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Founded :
Country : Germany
Fate :


JG301 Artwork Collection
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Willi Reschkes Fw190A8 of III./JG301 during October 1944 by Ivan Berryman.

No Contest by Ivan Berryman.

Last Days by David Pentland.

Aces for : JG301
A list of all Aces from our database who are known to have flown with this squadron. A profile page is available by clicking the pilots name.
Kurt Welter60.00
Peter Bremer40.00
Walter Loos38.00The signature of Walter Loos features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Anton Benning28.00
Willi Reschke28.00The signature of Willi Reschke features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Andreas Hartl11.00
Josef Keil10.00
Gerhard Koch9.00
Aircraft for : JG301
A list of all aircraft known to have been flown by JG301. A profile page including a list of all art prints for the aircraft is available by clicking the aircraft name.


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Manufacturer : Fokke-Wulf
Production Began : 1940
Retired : 1945


The Focke-Wulf 190 development project began in 1937. Conceived as a hedge against total dependence on the Messerchmitt 109, the 190 was designed by Kurt Tank utilizing a radial engine. This was against generally accepted design criteria in Germany, and many historians believe that the decision to produce a radial engine fighter was largely due to the limited manufacturing capacity for in-line, water-cooled engines which were widely used on all other Luftwaffe aircraft. Despite these concerns, Tanks design was brilliant, and the 190 would become one of the top fighter aircraft of WWII. The first prototype flew in mid-1939. The aircraft had excellent flying characteristics, a wonderful rate of acceleration, and was heavily armed. By late 1940 the new fighter was ordered into production. Nicknamed the butcher bird, by Luftwaffe pilots, early 190s were quite successful in the bomber interceptor role, but at this stage of the war many Allied bombing raids lacked fighter escort. As the war dragged on, Allied bombers were increasingly accompanied by fighters, including the very effective P-51 Mustang. The Allies learned from experience that the 190s performance fell off sharply at altitudes above 20,000 feet. As a result, most Allied bombing missions were shifted to higher altitudes when fighter opposition was likely. Kurt Tank had recognized this shortcoming and began working on a high-altitude version of the 190 utilizing an in-line, water-cooled engine. Utilizing a Jumo 12-cylinder engine rated at 1770-HP, and capable of 2,240-HP for short bursts with its methanol injection system, the 190D, or Long Nose or Dora as it was called, had a top speed of 426-MPH at 22,000 feet. Armament was improved with two fuselage and two wing mounted 20mm cannon. To accommodate the changes in power plants the Dora had a longer, more streamlined fuselage, with 24 inches added to the nose, and an additional 19 inches added aft of the cockpit to compensate for the altered center of gravity. By mid 1944 the Dora began to reach fighter squadrons in quantity. Although the aircraft had all the right attributes to serve admirably in the high altitude interceptor role, it was not generally focused on such missions. Instead many 190Ds were assigned to protect airfields where Me-262 jet fighters were based. This was due to the latter aircrafts extreme vulnerability to Allied attack during takeoff and landing. The 190Ds also played a major role in Operation Bodenplatte, the New Years Day raid in 1945 which destroyed approximately 500 Allied aircraft on the ground. The High Command was impressed with the 190Ds record on this raid, and ordered most future production of the Doras to be equipped as fighter-bombers. In retrospect this was a strategic error, and this capable aircraft was not fully utilized in the role for which it was intended.


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Manufacturer : Focke-Wulf


Full profile not yet available.
Signatures for : JG301
A list of all signatures from our database who are associated with this squadron. A profile page is available by clicking their name.

Walter Loos
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26 / 2 / 2006Ace : 38.00 Victories
Walter Loos

Walter Loos was one of the last German Experten. He came as a newly trained pilot to the III./JG3 in January 1944, and was one of the few new pilots of 1944 who survived the war. He claimed his first aerial victory during a fierce aerial battle when the 8th US Air Force attacked Berlin on 6th March 1944. While with the Sturmgruppe IV./JG3, he downed several four-engine bombers and was hand picked by Walther Dahl for Geschwaderstab /JG300. Loos made a great success as a Sturmflieger, but was himself shot down nine times in only a few months. Sta/JG301 was equipped with the Ta152, the most modern propeller fighter, in order to protect the bases of the jet fighters from spring 1945. It was natural to include Loos in this unit. On 24th April 1945, Loos encountered a formation of Soviet fighters over Berlin and managed to down two of them. In spite of flying only 66 missions, he was credited with 38 confirmed victories, including 30 four-engine bombers, plus 8 unconfirmed victories. Six days later on 30th April, JG301 took off for their last battle of the war. Russian fighters attacked the formation and Loos shot down one Yak-9 – one of the last two victories claimed by JG301. That was his 38th victory. While 38 victories for WW2 German fighter pilots was not a huge number, when one considers that over 100 aces achieved over 100 victories, it is outstanding when one considers that Loos achieved his 38 victories in only 66 missions. Few pilots in history have achieved that ratio of kills to sorties.

Oberfeldwebel Willi Reschke
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by or with the mounted signature of Oberfeldwebel Willi Reschke
26 / 2 / 2006Ace : 28.00 Victories
Oberfeldwebel Willi Reschke

One of the outstanding younger Luftwaffe pilots, Willi Reschke was one of the leading members of JG300 Wilde Sau flying the Fw190A in the 'Defence of the Reich'. Towards the latter months of the war he transferred to the Stabsschwarm of JG301, still flying the Fw190A. Awarded the Knight's Crossin April 1945, he was credited with 26 victories - all in the west - including 18 four engined bombers.

Willi Reschke - photograph taken c.2000 as he signed the print Timber Wolf.

Known Victory Claims - JG301









01/09/1943Ofw. Hans Müller2JG 301LancasterBerlin0.58Western Front
22/09/1943Ofw. Kurt Welter5JG 301LancasterHannover: 4300m23.04Western Front
22/09/1943Ofw. Kurt Welter5JG 301B-24Hannover: 2000m23.12Western Front
22/09/1943Fw. Anton Benning1JG 301LancasterNE Verden: 5000m [NE Bremen]22.35Western Front
22/09/1943Fw. Erich Teubner8JG 301Lancaster40km W. Hannover: 5300m22.26Western Front
22/09/1943Fw. Erich Teubner8JG 301LancasterNW Hannover: 4000m22.3Western Front
27/09/1943Fw. Andreas Hartl6JG 301Liberator30km SW Hannover: 4500m23.24Western Front
27/09/1943Fw. Andreas Hartl6JG 301B-24WSW Hannover: 5500m23.08Western Front
27/09/1943Oblt. SauterStab II.JG 301LancasterWSW Hannover: 5000m23.23Western Front
03/10/1943Ofw. Kurt Welter5JG 301HalifaxENE Hessen: 2000m22.41Western Front
03/10/1943Ofw. Kurt Welter5JG 301HalifaxSW Hessen: 5000m [SW Kassel]22.29Western Front
09/10/1943Ltn. KummerStab II.JG 301Lancaster5km NW Hannover: 6200m1.24Western Front
18/10/1943Fhj.Ofw. Fritz Yung1JG 301Lancaster-22.43Western Front
18/10/1943Hptm. Hans GottuckII.JG 301W. Hannover: 4500m20.24Western Front
22/10/1943Fhj.Ofw. Fritz Yung1JG 301E. Kassel: 4900m21.12Western Front
22/10/1943Fhj.Ofw. Fritz Yung1JG 30110km NW Kassel: 5000m20.59Western Front
22/10/1943Ofw. Kurt Welter5JG 3014km NW Kassel: 5000m21.04Western Front
22/10/1943Ofw. Kurt Welter5JG 30118km N. Kassel: 5800m21.14Western Front
22/10/1943Ofw. Kurt Welter5JG 30128km N. Kassel: 4500m21.24Western Front
22/10/1943Uffz. Gerhard Witt2JG 301NNW Kassel: 4000m21.14Western Front
22/10/1943Fw. Viktor Emanual1JG 301W. Kassel: 4300m21.16Western Front
18/11/1943Fhj.Ofw. Fritz Yung1JG 301Lancaster--Western Front
18/11/1943Major Helmut WeinrichStabJG 301Mannheim: 6000m20.35Western Front
18/11/1943Oblt. Siegfried Wegener7JG 301B-17SE Mannheim: 3200m20.55Western Front
02/01/1944Fw. Andreas Hartl6JG 301LancasterBerlin2.56Western Front
20/01/1944Hptm. Helmut Suhr8JG 301LancasterLuftraum über Berlin19.47Western Front
20/01/1944Fhj.Fw. Fritz Yung1JG 301HalifaxAunflug auf Berlin-Western Front
21/01/1944Fw. Andreas Hartl6JG 301Anflug auf Berlin23.15Western Front
29/01/1944Ofw. Herbert Seifert8JG 301LancasterRaum Berlin3.2Western Front
29/01/1944Oblt. Werner Kucharsowsky9JG 301Raum Berlin3.21Western Front
30/01/1944Ltn. Heinrich von Alven1JG 301B-17--Western Front
10/02/1944Ltn. Heinrich von AlvenI.JG 301B-17Nienburg-Celle 7000m-Western Front
20/02/1944Ltn. Glaaß8JG 301LancasterLeipzig: 7000m4.2Western Front
20/02/1944Ltn. Heinrich von AlvenI.JG 301B-17--Western Front
20/02/1944Ofw. Kurt Welter5JG 301LancasterLeipzig: 6500m4.16Western Front
20/02/1944Ofw. Kurt Welter5JG 301LancasterBerlin: 6500m3.27Western Front
21/02/1944Fhj.Ofw. Fritz Yung1JG 301Lancaster--Western Front
24/02/1944Ofw. Hans Müller2JG 301B-17Steyr12.55Western Front
24/02/1944Fhj.Ofw. Fritz Yung1JG 301Viermot--Western Front
25/02/1944Uffz. Arno Müller-Leutert3JG 301B-241km W. Fürstenfeldbrück: 4500m13.3Western Front
26/02/1944Fhj.Ofw. Fritz Yung1JG 301Halifax-1.3Western Front
03/03/1944Fhj.Ofw. Fritz Yung1JG 301Spitfire--Western Front
04/03/1944Fhj.Ofw. Fritz YungI.JG 301P-51--Western Front
15/03/1944Fw. Gerhard Koch1JG 301LancasterSW Stuttgart: 6200m23.35Western Front
15/03/1944Fw. Gerhard Koch1JG 301LancasterSW Stuttgart: 5800m23.25Western Front
15/03/1944Uffz. MüllerStab I.JG 301LancasterN. Stuttgart: 5400m23.23Western Front
15/03/1944Fw. Franz LaubenheimerStab I.JG 301LancasterN. Stuttgart: 5500m23.28Western Front
18/03/1944Ofw. Kurt Welter5JG 301Lancaster--Western Front
18/03/1944Ofw. Kurt Welter5JG 301Lancaster--Western Front
24/03/1944Fw. Robert Siegfahrt7JG 301LancasterGiessen: 7200m22.37Western Front
24/03/1944Fw. Andreas Hartl6JG 301Raum Berlin-Western Front
24/03/1944Fw. Andreas Hartl6JG 301Raum Berlin-Western Front
24/03/1944Fw. Andreas Hartl6JG 301Raum Berlin-Western Front
24/03/1944Ofw. Kurt Welter5JG 301LancasterSW Berlin: 6000m22.44Western Front
24/03/1944Ofw. Kurt Welter5JG 301LancasterRaum Berlin-Western Front
24/03/1944Ofw. Hans Todt9JG 301LancasterSW Berlin: 5200m23.41Western Front
24/03/1944Ofw. Hans Todt2JG 301--Western Front
25/03/1944Fw. Arno Müller-Leutert2JG 301B-24-13.3Western Front
29/03/1944Ofw. FreckmannI.JG 301B-24 HSS--Western Front
29/03/1944Ofw. Wilhelm Kropf7JG 301B-17in Raum Sachaü13.45Western Front
29/03/1944Uffz. Rolf Burghardt3JG 301B-17Raum Gardelegen: 7000m13.44Western Front
02/04/1944Hptm. Helmut Suhr1JG 301B-1725km S. Steyr: 5800m11.17Western Front
02/04/1944Fhj.Fw. Viktor Emanual1JG 301B-24 HSSSteyr: 6500m11.37Western Front
04/04/1944Fw. Gerhard Mett10JG 301Liberator55 574: 6000m14.5Eastern Front
04/04/1944Fw. Gerhard Mett10JG 301B-24 HSS55 74: 500m [Rumania]14Western Front
05/04/1944Fw. Gerhard Mett10JG 301B-24 HSS24 Ost N/55 161: 7000m [Rumänien]14.35Western Front
05/04/1944Fw. Gerhard Mett10JG 301B-2424 Ost N/55 331: 5500m [Rumänien]14.4Western Front
05/04/1944Uffz. Gerhard Zeissler10JG 301B-24 HSS24 Ost N/56 883: 6500m [Rumänien]14.55Western Front
05/04/1944Uffz. Gerhard Zeissler10JG 301B-24 HSS24 Ost N/55 283: 6500m [Rumänien]15.05Western Front
05/04/1944Ofw. Hubert Ippoldt10JG 301B-1745 861 n.o: 5000m15.46Western Front
12/04/1944Ofw. Adolf Krista8JG 301B-2414 Ost N / GO-2: 5500m [W. Köszeg]12.23Western Front
12/04/1944Ltn. Willi Esche1JG 301B-2415km N. Steinamanger: 6000m12.22Western Front
13/04/1944Fhj.Ofw. Fritz Yung8JG 301P-51S. Ulm14.37Western Front
13/04/1944Uffz. Rolf Burghardt9JG 301B-2460km S. Budapest: 6000m13.11Western Front
13/04/1944Uffz. Rolf Burghardt9JG 301B-24GS: 4000m [SW Budapest]12.55Western Front
13/04/1944Fw. Hans Todt2JG 301B-24S. Budapest: 6000m12.55Western Front
15/04/1944Fw. Karl Unger10JG 301B-24UM: 7500m12.15Western Front
15/04/1944Ofw. Franz Menzel10JG 301B-24UM: 7500m12.15Western Front
17/04/1944Oblt. Dr. Hans-Georg Kretschmer10JG 301B-2443 21: 6500m [Raum Burcharest]11.25Western Front
21/04/1944Ltn. Kretschmer10JG 301B-245571 [UL-2] 6500m12.54Eastern Front
21/04/1944Fw. Gerhard Zeisler10JG 301B-245572 [CU-2]: 6500m12.57Eastern Front
21/04/1944Oblt. Dr. Hans-Georg Kretschmer10JG 301B-2455 72 [UL-2]: 6500m [NW Zara]12.57Western Front
24/04/1944Ofw. Hans Müller2JG 301P-51Ebersberg13.45Western Front
25/04/1944Oblt. Otto-Ernst HockerIII.JG 301LancasterMannheim: 7000m0.43Western Front
28/04/1944Ltn. Glaaß8JG 301HalifaxNE Friedrichshafen: 6000m2.38Western Front
30/04/1944Ltn. Rudolf Wurff6JG 301B-24-9.4Western Front
05/05/1944Ofw. Franz Menzel10JG 301B-2456 854/14 Ost N: 6500m [Balkans]14.08Western Front
06/05/1944Ltn. Hans-Joachim Weber6JG 301B-2424 Ost N/5679: 5500m [Raum Ploësti]11.35Western Front
06/05/1944Ofhr. Peter Brenner6JG 301B-24 HSSQL-9: 5500m [Targoviste W. Ploësti]11.45Western Front
18/05/1944Ltn. Hans-Joachim Weber6JG 301B-17QN: 6000m [NE Ploësti]11.15Western Front
18/05/1944Uffz. Peter Bremer6JG 301B-17QN: 6000m [NE Ploësti]11.15Western Front
31/05/1944Fw. Ernst Kiehling10JG 301P-38RO-7: 3000m [SW Ploësti]10.06Western Front
31/05/1944Ofw. Max Sulzgruber6JG 301B-24RM-8: 6500m [SW Ploësti]10.54Western Front
31/05/1944Ltn. Hans-Joachim Weber6JG 301B-24 HSS5545: 6500m [Raum Ploësti]10.25Western Front
31/05/1944Uffz. Walter Toldrian6JG 301B-24 HSSSM-5: 6500m [Titû SW Ploësti]10.25Western Front
06/06/1944Ltn. Rudolf Wurff6JG 301B-24 HSSRM 8: 6500m [SW Ploësti]9.4Western Front
06/06/1944Fw. Gerhard Zeisler10JG 301B-24RL: [Gaesti]09.15-30Western Front
10/06/1944Fw. Fritz Ebel10JG 301P-3855 495: 100m [Ploesti-Bucharest]8.58Western Front
11/06/1944Fw. Gerhard Mett10JG 301B-245441/Ost: 7000m [Rumanien]9.25Western Front
12/06/1944Hptm. Helmut Suhr1JG 301WellingtonFR-Western Front
12/06/1944Hptm. Helmut Suhr1JG 301WellingtonFR-Western Front
13/06/1944Hptm. Helmut SuhrI.JG 301Wellington-03.00±Western Front
23/06/1944Ofw. Max Sulzgruber6JG 301P-5124 Ost S/55 88: 4000m [Balkans]9.4Western Front
24/06/1944Uffz. Helmut Brenner6JG 301B-2424 Ost N/6677: 7000m [Ploësti]9.32Western Front
28/06/1944Ofw. Franz Menzel10JG 301B-2424 Ost N/TM-8: 6500m [SW Bücharest]9.55Western Front
28/06/1944Ofw. Max Sulzgruber6JG 301B-2424 Ost N/TM-3: 8000m [SW Bücharest]9.48Western Front
03/07/1944Fw. Fritz Ebel10JG 301B-245439: 6500-600m [W. Bücharest]12.1Western Front
03/07/1944Fw. Gerhard Mett10JG 301B-2424 Ost N/5575: 6500m [W. Bücharest]11.51Western Front
05/07/1944Fw. Martin Schulze1JG 301SE: 4000m1.17Western Front
05/07/1944Fw. Gerhard Koch1JG 301Lancaster25km N. Obj.: 4000m [25km N. St. Leu d'Esserent]1.3Western Front
05/07/1944Fw. Georg Scharein1JG 301Lancaster20km N. St. Leu d'Esserent: 4600m1.52Western Front
05/07/1944Oblt. Ernst Fischer1JG 301LancasterN.Objektif: 2500m [N. St. Leu d'Esserent]1.39Western Front
05/07/1944Fw. Martin Schulze1JG 301W. Paris: 3600m1.28Western Front
05/07/1944Ltn. Willi Esche2JG 301LancasterQC-3: 4500m [Cayeux-sur-Mer]1.16Western Front
05/07/1944Ltn. Willi Esche2JG 301LancasterRaum Abbéville: 3000m1.58Western Front
05/07/1944Oblt. Ernst Fischer1JG 301LancasterObjektif: 2500m [St. Leu d'Esserent]1.35Western Front
05/07/1944Fw. Hans Engfer1JG 301LancasterSE-TE-UE: 3400m1.19Western Front
05/07/1944Uffz. Hans Zarm1JG 3016km W. St. Leu d'Esserent: 3500m1.5Western Front
05/07/1944Uffz. Grätz3JG 301RD-5/RD-6: 3500m [Senarpont]1.15Western Front
06/07/1944Fw. Gerhard Koch1JG 301Dünkirchen: 4000m0.45Western Front
06/07/1944Fw. Gerhard Koch1JG 30105 Ost N/MD-8: 3900m [Calais]0.38Western Front
06/07/1944Ofw. Hans Müller2JG 301Halifax05 Ost N/NC-6: 1800m [vor Gris Nez]0.44Western Front
06/07/1944Ltn. Horst Prenzel1JG 301LancasterFR0.48Western Front
06/07/1944Ltn. Horst Prenzel1JG 301LancasterFR0.36Western Front
06/07/1944Ltn. Willi Esche1JG 30110km NE Dieppe: 2500m3.56Western Front
08/07/1944Fw. Gerhard Koch1JG 30105 Ost S/RD: 3700m [Senarpont]2.5Western Front
08/07/1944Hptm. Helmut Suhr1JG 301B-2605 Ost S/RG: 3200m [St. Quentin]2.22Western Front
08/07/1944Ltn. Max KreilStab I.JG 301Lancaster05 Ost S/SG: 3400m1.16Western Front
08/07/1944Fw. Herbert Böwer1JG 30105 Ost S/QC: 4200m [vor Cayeux]1.4Western Front
08/07/1944Fw. Herbert Böwer1JG 30105 Ost S/RB: 3800m [St. Valéry]1.44Western Front
08/07/1944Ltn. Alfred Hiller3JG 301Lancaster05 Ost S/SD-4: 4000m1.33Western Front
08/07/1944Fw. Georg Scharein1JG 301B-2605 Ost S/RD: 2800m [Senarpont]2.14Western Front
08/07/1944Fw. Georg Scharein1JG 301B-2605 Ost S/QE: 2600m [Doullens]2.44Western Front
08/07/1944Uffz. Klaus Jakobi2JG 301Lancaster05 Ost S/RD: 2300m [Senarpont]1.43Western Front
08/07/1944Fw. Joachim Hähnel3JG 301Lancaster05 Ost S/QC-8: 1600m1.28Western Front
08/07/1944Uffz. Paul Werner3JG 301B-26SE Dieppe: 3000m2.28Western Front
08/07/1944Fw. Manfred Gromoll3JG 301Lancaster05 Ost S/UD-4: 1500m1.26Western Front
08/07/1944Fw. Manfred Gromoll3JG 301Lancaster05 Ost S/QG-5: 500m [S. Cambrai]1.48Western Front
08/07/1944Ofw. Josef Löffler3JG 301Lancaster05 Ost S/RD: 3000m [Senarpont]2.46Western Front
08/07/1944Fw. Martin Schülze1JG 301B-26QD 9: 1600m [Pont-Rémy]3.05Western Front
08/07/1944Fw. Hans Engfer1JG 301Lancaster05 Ost S/TD: 3900m1.2Western Front
08/07/1944Fw. Hans Engfer1JG 30105 Ost S/DR 4: 2400m [SE Troyes]1.42Western Front
08/07/1944Hptm. Erich Wegener2JG 30105 Ost S/TD: 3800m1.21Western Front
08/07/1944Ltn. Willi Esche1JG 301Lancaster05 Ost S/QC: 3500m [vor Cayeux]1.38Western Front
08/07/1944Fhj.Fw. Viktor Emanual1JG 301Lancaster05 Ost S/UE: 3000m1.25Western Front
08/07/1944Hptm. Wilhelm BurghardtStab I.JG 301Lancasterü. Objektif: 3800m [St. Leu d'Esserent]1.12Western Front
08/07/1944Oblt. Wilhelm BurghardtStab I.JG 301Lancaster05 Ost S/UE: 2800m1.21Western Front
08/07/1944Ltn. Fritz BrinkmannStab I.JG 30105 Ost S/RD: 2800m [Senarpont]1.39Western Front
08/07/1944Ltn. Fritz BrinkmannStab I.JG 30105 Ost S/RG: 2500m [St. Quentin]1.43Western Front
08/07/1944Ofw. Heinz Günther2JG 301B-26u.w. Amiens: 2200m2.37Western Front
14/07/1944Ofw. Hans Todt2JG 301LancasterRaum Amiens2Western Front
01/08/1944Hptm. Helmut SuhrI.JG 301Wellington-04.00±Western Front
09/08/1944Ofw. Hans Todt2JG 301HalifaxFR0.3Western Front
26/08/1944Hptm. Helmut Suhr1JG 301P-61FR2.22Western Front
21/11/1944Fw. Willi Reschke9JG 301B-17Magdeburg12.05Western Front
21/11/1944Ofhr. Siegfried Bonitz5JG 301P-51EA-EB-FA-FB: 8200m [Lüneberger]11.56Western Front
21/11/1944Hptm. Erich Wegener2JG 301P-51MB-5: 5000-6000m [Bad Langensalza]12.35Western Front
21/11/1944Fhr. RaygrotzkiStab I.JG 301P-51MC: 9500m [Sommerdä]12.36Western Front
21/11/1944Oblt. Dr. Hans-Georg Kretschmer10JG 301P-51Fl.Pl. Wenigen-Lupnitz12.4Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Julius Berliner9JG 301B-24Hildesheim14Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Christoph Blum9JG 301B-24Hildesheim14Western Front
26/11/1944Gefr. Manfred Hillert4JG 301B-17S. Hannover: 7500m12.25Western Front
26/11/1944Fw. Franz Pflüger8JG 301B-24HT-3, GT-9, GU-7 od. HU-112.3Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Groppers4JG 301B-24GT: 6000-7000m12.35Western Front
26/11/1944Gefr. Manfred Hillert4JG 301B-17E. Ausl. d. Weser-Gebiet: 7500m12.3Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Schmidt5JG 301B-17GT: 8000m12.35Western Front
26/11/1944Fw. Franz Pflüger8JG 301B-24W. Hess. Oldendorf12.4Western Front
26/11/1944Fw. Heinrich Dörr12JG 301B-24GU-HU: 7500m12.4Western Front
26/11/1944Fw. Heinrich Dörr12JG 301B-24GH-HU: 7500m12.44Western Front
26/11/1944Ofw. Josef Keil11JG 301B-24SSE Hannover: 7500m12.41Western Front
26/11/1944Ofw. Josef Keil11JG 301B-24S. Hannover: 7500m12.44Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Karl Alt11JG 301B-24GU: 7000m12.4Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Karl Alt11JG 301B-24GU-HU: 5500m12.42Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Warnecke12JG 301B-24S. Hannover: 7500m12.37Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Helmut Brenner6JG 301B-24GH12.38Western Front
26/11/1944Ofhr. Stuck7JG 301P-51GU od. HU12.4Western Front
26/11/1944Fhr. Jonny Wiegeshoff10JG 301B-24S. Hannover: 7500m12.4Western Front
26/11/1944Oblt. Hermann Stahl10JG 301B-24HU: 7500m [Hildesheim]12.4Western Front
26/11/1944Ltn. Tauscher11JG 301B-24GU: 7000m12.4Western Front
26/11/1944Fw. Hans-Walter Schellner10JG 301B-24GU-HU: 7500m12.4Western Front
26/11/1944Fw. Schubert4JG 301B-24GT: 6000m12.4Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Heinz Kettmann8JG 301B-24S. Hildesheim: 4000m12.4Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Johann Fröhler9JG 301B-24Hannover: 7500m12.41Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Johann Fröhler9JG 301B-24SE Hannover: 6000m12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Rudolf Marquart10JG 301B-24GU-8/HU-2: 8000m12.41Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Rudolf Marquart10JG 301B-24HT-3: 8000m12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Ofw. Dieter Rusche10JG 301B-24GU-89/HU-23: 7500m12.41Western Front
26/11/1944Fhj.Ofw. Heinrich von Alven11JG 301B-24GU-HU: 6500m12.42Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Walter Scheller12JG 301B-24GU-HU: 7500m12.42Western Front
26/11/1944Ofw. Anton Benning10JG 301P-51GA [15 Süd]: 5000m12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Willi Greiner12JG 301B-24S. Hannover: 7500m12.42Western Front
26/11/1944Ofhr. Walter Kropp6JG 301B-24GT: 4000m12.53Western Front
26/11/1944Ofw. Hans Müller2JG 301B-24GS: 7800m12.49Western Front
26/11/1944Ofw. Hans Müller2JG 301B-24HS od. GS: 6700m12.49Western Front
26/11/1944Ofw. Hans Müller2JG 301B-24GT: 6700m12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Heinz Kettmann8JG 301B-24NW Fischbeck12.5Western Front
26/11/1944Fw. Gerhard Koch1JG 301B-24GI-5: 7000m12.47Western Front
26/11/1944Fw. Gerhard Koch1JG 301P-51GT-6: 6000m12.5Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Fischer8JG 301B-24N. Hildesheim12.4Western Front
26/11/1944Oblt. Sauer12JG 301B-24S. Hannover: 8000m12.4Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Johann Fröhler9JG 301B-24Hannover: 6500m12.43Western Front
26/11/1944Ofw. Anton Benning10JG 301B-24SW Hannover: 7500m12.42Western Front
26/11/1944Ofhr. Walter Kropp6JG 301B-24GT: 8000m12.5Western Front
26/11/1944Oblt. Werner Poppenburg10JG 301B-24SW Hannover: 7500m12.43Western Front
26/11/1944Oblt. Werner Poppenburg10JG 301B-24SW Hannover: 7500m12.48Western Front
26/11/1944Oblt. Werner Poppenburg10JG 301B-24SW Hannover: 7500m12.5Western Front
26/11/1944Ltn. Leonhard Reinicke9JG 301B-24Hannover: 7500m12.43Western Front
26/11/1944Oblt. Helmut Ostendorp9JG 301B-24GU-HU: 7500m12.43Western Front
26/11/1944Fhj.Stfw. Rolf Böhme9JG 301B-24GU-HU: 7500m12.43Western Front
26/11/1944Ofw. Kabler11JG 301B-24SW Hannover: 6500m12.44Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Richter9JG 301P-51Hannover: 5000m12.44Western Front
26/11/1944Oblt. Walter8JG 301B-24GV 9-3: 7000m12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Schwiger5JG 301B-17SW Hannover12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Gerhard Leeb8JG 301B-24SE Hannover12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Ogefr. Schulz2JG 301B-24GT: 8000m12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Ofw. Hans Todt2JG 301B-24GT: 7000m12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Fw. Herbert Seifert8JG 301B-24SE Hannover: 7600m12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Fw. Willi Reschke9JG 301B-24GU-HU: 7500m [Hildesheim]12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Ofw. Walter BlickleStab I.JG 301B-24W. Hannover: 6700m12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Ltn. Retenjak6JG 301P-51GU ij12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Fw. Kurt Klemm5JG 301B-24GA-GU12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Ltn. Kvapil5JG 301B-17WSW Hannover12.46Western Front
26/11/1944Fw. Thierling10JG 301B-24GU-HU: 7600m12.46Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Helis8JG 301B-24GU-HU: 7600m12.47Western Front
26/11/1944Fw. Müller9JG 301B-24Hildesheim-Pattensen: 7000m12.47Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Willi Greiner12JG 301B-24S. Hannover: 7500m12.48Western Front
26/11/1944Ltn. Max Kreil4JG 301P-51SW Hannover: 7500m12.5Western Front
26/11/1944Oblt. Seidel11JG 301B-24GU-HU: 7500m12.5Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Rudolf Michaelis12JG 301B-24GU-HU: 7500m12.5Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Hettriegel4JG 301B-24GU-7: 5500m12.55Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Hermann Dürr12JG 301P-51GT-HT: 4500m12.55Western Front
26/11/1944Fhr. Franz Schrack12JG 301B-24S. Hannover: 4500m12.55Western Front
26/11/1944Fw. Schröder6JG 301P-51GC-3: 50-100m12.55Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Ebert6JG 301B-24HS-2: 5000-2000m13.05Western Front
26/11/1944Ofhr. Siegfried Aschendorf9JG 301B-24GU: 7500m12.43Western Front
26/11/1944Uffz. Schalk9JG 301B-24Hannover: 7500m12.45Western Front
26/11/1944Ofhr. Siegfried Bonitz5JG 301B-17HT: 1500-2000m12.47Western Front
26/11/1944Fw. Schubert4JG 301P-51GT: 6000m12.5Western Front
26/11/1944Ltn. Frank3JG 301B-24HT: 500m13Western Front
05/12/1944Oblt. Schuch7JG 301B-17EG: 4000m [Raum N. Oranienburg]10.5Western Front
05/12/1944Fw. Gerhard Koch1JG 301P-51DE-7: 4500m [Gross-Welle]10.53Western Front
05/12/1944Major Fritz AufhammerStabJG 301P-51GF-5: 6000m11.32Western Front
05/12/1944Major Fritz AufhammerStabJG 301P-51CF: 4000m [Müritz See]11.37Western Front
05/12/1944Fw. Karl Reinth11JG 301P-51N. Berlin: 4000m11Western Front
05/12/1944Ofw. Anton Benning10JG 301P-51S. Eberswalde: 6500m10.49Western Front
05/12/1944Uffz. August HölscherStab II.JG 301P-51DF: 2500m [Raum W. Rheinsberg]11Western Front
05/12/1944Uffz. Albert HoffmannStab II.JG 301P-51DF-EF: 2500-3000m11Western Front
05/12/1944Ltn. Leonhard Reinicke9JG 301B-17Finow: 7900m10.54Western Front
05/12/1944Ltn. Reiche12JG 301P-51DH: 7500m [Raum Stegelitz]10.5Western Front
05/12/1944Oblt. Schuch7JG 301P-51EG: 4000m [Raum N. Oranienburg]10.55Western Front
05/12/1944Uffz. Gerhard Leeb8JG 301P-51DE-DF: 4000m11Western Front
17/12/1944Uffz. Helmut Brenner6JG 301B-17Kassel12.05Western Front
17/12/1944Fw. Willi Reschke9JG 301P-51Kassel11.25Western Front
17/12/1944Fw. Willi Reschke9JG 301B-24Kassel11.2Western Front
17/12/1944Ofw. Hans Todt8JG 301P-47Kassel11.3Western Front
24/12/1944Fw. Willi Reschke9JG 301B-17Hannover14.55Western Front
24/12/1944Fw. Willi Reschke9JG 301B-17Hannover15.03Western Front
24/12/1944Uffz. August Hölscher5JG 301P-51KC: 200m [Raum Harzgerode]15Western Front
31/12/1944Fw. Willi Reschke9JG 301B-24Hamburg11.35Western Front
31/12/1944Ofw. Josef Keil10JG 301P-51Hamburg-Western Front
31/12/1944Fw. Rudi Driebe11JG 301P-51Hamburg-Western Front
01/01/1945Fw. Willi Reschke9JG 301B-17Gardelegen12Western Front
01/01/1945Ofw. Josef Keil10JG 301B-17Gardelegen-Western Front
01/01/1945Ofw. Josef Keil10JG 301B-17Stendal-Western Front
01/01/1945Ofw. Hans Todt8JG 301B-17Gardelegen12Western Front
14/01/1945Hptm. Helmut Suhr8JG 301B-17Mecklenburg12.35Western Front
14/01/1945Fw. Willi Reschke9JG 301P-47Kyritz12.55Western Front
14/01/1945Fw. Willi Reschke9JG 301P-51Mecklenburg12.45Western Front
14/01/1945Fhr. Hans Schäfer4JG 301B-17Mecklenburg12.3Western Front
01/02/1945Ofw. Hans Todt8JG 301U-2Norddeutschland-Western Front
20/02/1945Ofw. Josef Keil10JG 301B-17Berlin-Western Front
25/02/1945Ofw. Hans Todt8JG 301P-51Reichsgebiet-Western Front
01/03/1945Ofw. Josef Keil10JG 301P-51Reichsgebiet-Western Front
02/03/1945Ltn. August-Wilhelm Hagedorn9JG 301B-17Magdeburg10.45±Western Front
02/03/1945Ofw. Hans Todt8JG 301B-17Mecklenburg10.45±Western Front
15/03/1945Hptm. Helmut Suhr8JG 301B-17Norddeutschland-Western Front
10/04/1945Ofw. Josef KeilStabJG 301P-47Kassel-Western Front
14/04/1945Ofw. Willi ReschkeStabJG 301TempestLudwigslust19.2Western Front
21/04/1945Ofw. Josef KeilStabJG 301Jak-9Berlin-Western Front
21/04/1945Ofw. Josef KeilStabJG 301Jak-9Berlin-Western Front
21/04/1945Ltn. Rudolf Wurff6JG 301TempestDammer See-Western Front
24/04/1945Ofw. Willi ReschkeStabJG 301Jak-9Berlin8.48Western Front
24/04/1945Ofw. Willi ReschkeStabJG 301Jak-9Berlin8.45Western Front
24/04/1945Ofw. Walter LoosStabJG 301Jak-9Berlin-Western Front
24/04/1945Ofw. Walter LoosStabJG 301Jak-9Berlin-Western Front
25/04/1945Ofw. Walter LoosStabJG 301Jak-9Berlin-Western Front
30/04/1945Uffz. Willi Greiner12JG 301Jak-9Berlin-Western Front
30/04/1945Ofw. Walter LoosStabJG 301Jak-9Berlin-Western Front

Known Claims : 288

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