ltn. Herbert Eh3JG 1P-4705 Ost S / JQ-HQ: 10m [Raum Münster]19.15Western Front
22/04/1944Uffz. Weber5JG 1B-1705 Ost S/ KQ-4: 7000m [E. Lünen]19.1Western Front
22/04/1944Flg. Georg Blech5JG 1B-1705 Ost S/ KQ-8: 7000m [Raum Hamm]19.1Western Front
22/04/1944Flg. Georg Blech5JG 1B-1705 Ost S / KQ-8: 7000m [E. Lünen]19.1Western Front
22/04/1944Major Heinz BärStab II.JG 1B-2405 Ost S/ JQ: 7000m [Raum Ahlen]20.08Western Front
22/04/1944Ofw. Otto Bach5JG 1P-4705 Ost S/JQ-8 N. Beckum-Hövel18.52Western Front
22/04/1944Ofw. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1P-4710km N. Hamm: 7000m18.58Western Front
22/04/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter Eder6JG 1P-4705 Ost S/JQ-8: 5000m [N. Hamm]18.56Western Front
22/04/1944Ofw. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1P-4705 Ost S/JQ: 7000m [10km N. Hamm]18.55Western Front
22/04/1944Hptm. Lutz-Wilhelm Burkhardt7JG 1P-5105 Ost S/LS-9: 300m [NE Rothaargebirge]18.1Western Front
22/04/1944Hptm. Friedrich EberleStab III.JG 1P-51--Western Front
22/04/1944Hptm. Alfred Grislawski8JG 1P-51--Western Front
22/04/1944Ofw. Herbert Kaiser7JG 1P-51--Western Front
24/04/1944Ltn. Hans Berger2JG 1B-17SQ: 5500m [Raum N. Kaiserslautern]15.12Western Front
24/04/1944Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-17SQ: 5500m [Raum N. Kaiserslautern]15.12Western Front
24/04/1944Fw. Gottfried Just2JG 1B-24SQ: 5500m [Raum N. Kaiserslautern]15.12Western Front
24/04/1944Uffz. Fritz Rathofer3JG 1P-47UQ: 6000m [Raum Pirmasens]15.1Western Front
24/04/1944Ofw. Georg Hutter4JG 1B-17AQ-BR: 6100m [Haguenau-Bühl]12.45Western Front
24/04/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter Eder6JG 1B-17AQ-BR: 6200m [Haguenau-Bühl]12.47Western Front
24/04/1944Ofw. Herbert Kaiser7JG 1P-47--Western Front
29/04/1944Uffz. Wolfgang Kappler3JG 1B-1705 Ost S/GB: 7000m [ESE Braunschweig]10.57Western Front
29/04/1944Ofw. Rudolf Hübl2JG 1B-1705 Ost S/GC-7: 5000m [NE Königslutter]11.01Western Front
29/04/1944Fw. Walter Köhne3JG 1B-1705 Ost S/GB: 6000m [ESE Braunschweig]11.05Western Front
29/04/1944Ofw. Anton Piffer2JG 1B-1705 OstS/HC: 5000m [N. Oschersleben]10.58Western Front
29/04/1944Uffz. Fritz Rathofer3JG 1B-17HB-HC: 7000m [E. Schöppenstedt]10.58Western Front
29/04/1944Uffz. Wilhelm Peine2JG 1B-17--Western Front
29/04/1944Fw. Hans-Jörg Karl1JG 1B-2405 Ost S/FS: 5000m [Raum Sulingen]13.13Western Front
29/04/1944Ltn. Hans Windbichler2JG 1B-2405 Ost S/FU: 5000m [SE Verden]13.15Western Front
29/04/1944Uffz. Walter Dobrath1JG 1B-2405 Ost S/ER: 5500m [Raum Vechta]13.35Western Front
29/04/1944Ofw. Kurt Brodbeck6JG 1B-1705 Ost S/GB-HB: 7500m [Braunschweig]10.58Western Front
29/04/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter Eder6JG 1B-1705 Ost S/GB-7: 7500m [E. Braunschweig]10.58Western Front
29/04/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1B-1705 Ost S/GB: 5500m [Raum Wolfsburg]13.12Western Front
29/04/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1B-17NE Fallersleben: 5500m13.1Western Front
29/04/1944Major Heinz BärStab II.JG 1B-24GB: 6500m [Raum NE Braunschweig]10.59Western Front
29/04/1944Major Heinz BärStab II.JG 1P-4705 Ost S/HB NW Halberstadt10.56Western Front
29/04/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter Eder6JG 1P-4705 Ost S/HB-1: 300m [SE Braunschweig]11.05Western Front
29/04/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1P-4705 Ost S/GB-HB: E. Braunschweig11.05Western Front
29/04/1944Ogefr. Triebel6JG 1P-4705 Ost S/GB: Raum Braunschweig-Western Front
29/04/1944Fw. Jansen5JG 1B-24--Western Front
04/05/1944Hptm. Lutz-Wilhelm Burkhardt7JG 1P-47--Western Front
04/05/1944Uffz. Willi Siewers6JG 1P-5105 Ost S/KU-1: 200m [S. Verden]11Western Front
07/05/1944Hptm. Lutz-Wilhelm Burkhardt7JG 1P-47--Western Front
08/05/1944Oberstltn. Herbert IhlefeldStabJG 1B-17ET-1: [bei Thedinghausen]9.56Western Front
08/05/1944Oberstltn. Herbert IhlefeldStabJG 1B-17ET-2: [bei Verden]12Western Front
08/05/1944Oberst Walter OesauStabJG 1P-47FS-FT: [Sulinghen-Nienburg]9.45Western Front
08/05/1944Ofw. Rudolf Hübl2JG 1B-17--Western Front
08/05/1944Ofw. Treptau2JG 1B-24EU-EA-FU-FA: [Walrode-Nienburg]9.45Western Front
08/05/1944Fw. Gottfried Just2JG 1B-24FU-FA: [Neustadt-Celle-Gifhorn]9.45Western Front
08/05/1944Uffz. Kurt Geberth1JG 1B-24EU-EA: [Schwarmstedt-Celle]9.45Western Front
08/05/1944Ofhr. Gustav Knoll3JG 1B-24FU-EU: [SW Verden]9.4Western Front
08/05/1944Uffz. Kurt Geberth1JG 1B-24EU-EA: [Schwarmstedt-Celle]9.45Western Front
08/05/1944Ltn. Anton Piffer1JG 1P-51FA-1: [10km N. Celle]9.56Western Front
08/05/1944Uffz. Josef Gold6JG 1B-17FS-FT-GS-GT: [Minden-Nienburg]9.39Western Front
08/05/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1B-17ER-FR: [S. Delmenhorst]12.2Western Front
08/05/1944Uffz. Erich Landgrebe6JG 1B-17--Western Front
08/05/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter Eder6JG 1B-24FS-FT-GT: 6000m [SW Verden]9.38Western Front
08/05/1944Fw. Heinz Kahl4JG 1B-24FA-FB: [E. Celle-Borne]9.38Western Front
08/05/1944Ofw. Leo SchumacherStab II.JG 1B-2405 Ost S/FA: 6000m [NW Hannover]9.39Western Front
08/05/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1B-2405 Ost S/EA: [NW Celle]9.5Western Front
08/05/1944Flg. Georg Blech5JG 1P-51ER-ES: [S. Delmenhorst]12.1Western Front
08/05/1944Oblt. Bucholz9JG 1B-17ET-14: [12km W. Verden]12.05Western Front
12/05/1944Oblt. Bucholz6JG 1P-4705 Ost N/PN-PO-QN: 300m [Raum Eifel]12.2Western Front
12/05/1944Uffz. Milde5JG 1B-2405 Ost S/PO-PN: 6500m [Raum Eifel]12.18Western Front
12/05/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter EderStab II.JG 1B-2405 Ost S/PO-PN: 6500m [Raum Eifel]12.18Western Front
12/05/1944Fw. Alfred Bindseil6JG 1B-2405 Ost S/PO-QO: 6500m [Raum Eifel]12.18Western Front
12/05/1944Uffz. Weber5JG 1B-2405 Ost S/PO-QO: 6500m [Raum Eifel]12.18Western Front
12/05/1944Uffz. Otto StuckenbrockStab II.JG 1B-24PO-PN/QN-QO: 6500m12.18Western Front
12/05/1944Ofhr. Walter Köhne3JG 1B-2405 Ost S/QS: 6500m [Raum Wetzlar]15Western Front
12/05/1944Ltn. Anton Piffer1JG 1B-2405 Ost S/QS: 6000m [Raum Wetzlar]15.02Western Front
13/05/1944Ltn. Anton Piffer1JG 1P-47UB-UD-UC: 4000m [Mecklenburger Bt.]13.38-40Western Front
13/05/1944Oblt. Hans Ehlers3JG 1P-47TD See: tiefflug [Mecklenberger Bucht]13.40-45Western Front
13/05/1944Uffz. Josef Gold6JG 1P-47UB-UD-TC: 6000m [Mecklenburger Bt.]13.4Western Front
13/05/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1P-47UB-UD: 5500m [Lübecker Bucht]13.4Western Front
13/05/1944Fw. Alfred Bindseil6JG 1P-51SA-SB: 6000m [Kieler Bucht]13.38Western Front
13/05/1944Ltn. Franz KoplikStab III.JG 1P-47TB-TC-UB-UC: 7500m [Fehmarn]13.3Western Front
13/05/1944Ofw. Herbert Kaiser7JG 1P-47UA-7: 4000m [Neumünster-Plön]13.3Western Front
13/05/1944Ofw. Fritz TimmStab III.JG 1P-47TB-TC-UB-UC: 7500m [Fehmarn]13.38Western Front
13/05/1944Uffz. Greber7JG 1P-47TC: 7000m [S. Fehmarn]13.4Western Front
19/05/1944Hptm. Hans Ehlers3JG 1B-24FT-FU: 6000m [S. Verden]13.00-10Western Front
19/05/1944Ofhr. Friedrich-Wilhelm Brandt1JG 1B-24FS-GS [NE Osnabrück]12.5Western Front
19/05/1944Uffz. Wilhelm Woite2JG 1B-24FT-GT [Raum Nienburg]12.55Western Front
19/05/1944Uffz. Benno Oberhauser2JG 1B-24FT-GT [Raum Nienburg]12.55Western Front
19/05/1944Uffz. Horst Gabel3JG 1B-24FS-ES [S. Delmenhorst]13.00-05Western Front
19/05/1944Gefr. Wolfgang Hartung3JG 1B-24FS-ES [S. Delmenhorst]13.00-05Western Front
19/05/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter EderStab II.JG 1B-2405 Ost S/FQ-FR [Raum Quackenbrück]12.45Western Front
19/05/1944Ofw. Leo SchuhmacherStab II.JG 1P-47Raum Osnabrück12.35Western Front
19/05/1944Ofhr. Hubert Swoboda5JG 1P-47FR: [Osnabrück]12.37Western Front
19/05/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter EderStab II.JG 1P-47FT-GT [Raum Nienburg]12.55Western Front
19/05/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter EderStab II.JG 1P-47FT-GT [Raum Nienburg]12.55Western Front
19/05/1944Uffz. Fritz Milde5JG 1P-47GU-FU [NWHannover]12.58Western Front
19/05/1944Uffz. Fritz Wurl6JG 1P-47GS: [Minden]13Western Front
19/05/1944Fw. Hans Fordemann7JG 1P-5115 Ost N/UC [S. Lübeck]15.28Western Front
22/05/1944Hptm. Lutz-Wilhelm Burkhardt7JG 1P-51--Western Front
22/05/1944Hptm. Lutz-Wilhelm Burkhardt7JG 1P-38--Western Front
24/05/1944Uffz. Schnabl1JG 1B-17CH-CI-DH: 7800m [Prenzlau]11.01Western Front
24/05/1944Ltn. Anton Piffer1JG 1B-17CH-CI/DH-DI: 7800m [Prenzlau]11.02Western Front
24/05/1944Uffz. Walter Dobrath1JG 1B-17CH-CI-DH: 6500m [Prenzlau]11.02Western Front
24/05/1944Ltn. Otto Bach4JG 1B-17EH-FH: 7800m [NE Berlin]11.13Western Front
24/05/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1B-17--Western Front
24/05/1944Ltn. Franz Koplik9JG 1B-17EG-8: 3000m [Oranienburg]11.38Western Front
24/05/1944Ofw. Fritz Timm9JG 1P-51--Western Front
24/05/1944Gefr. Werner Penke9JG 1P-38EH-FH: 6000-7000km [NNE Berlin]11Western Front
25/05/1944Ltn. Franz Koplik9JG 1P-51AT 1: 6500m [NNW Stuttgart]9.4Western Front
25/05/1944Ofhr. Hubert Heckmann9JG 1P-51UT 7-5: 200m [Heilbronn]10.05Western Front
27/05/1944Uffz. Otto Stuckenbrock6JG 1P-38FM-GM: 9200m [W.Zwolle]12.18Western Front
28/05/1944Uffz. Fritz Rathofer3JG 1B-17HE-HD: 7000m [Magdeburg 090°]14.05Western Front
28/05/1944Ltn. Anton Piffer1JG 1B-17HE-HD: 7000m [Magdeburg 090°]14.06Western Front
28/05/1944Uffz. Karl Grube3JG 1B-17HE-HD: 7000m [Magdeburg 090°]14.08Western Front
28/05/1944Uffz. Greuel3JG 1B-17HC-HD-JC-JD: 7000m [SW Magdeburg]14.05-08Western Front
28/05/1944Uffz. Friedrich Enderle3JG 1B-17HC-HD-JC-JD: 7000m [SW Magdeburg]14.05-08Western Front
28/05/1944Uffz. Hofmann3JG 1B-17HC-HD-JC-JD: 7000m [SW Magdeburg]14.05-08Western Front
28/05/1944Uffz. Walter Dobrath1JG 1B-17HD-HC-IC-ID: 7000m [SW Magdeburg]14.08Western Front
28/05/1944Uffz. Benno Oberhauser2JG 1B-17HC-HD-JC-JD: 7000m [SW Magdeburg]14.05Western Front
28/05/1944Uffz. Wilhelm Woite2JG 1B-17HC-HD-JC-JD: 7000m [SW Magdeburg]14.05Western Front
28/05/1944Fw. Kirchoff3JG 1B-17HC-HD-JC-JD: 7000m [SW Magdeburg]14.04-08Western Front
28/05/1944Ofhr. Gustav Knoll3JG 1B-17HC-HD-JC-JD: 7000m [SW Magdeburg]14.05-08Western Front
28/05/1944Uffz. Kurt Faltin2JG 1B-17HC-HD: 7000m [W. Magdeburg]14.09Western Front
28/05/1944Uffz. Riehl2JG 1B-17HC-HD-JC-JD: 7000m [SW Magdeburg]14.1Western Front
28/05/1944Uffz. Schnabl1JG 1B-17HD-HC-IC-ID: 7000m [SW Magdeburg]14.1Western Front
28/05/1944Uffz. Horst Gabel3JG 1B-17HC-HD-JC-JD: 7000m [SW Magdeburg]14.05-08Western Front
28/05/1944Uffz. Fritz Wurl6JG 1B-17HC-HD: 7500m [Eilsleben]14.1Western Front
28/05/1944Uffz. Bernhard Golinger6JG 1B-17HC-HD: 7500m [Eilsleben]14.1Western Front
28/05/1944Fw. Lehmann4JG 1B-17HD-HC: 7500m [SW Magdeburg]14.07Western Front
28/05/1944Gefr. Walter Gehr4JG 1B-17-14.07Western Front
28/05/1944Fw. Schulz4JG 1B-17-14.07Western Front
28/05/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von Kirchmayr5JG 1B-17HD-HC: 7500m [SW Magdeburg]14.08Western Front
28/05/1944Uffz. Erwin Steeb6JG 1B-17HC-HD: 7000m [SW Magdeburg]14.08Western Front
28/05/1944Fw. Alfred Bindseil6JG 1B-17HD-HE-JD-JE: 7000m [SW Magdeburg]14.09Western Front
28/05/1944Ltn. Hans Halbey8JG 1P-51OS-3: 400m [Allendorf NE Giessen]15.28Western Front
29/05/1944Uffz. Horst Gabel3JG 1P-51JB-JC-KB-KC: 3000m [Quedlingburg]12.25-30Western Front
29/05/1944Ltn. Anton Piffer1JG 1B-17JG: 8000m [Raum Schönewald]12.39Western Front
29/05/1944Ltn. Proff4JG 1B-17Raum Görlitz: 7500m12.35Western Front
29/05/1944Ltn. Hubert Swoboda5JG 1B-17Görlitz: 7500m12.35Western Front
29/05/1944Ltn. Otto Bach4JG 1B-17Görlitz: 7500m12.35Western Front
29/05/1944Oblt. Georg-Peter EderStab II.JG 1B-17Görlitz: 7500m12.35Western Front
29/05/1944Ltn. Günther Buchholz6JG 1B-17Raum Görlitz: 7500m12.35Western Front
29/05/1944Uffz. Fritz Wurl6JG 1B-17Görlitz: 7500m12.35Western Front
29/05/1944Uffz. Christian Knoblauch4JG 1B-17Görlitz: 7500m12.35Western Front
29/05/1944Uffz. Mertens4JG 1B-17KJ-KM: [Görlitz/Bautzen]12.35Western Front
29/05/1944Fw. Schulz4JG 1B-17KJ-KM: [Görlitz/Bautzen]12.35Western Front
29/05/1944Hptm. Lutz-Wilhelm Burkhardt7JG 1P-47--Western Front
30/05/1944Ofhr. Rudolf Kaltenhauser6JG 1P-5115 Ost S/HE-HF: 50m [E. Magdeburg]11.45Western Front
30/05/1944Gefr. Werner Penke9JG 1P-5115 Ost S/FG-79: 6500m [N. Berlin]11.45Western Front
30/05/1944Oblt. Buchholz9JG 1P-5115 Ost S/FG-79: 6500m [N. Berlin]11.45Western Front
31/05/1944Ofw. Kurt Brodbeck6JG 1P-47JR-JS: Wiedenbrück [Gütersloh]19.15Western Front
07/06/1944Ofhr. Hubert Heckmann9JG 1P-47ET 1: 400m [Cossé-le-Vivien/Laval]16.2Western Front
07/06/1944Gefr. Werner Penke9JG 1P-47ET 1: 800m [Cossé-le-Vivien/Laval]13.12Western Front
08/06/1944Uffz. Loewe1JG 1P-51US-2: 400m [Tribehou NW St. Lô]16.32Western Front
10/06/1944Hptm. Lutz-Wilhelm Burkhardt7JG 1P-51--Western Front
13/06/1944Uffz. Walter Dobrath1JG 1P-47BS-BT-CS-CT: 2000-1500m [Ernée]19.58Western Front
13/06/1944Ltn. Siegfried Stoffel1JG 1P-47BS: 2000-15m [Raum Avranches]20Western Front
15/06/1944Uffz. Luthardt8JG 1SpitfireUA: 1400m [Lisieux]6.4Western Front
15/06/1944Ltn. Anton Piffer1JG 1AusterUT: 20m [Villers-Bocage]15.41Western Front
15/06/1944Ltn. Siegfried Stoffel1JG 1P-47AU: 1000m [Raum Falais]19.35Western Front
15/06/1944Uffz. Walter Dobrath1JG 1P-47AU: 1000m [Raum Falais]19.35Western Front
15/06/1944Uffz. Fritz Rathofer3JG 1P-47AU-UU: 800m [180° Falais]19.40-50Western Front
16/06/1944Ltn. Anton Piffer1JG 1SpitfireAT-AU: 50-300m [Condé-sur-Noireau]21.25-35Western Front
16/06/1944Ofhr. Friedrich-Wilhelm Brandt1JG 1SpitfireAT-AU: 200-500m [Condé-sur-Noireau]21.25-35Western Front
16/06/1944Ltn. Siegfried Stoffel1JG 1SpitfireAT-AU: 50m [Condé-sur-Noireau]21.25-35Western Front
16/06/1944Ltn. Anton Piffer1JG 1SpitfireAT-AU: 300-50m [Condé-sur-Noireau]21.25-35Western Front
16/06/1944Uffz. Fritz Rathofer3JG 1SpitfireAT-AU: 50-200m [Condé-sur-Noireau]21.25-35Western Front
16/06/1944Uffz. Walter Dobrath1JG 1SpitfireAT-AU: 100-150m [Condé-sur-Noireau]21.25-35Western Front
17/06/1944Uffz. Fritz Rathofer3JG 1P-51UT-9-UU-7: 20-200m [Aunay-sur-Odon]13.10-14Western Front
20/06/1944Uffz. Walter Dobrath1JG 1P-38AU-AA: 1000m [Trun-Argentan]9.05Western Front
20/06/1944Uffz. Walter Dobrath1JG 1P-38AU-AA: 1000m [Trun-Argentan]9.05Western Front
20/06/1944Ltn. Siegfried Stoffel1JG 1P-38AU-AA: 1500-1800m [Trun-Argentan]9.07Western Front
20/06/1944Uffz. Schnabel1JG 1P-38AU-AA: 1500-1800m [Trun-Argentan]9.07Western Front
22/06/1944Ltn. Siegfried Stoffel1JG 1P-47UT-AT: 3000m [Villers-Bocage-Vire]21.02Western Front
23/06/1944Ofw. Rudolf Hübl2JG 1P-51UT: tiefflug [Raum Villers-Bocage]16Western Front
27/06/1944Ofhr. Aloysius Kaatz5JG 1AusterUT 1-2/US 2-3: 50m [St. Lô 270°]10.25-30Western Front
27/06/1944Uffz. Benno Oberhauser2JG 1Auster15 West S/UT [St. Lô]-Western Front
28/06/1944Uffz. Christian Knoblauch2JG 1SpitfireUU Caen: 3000m17.2Western Front
28/06/1944Uffz. Fritz Rathofer3JG 1SpitfireUU-1245: 3000m [Raum Caen]17.25Western Front
28/06/1944Uffz. Fritz Rathofer3JG 1SpitfireBT-78: 15-2000m [Le Teilleul/Domfront]21.36Western Front
07/07/1944Ltn. Wegner6JG 1P-47Caen-Dives-Western Front
07/07/1944Gefr. Petri2JG 1P-47--Western Front
11/07/1944Uffz. Jakob Vogel8JG 1P-51Raum Caen-Western Front
12/07/1944Uffz. Werner Moser8JG 1P-5115 West S/UU-AU: 2000m [Caen-Lisieux]15.13Western Front
12/07/1944Oblt. Fritz Bilfinger7JG 1P-51UU-UA: [Caen-Lisieux]-Western Front
12/07/1944Fhj.Ofw. Herbert Kaiser7JG 1Spitfire15 West S/TU-7: 6000m [Tilly]19.05Western Front
12/07/1944Obstltn. Herbert IhlefeldStabJG 1Spitfire15 West S/TT-9: 5500m [Carpiquet]19.03Western Front
12/07/1944Obstltn. Herbert IhlefeldStabJG 1Spitfire15 West S/TT-9: 5000m [Carpiquet]19.04Western Front
12/07/1944Obstltn. Herbert IhlefeldStabJG 1Spitfire15 West S/TT-8: 5000m [Bayeux]19.05Western Front
13/07/1944Hptm. Alfred Grislawski8JG 1TyphoonUU-1/TU-7: 6-800m [Caen/Carpiquet]18.15Western Front
13/07/1944Fhj.Ofw. Herbert Kaiser7JG 1TyphoonUU-9: 1600m [Raum Caen]18.18Western Front
14/07/1944Fw. Alfred Bindseil6JG 1SpitfireUU-5: 800m [S. Caen]14.4Western Front
14/07/1944Ofhr. Lutz9JG 1SpitfireUU: 2500m [Raum Caen]14.45Western Front
14/07/1944Hptm. Erich WoitkeStab III.JG 1P-47UU-89: 800m [Raum Caen]14.45Western Front
14/07/1944Obstltn. Herbert IhlefeldStabJG 1P-51UU-1: 1200m [S. Caen]19.17Western Front
14/07/1944Obstltn. Herbert IhlefeldStabJG 1SpitfireUU-1: 1000m [S. Caen]19.19Western Front
14/07/1944Hptm. Alfred Grislawski8JG 1P-51AU: 400m [Raum Falaise]19.17Western Front
14/07/1944Uffz. Jakob Vogel8JG 1P-51-19.17Western Front
14/07/1944Fw. Kutzera9JG 1SpitfireUU: 2500m [Raum Caen]19.3Western Front
14/07/1944Ofw. Leo-Lothar Barann7JG 1SpitfireUU-5: 2500m [S. Caen]-Western Front
14/07/1944Fw. Alfred Bindseil6JG 1P-51UU-5: 600m [Raum Caen]21Western Front
17/07/1944Ofhr. Rudolf Kaltenhäuser6JG 1P-47UU-7: 500m [Raum Caen]15.25Western Front
17/07/1944Ofhr. Günther Bernsau1JG 1P-51AT: 7-8000m [Raum Vire-Condé]15.4Western Front
17/07/1944Uffz. Jakob Vogel8JG 1SpitfireUU: [Raum Caen]20.3Western Front
17/07/1944Uffz. Wolfram Brechtold9JG 1Spitfire15 West S/UU-1: 6-7000m [W. Caen]20.4Western Front
17/07/1944Fw. Karl-Heinz Kutzera9JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
17/07/1944Hptm. Eberhardt Maetzke8JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
18/07/1944Hptm. Erich WoitkeStab III.JG 1P-38UC-43: 1800m [Raum Vernon]9.5Western Front
18/07/1944Obstltn. Herbert IhlefeldStabJG 1P-38UC-15: tiefflug [Louviers]9.55Western Front
18/07/1944Fw. Walter Pleines9JG 1P-3805 Ost S/UC-4/3: 500m [NW Paris]-Western Front
18/07/1944Oblt. Meyer8JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
18/07/1944Ofw. Friedrich Zander8JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
19/07/1944Uffz. Hugo Hausotter8JG 1Typhoon15 West S/UU-63: 300m [Raum Caen]20.3Western Front
19/07/1944Hptm. Alfred Grislawski8JG 1Typhoon15 West S/UU-12: 300m [Raum Caen]20.32Western Front
19/07/1944Uffz. Wilhelm Kräuter7JG 1Typhoon05 Ost S/UA: 900m [Lisieux]20.35Western Front
19/07/1944Ofw. Josef Bebbo Krätzer8JG 1Typhoon15 West S/UU-3: 400m [Caen]20.35Western Front
19/07/1944Ofw. Leo-Lothar Barann7JG 1Typhoon15 West S/UU: 900m [Caen]20.35Western Front
19/07/1944Gefr. Schultz7JG 1Typhoon05 Ost S/UA: 900m [Lisieux]20.37Western Front
19/07/1944Uffz. Helmut Fröhlich9JG 1Typhoon15 West S/UU-34: 700m [Caen]20.38Western Front
19/07/1944Uffz. Jakob Vogel8JG 1Typhoon--Western Front
19/07/1944Oblt. Fritz Bilfinger7JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
20/07/1944Fw. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1SpitfireUS: 6000m [St. Lô-Coutances]13.05Western Front
20/07/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von KirchmayrStab II.JG 1SpitfireUS: 6000m [St. Lô-Coutances]13.07Western Front
20/07/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von KirchmayrStab II.JG 1SpitfireBU-BA: 2000m [Raum La Ferté-Sées]13.35Western Front
23/07/1944Ltn. Swoboda4JG 1P-47UT: 2500m [Villers-Bocage]21.1Western Front
23/07/1944Uffz. Gallbach4JG 1SpitfireUS-UT: 1200m [Coutances-Villers]21.25Western Front
24/07/1944Ofw. Hans Kanis8JG 1P-3804 Ost N/BB-27: 2000m [Montagne]13.15Western Front
24/07/1944Ofw. Hans Kanis8JG 1P-3804 Ost N/BB-27: 2000m [Montagne]13.15Western Front
24/07/1944Ofw. Friedrich Zander8JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
25/07/1944Hptm. Eberhardt Maetzke8JG 1SpitfireTD-73: 4500m [5km W. Beauvais]10.45-50Western Front
25/07/1944Uffz. Hugo Hausotter8JG 1SpitfireTD-73: 4000m [5km W. Beauvais]10.5Western Front
25/07/1944Uffz. Heinrich Esser9JG 1P-47UA-UB: 1500-400m [Lisieux-Bernay]15.45Western Front
25/07/1944Uffz. Heinrich Esser9JG 1P-47UA-UB: 500-400m [Lisieux-Bernay]15.47Western Front
25/07/1944Fw. Max Lau9JG 1P-51UA: 3-5000m [Raum Lisieux]15.55Western Front
25/07/1944Fw. Max Lau9JG 1P-47UA: 3000m [Raum Lisieux]16Western Front
25/07/1944Obstltn. Herbert IhlefeldStabJG 1LancasterTC-3: 3200m [20km ENE Rouen]19.23Western Front
25/07/1944Obstltn. Herbert IhlefeldStabJG 1SpitfireTC-3: 3000m [20km ENE Rouen]19.3Western Front
25/07/1944Ofw. Leo-Lothar Barann7JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
27/07/1944Obstltn. Herbert IhlefeldStabJG 1P-51UU-AU: 1500m [Caen-Lisieux]7.27Western Front
27/07/1944Ofw. Treptau2JG 1Auster15 West S/US-6: 200m [N. Coutances]12.32Western Front
27/07/1944Fw. Eugen Busch3JG 1P-47UT-3/UT-1: 4-500m [Tilly-Balleroy]16.3Western Front
28/07/1944Fw. Zinkl6JG 1P-47BS-36: 1000m [SW Mortain]17.2Western Front
28/07/1944Uffz. F. Richter1JG 1P-4715 West S/US-57: 800-1000m [St. Lô]20.24Western Front
28/07/1944Uffz. Wilhelm Kräuter7JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
29/07/1944Uffz. Erwin Minzenmay2JG 1P-47AS-45: 800m [Villedieu]19.08Western Front
29/07/1944Ofw. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1P-47AS-45: 800m [Villedieu]19.08Western Front
30/07/1944Ofw. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1P-47AS-68: 200m [SW Vire]15.13Western Front
30/07/1944Ofw. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1P-47BR-23: teifflug [Baie du Mont-St. Michel]15.14Western Front
30/07/1944Ltn. Heinz Kottucz3JG 1SpitfireUS-8/AS-2: 300m [15km SSW St. Lô]15.14Western Front
30/07/1944Ofw. Treptau3JG 1P-47AS-36: 700m [Tessy-St. Sever]15.16Western Front
30/07/1944Ofhr. Hubert Heckmann9JG 1SpitfireCB-8: 20-30m [Nogent-le-Rotrou]15.46Western Front
30/07/1944Ofw. Herbert Kaiser7JG 1P-47--Western Front
30/07/1944Uffz. Herbert Havemann1JG 1P-47US-69: 900-1000m [St. Lô]19Western Front
30/07/1944Ofhr. Günther Bernsau1JG 1P-47US: 800-1000m [St. Lô]19.01Western Front
30/07/1944Uffz. Richter1JG 1SpitfireUS: 600-800m [St. Lô]19.04Western Front
31/07/1944Ltn. Heinz Kottucz3JG 1P-47BS-68: 700m [St. Hilaire-du-Harcouët]12.35Western Front
31/07/1944Ofw. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1P-47BS-68: 700m [St. Hilaire-du-Harcouët]12.35Western Front
31/07/1944Ofw. Reinhold Flecks6JG 1Spitfire04 Ost N/AR-45: 3000m [vor Granville]12.55Western Front
31/07/1944Uffz. Fritz Wurl6JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
01/08/1944Ofhr. Hubert Heckmann9JG 1P-51AA-AB-BA-BB Sées-L'Aigle: 100-150m14.58Western Front
01/08/1944Uffz. Wolfram Brechtold9JG 1P-51AA-AB-BA-BB Sées-L'Aigle: 100-150m15Western Front
01/08/1944Obstltn. Herbert IhlefeldStabJG 1P-51--Western Front
01/08/1944Ltn. Franz Koplik9JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
03/08/1944Uffz. Wolfram Brechtold9JG 1SpitfireQB-BB: 10m [Raum L'Aigle]19.37Western Front
03/08/1944Hptm. Eberhardt Maetzke8JG 1P-5104 Ost N/AB-BB L'Aigle-Mortange19.45±Western Front
03/08/1944Ofw. Friedrich Zander8JG 1P-5104 Ost N/AB-BB L'Aigle-Mortange19.50±Western Front
06/08/1944Ofw. Friedrich Zander8JG 1Lancaster05 Ost S/UE-5: 4000m [Pontoise]12.28Western Front
06/08/1944Ofw. Leo-Lothar BarannIII.JG 1Spitfire05 Ost S/ UE: 3500m [Pontoise]12.28±Western Front
06/08/1944Oblt. Fritz Bilfinger7JG 1P-4704 Ost N/BF-6:1000m [Melun]16.2Western Front
06/08/1944Uffz. Wilhelm Kräuter7JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
07/08/1944Ltn. Karl-Emil Demuth3JG 1P-47CD: 600m [Chartres/Plain de Beauc]19.25Western Front
07/08/1944Ltn. Oswald3JG 1P-47CD: 600m [Chartres/Plain de Beauc]19.26Western Front
07/08/1944Oblt. Fritz Bilfinger7JG 1P-47AB-4: 4500m19.24Western Front
07/08/1944Uffz. Wilhelm Kräuter7JG 1P-47AB-9: 4500m19.3Western Front
07/08/1944Ofw. Hans Kanis8JG 1P-47 w.b.--Western Front
08/08/1944Oblt. Fritz Bilfinger7JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
10/08/1944Ofw. Friedrich Zander8JG 1TyphoonAU-6: 3000m [5km W. Trun]13.3Western Front
10/08/1944Uffz. Hugo Hausotter8JG 1TyphoonAT-1: 20-30m [15km NNW Vire]13.33Western Front
10/08/1944Fw. Helmut Fröhlich9JG 1P-51--Western Front
10/08/1944Hptm. Hermann StaigerStab II.JG 1SpitfireAT-3: 8500m [5km NW Vire]14.1Western Front
12/08/1944Hptm. Alfred Grislawski8JG 1SpitfireBB 9-CB 3: 1800m [Perche]14.15Western Front
13/08/1944Oblt. Rüdiger von KirchmayrII.JG 1P-51--Western Front
14/08/1944Hptm. Heinz KnokeStab III.JG 1P-47EP-6: Rennes6Western Front
14/08/1944Uffz. Schulz7JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
14/08/1944Fw. Helmut Fröhlich9JG 1Spitfire04 Ost N/BE-9 Platz Ballancourt-Western Front
15/08/1944Hptm. Heinz KnokeStab III.JG 1P-47TC-2 [Rouen]-Western Front
16/08/1944Hptm. Heinz KnokeStab III.JG 1SpitfireDE-4: [Auxonnettes E. Étampes]5.3Western Front
17/08/1944Hptm. Heinz KnokeStab III.JG 1B-26DB-7: [Pithiviers]18Western Front
18/08/1944Hptm. Heinz KnokeStab III.JG 1P-51TA-6: [Lisieux]14.3Western Front
18/08/1944Hptm. Heinz KnokeStab III.JG 1P-51UA-6: [Lisieux]14.35Western Front
25/08/1944Hptm. Heinz KnokeStab III.JG 1P-5105 Ost S/SG-3: 3200m [NE Tergnier]18.55Western Front
28/08/1944Hptm. Heinz KnokeStab III.JG 1P-47SG 2: [Soissons]8.35Western Front
21/11/1944Ofw. Steimer3JG 1B-17MD-NC-ND: 8500m [Gotha-Erfurt]12.1Western Front
21/11/1944Fw. Oswald3JG 1B-17MD-NC-ND: 8500m [Gotha-Erfurt]12.1Western Front
21/11/1944Ltn. Neuner2JG 1B-17MD-NC-ND: 8500m [Gotha-Erfurt]12.1Western Front
21/11/1944Uffz. Riehl2JG 1B-17MD-NC-ND: 8500m [Gotha-Erfurt]12.1Western Front
21/11/1944Fw. Oswald3JG 1B-17MD-NC-ND: 8500m [Gotha-Erfurt]12.1Western Front
21/11/1944Ofw. Erwin Laskowski1JG 1B-17MD-NC-ND: 8500m [Gotha-Erfurt]12.1Western Front
21/11/1944Ltn. Karl-Emil Demuth3JG 1B-17MD-NC-ND: 8500m [Gotha-Erfurt]12.1Western Front
21/11/1944Hptm. Hans EhlersStab I.JG 1B-17MC-ND-NC: 8600m [Gotha-Erfurt]12.1Western Front
21/11/1944Fhr. Kirsten2JG 1B-17MB-NC-ND: 8500m [Gotha-Erfurt]12.1Western Front
21/11/1944Ofw. Treptau2JG 1B-17MB-78: 6000m [Querfurt]12.2Western Front
21/11/1944Ofhr. Seume3JG 1P-51KC-KD-LC-LD: 1000-1500m [Querfurt]12.25Western Front
21/11/1944Uffz. Friedrich Enderle3JG 1P-51LB-LC-MB-MC: 1000-1500m12.3Western Front
21/11/1944Fhr. Kochler2JG 1B-17MD-NC: 8500m [Gotha-Erfurt]12.1Western Front
21/11/1944Ofw. Potzel4JG 1P-51MB-5: [Querfurt]12.1Western Front
26/11/1944Hptm. Hermann StaigerStab II.JG 1B-17--Western Front
26/11/1944Obstlt. Herbert IhlefeldStabJG 1B-17--Western Front
26/11/1944Fhj.Ofw. Hans Engelhaupt1JG 1B-2405 Ost S/GU-GA-HU-HA: 7300m12.25Western Front
26/11/1944Fhr. Canaris3JG 1B-24GA-GU-HH-HU: 7300m12.25-35Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Hoffmann3JG 1B-24GA-GU-HH-HU: 7300m12.25-35Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Friedrich Enderle3JG 1B-24GA-GU-HH-HU: 7300m12.25-35Western Front
26/11/1944Ltn. Gottfried Just2JG 1B-24GA-GU-HH-HU: 7300m12.25-35Western Front
26/11/1944Fhr. Voss1JG 1B-24GA-4: 7300m12.30-35Western Front
26/11/1944Fhr. Günther GenschStab II.JG 1B-24GA-4: 7500-8500m12.35Western Front
26/11/1944Ltn. Johannides5JG 1B-24HA-1/HA-2: 7500m12.36Western Front
26/11/1944Ltn. Heckmann8JG 1B-24GA-6/GA-4: 7500m12.37Western Front
26/11/1944Ltn. Nock6JG 1B-24HU 6: 5000m12.38Western Front
26/11/1944Ofhr. RossmeisslStab II.JG 1B-24GU-8: 5500m12.44Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Wezulek6JG 1B-24HU 2-3: 6000m12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Ltn. Weissbrodt8JG 1B-24GA: 7500m12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Kolbe8JG 1B-24GA: 7500m12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Josef Gold6JG 1B-24GA: 7500m12.45Western Front
05/12/1944Ofhr. Voss1JG 1P-51EE-EF, FE-FF: 6500m11Western Front
05/12/1944Fhr. Heimlich2JG 1P-51CF: 7200m [Müritz See]11.03Western Front
05/12/1944Ltn. Gottfried Just2JG 1P-51EE-EF, FE-FF: 6500m11.05-15Western Front
05/12/1944Ltn. Luepke1JG 1P-51EE-EF, FE-FF: 6500m11.05-15Western Front
05/12/1944Uffz. Hoffmann3JG 1P-51EE-EF-FE: 6000m11.05-15Western Front
05/12/1944Ltn. Johannes Birnbaum1JG 1P-51EE-EF, FE-FF: 6500m11.05-15Western Front
05/12/1944Ltn. Neuner2JG 1P-5115 Ost S/EE-EF, FE-FF: 6500m11.05-15Western Front
05/12/1944Hptm. Hermann StaigerStab II.JG 1P-51CF: 4000m [Müritz See]11.15Western Front
05/12/1944Ltn. Johannides5JG 1P-51DG-1/CG-7: 6000m11.15Western Front
05/12/1944Hptm. Moldenhauer12JG 1P-51DE-63: 100-200m [Wittstock]11.15Western Front
05/12/1944Ltn. Weissbrodt8JG 1P-51CF: 6000m [Müritz See]11.19Western Front
05/12/1944Ltn. Heinz Fresia8JG 1P-51CF: 6000m [Müritz See]11.2Western Front
05/12/1944Ltn. Richard Förster4JG 1P-51EE-EF/FE-FF: 4500m [Raum Rhinow]11.2Western Front
05/12/1944Fhr. Helmut Bullenkamp8JG 1P-51CF-8: 3000m11.24Western Front
05/12/1944Ofw. Reinhard Flecks6JG 1P-51CF: 7500m [Müritz See]11.02Western Front
01/01/1945Ltn. Hans Berger2JG 1SpitfireRaum Ghent-Western Front
01/01/1945Fw. Fritz Hofmann3JG 1SpitfireRaum Ghent-Western Front
01/01/1945Uffz. Erwin Kurz5JG 1SpitfireRaum Ghent-Western Front
01/01/1945Ltn. Hans Rechenberg5JG 1SpitfireRaum Ghent-Western Front
01/01/1945Oblt. Fritz Wegner6JG 1SpitfireRaum Ghent-Western Front
01/01/1945 n.n.II.JG 1SpitfireRaum Ghent-Western Front
01/01/1945Uffz. Heinz Henn8JG 1SpitfireRaum Ghent-Western Front
04/01/1945Ltn. Hans-Joachim Luepke *1JG 1--Western Front
05/01/1945Fw. Walter Dobrath1JG 1RAF Jagdflzg. *--Western Front
14/01/1945Uffz. Günther SillI.JG 1Spitfire--Western Front
17/01/1945Fw. Kurt Baten9JG 1Il-2Raum Schröttersburg-Western Front
19/01/1945Uffz. Erwin Steeb6JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
20/01/1945Fhr. RichdeI.JG 1LaGGRaum Insterburg-Western Front
30/01/1945Ltn. Karl-Emil DemuthI.JG 1Jak--Western Front
17/02/1945Ofw. Leo-Lothar Barann10JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
23/02/1945Ofw. Leo-Lothar Barann10JG 1P-39--Western Front
28/02/1945Fhj.Uffz. Andiel9JG 1--Western Front
05/03/1945Fw. Kurt Baten9JG 1P-39Raum Stolp-Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Il-2--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Il-2--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Il-2--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Il-2--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1B-25--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1P-39 n.b.--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Il-2--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Jak-9--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Il-2--Western Front
16/04/1945 n.n.III.(Erg)JG 1Il-2--Western Front

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