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Founded : 1937
Country : Germany
Fate :

Pik-As was a Luftwaffe fighter-wing of World War II. It operated in Western Europe and in the Mediterranean. Jagdgeschwader 53 - or as it was better known, the "Pik As" (Ace of Spades) Geschwader - was one of the oldest German fighter units of World War II with its origins going back to 1937. JG53 flew the various models of Bf-109 throughout the second world war.


JG53 Artwork Collection
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Bf109 K-4 by Randall Wilson. (GL)

Black Tulip on Final by Brian Bateman.

Angels Three Zero by Robert Taylor

Special Duties by Robert Taylor.

The Blond Knight by Robert Taylor.

Eagles at Dawn by Robert Taylor.

Malta - George Cross by Robert Taylor.

Aces for : JG53
A list of all Aces from our database who are known to have flown with this squadron. A profile page is available by clicking the pilots name.
Helmut Lipfert203.00
Kurt Hans Friedrich Brandle180.00
Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke162.00
Friedrich-Karl Muller140.00
Adolf Dickfeld136.00The signature of Adolf Dickfeld features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Alfred Grislawski133.00The signature of Alfred Grislawski features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Wolfgang Tonne122.00
Werner Molders115.00The signature of Werner Molders features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Wilhelm Crinius114.00
Josef Wurmheller102.00
Herbert Rollwage102.00
Rudolf Muller101.00
Helmut Bennemann92.00The signature of Helmut Bennemann features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Walter Zellot85.00
Hans Grunberg82.00
Alexander Preinfalk76.00
Hans Roehrig75.00
Gerhard Michalski73.00
Gunther Freiherr von Maltzahn68.00
Fritz Dinger67.00
Franz Schiehs67.00
Jurgen Harder64.00
Franz Gotz63.00
Alfred Franke59.00
Heinrich-Wilhelm Ahnert57.00
Herbert Broennle57.00
Adolf Kalkum57.00
Eduard Isken56.00
Gunther Seeger56.00The signature of Gunther Seeger features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Helmut Wick56.00The signature of Helmut Wick features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Franz Barten53.00
Julius Meimberg53.00The signature of Julius Meimberg features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Rudolf Schmidt51.00
Rudolf Ehrenberger49.00
Klaus Quaet-Faslem49.00
Heinz Golinski47.00
Erich Schmidt47.00
Werner Stumpf47.00
Hans-Karl Mayer46.00
Herbert Schramm42.00
Hermann Neuhoff40.00The signature of Hermann Neuhoff features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Heinz Bretnutz39.00
Stefan Litjens38.00
Ludwig Reibel38.00
Helmut Belser36.00
Hans Kornatz36.00
Hans von Hahn34.00
Harro Harder33.00
Wolfgang Lippert33.00
Rolf Pingel30.00
Hans-Joachim Heinecke28.00
Hans Galubinski28.00
Otto Russ27.00
Emil Babenz24.00
Paul Pausinger24.00
Heinrich Leschert23.00
Willi Unger22.00
Hans-Jurgen Westphal22.00
Ignaz Prestele22.00
Franz von Werra21.00
Rudolf Täschner21.00
Erich Gerlitz20.00
Hermann Staege19.00
Georg Claus18.00
Karl Leonhard17.00
Erich Mix16.00
Hans Ohly15.00
Jakob Stoll14.00
Ernst-Albrecht Schultz14.00
Eduard Koslowski12.00
Franz Kunz12.00
Ernst Klager10.00
Wilfried Balfanz9.00
Hans Kunert9.00
Jens Bahnsen8.00
Erich Kuhlmann8.00
Hans-Georg Schulte8.00
Herbert Kaminski7.00
Werner Kauffmann7.00
Karl Kolb7.00
Otto Boehner7.00
Fritz Muller6.00
Franz Kaiser6.00
Heinrich Höhnisch6.00
Rudolf Goy5.00
Albrecht Baun5.00
Eduard Schröder5.00
Frank-Werner Rott5.00
Franz Gawlick5.00
Aircraft for : JG53
A list of all aircraft known to have been flown by JG53. A profile page including a list of all art prints for the aircraft is available by clicking the aircraft name.


Click the name above to see prints featuring Me109 aircraft.

Manufacturer : Messerschmitt
Production Began : 1937
Retired : 1945
Number Built : 33984


Willy Messerschmitt designed the BF109 during the early 1930s. The Bf109 was one of the first all metal monocoque construction fighters with a closed canopy and retractable undercarriage. The engine of the Me109 was a V12 aero engine which was liquid-cooled. The Bf109 first saw operational service during the Spanish Civil War and flew to the end of World War II, during which time it was the backbone of the Luftwaffe fighter squadrons. During the Battle of Britian the Bf109 was used in the role of an escort fighter, a role for which it was not designed for, and it was also used as a fighter bomber. During the last days of May 1940 Robert Stanford-Tuck, the RAF ace, got the chance to fly an Me109 which they had rebuilt after it had crash landed. Stanford-Tuck found out that the Me109 was a wonderful little plane, it was slightly faster than the Spitfire, but lacked the Spitfire manoeuvrability. By testing the Me109, Tuck could put himself inside the Me109 when fighting them, knowing its weak and strong points. With the introduction of the improved Bf109F in the spring of 1941, the type again proved to be an effective fighter during the invasion of Yugoslavia and during the Battle of Crete and the invasion of Russia and it was used during the Siege of the Mediteranean island of Malta. The Bf109 was the main fighter for the Luftwaffe until 1942 when the Fw190 entered service and shared this position, and was partially replaced in Western Europe, but the Me109 continued to serve on the Eastern Front and during the defence of the Reich against the allied bombers. It was also used to good effect in the Mediterranean and North Africa in support of The Africa Korps. The Me109 was also supplied to several German allies, including Finland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovakia. The Bf109 scored more kills than any other fighter of any country during the war and was built in greater numbers with a total of over 31,000 aircraft being built. The Bf109 was flown by the three top German aces of the war war. Erich Hartmann with 352 victories, Gerhard Barkhorn with 301 victories and Gunther Rall with 275 kills. Bf109 pilots were credited with the destruction of 100 or more enemy aircraft. Thirteen Luftwaffe Aces scored more than 200 kills. Altogether this group of pilots were credited with a total of nearly 15,000 kills, of which the Messerschmitt Bf109 was credited with over 10,000 of these victories. The Bf109 was the most produced warplane during World War II, with 30,573 examples built during the war, and the most produced fighter aircraft in history, with a total of 33,984 units produced up to April 1945. Bf109s remained in foreign service for many years after World War II. The Swiss used their Bf109Gs well into the 1950s. The Finnish Air Force did not retire their Bf109Gs until March 1954. Romania used its Bf109s until 1955. The Spanish Hispanos flew even longer. Some were still in service in the late 1960s.
Signatures for : JG53
A list of all signatures from our database who are associated with this squadron. A profile page is available by clicking their name.

Leutnant Helmut Ballewski
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Leutnant Helmut Ballewski
Leutnant Helmut Ballewski

Helmut Ballewski was one of the 'younger' generation flyers, not joining the Luftwaffe until November 1942. Posted to JG53 PIK AS he flew all of his 47 missions in the west. With IV./JG53 from January 1945, Helmut Ballewski was Helmut Bennemann's wingman on Operation Bodenplatte. He also flew fighter bomber operations on the Bridge at Remagen operation. He was awarded the Iron Cross.

Oberstleutnant Helmut Bennemann
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Oberstleutnant Helmut Bennemann

17 / 11 / 2007Died : 17 / 11 / 2007
17 / 11 / 2007Ace : 92.00 Victories
Oberstleutnant Helmut Bennemann

Helmut Bennemann was born 16th March 1915. During the Battle of Britain Helmut Bennemann was Gruppenadjutant with I./JG52 on the Channel Front. In April 1942 he was Staffelkapitan of 3./JG52 in the east and was appointed Kommandeur of I./JG52 from June 1942 until October 1943. Posted to Italy in November 1943, he was promoted to Kommodore of JG53 (Ace of Spades) in this theatre and in the defence of Germany. He commanded JG53 on Operation Bodenplatte. Helmut Bennemann flew over 400 missions, scoring 92 victories and was awarded the Knight's Cross. He died 17th November 2007.

Hauptmann Alfred Grislawski
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by or with the mounted signature of Hauptmann Alfred Grislawski

19 / 9 / 2003Died : 19 / 9 / 2003
19 / 9 / 2003Ace : 133.00 Victories
Hauptmann Alfred Grislawski

Alfred Grislawski joined 9./JG52 in 1940, quickly becoming an Ace. An outstanding fighter pilot, his air victories were 133 in over 800 combat missions until he was severely wounded. he was awarded the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves. Died 19th September 2003.

Major Julius Meimberg
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Major Julius Meimberg

17 / 1 / 2012Died : 17 / 1 / 2012
17 / 1 / 2012Ace : 53.00 Victories
Major Julius Meimberg

Julius Meimberg joined JG2 Richthofen in December 1939 and during the Battle of France flew as wingman to Assi Hahn. An Ace during the Battle of Britain, Meimberg flew with Wick on the day that he was fatally shot down over the Isle of Wight. In 1944 Meimburg was appointed Gruppenkommandeur II./JG53. He was awarded the Knight's Cross and achieved 53 victories in 600 combat missions.

Memories from Julius Meimberg of the day that Helmut Wick was shot down :

Late in the afternoon of 28th November 1940, we took off for southern England from Beaumont le Roger for our second mission of the day. Climbing towards the Isle of Wight in bright sunshine, I was leading the 4th Staffel and directly ahead of us was the Staff Schwarm of JG2 Richthofen led by Kommodore Major Helmut Wick, at that time the leading fighter pilot in the Luftwaffe. With him were his wingman Oberleutnant Rudi Pflanz, Oberleutnant Leie and Oberfeldwebel Rudorffer. At about 23,000 ft, we were almost above the Isle of Wight when we spotted vapour trails caused by Spitfires above us at a much greater height.

Major Wick led his Staff Schwarm towards them at full throttle, with the result that the Schwarm aircraft pulled apart from each other. Climbing with my Staffel to one side, we were soon drawn into the main battle and the Staffel separated. A single Spitfire turned in front of me and disappeared behing my engine cowling as I fired off my weapons. Apparently undamaged, the aircraft went into a spin and I followed it down, expecting the aircraft to pull out at any time, but it never did. The red glow in the cockpit indicated a possible oxygen tank hit.

When we landed, Rudi Pflanz reported that Major Wick had shot down a Spitfire, was then in turn shot down by a second Spitfire, which in turn had been shot down by Pflanz. We were all told that no-one had seen what had happened to Wicks aircraft, which left us hoping for the safety of our Kommodore. We returned later next day, and again the following day, but there was no sign of him. What we had not been told was that Rudorffer had witnessed him go down, a large bullet hole passing through the starboard wing trailing edge, straight through the cockpit and engine block. He felt that Wick was already dead as his aircraft corkscrewed downwards, finally plunging into the sea. After the war, I learned that his conqueror had been Flight Lieutenant John Dundas DFC, himself only seconds later shot down by Pflanz and killed. Julius Meimberg passed away on 17th January 2012.

Oberst Werner Molders
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Oberst Werner Molders

22 / 11 / 1941Died : 22 / 11 / 1941
22 / 11 / 1941Ace : 115.00 Victories
Oberst Werner Molders

At the outbreak of WWII Werner Molders was the most successful German fighter pilot, leading 3./JG53, then III.JG53, on the Western Front. As inspirational fighter leader, he was the first Ace to achieve 20 victories, the first awarded the Knights Cross, and commanded JG51 during the Battle of Britain. With 68 victories in the West, he transferred to Russia, and in July 1941 shot down his 101st enemy aircraft, agains as the first to do so. Promoted as the first General of the Fighter Arm, on 22nd November 1941 travelling to the funeral of Ernst Udet, the plane in which he was a passenger crashed and he was killed. Molders had by then achieved 115 victories, and had been awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves and Diamonds.

Stabsgefreiter Hubert-Lufwig Pflaum
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Stabsgefreiter Hubert-Lufwig Pflaum
Stabsgefreiter Hubert-Lufwig Pflaum

After joining the Luftwaffe and completing his flight training, he originally flew Heinkel 111 bombers with IV./KG 27 Boelcke. Towards the end of the war, however, he transferred to train as a fighter pilot, and after qualifying joined II./JG53 PikAs where he flew Bf109s with 6 Staffel in the Defence of the Reich.

Oberleutnant Gunther Seeger
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Oberleutnant Gunther Seeger

6 / 9 / 2013Died : 6 / 9 / 2013
6 / 9 / 2013Ace : 56.00 Victories
Oberleutnant Gunther Seeger

In February 1940, Gunther Seeger was an Unteroffizier with 3./JG2, scoring his first victory in the early days of the Battle of Britain. he served on the Channel Front until December 1942, including several months with the Geschwaderstabsschwarm. He transferred to the Mediterranean theatre with II./JG2 before joining 6./JG53. In February 1943 he joined 7./JG53 becoming Staffelkapitan in September 1944. Awarded the Knight's Cross, Gunther Seeger scored 56 victories.

Major Helmut Wick
Click the name above to see prints signed by Major Helmut Wick

28 / 11 / 1940Died : 28 / 11 / 1940
28 / 11 / 1940Ace : 56.00 Victories
Major Helmut Wick

At the outbreak of war Helmut Wick was an experienced Leutnant with 1./JG53. During the Battle of Britain his meteoric rise and remarkable career saw him promoted Staffelkapitan of 3./JG53 in July 1940, Gruppenkommandeur of 1./JG2 on 7th September, achieve his 40th victory on 6th October, and promoted to Kommodore of JG2 on 20th October. With 56 victories to his credit in a period of intense action on the Western Front, on 28th November 1940 he was shot down over the English Channel, parachuted into the sea, but his body was never recovered. Together with Molders and Galland he had been the most successful Luftwaffe fighter pilot during the autumn of 1940, and had been awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves.

Known Victory Claims - JG53









09/09/1939Ofw. Walter Grimmling1JG 53BlenheimNE Saarbrücken11.36Western Front
09/09/1939Ltn. Wilhelm Hoffmann3JG 53Bloch 200Saarbrücken14.35Western Front
10/09/1939Oblt. Rolf Pingel2JG 53MureauxEnsdorf14.15Western Front
10/09/1939Uffz. Heinrich Bezner1JG 53MureauxW. Saarbrücken18.3Western Front
10/09/1939Ofw. Walter Grimmling1JG 53MureauxS. Saarbrücken18.32Western Front
10/09/1939Ltn. Georg Claus1JG 53MureauxS. Saarbrücken18.33Western Front
17/09/1939Oblt. Wilfried BalfanzStab I.JG 53Bloch 151Saarbrücken17.23Western Front
20/09/1939StFw. Ignaz Prestele2JG 53-7.45Western Front
20/09/1939Ofw. Willibald Hien3JG 53Morane 406-11.15Western Front
20/09/1939Hptm. Werner Mölders1JG 53Curtiss P-36Sierck7.45Western Front
20/09/1939Uffz. Günther Freund1JG 53Curtiss P-36W. Völklingen14.55Western Front
20/09/1939Oblt. Heinz Bretnütz6JG 53-9.55Western Front
20/09/1939Ltn. Heinz Richert5JG 53BlenheimBitsch11.45Western Front
20/09/1939Ltn. Kurt Liedke5JG 53BlenheimBitsch11.46Western Front
21/09/1939Hptm. Dr. Erich MixStab I.JG 53Morane 406Saargemünd16.15Western Front
24/09/1939Ltn. Walter Rupp1JG 53Curtiss P-36--Western Front
24/09/1939Uffz. Albrecht Baun6JG 53Curtiss P-36S. Saarbrücken15.4Western Front
24/09/1939Fw. Walter Czikowsky6JG 53Curtiss P-36S. Saarbrücken15.4Western Front
25/09/1939Hptm. Lothar von Janson1JG 53Potez 63Bergzabern15.5Western Front
25/09/1939StFw. Ignaz Prestele2JG 53--Western Front
25/09/1939Oblt. Heinz Bretnütz6JG 53Curtiss P-36S. Bienwald12.2Western Front
25/09/1939Ltn. Eduard Schröder6JG 53Curtiss P-36S. Bienwald12.2Western Front
25/09/1939Fw. Walter Czikowsky6JG 53Curtiss P-36S. Bienwald12.2Western Front
27/09/1939Ltn. Karl-Wilhelm Heimbs1JG 53Potez 63Forbach16.2Western Front
28/09/1939Ltn. Richard Vogel4JG 53Mureaux 115-11.54Western Front
30/09/1939Oblt. Rolf Pingel2JG 53BattleW. Saarbrücken11.5Western Front
30/09/1939Stfw. Ignaz Prestele2JG 53BattleW. Saarbrücken11.53Western Front
30/09/1939Uffz. Franz Kaiser2JG 53BattleW. Saarbrücken11.57Western Front
30/09/1939Uffz. Hans Kornatz2JG 53BattleW. Saarbrücken12.05Western Front
30/09/1939Uffz. Josef Wurmheller2JG 53BattleW. Saarbrücken12.1Western Front
30/09/1939Oblt. Wolfgang Lippert3JG 53Morane 406Büdingen14.45Western Front
30/09/1939Ofw. Willibald Hien3JG 53Caudron 710Bischmishein14.3Western Front
30/09/1939Ofw. Erich Kuhlmann3JG 53Curtiss P-36Büdingen14.45Western Front
30/09/1939Ltn. Karl-Wilhelm HeimbsStab I.JG 53Curtiss P-36Merzig17Western Front
30/09/1939Fw. Karl Kuhl3JG 53Curtiss P-36Merzig17.1Western Front
30/09/1939Hptm. Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStab II.JG 53Potez 63Saarbrücken11.34Western Front
30/09/1939Oblt. Rudolf Goy5JG 53Mureaux 115E. Weissenburg17.05Western Front
30/09/1939Uffz. Joachim Hinkeldey5JG 53Morane 406Merzig17.1Western Front
13/10/1939Ofw. Ernst Vollmer4JG 53BlenheimBirkenfeld14.05Western Front
30/10/1939Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53BlenheimKlüsserath, NE Trier11.12Western Front
30/10/1939Uffz. Joachim Hinkeldey5JG 53BlenheimE. Trier14.08Western Front
05/11/1939Oblt. Hans-Karl Mayer1JG 53Potez 63W. Losheim15.15Western Front
06/11/1939Uffz. Eduard Koslowski9JG 53Mureaux 115SW Merzig10.45Western Front
06/11/1939Ltn. Jakob Stoll9JG 53Mureaux 115W. Saarlautern: 3500m14.35Western Front
06/11/1939Ltn. Frank-Werner Rott3JG 53BlenheimSaulheim ö.B. Kreuznach11.11Western Front
07/11/1939Oblt. Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke7JG 53Potez 63Völklingen15.05Western Front
07/11/1939Fw. Heinz Rahlmeier9JG 53Potez 63W. Saarbrücken16.1Western Front
07/11/1939Fw. Franz Gawlick9JG 53Potez 63W. Saarbrücken16.12Western Front
07/11/1939Ltn. Jakob Stoll9JG 53Potez 63W. Saarbrücken16.14Western Front
22/11/1939Hptm. Dr. Erich MixStab I.JG 53Morane 406S. Saarbrücken-Western Front
22/11/1939Hptm. Dr. Erich MixStab I.JG 53Morane 406S. Saarbrücken-Western Front
23/11/1939Ltn. Georg ClausStab III.JG 53Morane 406S. Zweibrücken15.2Western Front
22/12/1939Oblt. Hans von Hahn8JG 53Hurricane15km NE Metz15.05Western Front
22/12/1939Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53Hurricane15km NE Metz15.05Western Front
10/01/1940Ltn. Walter RadlickStab III.JG 53Morane 406S. Perl14.57Western Front
02/03/1940Uffz. Ernst Reckers8JG 53Mureaux 115SE Diedenhofen12.02Western Front
02/03/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53HurricaneS. Bitsch12.15Western Front
02/03/1940Uffz. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53HurricaneSW Diedenhofen12.2Western Front
02/03/1940Oblt. Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke7JG 53HurricaneS. Bitsch-Western Front
03/03/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53Morane 40612km SE Diedenhofen13.55Western Front
11/03/1940Oblt. Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke7JG 53Potez6km NNE Sierck17.45Western Front
25/03/1940Oblt. Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke7JG 53Morane 406SW Saarbrücken14.55Western Front
26/03/1940Fw. Arthur Wiegelt8JG 53HurricaneW. Saarbrücken14.35Western Front
26/03/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53Morane 406Wolkenfeld15Western Front
29/03/1940Oblt. Ernst Boenigk9JG 53Morane 40615km W. Saarlautern9.15Western Front
31/03/1940Uffz. Werner Kauffmann4JG 53Morane 406SW Saargemünd15.5Western Front
31/03/1940Hptm. Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStab II.JG 53Morane 406SW Saargemünd15.53Western Front
31/03/1940Oblt. Heinz Bretnütz6JG 53Morane 406SW Saargemünd15.55Western Front
31/03/1940Oblt. Heinz Bretnütz6JG 53Morane 406SW Saargemünd15.57Western Front
31/03/1940Fw. Albrecht Baun6JG 53Morane 406SW Saargemünd15.57Western Front
31/03/1940Ltn. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53Morane 406SW Saargemünd16Western Front
31/03/1940Oblt. Heinz Bretnütz6JG 53Wellington-20Western Front
02/04/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53HurricaneS. Saargemünd12.1Western Front
07/04/1940Oblt. Wolfgang Lippert3JG 53SpitfireSW Diedenhofen12.5Western Front
07/04/1940Fw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53Morane 406W. Saarbrücken12.3Western Front
20/04/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53Curtiss P-367km E. Saargemünd11.54Western Front
21/04/1940Oblt. Hans-Karl Mayer1JG 53HurricaneNW Merzig12.05Western Front
23/04/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53HurricaneS. Diedenhofen11.14Western Front
23/04/1940Fw. Franz Gawlick9JG 53HurricaneS. Diedenhofen11.22Western Front
10/05/1940Fw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53CurtissMetz15.25Western Front
10/05/1940Oblt. Otto BoehnerStab II.JG 53Morane 406Metz-Western Front
10/05/1940Oblt. Wolfgang Lippert3JG 53CurtissSE Metz13.55Western Front
11/05/1940Ofw. Walter Grimmling1JG 53Morane 40615km S. Metz7.5Western Front
11/05/1940Oblt. Hans-Karl Mayer1JG 53Morane 40610-15km S. Metz7.5Western Front
11/05/1940Ofw. Alfred Müller1JG 53Morane 40615-20km S. Metz7.5Western Front
12/05/1940Oblt. Heinz Bretnütz6JG 53Potez 63Luxenburg12Western Front
12/05/1940Fw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53Potez 63S. Metz19.1Western Front
13/05/1940Ltn. Siegfried Fischer3JG 53Potez 63Cherières19.45Western Front
13/05/1940Oblt. Wilfried Balfanz1JG 53LeO 45Thénorgues20.45Western Front
13/05/1940Oblt. Otto BoehnerStab II.JG 53Morane 406--Western Front
13/05/1940Oblt. Otto BoehnerStab II.JG 53Morane 406--Western Front
13/05/1940Ltn. Richard Vogel4JG 53CurtissS. Sedan12.02Western Front
13/05/1940Oblt. Kurt Brändle4JG 53Morane 406S. Sedan12.05Western Front
13/05/1940Ofw. Ernst Vollmer4JG 53CurtissS. Sedan12.1Western Front
14/05/1940Uffz. Alfred Franke2JG 53Bloch 151S. Sedan11.2Western Front
14/05/1940Ltn. Julius Haase3JG 53Bloch 151S. Sedan12.35Western Front
14/05/1940Oblt. Hans-Karl Mayer1JG 53HurricaneSedan16.23Western Front
14/05/1940Oblt. Hans-Karl Mayer1JG 53BattleSedan16.24Western Front
14/05/1940Uffz. Heinrich Höhnisch1JG 53HurricaneSedan16.25Western Front
14/05/1940Fw. Franz Kaiser2JG 53BattleSedan16.25Western Front
14/05/1940Oblt. Hans-Karl Mayer1JG 53BlenheimSedan16.3Western Front
14/05/1940Oblt. Hans Ohly1JG 53BlenheimSedan16.3Western Front
14/05/1940Uffz. Heinrich Höhnisch1JG 53BattleSW Sedan: 1000m16.3Western Front
14/05/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53HurricaneSedan16.3Western Front
14/05/1940Hptm. Rolf Pingel2JG 53BlenheimSedan16.3Western Front
14/05/1940Ltn. Ernst-Albrecht Schultz1JG 53BattleSW Sedan: 800m16.35Western Front
14/05/1940Uffz. Heinrich Höhnisch1JG 53BattleSW Sedan16.35Western Front
14/05/1940Oblt. Hans Ohly1JG 53BlenheimSedan: tiefflug16.35Western Front
14/05/1940Uffz. Ludwig Reibel1JG 53BlenheimSedan16.4Western Front
14/05/1940Fw. Alfred Stark1JG 53BlenheimSedan16.4Western Front
14/05/1940Oblt. Hans-Karl Mayer1JG 53BlenheimSW Sedan16.4Western Front
14/05/1940Oblt. Hans Ohly1JG 53BattleSW Sedan: tiefflug16.45Western Front
14/05/1940Oblt. Wilfried BalfanzStab I.JG 53BattleSedan16.5Western Front
14/05/1940Hptm. Rolf Pingel2JG 53Bloch 151S. Sedan: 2300m11.22Western Front
14/05/1940Hptm. Lothar von JansonStab I.JG 53BattleSedan16.55Western Front
14/05/1940Oblt. Hans-Karl Mayer1JG 53BattleS. Sedan16.55Western Front
14/05/1940Oblt. Ignaz Prestele1JG 53BattleS. Sedan16.55Western Front
14/05/1940Uffz. Willi Ghesla2JG 53Bloch 151S. Sedan: 2500m11.2Western Front
14/05/1940Ltn. Rudolf Schmid2JG 53Bloch 151S. Sedan: 2500m11.2Western Front
14/05/1940Hptm. Rolf Pingel2JG 53Bloch 151S. Sedan: 5000m11.2Western Front
14/05/1940Uffz. Alfred Franke2JG 53BattleSW Sedan: 50m16.2Western Front
14/05/1940Ltn. Erich Bodendick4JG 53Morane 406--Western Front
14/05/1940Ltn. Erich Bodendick4JG 53Morane 406--Western Front
14/05/1940Oblt. Otto BoehnerStab II.JG 53Curtiss--Western Front
14/05/1940Ltn. Heinz Kunert8JG 53HurricaneN. Sedan: 1200m16.3Western Front
14/05/1940Fw. Herbert Schramm7JG 53Morane 406Sedan-Western Front
14/05/1940Ofw. Franz Götz7JG 53Morane 406Sedan-Western Front
14/05/1940Fw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53Morane 406Sedan-Western Front
14/05/1940Uffz. Hans-Georg Schulte7JG 53Morane 40610-15km W. Sedan: 4000m10.2Western Front
14/05/1940Uffz. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53Morane 406Sedan: 4000m10.3Western Front
14/05/1940Oblt. Wolfgang Lippert3JG 53WellingtonSedan19.3Western Front
14/05/1940Ofw. Erich Kuhlmann3JG 53BlenheimSedan19.3Western Front
14/05/1940Uffz. Heinrich Leschert3JG 53WellingtonSedan19.33Western Front
14/05/1940Uffz. Fritz Hillmann3JG 53BlenheimSedan19.35Western Front
14/05/1940Ltn. Siegfried Fischer3JG 53WellingtonSedan19.43Western Front
14/05/1940Ltn. Julius Haase3JG 53WellingtonSedan19.45Western Front
14/05/1940Ltn. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53BlenheimNW Sedan: 500-200m19.4Western Front
14/05/1940Ltn. Gebhard DittmarStab I.JG 53BlenheimS. Sedan: 2000m16.55Western Front
14/05/1940Uffz. Willi Ghesla2JG 53BattleS. Sedan: 50m16.2Western Front
15/05/1940Ltn. Georg ClausStab III.JG 53HurricaneVouziers10Western Front
15/05/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53HurricaneCharleville13.05Western Front
15/05/1940Oblt. Heinz WittenbergStab III.JG 53HurricaneCharleville13.1Western Front
15/05/1940Ofw. Erich Kuhlmann3JG 53Bloch 151S. Charleville: 4000m16.1Western Front
15/05/1940Oblt. Wolfgang Lippert3JG 53Bloch 151S. Charleville16.13Western Front
15/05/1940Ltn. Julius Haase3JG 53Bloch 151S. Charleville16.22Western Front
15/05/1940Ltn. Julius Haase3JG 53Bloch 151S. Charleville16.25Western Front
18/05/1940Ofw. Franz Götz7JG 53CurtissW. Laon-Western Front
18/05/1940Fw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53CurtissW. Laon16.4Western Front
18/05/1940Uffz. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53CurtissW. Laon16.38Western Front
19/05/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53Bloch 152NE Reims9.35Western Front
19/05/1940Ltn. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53Bloch 152NE Reims9.35Western Front
19/05/1940Fw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53Potez 63N. Montdidier20.05Western Front
19/05/1940Fw. Albrecht Baun6JG 53Potez 63Signy l'Abbaye20.55Western Front
20/05/1940Oblt. Wolfgang Lippert3JG 53CurtissNoyon18.35Western Front
20/05/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53WellesleyCompiègne19.15Western Front
21/05/1940Oblt. Heinz Bretnütz6JG 53Potez 63E. Montmédy11.14Western Front
21/05/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53Morane 406SW Compiègne17.3Western Front
21/05/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53Morane 406SW Compiègne17.5Western Front
21/05/1940Fw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53CurtissE. Paris19.1Western Front
21/05/1940Oblt. Hans von Hahn8JG 53LeO 451Châlons-dur-Marne19.1Western Front
21/05/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53Morane 406SW Compiègne19.18Western Front
21/05/1940Ltn. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53CurtissSW Compiègne19.25Western Front
21/05/1940Oblt. Hans von Hahn8JG 53Morane 406E. Paris-Western Front
21/05/1940Oblt. Hans von Hahn8JG 53CurtissE. Paris-Western Front
21/05/1940Ltn. Hans Riegel7JG 53Morane 406SW Compiègne-Western Front
21/05/1940Uffz. Hans-Georg Schulte7JG 53CurtissSW Compiègne-Western Front
22/05/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53Potez 63SW Mourmelon-le-Grand17.5Western Front
24/05/1940Ofw. Franz Gawlick9JG 53Potez 63N. Buzancy16.45Western Front
24/05/1940Ltn. Hans Fleitz8JG 53Morane 406-18.15Western Front
24/05/1940Ltn. Heinz Kunert8JG 53Curtiss-18.15Western Front
24/05/1940Oblt. Hans von Hahn8JG 53Curtiss-18.15Western Front
25/05/1940Oblt. Hans-Karl Mayer1JG 53CurtissS. Attigny12.05Western Front
25/05/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53Morane 406Forêt de Compiègne18.55Western Front
25/05/1940Ltn. Georg ClausStab III.JG 53Morane 406Forêt de Compiègne18.55Western Front
25/05/1940Ltn. Walter RadlickStab III.JG 53Morane 406Forêt de Compiègne19.15Western Front
25/05/1940Oblt. Heinz Bretnütz6JG 53Morane 406-20.02Western Front
25/05/1940 Staffelabschuß1JG 53CurtissS. Attigny12.1Western Front
26/05/1940Hptm. Rolf Pingel2JG 53Hurricane-10.55Western Front
26/05/1940Ofw. Alfred Müller1JG 53BattleNW Sedan11.15Western Front
26/05/1940Ltn. Ernst Panten8JG 53HurricaneRéthel14.25Western Front
26/05/1940Ltn. Karl Leonhard3JG 53Potez 63Soissons14.5Western Front
27/05/1940Ofw. Franz Götz7JG 53Morane 40610km S. Creil14.12Western Front
27/05/1940Ltn. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53Morane 40610km S. Creil14.2Western Front
27/05/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53Curtiss15km NW Amiens9.1Western Front
27/05/1940Ltn. Heinz Kunert8JG 53Curtiss15km NW Amiens9.1Western Front
27/05/1940Ltn. Ernst Panten8JG 53Curtiss15km NW Amiens9.1Western Front
27/05/1940Ltn. Friedrich-Karl Müller8JG 53Curtiss15km NW Amiens9.1Western Front
27/05/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53Curtiss15km NW Amiens9.11Western Front
27/05/1940Fw. Herbert Schramm7JG 53Morane 40610km S. Creil14.15Western Front
27/05/1940Fw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53CurtissS. Creil14.2Western Front
27/05/1940Uffz. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53Caudron 710S. Creil14.25Western Front
27/05/1940Fw. Hans Kornatz2JG 53Potez 631W. Noyon19.15Western Front
27/05/1940Fw. Franz Kaiser2JG 53Potez 631W. Noyon19.16Western Front
27/05/1940Oblt. Rudolf Goy5JG 53BlenheimE. Calais19.5Western Front
27/05/1940Ofw. Artur Trutwin5JG 53BlenheimE. Calais19.53Western Front
27/05/1940Ltn. Eduard Berwanger5JG 53BlenheimE. Calais19.55Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Josef Volk9JG 53Potez 63-16.45Western Front
31/05/1940Fw. Anton Oschenkühn9JG 53Doppeldecker-16.5Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Jakob Stoll9JG 53Morane 40610-15km W. Abbéville: 1500-2000m18.47Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Jakob Stoll9JG 53Morane 40610-15km W. Abbéville18.5Western Front
31/05/1940Oblt. Hans von Hahn8JG 53CurtissAbbéville: 5100m19.08Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Hans Fleitz8JG 53SpitfireAbbéville19.1Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Georg ClausStab III.JG 53LeO 451Abbéville: 300m19.55Western Front
31/05/1940Oblt. Heinz WittenbergStab III.JG 53LeO 45120km S. Abbéville19.55Western Front
31/05/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53LeO 45130km S. Abbéville19Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Walter RadlickStab III.JG 53LeO 45130km S. Abbéville: 300m19.58Western Front
31/05/1940Fw. Wilhelm Heidemeier2JG 53WellingtonS. Amiens19.5Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Rudolf Schmid2JG 53WellingtonS. Amiens20.03Western Front
31/05/1940Uffz. Alfred Franke2JG 53DB-7Raum St. Quentin20.12Western Front
31/05/1940Fw. Anton Oschenkühn9JG 53LeO 45115km W. Amiens20.25Western Front
31/05/1940Ltn. Josef Volk9JG 53LeO 4515km SE Amiens: tiefflug20.4Western Front
01/06/1940Ltn. Heinz Kunert8JG 53HurricaneNW Reims20.05Western Front
01/06/1940Ltn. Hans Fleitz8JG 53HurricaneNW Reims20.05Western Front
01/06/1940Ltn. Heinz Kunert8JG 53HurricaneNW Reims20.09Western Front
01/06/1940Ltn. Jakob Stoll9JG 53HurricaneNW Reims-Western Front
02/06/1940Ltn. Heinz Kunert8JG 53Potez 63La Selve12.45Western Front
03/06/1940Ltn. Jakob Stoll9JG 53HurricaneN. Creil9.5Western Front
03/06/1940Ltn. Horst von Weegmann9JG 53HurricaneN. Creil9.5Western Front
03/06/1940Uffz. Kurt Sauer9JG 53HurricaneN. Creil9.5Western Front
03/06/1940Ltn. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53Potez 63Gourney10.35Western Front
03/06/1940Oblt. Wolfgang Lippert3JG 53SpitfireS. Paris14.2Western Front
03/06/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53CurtissParis14.3Western Front
03/06/1940Oblt. Hans von Hahn8JG 53HurricaneParis14.35Western Front
03/06/1940Oblt. Hans von Hahn8JG 53Morane 406Paris-Western Front
03/06/1940Ltn. Alfred Zeis1JG 53CurtissBrie Comte Robert14.45Western Front
03/06/1940Ltn. Friedrich-Karl Müller8JG 53HurricaneParis14.55Western Front
03/06/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53SpitfireSE Paris: 3000m14.4Western Front
03/06/1940Fw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53Morane 406Montdidier: 2000m10.3Western Front
03/06/1940Uffz. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53CurtissW. Creil: tiefflug10.35Western Front
03/06/1940Uffz. Adolf Kalkum7JG 53CurtissW. Dammartin: 5000m14.5Western Front
03/06/1940Ltn. Hans Fleitz8JG 53Morane 406Meaux: 1500m14.5Western Front
04/06/1940Uffz. Hans-Georg Schulte8JG 53Potez 63Ornoy-Villers18.15Western Front
05/06/1940Fw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53HurricanePoix7.5Western Front
05/06/1940Uffz. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53HurricanePoix7.5Western Front
05/06/1940Ltn. Georg ClausStab III.JG 53BlochW. Compiègne11.13Western Front
05/06/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53BlochW. Compiègne11.2Western Front
05/06/1940Ltn. Heinz Kunert8JG 53Bloch 152W. Compiègne11.2Western Front
05/06/1940Fw. Hermann Munzert8JG 53Bloch 152W. Compiègne11.2Western Front
05/06/1940Hptm. Werner MöldersStab III.JG 53Potez 63NW Pont Ste. Maxence11.23Western Front
05/06/1940Uffz. Wilhelm Holdermann5JG 53Potez 63Réthel13.35Western Front
05/06/1940Ofw. Franz Götz7JG 53Potez 63-14.3Western Front
05/06/1940Ltn. Friedrich-Karl Müller8JG 53Morane 406Compiègne18.2Western Front
05/06/1940Ltn. Friedrich-Karl Müller8JG 53Morane 406Compiègne18.24Western Front
05/06/1940Fw. Hermann Veith8JG 53Morane 406Compiègne18.26Western Front
06/06/1940Fw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53Bloch 151SE Soissons9.5Western Front
06/06/1940Ofw. Franz Götz7JG 53Bloch 152SE Soissons9.5Western Front
06/06/1940Fw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53Bloch 151SE Soissons9.52Western Front
06/06/1940Ltn. Hans Riegel7JG 53Bloch 1513km SE Soissons9.55Western Front
07/06/1940Oblt. Heinz Bretnütz6JG 53Bloch 151E. Compiègne: 3000-3500m7.05Western Front
07/06/1940Fw. Albrecht Baun6JG 53Bloch 151E. Compiègne7.08Western Front
07/06/1940Fw. Werner Kauffmann4JG 53Potez 63Roye11.05Western Front
07/06/1940Uffz. Hans-Georg Schulte8JG 53Morane 406Compiègne16.51Western Front
07/06/1940Oblt. Hans von Hahn8JG 53Morane 406Compiègne16.53Western Front
07/06/1940Ltn. Friedrich-Karl Müller8JG 53Morane 406Compiègne16.53Western Front
07/06/1940Fw. Walter Margstein6JG 53Bloch 1517-8km E. Compiègne: 3000-3500m7.07Western Front
08/06/1940Fw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53Potez 63-11Western Front
08/06/1940Fw. Werner Kauffmann4JG 53Potez 63-11Western Front
08/06/1940Oblt. Günther Schulze-Blanck4JG 53-10.55Western Front
09/06/1940Ofw. Franz Götz7JG 53Hawk-75ARéthel-Attigny10.1Western Front
09/06/1940Uffz. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53Hawk-75ARéthel-Attigny10.15Western Front
09/06/1940Ltn. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53Hawk-75ASt. Dizier14.4Western Front
09/06/1940Uffz. Heinrich Höhnisch1JG 53Morane 406NW Reims14.55Western Front
09/06/1940Oblt. Wolfgang Lippert3JG 53Hawk-75AProult14.5Western Front
09/06/1940Ltn. Josef Volk9JG 53Hawk-75ASE Reims: 4200m16.25Western Front
10/06/1940Ltn. Friedrich-Karl Müller8JG 53Morane 40610km S. Épernay: 3000m8.3Western Front
10/06/1940Ltn. Friedrich-Karl Müller8JG 53Morane 40610km S. Épernay: 3000m8.3Western Front
10/06/1940Ltn. Friedrich-Karl Müller8JG 53Morane 406SW Reims: 4500m8.2Western Front
10/06/1940Uffz. Ernst Hempel8JG 53Morane 406Soissons17.2Western Front
11/06/1940Hptm. Rolf PingelStab III.JG 53Morane 406Reims-Epernay: 1500m11.55Western Front
11/06/1940Uffz. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53Bloch 151Reims-Épernay12.03Western Front
11/06/1940Hptm. Rolf PingelStab III.JG 53Morane 406SW Épernay12.1Western Front
11/06/1940Ltn. Hans Riegel7JG 53Bloch 151Reims: 5000m11.4Western Front
11/06/1940Ofw. Franz Götz7JG 53Bloch 152Reims: 1000m11.55Western Front
11/06/1940Ltn. Georg ClausStab III.JG 53Morane 406SW Épernay: 1500m12.1Western Front
08/08/1940Oblt. Richard Vogel4JG 53HurricaneS. Swanage: 4500m17.1Western Front
08/08/1940Hptm. Heinz Bretnütz6JG 53SpitfireS. Swanage: 4500m17.15Western Front
08/08/1940Hptm. Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStab II.JG 53Spitfire15km S. Swanage: 4500m17.05Western Front
11/08/1940Hptm. Harro HarderStab III.JG 53Spitfire-11.4Western Front
11/08/1940Hptm. Harro HarderStab III.JG 53Spitfire20km S. Portland: 600m11.5Western Front
11/08/1940Hptm. Harro HarderStab III.JG 53SpitfirePortland/Insel Wight: 4500m11.53Western Front
11/08/1940Fw. Anton Oschenkühn9JG 53SpitfirePortland/Insel Wight: 4500m11.55Western Front
11/08/1940Uffz. Kurt Sauer9JG 53SpitfirePortland/Insel Wight: 4500m11.55Western Front
11/08/1940Ltn. Erich Bodendiek4JG 53Blenheim-15.25Western Front
11/08/1940Ltn. Werner Heidrich2JG 53Spitfire5km S. Insel Wight: 3500m12.07Western Front
11/08/1940Ltn. Werner Heidrich2JG 53Spitfire12km S. Portland: 4600m11.52Western Front
11/08/1940Oblt. Kurt Brändle4JG 53SpitfireW. Portland: 4000m-200m11.45Western Front
12/08/1940Hptm. Harro HarderStab III.JG 53HurricaneE. Insel Wight13.2Western Front
12/08/1940Hptm. Harro HarderStab III.JG 53HurricaneE. Insel Wight13.25Western Front
12/08/1940Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53SpitfireInsel Wight12.37Western Front
12/08/1940Oblt. Oskar Bauer9JG 53SpitfireInsel Wight12.5Western Front
12/08/1940Oblt. Hans-Karl Mayer1JG 53Hurricane-13.2Western Front
12/08/1940Uffz. Heinrich Rühl1JG 53Hurricane-13.2Western Front
12/08/1940Oblt. Hans-Karl Mayer1JG 53HurricaneÄrmelkanal: 2000m13.25Western Front
12/08/1940Uffz. Heinrich Kopperschläger1JG 53HurricaneÄrmelkanal: 40m13.25Western Front
13/08/1940Uffz. Wilhelm Holdermann5JG 53Blenheim-11.25Western Front
13/08/1940Ltn. Eduard Berwanger5JG 53SpitfireS. Portland: 3300m17.15Western Front
13/08/1940Oblt. Hans-Karl Mayer1JG 53HurricanePortland: 6500m17Western Front
13/08/1940Uffz. Heinrich Rühl1JG 53HurricaneW. Portland: 6200m17Western Front
13/08/1940Uffz. Heinrich Höhnisch1JG 53HurricaneW. Portland: 4000m17Western Front
13/08/1940Uffz. Heinrich Höhnisch1JG 53HurricaneW. Portland: 6200m17Western Front
13/08/1940Ltn. Kurt Liedke5JG 53SpitfireN. Portland: 3300m17.1Western Front
13/08/1940Oblt. Günther Schulze-Blanck4JG 53Hurricane-17.37Western Front
13/08/1940Fw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53SpitfireN. Dorchester: 4000m [N. Portland]17.4Western Front
13/08/1940Ltn. Eduard Berwanger5JG 53SpitfireN. Portland: 5000m17.1Western Front
13/08/1940Uffz. Hans-Georg Schulte7JG 53Blenheim-11.5Western Front
15/08/1940Hptm. Heinz Bretnütz6JG 53SpitfireSW Portland: 5000m18.45Western Front
15/08/1940Hptm. Rolf Pingel2JG 53Hurricane--Western Front
15/08/1940Ltn. Gerhard Michalski6JG 53HurricaneSW Portland: 4000m18.5Western Front
15/08/1940Hptm. Heinz Bretnütz6JG 53Hurricane15-20km SW Portland: 5000m [SW Cherbourg]19.02Western Front
15/08/1940Fw. Albrecht Baun6JG 53SpitfireSW Portland: 5000m18.46Western Front
15/08/1940Oblt. Hans-Karl Mayer1JG 53HurricaneSalisbury18.45Western Front
15/08/1940Ltn. Georg ClausStab III.JG 53Spitfire-20.1Western Front
16/08/1940Hptm. Heinz Bretnütz6JG 53Hurricane-14.36Western Front
16/08/1940Hptm. Heinz Bretnütz6JG 53Hurricane-14.37Western Front
16/08/1940Oblt. Wolfgang Lippert3JG 53Spitfire-18Western Front
16/08/1940Hptm. Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStab II.JG 53Spitfire-18.1Western Front
16/08/1940Fw. Werner Kauffmann4JG 53HurricaneWSW Insel Wight: 5800m18.2Western Front
16/08/1940Oblt. Kurt Brändle4JG 53SpitfireWSW Insel Wight: 5800m18.15Western Front
18/08/1940Hptm. Rolf Pingel2JG 53Spitfire-15.32Western Front
18/08/1940Uffz. Alfred Franke2JG 53Hurricane-15.32Western Front
18/08/1940Flg. Heinrich von Schwerdtner2JG 53Spitfire-15.37Western Front
24/08/1940Oblt. Günther Schulze-Blanck4JG 53Spitfire25km S. Bournmouth: 6000m17.43Western Front
24/08/1940Oblt. Hans-Karl Mayer1JG 53SpitfireInsel Wight17.4Western Front
24/08/1940Ltn. Alfred Zeis1JG 53SpitfireInsel Wight17.4Western Front
25/08/1940Hptm. Hans von Hahn8JG 53Spitfire10km E. Südspitz Portland: 3800m18.27Western Front
25/08/1940Fw. Walter Margstein6JG 53Spitfire10km SW Portland: 4-5000m18.32Western Front
25/08/1940Oblt. Gebhard DittmarStab I.JG 53HurricaneNW Portland: 5000m18.3Western Front
25/08/1940Uffz. Herbert Tzschoppe1JG 53HurricaneNW Portland: 6200m18.29Western Front
25/08/1940Oblt. Hans-Karl Mayer1JG 53HurricaneW. Portland: 6000-300m18.3Western Front
25/08/1940Oblt. Hans Ohly1JG 53HurricanePortland: 6000-300m18.3Western Front
25/08/1940Ltn. Ernst-Albrecht Schultz1JG 53HurricaneSW Portland18.26Western Front
25/08/1940Uffz. Herbert Tzschoppe1JG 53HurricanePortland: 6200m18.31Western Front
25/08/1940Oblt. Heinz Kunert8JG 53Spitfire10km E. Südspitz Portland: 3800m18.29Western Front
25/08/1940Ltn. Alfred Zeis1JG 53HurricaneS. Portland: 6000-300m18.38Western Front
25/08/1940Ltn. Jakob Stoll9JG 53Spitfire10km E. Südspitz Portland: 3800m18.36Western Front
25/08/1940Oblt. Günther Schulze-Blanck4JG 53Spitfire-18.4Western Front
25/08/1940Ltn. Ernst-Albrecht Schultz1JG 53HurricaneS. Portland18.46Western Front
26/08/1940Ltn. Alfred Zeis1JG 53SpitfireNE Portsmouth: 5000m17.3Western Front
26/08/1940Hptm. Hans-Karl Mayer1JG 53SpitfireE. Portsmouth14.3Western Front
26/08/1940Hptm. Hans-Karl Mayer1JG 53SpitfirePortsmouth17.35Western Front
26/08/1940Hptm. Wolfgang Lippert3JG 53SpitfirePortsmouth17.35Western Front
29/08/1940Oblt. Günther Schulze-Blanck4JG 53Hurricane-17.08Western Front
31/08/1940Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53Spitfire-20.35Western Front
31/08/1940Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53Spitfire-20.42Western Front
01/09/1940Uffz. Adolf Kalkum7JG 53HurricaneThemesmündung12.1Western Front
01/09/1940Hptm. Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStab II.JG 53Spitfire-12.1Western Front
01/09/1940Uffz. Hans-Georg Schulte7JG 53HurricaneThemesmündung12.2Western Front
01/09/1940Fw. Werner Stumpf7JG 53HurricaneThemesmündung12.2Western Front
01/09/1940Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53Spitfire-12.25Western Front
02/09/1940Hptm. Wolfgang Lippert3JG 53Hurricane-8.55Western Front
02/09/1940Ofw. Erich Kuhlmann3JG 53Spitfire-9.2Western Front
02/09/1940Fw. Werner Stumpf7JG 53Spitfire-17.5Western Front
02/09/1940Fw. Herbert Schramm7JG 53SpitfireNE Dungeness: 6000m17.5Western Front
05/09/1940Hptm. Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStab II.JG 53Spitfire-16.05Western Front
05/09/1940Hptm. Heinz Bretnütz6JG 53SpitfireHawkinge: 7500-1000m16.05Western Front
05/09/1940Uffz. Hans-Georg Schulte7JG 53Spitfire-16.2Western Front
05/09/1940Oblt. Heinz Kunert8JG 53Spitfire-16.23Western Front
05/09/1940Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Müller8JG 53Spitfire-16.25Western Front
05/09/1940Uffz. Ernst Reckers8JG 53Spitfire-16.28Western Front
05/09/1940Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53Spitfire-16.35Western Front
06/09/1940Hptm. Hans-Karl MayerStab I.JG 53HurricaneNW Dungeness: 500m10.3Western Front
06/09/1940Ofw. Franz Gawlick8JG 53SpitfireTunbridge Wells: 3500m10.09Western Front
06/09/1940Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Müller8JG 53SpitfireDungeness: 5000m10.25Western Front
06/09/1940Hptm. Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStab II.JG 53Hurricane-10.1Western Front
06/09/1940Oblt. Jakob Stoll9JG 53Spitfire-10.09Western Front
06/09/1940Oblt. Günther Schulze-Blanck4JG 53Hurricane-10.12Western Front
06/09/1940Fw. Werner Kauffmann4JG 53Spitfire-10.14Western Front
06/09/1940Hptm. Heinz Bretnütz6JG 53Hurricane-10.16Western Front
06/09/1940Uffz. Hans-Georg Schulte7JG 53Spitfire-19.1Western Front
07/09/1940Hptm. Hans-Karl MayerStab I.JG 53Hurricane-18Western Front
07/09/1940Fw. Eduard Koslowski9JG 53Spitfire-19.25Western Front
07/09/1940Oblt. Siegfried Stronk8JG 53Spitfire-19.4Western Front
08/09/1940Oblt. Ignaz Prestele2JG 53Hurricane-13.25Western Front
08/09/1940Oblt. Franz Götz7JG 53Hurricane-13.35Western Front
08/09/1940Ltn. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53Blenheim-15.15Western Front
09/09/1940Fw. Herbert Tzschoppe1JG 53HurricaneLondon13.35Western Front
09/09/1940Ltn. Ernst-Albrecht Schultz1JG 53HurricaneOstrand London18.3Western Front
09/09/1940Uffz. Kurt Sauer9JG 53Spitfire-18.45Western Front
09/09/1940Oblt. Jakob Stoll9JG 53SpitfireNW Calais: 1500m18.3Western Front
09/09/1940Oblt. Jakob Stoll9JG 53Spitfire-18.55Western Front
09/09/1940Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53Spitfire-18.55Western Front
09/09/1940Hptm. Hans-Karl MayerStab I.JG 53Hurricane-19.05Western Front
11/09/1940Oblt. Jakob Stoll9JG 53BlenheimCalais18.45Western Front
11/09/1940Oblt. Siegfried Stronk8JG 53AlbacoreCalais18.45Western Front
11/09/1940Oblt. Walter Fiel8JG 53AlbacoreCalais18.4Western Front
11/09/1940Oblt. Walter Fiel8JG 53BlenheimCalais18.4Western Front
11/09/1940Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53AlbacoreCalais18.4Western Front
11/09/1940Oblt. Kurt Brändle4JG 53Spitfire-17.4Western Front
11/09/1940Oblt. Richard Vogel4JG 53Spitfire-17.35Western Front
12/09/1940Ltn. Alfred Zeis1JG 53Blenheim5km N. Le Havre17.15Western Front
12/09/1940Ltn. Günther Hess2JG 53Hurricane-18Western Front
14/09/1940Gefr. Rolf Klippgen9JG 53SpitfireN. Dungeness19.45Western Front
15/09/1940Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53Spitfire-12.44Western Front
15/09/1940Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53Spitfire10km S. London: 4000m13.08Western Front
15/09/1940Oblt. Jakob Stoll9JG 53Spitfire-12.45Western Front
15/09/1940Ltn. Siegfried Fischer3JG 53SpitfireS. London: 5500m12.45Western Front
15/09/1940Fw. Herbert Schramm7JG 53Spitfire-12.5Western Front
15/09/1940Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53Spitfire-13Western Front
15/09/1940Uffz. Willi Ghesla1JG 53SpitfireSE London: 6000m13Western Front
15/09/1940Hptm. Hans-Karl MayerStab I.JG 53Spitfire15km S. London: 5500m12.45Western Front
15/09/1940Hptm. Hans-Karl MayerStab I.JG 53SpitfireMaidstone: 2500m13.1Western Front
15/09/1940Oblt. Jakob Stoll9JG 53Spitfire-13.03Western Front
15/09/1940Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53Spitfire-15.15Western Front
15/09/1940Oblt. Jakob Stoll9JG 53Spitfire-15.33Western Front
15/09/1940Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53Spitfire-15.36Western Front
15/09/1940Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53Hurricane-15.4Western Front
15/09/1940Fw. Walter Scholz3JG 53Spitfire-15.5Western Front
15/09/1940Uffz. Heinrich Rühl1JG 53SpitfireS. London: 6000m15.58Western Front
15/09/1940Uffz. Heinrich Kopperschläger1JG 53SpitfireNW London: 7500m15.5Western Front
15/09/1940Ltn. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53Hurricane-15.55Western Front
15/09/1940Oblt. Ignaz Prestele2JG 53Hurricane-15.55Western Front
15/09/1940Fw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53Blenheim20km NW Etaples: 500m19Western Front
17/09/1940Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53HurricaneAshford: 3000m16.5Western Front
17/09/1940Fw. Eduard Koslowski9JG 53Spitfire-16.4Western Front
17/09/1940Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53Spitfire-16.41Western Front
18/09/1940Fw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53SpitfireAshford: 3000m10.55Western Front
18/09/1940Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53Spitfire-20.5Western Front
19/09/1940Ofw. Franz Kaiser2JG 53BlenheimHastings17.25Western Front
20/09/1940Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53HurricaneNW Dungeness12.4Western Front
20/09/1940Ltn. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53SpitfireNW Dungeness12.5Western Front
24/09/1940Hptm. Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStab II.JG 53SpitfireSE London: 6000m9.53Western Front
24/09/1940Ltn. Karl Roos5JG 53SpitfireSE Insel Wight17.35Western Front
26/09/1940Fw. Herbert Schramm7JG 53Hampden-13.16Western Front
26/09/1940Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53Spitfire10km W. Insel Wight: 4000-2000m17.38Western Front
27/09/1940Uffz. Rudolf Ehrenberger6JG 53SpitfireS. Dover: 6000m13.2Western Front
27/09/1940Hptm. Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStab II.JG 53Spitfire-10.19Western Front
27/09/1940Fw. Werner Kauffmann4JG 53Hurricane-10.2Western Front
27/09/1940Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53Spitfire-13.33Western Front
27/09/1940Ltn. Karl Schulz6JG 53SpitfireE. London: 5500m13.2Western Front
27/09/1940Fw. Xaver Ray8JG 53HurricaneLondon: 6500m14Western Front
27/09/1940Fw. Xaver Ray8JG 53HurricaneLondon: 6500m14.01Western Front
27/09/1940Hptm. Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStab II.JG 53Spitfire-16.25Western Front
27/09/1940Obstltn. Hans-Jürgen von CramonStabJG 53Hurricane20km N. Dungeness: 5500m11Western Front
28/09/1940Uffz. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53Spitfire-13.45Western Front
29/09/1940Ofw. Franz Kaiser2JG 53HurricaneS. London: 3000m17.25Western Front
29/09/1940Oblt. Walter Rupp3JG 53Hurricane-17.26Western Front
29/09/1940Ltn. Karl Leonhard3JG 53Hurricane-17.3Western Front
29/09/1940Oblt. Ignaz Prestele2JG 53HurricaneS. London: 3000m17.25Western Front
29/09/1940Oblt. Ignaz Prestele2JG 53Hurricane-17.38Western Front
29/09/1940Ltn. Günther Hess2JG 53Spitfire5km E. Brighton: 1700m17.36Western Front
30/09/1940Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53SpitfireDungeness-Hastings: 4500m14.55Western Front
30/09/1940Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53Spitfire15km S. Dungeness: 1500m11.58Western Front
30/09/1940Uffz. Robert Wolfgarten9JG 53Spitfire-14.4Western Front
30/09/1940Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53Spitfire-14.33Western Front
30/09/1940Fw. Herbert Schramm7JG 53SpitfireLondon: 5000m14.38Western Front
30/09/1940Fw. Herbert Schramm7JG 53Spitfire-14.55Western Front
30/09/1940Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53SpitfireHastings: 4000m15.1Western Front
30/09/1940Uffz. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53Hurricane20km N. Portland: 7000-6200m17.43Western Front
30/09/1940Uffz. Manfred Reipert6JG 53SpitfireSW London: 3000m11.55Western Front
30/09/1940Gefr. Kurt Braasch5JG 53Hurricane20km N. Portland: 7000-6200m17.43Western Front
02/10/1940Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53SpitfireThemesmündung11.06Western Front
02/10/1940Uffz. Robert Wolfgarten9JG 53SpitfireThemesmündung11.06Western Front
02/10/1940Uffz. Robert Wolfgarten9JG 53SpitfireThemesmündung11.1Western Front
02/10/1940Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53SpitfireThemesmündung11.1Western Front
05/10/1940Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53HurricaneThemesmündung12.33Western Front
05/10/1940Hptm. Heinz Bretnütz6JG 53HurricaneMaidstone12.4Western Front
05/10/1940Ofw. Werner Kauffmann4JG 53HurricaneMaidstone12.5Western Front
05/10/1940Fw. Herbert Schramm7JG 53HurricaneThemesmündung18.4Western Front
05/10/1940Oblt. Walter Rupp3JG 53SpitfireMaidstone: 5500m12.4Western Front
07/10/1940Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53SpitfireMayfield14.2Western Front
10/10/1940Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53SpitfireFolkestone:9500-8000m11.4Western Front
10/10/1940Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53SpitfireThemesmündung: 4500m11.3Western Front
10/10/1940Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53SpitfireThemesmündung: 5000m11.4Western Front
11/10/1940Hptm. Heinz BretnützStab II.JG 53Spitfire-8.55Western Front
11/10/1940Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53Spitfire-8.55Western Front
12/10/1940Fw. Wolfgang Patho4JG 53SpitfireTonbridge: 6500m14Western Front
12/10/1940Uffz. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53Spitfire60km N. Brest12.15Western Front
12/10/1940Hptm. Heinz BretnützStab II.JG 53Spitfire-17.33Western Front
12/10/1940Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53Hurricane-17.4Western Front
16/10/1940Uffz. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53BlenheimNNE Ile d'Ouessant15.2Western Front
17/10/1940Fw. Herbert Schramm7JG 53SpitfireDungeness: 6500m11Western Front
17/10/1940Fw. Eduard Koslowski8JG 53SpitfireTonbridge: 8200m16.52Western Front
17/10/1940Ltn. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53SpitfireSE London: 1000m16.37Western Front
20/10/1940Hptm. Heinz BretnützStab II.JG 53Hurricane-16.25Western Front
25/10/1940Oblt. Eduard Schröder6JG 53Spitfire-16.2Western Front
26/10/1940Fw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53SpitfireTonbridge11.3Western Front
28/10/1940Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53Hurricane20km S. London: 6000m17.28Western Front
01/11/1940Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53Spitfire-15.4Western Front
01/11/1940Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53SpitfireTunbridge Wells: 5000m12.45Western Front
04/11/1940Uffz. Rolf Klippgen9JG 53Blenheim15km E. Dover14.4Western Front
08/11/1940Ltn. Otto Zauner5JG 53HurricaneW. Tonbridge: 7400m11.03Western Front
08/11/1940Hptm. Heinz BretnützStab II.JG 53Hurricane20km NE Brighton: 6500m14.58Western Front
08/11/1940Hptm. Heinz BretnützStab II.JG 53Spitfire-17.37Western Front
10/11/1940Ltn. Klaus Eckert5JG 53SpitfireN. Brest12.15Western Front
11/11/1940Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53Spitfire-13.07Western Front
11/11/1940Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53Spitfire-13.15Western Front
11/11/1940Hptm. Heinz BretnützStab II.JG 53Hurricane-13.15Western Front
11/11/1940Gefr. Kurt Braasch5JG 53Spitfire-13.2Western Front
11/11/1940Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53Spitfire--Western Front
11/11/1940Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53Spitfire--Western Front
15/11/1940Hptm. Heinz BretnützStab II.JG 53Lysander-14.1Western Front
15/11/1940Oblt. Otto Boehner6JG 53Hurricane--Western Front
24/11/1940Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53HurricaneGravesend16.5Western Front
30/11/1940Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53SpitfireN. Dover: 5000m11.3Western Front
30/11/1940Ltn. Karl Roos5JG 53HurricaneAshford15.24Western Front
30/11/1940Hptm. Heinz BretnützStab II.JG 53HurricaneAshford15.25Western Front
30/11/1940Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53HurricaneAshford15.26Western Front
30/11/1940Hptm. Heinz BretnützStab II.JG 53HurricaneAshford: 6500-4500m15.23Western Front
01/12/1940Ltn. Werner HeidrichStab III.JG 53Spitfire-12.05Western Front
01/12/1940Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53Hurricane-15.15Western Front
16/02/1941Fw. Ernst Reckers2.Erg.JG 53Blenheim20km W. Sommemündung13.36Western Front
19/03/1941Hptm. Heinz BretnützStab II.JG 53SpitfireN. Dungeness17.2Western Front
31/03/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SpitfireNW Calais11.35Western Front
04/04/1941Fw. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53Spitfire20km N. Wissant11.18Western Front
09/04/1941Fw. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53SpitfireS. Dover17.21Western Front
09/04/1941Uffz. Heinrich Scheuchenpflug5JG 53SpitfireS. Dover17.21Western Front
09/04/1941Hptm. Heinz BretnützStab II.JG 53BlenheimE. Southend19.1Western Front
10/04/1941Fw. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53Blenheim-18.43Western Front
16/04/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SpitfireDungeness18.4Western Front
16/04/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm7JG 53SpitfireÄrmelkanal12Western Front
16/04/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm7JG 53SpitfireÄrmelkanal-Western Front
19/04/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SpitfireCalais/Dover19.09Western Front
20/04/1941Oblt. Otto Boehner6JG 53SpitfireSE Dover12.28Western Front
25/04/1941Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53Spitfire-15.47Western Front
26/04/1941Ltn. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53SpitfireS. Boulogne13.1Western Front
29/04/1941Oblt. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStab III.JG 53SpitfireDungeness-Western Front
03/05/1941Hptm. Heinz BretnützStab II.JG 53SpitfireDungeness17.03Western Front
04/05/1941Hptm. Heinz BretnützStab II.JG 53LysanderN. Deal12.53Western Front
07/05/1941Oblt. Otto Boehner6JG 53SpitfireE. Deal6.3Western Front
07/05/1941Ltn. Hans Möller6JG 53SpitfireE. Deal6.31Western Front
07/05/1941Fw. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53SpitfireDeal7.47Western Front
07/05/1941Fw. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53SpitfireDeal7.47Western Front
07/05/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53SpitfireE. Dover16.53Western Front
09/05/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SpitfireN. Calais-Western Front
14/05/1941Oblt. Ernst-Günther Heinze8JG 53Spitfire20km E. Dünkirchen-Ostende18.4Western Front
14/05/1941Fw. Hans Oechler8JG 53Spitfire20km E. Dünkirchen-Ostende18.4Western Front
16/05/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53Hurricane5km W. Ramsgate16.05Western Front
17/05/1941Uffz. Alfred Seidl8JG 53SpitfireDeal10.3Western Front
17/05/1941Hptm. Heinz BretnützStab II.JG 53Hurricane30km S. Harwich19.18Western Front
28/05/1941Uffz. Kurt Braasch5JG 53SpitfireBoulogne19.23Western Front
04/06/1941Fw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53Spitfire--Western Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53DJ-6N. Kalwarija9.44Eastern Front
22/06/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SB-2NW Brest-Litowsk: 1200m16.3Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Ignaz Prestele2JG 53DouglasNW Laczopki: 2000m17.3Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Alexander Bleymüller3JG 53SB-3NE Biala-Podlaska: 2000m17.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Alfred Franke2JG 53DouglasWSW Brest-Litovsk: 2000m17.37Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Günther Hess2JG 53DouglasNW Brest-Litovsk: 2000m17.4Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53SB-2N. Tauroggen: 3200m18.01Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Manfred Reipert5JG 53SB-3S. vom See b. Schaulen: 3000m18.12Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ofw. Walter Margstein4JG 53SB-2Bedanciai: 2500m9.54Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Wilfried PufahlStabJG 53I-153NW Kobryn: 1000m7.28Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Ludwig Reibel1JG 53I-15NE Brest Litovsk: 1500m7.3Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53DJ-6SW Rabrarija9.38Eastern Front
22/06/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53I-15-4Eastern Front
22/06/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53I-15-4.05Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Werner Stumpf7JG 53DJ-6-4.05Eastern Front
22/06/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53I-16-4.1Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53I-16-5.4Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Werner Stumpf7JG 53I-16-6.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53I-153-7.05Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53I-16-7.15Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ofw. Josef Kronschnabel9JG 53I-16-7.18Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Wolf Schaller9JG 53I-16-7.2Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ofw. Eduard Koslowski8JG 53I-153-8.1Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Otto Wegener7JG 53I-16-9.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53DJ-6-11.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Kurt Sauer9JG 53I-17-15.25Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Hans Öchler8JG 53SB-3-16.3Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53DB-3-16.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53DB-3-16.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Otto Wegener7JG 53DB-3-16.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53DB-3-16.4Eastern Front
22/06/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53I-17-16.43Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Jürgen HarderStab III.JG 53I-17-16.45Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStab III.JG 53I-17-16.45Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Klaus Quaet-FaslemStab III.JG 53I-17-16.45Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Klaus Quaet-FaslemStab III.JG 53I-17-16.47Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStab III.JG 53I-17-16.48Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Siegmund Hosnedl7JG 53DB-3-17.2Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Werner Stumpf7JG 53DB-3-17.2Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Werner Stumpf7JG 53DB-3-17.23Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Rolf Klippgen9JG 53I-17-17.45Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53I-16-18.25Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53DJ-6-18.28Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Ernst Klager7JG 53DJ-6-20.45Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Gustav Wiegand9JG 53DJ-6-20.45Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53DJ-6-20.45Eastern Front
22/06/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53I-153Raum Kobryn7.17Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53I-153NW Kobryn7.25Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53DB-3Biala Podlaska16.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Karlheinz PreuStabJG 53DB-3NW Brest-Litowsk16.3Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53I-16-9.45Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Walter Seiz3JG 53DJ-6-10.2Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Ernst-Albrecht Schultz1JG 53SB-3-11.34Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Ernst-Albrecht Schultz1JG 53SB-3-11.36Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Ludwig Reibel1JG 53SB-2-11.37Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Ernst-Albrecht Schultz1JG 53SB-2-11.4Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Ludwig Reibel1JG 53SB-2-11.4Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Hans Ohly1JG 53SB-2-12.28Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Hans Ohly1JG 53SB-2-12.3Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Eckardt Wenzel1JG 53SB-2-12.3Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Eckardt Wenzel1JG 53DB-3N. Biala-Podlaska17.2Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Udo Padior1JG 53DB-3N. Biala-Podlaska17.22Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Wilhelm Budke2JG 53Douglas-17.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Hptm. Walter SpiesStab II.JG 53SB-2-5.52Eastern Front
22/06/1941Hptm. Walter SpiesStab II.JG 53SB-2-5.54Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53SB-2-5.56Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Herbert Rollwage4JG 53SB-2N. Rossienie5.57Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53SB-2-5.58Eastern Front
22/06/1941Hptm. Heinz BretnützStab II.JG 53SB-2--Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Gerhard Stengel4JG 53DB-3--Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53SB-3N. Tauroggen18.03Eastern Front
23/06/1941Oblt. Wilfried BalfanzStab I.JG 53Pe-2-7.58Eastern Front
23/06/1941Fw. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53SB-3-9Eastern Front
23/06/1941Uffz. Heinrich Scheuchenpflug5JG 53SB-3-9Eastern Front
23/06/1941Oblt. Eduard SchröderStab II.JG 53SB-2-9.25Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53SB-2NW Kobryn10Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53SB-2Raum Kobryn10.1Eastern Front
24/06/1941Fw. Alfred Franke2JG 53SB-3-9.32Eastern Front
24/06/1941Fw. Alfred Franke2JG 53SB-3-9.34Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Wolfgang TonneStab I.JG 53SB-3-9.4Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Wolfgang TonneStab I.JG 53SB-2N. Pruzana9.45Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Günther Hess2JG 53SB-3-9.5Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Ernst Stockhowe2JG 53SB-3-10.2Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Ignaz Prestele2JG 53DB-3-15.15Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Alexander Bleymüller3JG 53DB-3-15.55Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Benno Lehnecke3JG 53DB-3-15.56Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Heinrich Blum3JG 53DB-3-15.58Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ofw. Fritz Fuhrmann3JG 53DB-3-16Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Alexander Bleymüller3JG 53DB-3-16Eastern Front
25/06/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53DB-3-12.55Eastern Front
25/06/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SB-3-12.57Eastern Front
25/06/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SB-3-12.59Eastern Front
25/06/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SB-3-13.01Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Hans-Joachim HeineckeStabJG 53SB-3-13Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Hans-Joachim HeineckeStabJG 53SB-3Kartjuska-Beresja13.05Eastern Front
25/06/1941Uffz. Heinrich Scheuchenpflug5JG 53SB-3-10.1Eastern Front
25/06/1941Uffz. Heinrich Scheuchenpflug5JG 53SB-3-10.13Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Rolf Klippgen9JG 53SB-3-8.31Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53SB-3-8.33Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53SB-3-8.35Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Rudolf Müller8JG 53DB-3-9.15Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Werner Stumpf7JG 53DB-3-10.3Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53DB-3-10.4Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Siegmund Hosnedl7JG 53DB-3-10.45Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53DB-3-10.5Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53DB-3-10.55Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53DB-3-10.55Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53DB-3-11Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53SB-3-11.3Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Jürgen HarderStab III.JG 53DB-3-11.36Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Friedrich Below7JG 53DB-3-11.55Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Friedrich Below7JG 53DB-3-12.05Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Friedrich Below7JG 53DB-3-12.05Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Werner Stumpf7JG 53DB-3-12.3Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53DB-3-13.05Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Dietrich Kasten8JG 53SB-2-13.1Eastern Front
25/06/1941Uffz. Alfred Seidl8JG 53DB-315km NNE Wilna13.24Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Ernst Nack8JG 53DB-315km NNE Wilna13.25Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStab III.JG 53SB-3-13.35Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Hermann Munzert9JG 53-16.3Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53DB-3-17.21Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53V-11-18.2Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ofw. Josef Kronschnabel9JG 53-18.32Eastern Front
26/06/1941Ltn. Ernst-Albrecht Schultz1JG 53DB-320km NNE Sluzk19.08Eastern Front
26/06/1941Uffz. Alfred Baumer1JG 53I-15310km NE Sluzk19.09Eastern Front
26/06/1941Oblt. Hans Ohly1JG 53I-153NE Sluzk19.1Eastern Front
26/06/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53I-15-4.11Eastern Front
26/06/1941Fw. Werner Stumpf7JG 53I-15-4.11Eastern Front
26/06/1941Fw. Werner Stumpf7JG 53DB-3-4.3Eastern Front
26/06/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53I-15-4.3Eastern Front
26/06/1941Ofw. Eduard Koslowski8JG 53SB-3-5.55Eastern Front
26/06/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53DB-3-7.28Eastern Front
26/06/1941Ltn. Gustav Wiegand9JG 53DB-3-7.3Eastern Front
26/06/1941Uffz. Ernst Pfeifer9JG 53DB-3-7.36Eastern Front
26/06/1941Fw. Rolf Klippgen9JG 53DB-3-7.38Eastern Front
26/06/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53DB-3-7.41Eastern Front
26/06/1941Uffz. Hans Schade8JG 53SB-2-8.15Eastern Front
26/06/1941Fw. Adolf Kalkum7JG 53DB-3-9.25Eastern Front
26/06/1941Fw. Adolf Kalkum7JG 53DB-3-9.28Eastern Front
26/06/1941Ofw. Eduard Koslowski8JG 53SB-2-9.35Eastern Front
26/06/1941Fw. Adolf Kalkum7JG 53DB-3-9.4Eastern Front
26/06/1941Fw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53DB-3-9.5Eastern Front
26/06/1941Uffz. Hans Schade8JG 53SB-2-9.53Eastern Front
26/06/1941Oblt. Klaus Quaet-FaslemStab III.JG 53DB-3-10.01Eastern Front
27/06/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53Pe-2-13.45Eastern Front
27/06/1941Ltn. Heinrich von Schwerdtner2JG 53SB-3-10.4Eastern Front
27/06/1941Ltn. Günther Hess2JG 53SB-3-10.45Eastern Front
27/06/1941Ltn. Heinrich von Schwerdtner2JG 53SB-3-10.5Eastern Front
27/06/1941Oblt. Ignaz Prestele2JG 53DB-3-12.45Eastern Front
27/06/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53DB-3-5.08Eastern Front
27/06/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53DB-3-14.57Eastern Front
27/06/1941Fw. Rolf Klippgen9JG 53DB-3-14.57Eastern Front
27/06/1941Ofw. Josef Kronschnabel9JG 53DB-3-14.58Eastern Front
27/06/1941Uffz. Waldemar Leyfeld9JG 53DB-3-15Eastern Front
27/06/1941Fw. Kurt Sauer9JG 53DB-3-17.25Eastern Front
27/06/1941Fw. Heinz Hipper9JG 53DB-3-17.3Eastern Front
27/06/1941Ofw. Eduard Koslowski8JG 53SB-2-17.3Eastern Front
27/06/1941Uffz. Hans Schade8JG 53DB-3-17.3Eastern Front
27/06/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53DB-3-18.34Eastern Front
27/06/1941Ltn. Gustav Wiegand9JG 53DB-3-18.4Eastern Front
27/06/1941Ltn. Hermann Munzert9JG 53DB-3-18.49Eastern Front
29/06/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SB-3Bobruisk19.35Eastern Front
29/06/1941Ltn. Karlheinz PreuStabJG 53SB-2Bobruisk19.5Eastern Front
29/06/1941Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53SB-3-19.55Eastern Front
29/06/1941Ltn. Ernst-Albrecht Schultz1JG 53SB-320km S. Borissow16.35Eastern Front
29/06/1941Fw. Rolf Klippgen9JG 53DB-3-16.5Eastern Front
29/06/1941Ltn. Hermann Munzert9JG 53DB-3-17.4Eastern Front
29/06/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53DB-3-19.02Eastern Front
29/06/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53DB-3-19.06Eastern Front
29/06/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53DB-3-19.1Eastern Front
29/06/1941Uffz. Waldemar Leyfeld9JG 53DB-3-20.05Eastern Front
30/06/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53I-15-18.31Eastern Front
01/07/1941Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53I-153-13.52Eastern Front
01/07/1941Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53SB-3-19.35Eastern Front
01/07/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53SB-3-19.5Eastern Front
01/07/1941Fw. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53SB-3-19.5Eastern Front
01/07/1941Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53SB-3-20.12Eastern Front
01/07/1941Ltn. Wilhelm Ruge5JG 53SB-3-20.4Eastern Front
01/07/1941 n.n.II.JG 53--Eastern Front
01/07/1941 n.n.II.JG 53--Eastern Front
01/07/1941 n.n.II.JG 53--Eastern Front
01/07/1941 n.n.II.JG 53--Eastern Front
01/07/1941 n.n.II.JG 53--Eastern Front
01/07/1941 n.n.II.JG 53--Eastern Front
01/07/1941Fw. Adolf Kalkum7JG 53DB-3-11.05Eastern Front
02/07/1941Oblt. Friedrich Below7JG 53DB-3-19.17Eastern Front
02/07/1941Ltn. Ernst Klager7JG 53DB-3-19.17Eastern Front
02/07/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53I-153-20.09Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Karl Vockelmann7JG 53DB-3-20.2Eastern Front
03/07/1941Fw. Rolf Klippgen9JG 53I-17-17.45Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53DB-3-18.4Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Ernst Nack8JG 53DB-3-18.42Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53DB-3-18.43Eastern Front
03/07/1941Oblt. Friedrich Below7JG 53DB-3-20.2Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ofw. Eduard Koslowski8JG 53DB-3-20.3Eastern Front
04/07/1941Fw. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53SB-3-14.52Eastern Front
04/07/1941Oblt. Hans Finsterbusch5JG 53SB-3-14.53Eastern Front
04/07/1941Uffz. Heinrich Scheuchenpflug5JG 53SB-3-14.54Eastern Front
04/07/1941Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53SB-2-16.45Eastern Front
04/07/1941Ltn. Fritz Dinger4JG 53SB-3-16.46Eastern Front
04/07/1941Fw. Rudolf Ehrenberger4JG 53SB-3-16.46Eastern Front
04/07/1941Oblt. Eduard SchröderStab II.JG 53SB-3-16.47Eastern Front
04/07/1941Ltn. Fritz Dinger4JG 53SB-3-16.48Eastern Front
04/07/1941Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53SB-3-16.49Eastern Front
04/07/1941Fw. Hans Öchler8JG 53I-153W. Witebsk12.1Eastern Front
04/07/1941Uffz. Hans Schade8JG 53DJ-6-12.15Eastern Front
04/07/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53I-16-12.21Eastern Front
04/07/1941Ofw. Josef Kronschnabel9JG 53R-10-19.15Eastern Front
05/07/1941Ofw. Walter Margstein4JG 53SB-2-9.24Eastern Front
05/07/1941Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53SB-2SE Smitten9.26Eastern Front
05/07/1941Oblt. Friedrich Below7JG 53DB-3-6.27Eastern Front
05/07/1941Ltn. Karl Vockelmann7JG 53DB-3-6.33Eastern Front
05/07/1941Fw. Kurt Sauer9JG 53I-17-13.2Eastern Front
05/07/1941Oblt. Klaus Quaet-FaslemStab III.JG 53R-5-16.06Eastern Front
06/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53DB-3--Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53DB-3E. Polonnoje14.05Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Karlheinz PreuStabJG 53DB-3E. Polonnoje14.05Eastern Front
06/07/1941Oblt. Wilfried PufahlStabJG 53DB-3E. Polonnoje14.05Eastern Front
06/07/1941Oblt. Hans-Joachim HeineckeStabJG 53R-10-14.3Eastern Front
06/07/1941Gefr. Gustav Perl2JG 53DB-3-6.35Eastern Front
06/07/1941Fw. Alfred Franke2JG 53DB-3-6.37Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53Pe-210km SW Ploskirow15.25Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Ryba1JG 53Pe-2SE Ploskirow15.28Eastern Front
06/07/1941Oblt. Ignaz Prestele2JG 53DB-3-16.2Eastern Front
06/07/1941Oblt. Ignaz Prestele2JG 53DB-3-16.21Eastern Front
06/07/1941Uffz. Ernst Stockhowe2JG 53DB-3-16.25Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ofw. Hans Kornatz2JG 53DB-330km E. Ploskirow16.27Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Wolfgang TonneStab I.JG 53DB-3Tarnopol17.3Eastern Front
06/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Leschert3JG 53DB-3Tarnopol17.32Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Wolfgang TonneStab I.JG 53DB-3Tarnopol17.36Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Wilhelm Schuller5JG 53SB-3-17.48Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ofw. Walter Margstein4JG 53SB-3-18.46Eastern Front
06/07/1941Fw. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53SB-3-19.45Eastern Front
06/07/1941Fw. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53SB-3-19.45Eastern Front
06/07/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53SB-3-19.46Eastern Front
06/07/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53SB-3-19.51Eastern Front
06/07/1941Gefr. Egbert Willenbrink5JG 53SB-3-19.53Eastern Front
06/07/1941Oblt. Hans Finsterbusch5JG 53SB-3-19.55Eastern Front
06/07/1941Oblt. Hans Finsterbusch5JG 53SB-3-19.58Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Dietrich Kasten8JG 53R-5-15.4Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53DB-3-17.24Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53DB-3-17.35Eastern Front
07/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SB-3E. Polonnoje6.14Eastern Front
07/07/1941Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53SB-3E. Polonnoje6.15Eastern Front
07/07/1941Oblt. Hans-Joachim HeineckeStabJG 53SB-3E. Polonnoje6.18Eastern Front
07/07/1941Hptm. Franz von WerraStab I.JG 53DB-3S. Ploskirow9.05Eastern Front
07/07/1941Ltn. Wolfgang TonneStab I.JG 53DB-3S. Ploskirow9.08Eastern Front
07/07/1941Ltn. Wilhelm Schuller5JG 53I-153-3.56Eastern Front
07/07/1941Uffz. Kurt Braasch5JG 53I-153-3.57Eastern Front
07/07/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53I-153-3.57Eastern Front
07/07/1941Gefr. Egbert Willenbrink5JG 53I-153-3.58Eastern Front
07/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Jürgen Frodien4JG 53SB-3-6.45Eastern Front
07/07/1941Oblt. Kurt Liedke4JG 53SB-3-10.43Eastern Front
07/07/1941Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53SB-3-10.44Eastern Front
07/07/1941Ltn. Fritz Dinger4JG 53SB-3-10.45Eastern Front
07/07/1941Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53SB-3-10.46Eastern Front
07/07/1941Ofw. Walter Margstein4JG 53SB-3-10.46Eastern Front
07/07/1941Fw. Rolf Klippgen9JG 53DB-3-5.53Eastern Front
07/07/1941Ltn. Dietrich Kasten8JG 53R-5-11.1Eastern Front
07/07/1941Ltn. Dietrich Kasten8JG 53-11.17Eastern Front
08/07/1941Oblt. Wilfried PufahlStabJG 53V-11-18.45Eastern Front
08/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53V-11-18.48Eastern Front
08/07/1941Hptm. Franz von WerraStab I.JG 53DB-3-17.1Eastern Front
08/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Leschert3JG 53DB-3-17.39Eastern Front
08/07/1941Fw. Rudolf Ehrenberger4JG 53SB-3Ostrow5.55Eastern Front
09/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53DB-3-16.11Eastern Front
09/07/1941Oblt. Wilfried PufahlStabJG 53DB-3-16.12Eastern Front
09/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53DB-3-16.14Eastern Front
09/07/1941Ltn. Heinrich von Schwerdtner2JG 53SB-3SE Miropol16.15Eastern Front
09/07/1941Ltn. Günther Hess2JG 53DB-3-16.2Eastern Front
09/07/1941Ltn. Helmut Macher2JG 53I-153-16.4Eastern Front
09/07/1941Uffz. Kurt Braasch5JG 53I-153-5Eastern Front
09/07/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53Li-6-5.01Eastern Front
09/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53Pe-2-10.1Eastern Front
09/07/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53Pe-2-16Eastern Front
09/07/1941Ltn. Karl Vockelmann7JG 53Pe-2SE Witebsk16Eastern Front
09/07/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53Pe-2-16.45Eastern Front
09/07/1941Hptm. Ernst-Günther Heinze8JG 53Pe-2Klujkowa18.15Eastern Front
10/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53I-16-9.35Eastern Front
10/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53I-16-9.37Eastern Front
10/07/1941Oblt. Hans-Joachim HeineckeStabJG 53Pe-2Shitomir13.1Eastern Front
10/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SB-3-13.55Eastern Front
10/07/1941Ltn. Karl Leonhard3JG 53DB-3Seegebiet Rozyn12.15Eastern Front
10/07/1941Fw. Alfred Franke2JG 53DB-3-12.17Eastern Front
10/07/1941Uffz. Heinrich Blum3JG 53DB-3-12.2Eastern Front
10/07/1941Uffz. Franz Hagedorn3JG 53SB-2Shitomir12.2Eastern Front
10/07/1941Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53SB-3-15.3Eastern Front
10/07/1941Ltn. Fritz Dinger4JG 53SB-3-9.03Eastern Front
10/07/1941Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53SB-3-9.03Eastern Front
10/07/1941Fw. Walter Recker4JG 53SB-3-9.04Eastern Front
10/07/1941Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53SB-3-9.05Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53SB-2-11.1Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Hans Ohly1JG 53SB-2-11.12Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Hans Ohly1JG 53SB-2-11.2Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Ryba1JG 53SB-2-11.2Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53DB-3-11.2Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Wolfgang TonneStab I.JG 53DB-3-13.4Eastern Front
11/07/1941 Staffelabschuss2JG 53DB-3-15.1Eastern Front
11/07/1941 Staffelabschuss2JG 53DB-3-15.1Eastern Front
11/07/1941Hptm. Franz von WerraStab I.JG 53SB-3Kudno18.4Eastern Front
11/07/1941Hptm. Franz von WerraStab I.JG 53SB-3Kudno18.42Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53I-16-19.37Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Udo Padior1JG 53I-16-19.35Eastern Front
11/07/1941Uffz. Josef Ederer3JG 53SB-3--Eastern Front
11/07/1941Fw. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53I-16-3.25Eastern Front
11/07/1941Uffz. Herbert Rollwage4JG 53SB-3E. Slawkowitschi5.45Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Hermann Munzert9JG 53I-16-12Eastern Front
11/07/1941Fw. Kurt Sauer9JG 53DB-3-16.05Eastern Front
12/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53DB-3-18.07Eastern Front
12/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53DB-3-18.08Eastern Front
12/07/1941Hptm. Franz von WerraStab I.JG 53DB-3-10.32Eastern Front
12/07/1941Ltn. Wolfgang TonneStab I.JG 53I-153-10.4Eastern Front
12/07/1941Oblt. Ignaz Prestele2JG 53DB-3-10.5Eastern Front
12/07/1941Oblt. Werner Ursinius3JG 53DB-3Miropol18.03Eastern Front
12/07/1941Ltn. Wilhelm Ruge5JG 53SB-3-19.45Eastern Front
12/07/1941Fw. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53SB-3-19.46Eastern Front
12/07/1941Uffz. Kurt Braasch5JG 53SB-3-19.47Eastern Front
12/07/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53SB-3-19.51Eastern Front
13/07/1941Oblt. Hans-Joachim HeineckeStabJG 53SB-3-16.05Eastern Front
13/07/1941Ofw. Hans Kornatz2JG 53I-1534km W. Jurowka9.55Eastern Front
13/07/1941Ofw. Josef Kronschnabel9JG 53DB-3-8.35Eastern Front
13/07/1941Ofw. Josef Kronschnabel9JG 53DB-3-8.38Eastern Front
13/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53DB-3-10.05Eastern Front
14/07/1941Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53SB-3-11Eastern Front
14/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53I-16-11.15Eastern Front
14/07/1941Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53DB-3-19.24Eastern Front
14/07/1941Ltn. Dietrich Kasten8JG 53Pe-2-4.35Eastern Front
14/07/1941Hptm. Ernst-Günther Heinze8JG 53Pe-2-10.2Eastern Front
14/07/1941Oblt. Klaus Quaet-FaslemStab III.JG 53R-5-14.22Eastern Front
14/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53DB-3-14.3Eastern Front
14/07/1941Fw. Kurt Sauer9JG 53I-16-16.05Eastern Front
14/07/1941Ltn. Gustav Wiegand9JG 53I-16-16.08Eastern Front
14/07/1941Ltn. Jürgen HarderStab III.JG 53I-16Smolensk16.55Eastern Front
14/07/1941Ltn. Jürgen HarderStab III.JG 53I-16Smolensk16.56Eastern Front
14/07/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53I-16-18.05Eastern Front
15/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53I-15-6.5Eastern Front
15/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SB-3-6.54Eastern Front
15/07/1941Ltn. Helmut Macher2JG 53I-153-16.45Eastern Front
15/07/1941Fw. Josef Wurmheller5JG 53SB-3-18.35Eastern Front
15/07/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53DB-3-19.14Eastern Front
15/07/1941Fw. Kurt Sauer9JG 53I-16-9.2Eastern Front
15/07/1941Ofw. Eduard Koslowski8JG 53DB-3-10.05Eastern Front
15/07/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53R-5-16.57Eastern Front
16/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SB-3-7.5Eastern Front
16/07/1941Ofw. Hans Kornatz2JG 53DB-310km S. Wassilkow7.25Eastern Front
16/07/1941Ofw. Hans Kornatz2JG 53SB-36km E. Fasslow11.2Eastern Front
16/07/1941Ltn. Norbert Schäfer1JG 53DB-3-11.24Eastern Front
16/07/1941Oblt. Hans Ohly1JG 53DB-3NE Ziabel11.25Eastern Front
16/07/1941Ltn. Heinrich von Schwerdtner2JG 53DB-3-11.3Eastern Front
16/07/1941Ltn. Norbert Schäfer1JG 53DB-3--Eastern Front
16/07/1941Oblt. Werner Ursinius3JG 53DB-3Korosten12.35Eastern Front
16/07/1941Uffz. Herbert Rollwage4JG 53SB-2--Eastern Front
17/07/1941Hptm. Franz von WerraStab I.JG 53I-153-17.5Eastern Front
18/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SB-3-12.05Eastern Front
18/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SB-3-12.08Eastern Front
18/07/1941Oblt. Hans-Joachim HeineckeStabJG 53SB-3E. Shitomir12.11Eastern Front
18/07/1941Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53Pe-2S. Wassilkow4.5Eastern Front
18/07/1941Fw. Ludwig Reibel1JG 53Pe-2N. Wassilkow4.5Eastern Front
18/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Leschert3JG 53SB-3-12.03Eastern Front
18/07/1941Hptm. Franz von WerraStab I.JG 53SB-3-12.03Eastern Front
18/07/1941Ltn. Wolfgang TonneStab I.JG 53SB-3-12.08Eastern Front
19/07/1941Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53R-5-17.25Eastern Front
19/07/1941Hptm. Walter SpiesStab II.JG 53R-5-17.27Eastern Front
20/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53I-15-17.49Eastern Front
20/07/1941Oblt. Wilfried PufahlStabJG 53V-11-17.5Eastern Front
20/07/1941Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53I-15-17.52Eastern Front
21/07/1941Uffz. Herbert Rollwage4JG 53SB-3NE Dno21.03Eastern Front
22/07/1941 Flakgr.II.JG 53Pe-2-3.35Eastern Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53I-16-6.33Eastern Front
23/07/1941Oblt. Wilfried PufahlStabJG 53SB-3-6.36Eastern Front
23/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SB-3N. Uman6.5Eastern Front
23/07/1941Oblt. Hans-Joachim HeineckeStabJG 53I-16N. Uman6.54Eastern Front
23/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SB-3N. Uman6.59Eastern Front
23/07/1941Fw. Ludwig Reibel1JG 53SB-3-11.25Eastern Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Siegmund Hosnedl7JG 53I-18-13.3Eastern Front
23/07/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53I-18-13.3Eastern Front
24/07/1941Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53I-16-11.45Eastern Front
24/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53Pe-2-18.12Eastern Front
24/07/1941Ltn. Werner SchöwStab I.JG 53DB-3-14.1Eastern Front
24/07/1941Uffz. Franz Hagedorn3JG 53DB-3-14.15Eastern Front
24/07/1941Fw. Alfred Franke2JG 53DB-3-14.16Eastern Front
24/07/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53I-153-18.26Eastern Front
24/07/1941Fw. Adolf Kalkum7JG 53DB-3-5.2Eastern Front
24/07/1941Uffz. Heinz Bross2.Erg.JG 53Halifax-14.2Western Front
24/07/1941Ofw. Franz Kaiser2.Erg.JG 53Halifax-14.25Western Front
24/07/1941Fw. Kurt Dols2.Erg.JG 53Halifax-14.28Western Front
24/07/1941Fw. Ernst Reckers2.Erg.JG 53Halifax-14.28Western Front
24/07/1941Ofw. Franz Gawlick2.Erg.JG 53Halifax-14.38Western Front
24/07/1941Oblt. Helmut Belser2.Erg.JG 53HalifaxPl.Qu. 27/3/4/14 West: 50m14.55Western Front
25/07/1941Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53I-15NE Belaja-Zerkow18.14Eastern Front
25/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53Pe-2-18.19Eastern Front
25/07/1941Oblt. Wilfried PufahlStabJG 53SB-3-18.5Eastern Front
25/07/1941Oblt. Hans-Joachim HeineckeStabJG 53SB-3-18.51Eastern Front
25/07/1941Oblt. Ignaz Prestele2JG 53DB-3Starischtsche16.4Eastern Front
25/07/1941Ofw. Hans Kornatz2JG 53DB-32km N. Starischtsche16.43Eastern Front
25/07/1941Ltn. Hans Roehrig3JG 53DB-3-18.5Eastern Front
25/07/1941Oblt. Klaus Quaet-FaslemStab I.JG 53DB-3--Eastern Front
25/07/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53Pe-2-20.21Eastern Front
25/07/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53I-16-6.2Eastern Front
25/07/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53Pe-2-18.17Eastern Front
25/07/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53Pe-2-18.25Eastern Front
25/07/1941Fw. Adolf Kalkum7JG 53Pe-2-18.15Eastern Front
25/07/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53V-11-13.25Eastern Front
25/07/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53Pe-2-18.15Eastern Front
25/07/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53Pe-2-14.35Eastern Front
26/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53V-11-11Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53V-11-11Eastern Front
26/07/1941Oblt. Hans-Joachim HeineckeStabJG 53SB-3--Eastern Front
26/07/1941Fw. Alfred Franke2JG 53DB-3E. Belaja-Zerkow10.45Eastern Front
26/07/1941Oblt. Werner Ursinius3JG 53DB-3E. Belaja-Zerkow10.45Eastern Front
26/07/1941Hptm. Franz von WerraStab I.JG 53SB-3-10.53Eastern Front
26/07/1941Uffz. Franz Hagedorn3JG 53I-15-10.53Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53V-11-11Eastern Front
26/07/1941Fw. Alfred Franke2JG 53V-11-11Eastern Front
26/07/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53SB-2-11.23Eastern Front
26/07/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53SB-3-11.26Eastern Front
26/07/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53Pe-2-5.17Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53DB-3-5.4Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53DB-3S. Duchowschtschina5.45Eastern Front
26/07/1941Fw. Adolf Kalkum7JG 53I-18-6.45Eastern Front
26/07/1941Oblt. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStab III.JG 53I-17-8Eastern Front
26/07/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53I-17-8.01Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53DB-3-9.35Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Dietrich Kasten8JG 53DB-3-10Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Siegmund Hosnedl7JG 53DB-3-10Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53DB-3-10.03Eastern Front
26/07/1941Oblt. Friedrich Below7JG 53DB-3-10.05Eastern Front
26/07/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53DB-3-10.05Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53DB-3-10.1Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53DB-3-10.12Eastern Front
26/07/1941Hptm. Ernst-Günther Heinze8JG 53DB-3SW Rshew12.27Eastern Front
26/07/1941Uffz. Alfred Seidl8JG 53DB-350km SE Bjeloj16.32Eastern Front
26/07/1941Fw. Rolf Klippgen9JG 53DB-3NW Minsk17.52Eastern Front
26/07/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53DB-3-17.55Eastern Front
26/07/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53DB-3-17.56Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53DB-3-18.28Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53DB-3-18.32Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ofw. Josef Kronschnabel9JG 53DB-3-18.34Eastern Front
27/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Leschert3JG 53I-16-13.1Eastern Front
27/07/1941Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53I-16N. Belaja-Zerkow15Eastern Front
27/07/1941Ltn. Helmut Macher2JG 53I-16-15.15Eastern Front
27/07/1941Hptm. Ernst-Günther Heinze8JG 53DB-3NE Duchowschtschina7.08Eastern Front
27/07/1941Hptm. Ernst-Günther Heinze8JG 53DB-3-7.18Eastern Front
27/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53I-15NNE Werchino7.18Eastern Front
27/07/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53DB-3-8.05Eastern Front
27/07/1941Uffz. Otto Wegener7JG 53DB-3-8.07Eastern Front
27/07/1941Hptm. Ernst-Günther Heinze8JG 53DB-3-8.25Eastern Front
27/07/1941Uffz. Hans Schade8JG 53DB-3-8.25Eastern Front
27/07/1941Ltn. Dietrich Kasten8JG 53DB-3-8.52Eastern Front
27/07/1941Ltn. Dietrich Kasten8JG 53DB-3-9Eastern Front
27/07/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53Pe-2-10.2Eastern Front
27/07/1941Oblt. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStab III.JG 53Pe-2-10.2Eastern Front
27/07/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53DB-3-10.27Eastern Front
27/07/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53DB-3-10.3Eastern Front
27/07/1941Uffz. Rudolf Schmidt7JG 53Pe-2-10.3Eastern Front
27/07/1941Fw. Adolf Kalkum7JG 53DB-3NW Duchowschtschina18.1Eastern Front
27/07/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53DB-3-16.1Eastern Front
28/07/1941Ltn. Werner SchöwStab I.JG 53I-153-18.3Eastern Front
29/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SB-3-17Eastern Front
29/07/1941Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53SB-3-17.02Eastern Front
29/07/1941Oblt. Hans-Joachim HeineckeStabJG 53SB-3-17.05Eastern Front
29/07/1941Fw. Eckardt Wenzel1JG 53I-16-6.35Eastern Front
29/07/1941Hptm. Franz von WerraStab I.JG 53SB-3S. Smola17.05Eastern Front
29/07/1941Oblt. Hans Ohly1JG 53DB-3S. Smola17.05Eastern Front
29/07/1941Ltn. Udo Padior1JG 53DB-3SE Nowo Mirgorod17.1Eastern Front
29/07/1941Ltn. Hermann Munzert9JG 53Pe-2-12.1Eastern Front
29/07/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53Pe-2-12.11Eastern Front
29/07/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53I-15-16.05Eastern Front
29/07/1941Hptm. Ernst-Günther Heinze8JG 53I-17-19.3Eastern Front
30/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SB-3-18.3Eastern Front
30/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53Pe-2-18.53Eastern Front
30/07/1941Ltn. Hans Roehrig3JG 53I-153NE Belaja-Zerkow13.4Eastern Front
30/07/1941Ltn. Werner SchöwStab I.JG 53SB-3-18.25Eastern Front
30/07/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53DB-3E. Rybki8.57Eastern Front
30/07/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53I-18-9.05Eastern Front
30/07/1941Ofw. Walther Warthol7JG 53-11.35Eastern Front
30/07/1941Oblt. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStab III.JG 53I-17-19.24Eastern Front
30/07/1941Ltn. Jürgen HarderStab III.JG 53I-17-19.25Eastern Front
31/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53Pe-2-6.25Eastern Front
31/07/1941Oblt. Hans-Joachim HeineckeStabJG 53Pe-2-6.34Eastern Front
31/07/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53Pe-2-6.35Eastern Front
31/07/1941Ltn. Walter Seiz3JG 53Pe-2E. Boguslaw6.25Eastern Front
31/07/1941Ltn. Karl Leonhard3JG 53Pe-2E. Boguslaw6.3Eastern Front
31/07/1941Hptm. Franz von WerraStab I.JG 53Pe-2-15.05Eastern Front
31/07/1941Hptm. Franz von WerraStab I.JG 53V-11-15.08Eastern Front
31/07/1941Oblt. Hans-Joachim HeineckeStab I.JG 53I-153Dobrowekitschkowo15.1Eastern Front
31/07/1941Ltn. Heinrich von Schwerdtner2JG 53SB-3E. Schpola17.15Eastern Front
31/07/1941Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53I-16N. Nowo Mirgorod19.2Eastern Front
31/07/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53I-153-6.5Eastern Front
01/08/1941Ofw. Hans Kornatz2JG 53I-163km S. Bol. Wiska15.35Eastern Front
01/08/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53I-18-12.2Eastern Front
02/08/1941Oblt. Hans Ohly1JG 53I-16SE Nowo Mirgorod5.1Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53I-1612km SE Nowo Mirgorod5.1Eastern Front
02/08/1941Oblt. Hans-Joachim HeineckeStab I.JG 53R-5-7.5Eastern Front
02/08/1941Oblt. Hans-Joachim HeineckeStab I.JG 53DB-3SE Baryschewka18.2Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53I-18-13.45Eastern Front
02/08/1941Fw. Heinz Hipper9JG 53I-18-13.46Eastern Front
03/08/1941Ltn. Hans Roehrig3JG 53I-16-14.45Eastern Front
03/08/1941Oblt. Ignaz Prestele2JG 53V-11E. Perwomajsk14.5Eastern Front
03/08/1941Ltn. Hans Roehrig3JG 53V-11E. Perwomajsk14.5Eastern Front
03/08/1941Ltn. Walter Seiz3JG 53V-11E. Perwomajsk14.5Eastern Front
03/08/1941Ltn. Walter Seiz3JG 53V-11S. Pertschany14.55Eastern Front
03/08/1941Fw. Heinrich Leschert3JG 53V-11-15.45Eastern Front
03/08/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53I-18-8.19Eastern Front
03/08/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53I-18-8.2Eastern Front
04/08/1941Oblt. Werner Ursinius3JG 53V-11S. Rownoje18.35Eastern Front
04/08/1941Oblt. Klaus Quaet-FaslemStab I.JG 53I-16--Eastern Front
04/08/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53DB-3-18.15Eastern Front
05/08/1941Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53Pe-2SE Kiew18.15Eastern Front
05/08/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53Pe-2-4.39Eastern Front
05/08/1941Ltn. Ernst Klager7JG 53I-18-9.35Eastern Front
05/08/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53I-18-10.41Eastern Front
05/08/1941Fw. Heinz Hipper9JG 53I-18-10.43Eastern Front
05/08/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53I-18-10.46Eastern Front
05/08/1941Hptm. Ernst-Günther Heinze8JG 53DB-3-10.55Eastern Front
05/08/1941Hptm. Ernst-Günther Heinze8JG 53DB-3-11Eastern Front
05/08/1941Uffz. Alfred Seidl8JG 53DB-320km E. Dorogobush11.04Eastern Front
05/08/1941Ofw. Adolf Kalkum7JG 53DB-3-13.15Eastern Front
05/08/1941Ofw. Walther Warthol7JG 53DB-3-13.17Eastern Front
05/08/1941Ofw. Adolf Kalkum7JG 53DB-3-13.2Eastern Front
05/08/1941Ofw. Adolf Kalkum7JG 53DB-3-13.23Eastern Front
05/08/1941Ofw. Walther Warthol7JG 53DB-3-13.25Eastern Front
05/08/1941Ofw. Adolf Kalkum7JG 53DB-3-13.27Eastern Front
05/08/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53Pe-2-14.51Eastern Front
06/08/1941Ltn. Ernst Klager7JG 53I-16-6.45Eastern Front
06/08/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53Pe-2-11.55Eastern Front
07/08/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53I-16-10.22Eastern Front
08/08/1941Ofw. Adolf Kalkum7JG 53I-16Chotmino-See18.45Eastern Front
08/08/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53I-16-18.46Eastern Front
08/08/1941Oblt. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStab III.JG 53I-16--Eastern Front
12/08/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53DB-3-7Eastern Front
13/08/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53DB-3-6.05Eastern Front
14/08/1941Ltn. Hermann Munzert9JG 53DB-3ESE Teupetz10.56Eastern Front
15/08/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53DB-3-16.5Eastern Front
19/08/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53I-16-6.53Eastern Front
19/08/1941Ltn. Siegmund Hosnedl7JG 53I-16-6.53Eastern Front
19/08/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53I-16-13.05Eastern Front
20/08/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53I-18-14.41Eastern Front
20/08/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53Pe-2NW Frolowo14.44Eastern Front
22/08/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53DB-3-10.53Eastern Front
22/08/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53DB-3-17Eastern Front
23/08/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53DB-3-12.27Eastern Front
23/08/1941Uffz. Alfred Seidl8JG 53DB-3S. Nowinkij12.29Eastern Front
23/08/1941Uffz. Hans Schade8JG 53DB-3-12.3Eastern Front
23/08/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53Pe-2-15.2Eastern Front
23/08/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53Pe-2-15.26Eastern Front
23/08/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53Pe-2-15.3Eastern Front
23/08/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53I-18-17Eastern Front
23/08/1941Ofw. Josef Kronschnabel9JG 53I-18-17.03Eastern Front
23/08/1941Oblt. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStab III.JG 53I-16-17.55Eastern Front
23/08/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53I-18--Eastern Front
24/08/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53SB-2-15.48Eastern Front
24/08/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53SB-2-15.49Eastern Front
24/08/1941Ltn. Hermann Munzert9JG 53SB-2-15.49Eastern Front
24/08/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53DB-3-16.15Eastern Front
24/08/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53I-15-18.47Eastern Front
24/08/1941Oblt. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStab III.JG 53I-153-18.48Eastern Front
24/08/1941Ofw. Adolf Kalkum8JG 53I-61-18.48Eastern Front
25/08/1941Ltn. Wilhelm Ruge5JG 53R-5-13.17Eastern Front
25/08/1941Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53I-18-14.31Eastern Front
25/08/1941Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53I-18-16.39Eastern Front
25/08/1941Ltn. Gerhard Stengel4JG 53I-18-16.41Eastern Front
25/08/1941Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53I-16S. Ramjarje-See10.16Eastern Front
25/08/1941Ltn. Hans-Jürgen FrodienStab II.JG 53I-16-12.04Eastern Front
25/08/1941Ltn. Fritz Dinger4JG 53I-18-13.42Eastern Front
25/08/1941Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53I-18-16.36Eastern Front
25/08/1941Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53I-18-16.36Eastern Front
25/08/1941Uffz. Herbert Rollwage4JG 53I-18S. Njetschanje16.4Eastern Front
25/08/1941Ofw. Adolf Kalkum8JG 53V-11-14.55Eastern Front
25/08/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53V-11-14.55Eastern Front
25/08/1941Uffz. Max Nairz9JG 53V-11-14.56Eastern Front
26/08/1941Uffz. Kurt Nickolaus5JG 53I-16-5.16Eastern Front
26/08/1941Uffz. Kurt Braasch5JG 53I-18-5.17Eastern Front
26/08/1941Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53I-18-5.3Eastern Front
26/08/1941Uffz. Alfred Seidl8JG 53I-1615kmm N. Ilino10.18Eastern Front
26/08/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53I-15-16.36Eastern Front
26/08/1941Uffz. Hans Schade8JG 53R-5-16.37Eastern Front
26/08/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53R-5-16.4Eastern Front
27/08/1941Ltn. Heinrich von Schwerdtner2JG 53SB-3-10.4Eastern Front
27/08/1941Ltn. Günther Hess2JG 53SB-3-10.45Eastern Front
27/08/1941Ltn. Heinrich von Schwerdtner2JG 53SB-3-10.5Eastern Front
27/08/1941Oblt. Ignaz Prestele2JG 53DB-3-12.45Eastern Front
27/08/1941Fw. Rudolf Ehrenberger4JG 53I-153-13.45Eastern Front
27/08/1941Fw. Rudolf Ehrenberger4JG 53I-153-13.46Eastern Front
27/08/1941Uffz. Werner Mirschinka4JG 53I-153-13.47Eastern Front
27/08/1941Uffz. Herbert Rollwage4JG 53Wasserflgzg.SW Ssaltzo13.48Eastern Front
27/08/1941Uffz. Herbert Rollwage4JG 53Wasserflgzg.SW Ssaltzo13.49Eastern Front
27/08/1941Ltn. Wilhelm Ruge5JG 53R-5-14.55Eastern Front
27/08/1941Ltn. Hans-Volkmar Müller5JG 53ZKB-26-15.25Eastern Front
27/08/1941Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53I-153-16Eastern Front
27/08/1941Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53R-5-17.1Eastern Front
27/08/1941Uffz. Herbert Rollwage4JG 53Reiseflgzg.N. Iwanowskoje17.14Eastern Front
27/08/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53DB-3-11.4Eastern Front
27/08/1941Ltn. Siegmund Hosnedl7JG 53DB-3-11.42Eastern Front
27/08/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53V-11-13.45Eastern Front
27/08/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53DB-3-13.45Eastern Front
27/08/1941Ofw. Adolf Kalkum8JG 53I-15-13.46Eastern Front
27/08/1941Ltn. Jürgen HarderStab III.JG 53R-5-13.47Eastern Front
27/08/1941Uffz. Rudolf Schmidt7JG 53I-61-13.5Eastern Front
27/08/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53V-11-13.5Eastern Front
27/08/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53I-61-13.55Eastern Front
27/08/1941Uffz. Max Nairz9JG 53V-11-13.55Eastern Front
27/08/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53Pe-2-16.24Eastern Front
27/08/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53I-153-16.25Eastern Front
27/08/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53DB-3-16.25Eastern Front
27/08/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53DB-3-16.26Eastern Front
27/08/1941Oblt. Friedrich Below7JG 53DB-3-16.26Eastern Front
27/08/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53DB-3W. Toropez16.27Eastern Front
27/08/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53I-61-16.34Eastern Front
27/08/1941Oblt. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStab III.JG 53I-61-18.35Eastern Front
27/08/1941Ltn. Wolf Schaller9JG 53DB-3-20.32Eastern Front
28/08/1941Uffz. Egbert Willenbrink5JG 53RZ-14.1Eastern Front
28/08/1941Fw. Rudi Kranz6JG 53Blenheim42-1:Maasmündung: 30m20.12Western Front
28/08/1941Uffz. Felix Sauer6JG 53Spitfire33-1-6: 10m20.1Western Front
28/08/1941Ltn. Hans Möller6JG 53Blenheim23-8: Maasmündung: tiefflug20.15Western Front
28/08/1941Ltn. Hans Möller6JG 53BlenheimMaasmündung20.2Western Front
28/08/1941Fw. Otto Göthe6JG 53SpitfireMaasmündung20.1Western Front
29/08/1941Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53I-16-15.57Eastern Front
29/08/1941Ltn. Fritz Dinger4JG 53I-16-15.57Eastern Front
29/08/1941Ltn. Fritz Dinger4JG 53V-11-16.22Eastern Front
29/08/1941Ltn. Wilhelm Ruge5JG 53I-153-17.25Eastern Front
29/08/1941Fw. Rudolf Ehrenberger4JG 53I-16-18.4Eastern Front
29/08/1941Ltn. Fritz Dinger4JG 53I-16-18.46Eastern Front
29/08/1941Ltn. Siegmund Hosnedl7JG 53DJ-6NE Jasi14.03Eastern Front
29/08/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53I-16-15.35Eastern Front
29/08/1941Ltn. Hermann Munzert9JG 53I-16-15.36Eastern Front
29/08/1941Uffz. Alfred Seidl8JG 53I-1810km SE Slobodka15.4Eastern Front
29/08/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53I-18-15.44Eastern Front
29/08/1941Ltn. Erich Schmidt9JG 53I-18-15.46Eastern Front
29/08/1941Ltn. Hermann Munzert9JG 53Pe-2-15.47Eastern Front
29/08/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53I-18N. Nikolino16.1Eastern Front
29/08/1941Uffz. Hans Schade8JG 53Pe-2E. Nikolino16.1Eastern Front
29/08/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53DB-3-18.19Eastern Front
29/08/1941Fw. Heinz Hipper9JG 53I-16-18.19Eastern Front
29/08/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53I-16-18.2Eastern Front
30/08/1941Uffz. Herbert Rollwage4JG 53I-16SE Solugubowka5.09Eastern Front
30/08/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53R-5-18.07Eastern Front
30/08/1941Ltn. Hermann Munzert9JG 53V-11-13.1Eastern Front
30/08/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53I-15-13.32Eastern Front
30/08/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53I-16-15.5Eastern Front
30/08/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53I-16-15.52Eastern Front
30/08/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53Pe-2-17.05Eastern Front
30/08/1941Uffz. Rudolf Schmidt7JG 53DB-3-17.2Eastern Front
30/08/1941Ltn. Dietrich Kasten8JG 53DB-3-17.21Eastern Front
30/08/1941Ltn. Ernst Nack8JG 53DB-3-17.21Eastern Front
30/08/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53DB-3-17.25Eastern Front
31/08/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53I-16-9.3Eastern Front
31/08/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53V-11E. Barok11.2Eastern Front
31/08/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53V-11E. Barok11.21Eastern Front
31/08/1941Fw. Heinz Hipper9JG 53V-11E. Barok11.21Eastern Front
31/08/1941Uffz. Max Nairz9JG 53V-11E. Barok11.21Eastern Front
31/08/1941Uffz. Max Nairz9JG 53V-11E. Barok11.23Eastern Front
31/08/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53V-11E. Barok11.24Eastern Front
31/08/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53SB-3-16.15Eastern Front
31/08/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53SB-3-16.17Eastern Front
02/09/1941Uffz. Egbert Willenbrink5JG 53I-16-7.23Eastern Front
03/09/1941Fw. Walter Recker4JG 53I-16-9.35Eastern Front
03/09/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53I-16-8.4Eastern Front
04/09/1941Ltn. Hans-Volkmar Müller5JG 53Pe-2-7.12Eastern Front
04/09/1941Oblt. Helmut Belser5JG 53DB-3-11.05Eastern Front
06/09/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53DJ-6-8.25Eastern Front
06/09/1941Ltn. Wolf Schaller9JG 53V-11--Eastern Front
06/09/1941Ltn. Ernst Klager7JG 53I-16S. Bzaltkowa18.05Eastern Front
07/09/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53I-15-13.43Eastern Front
07/09/1941Uffz. Hans Schade8JG 53-15.55Eastern Front
07/09/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53I-17-15.58Eastern Front
07/09/1941Ltn. Karl Vockelmann7JG 53DJ-6-16Eastern Front
07/09/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53V-11-16.55Eastern Front
08/09/1941Uffz. Heinrich Bross4JG 53-7.16Eastern Front
08/09/1941Oblt. Helmut Belser5JG 53I-18-11.2Eastern Front
08/09/1941Uffz. Kurt Braasch5JG 53Il-2-13.44Eastern Front
08/09/1941Ltn. Hans-Volkmar Müller5JG 53Il-2-14.26Eastern Front
08/09/1941Oblt. Hans Finsterbusch5JG 53Il-2-14.35Eastern Front
08/09/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53I-61-9.35Eastern Front
08/09/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53DB-3-9.55Eastern Front
08/09/1941Ltn. Jürgen HarderStab III.JG 53DB-3-9.55Eastern Front
08/09/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53DB-3-9.55Eastern Front
08/09/1941Ltn. Erich Beckmann9JG 53DB-3-9.55Eastern Front
09/09/1941Fw. Walter Recker4JG 53-13.05Eastern Front
09/09/1941Ltn. Ernst Klager7JG 53V-11-7.3Eastern Front
09/09/1941Ltn. Jürgen HarderStab III.JG 53R-5-9.05Eastern Front
09/09/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53I-16-9.05Eastern Front
09/09/1941Fw. Heinz Hipper9JG 53I-16-10.1Eastern Front
09/09/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53Il-2-10.3Eastern Front
09/09/1941Oblt. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStab III.JG 53I-16NE Morowsk11.45Eastern Front
09/09/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53I-16-12.1Eastern Front
09/09/1941Ltn. Jürgen HarderStab III.JG 53I-16S. Tschernigow14.25Eastern Front
09/09/1941Ofw. Hans Galubinski7JG 53I-18-15.5Eastern Front
09/09/1941Ltn. Siegmund Hosnedl7JG 53I-18-15.52Eastern Front
09/09/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53I-17-15.54Eastern Front
09/09/1941Uffz. Hans Schade8JG 53I-17-15.55Eastern Front
10/09/1941Oblt. Helmut Belser5JG 53I-16-18.05Eastern Front
10/09/1941Fw. Rudolf Ehrenberger4JG 53I-16-18.1Eastern Front
10/09/1941Uffz. Hans Schade8JG 53R-5-5.55Eastern Front
10/09/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53I-17-6.4Eastern Front
10/09/1941Ltn. Erich Beckmann9JG 53Il-2-7.3Eastern Front
10/09/1941Ltn. Wolf Schaller9JG 53Il-2-7.3Eastern Front
10/09/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53Il-2-7.36Eastern Front
10/09/1941Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53I-15-10.1Eastern Front
10/09/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53I-15-12.55Eastern Front
10/09/1941Fw. Heinz Hipper9JG 53Il-2--Eastern Front
11/09/1941Hptm. Walter SpiesStab II.JG 53I-18-8.59Eastern Front
11/09/1941Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53I-18-9.02Eastern Front
11/09/1941Oblt. Helmut Belser5JG 53SB-3-9.06Eastern Front
11/09/1941Ltn. Hans Stadlbauer5JG 53SB-3-9.08Eastern Front
11/09/1941Oblt. Helmut Belser5JG 53SB-3-9.11Eastern Front
11/09/1941Ltn. Hans Stadlbauer5JG 53SB-3-9.14Eastern Front
11/09/1941Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53SB-2SE Kolpino10.1Eastern Front
11/09/1941Ofw. Stefan Litjens4JG 53I-18Romanowa14.19Eastern Front
11/09/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53I-16-14.22Eastern Front
11/09/1941Fw. Heinz Koch4JG 53I-16-14.5Eastern Front
14/09/1941Ofw. Josef Kronschnabel9JG 53I-16-8.3Eastern Front
15/09/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53DB-3-9.55Eastern Front
15/09/1941Ltn. Erich Beckmann9JG 53DB-3-10Eastern Front
15/09/1941Ltn. Ernst Klager7JG 53DB-3-10Eastern Front
15/09/1941Ltn. Erich Beckmann9JG 53DB-3-10.03Eastern Front
15/09/1941Ltn. Ernst Klager7JG 53DB-3-10.05Eastern Front
15/09/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53I-16-10.05Eastern Front
15/09/1941Fw. Rolf Klippgen9JG 53RZ-12.07Eastern Front
15/09/1941Ltn. Helmut Rose6JG 53Hurricane20km W. Alkmaar7.22Western Front
16/09/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53I-16-6.47Eastern Front
16/09/1941Oblt. Helmut Belser5JG 53I-16-10.57Eastern Front
16/09/1941Fw. Herbert Rollwage4JG 53Li-5NE Babino10.31Eastern Front
16/09/1941Uffz. Fritz Muschter4JG 53I-16-11.28Eastern Front
16/09/1941Fw. Rudolf Ehrenberger4JG 53I-16-11.3Eastern Front
16/09/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53I-18-15.55Eastern Front
17/09/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53I-18-11.38Eastern Front
17/09/1941Ltn. Hans-Volkmar Müller5JG 53I-18-11.42Eastern Front
17/09/1941Ltn. Hans-Jürgen FrodienStab II.JG 53DB-3N. Tossno17.48Eastern Front
17/09/1941Ltn. Hans-Jürgen FrodienStab II.JG 53DB-3N. Tossno17.5Eastern Front
17/09/1941Fw. Rudolf Ehrenberger4JG 53I-16-18.02Eastern Front
17/09/1941Uffz. Fritz Muschter4JG 53I-16-18.03Eastern Front
17/09/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53I-18-6.35Eastern Front
17/09/1941Ltn. Karl Vockelmann7JG 53I-18E. Altichowa6.48Eastern Front
17/09/1941Ltn. Hermann Munzert9JG 53RZ-9.14Eastern Front
19/09/1941Oblt. Heinz Altendorf7JG 53I-18-14.05Eastern Front
19/09/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53I-61E. Sumy16.3Eastern Front
19/09/1941Ltn. Karl Vockelmann7JG 53DB-3-17.06Eastern Front
19/09/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53DB-3-17.15Eastern Front
19/09/1941Ltn. Wolf Schaller9JG 53DB-3-17.16Eastern Front
19/09/1941Ltn. Wolf Schaller9JG 53DB-3-17.18Eastern Front
19/09/1941Oblt. Friedrich Below7JG 53DB-3E. Toropez17.18Eastern Front
19/09/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53I-18-17.19Eastern Front
19/09/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53DB-3-17.2Eastern Front
19/09/1941Ltn. Wolf Schaller9JG 53DB-3-17.21Eastern Front
20/09/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53V-11-16.45Eastern Front
21/09/1941Uffz. Fritz Muschter4JG 53MBR-2-9.1Eastern Front
21/09/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53I-18-10.38Eastern Front
21/09/1941Oblt. Helmut Belser5JG 53I-18-14.4Eastern Front
21/09/1941Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53I-18-16.05Eastern Front
21/09/1941Fw. Walter Recker4JG 53I-18-16.15Eastern Front
22/09/1941Oblt. Helmut Belser5JG 53SB-2-14.15Eastern Front
22/09/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53I-18-15.51Eastern Front
22/09/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53I-18-15.53Eastern Front
23/09/1941Uffz. Egbert Willenbrink5JG 53I-18-14.17Eastern Front
23/09/1941Oblt. Helmut Belser5JG 53Pe-2-14.45Eastern Front
23/09/1941Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53I-18-17.05Eastern Front
24/09/1941Hptm. Ernst-Günther Heinze8JG 53SB-2E. Romny12.5Eastern Front
25/09/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53Pe-2-10.55Eastern Front
25/09/1941Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53I-18-17.05Eastern Front
26/09/1941Fw. Rudolf Ehrenberger4JG 53I-18-16.11Eastern Front
26/09/1941Uffz. Heinrich Bross4JG 53I-18-16.12Eastern Front
26/09/1941Ltn. Hermann Munzert9JG 53RZNE Konotop6.27Eastern Front
26/09/1941Ltn. Jürgen HarderStab III.JG 53V-11SW Klimowka11.4Eastern Front
27/09/1941Oblt. Helmut Belser5JG 53I-153-16.36Eastern Front
27/09/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53I-18-16.39Eastern Front
27/09/1941Ofw. Adolf Kalkum8JG 53I-15-16.5Eastern Front
28/09/1941Oblt. Eduard SchröderStab II.JG 53I-18-7.58Eastern Front
28/09/1941Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53I-18-8.03Eastern Front
28/09/1941Ltn. Fritz Dinger4JG 53Pe-2-16.09Eastern Front
28/09/1941Fw. Walter Recker4JG 53Pe-2-16.09Eastern Front
28/09/1941Uffz. Fritz Muschter4JG 53Pe-2-16.09Eastern Front
28/09/1941Fw. Rudolf Ehrenberger4JG 53Pe-2-16.13Eastern Front
28/09/1941Fw. Walter Recker4JG 53Pe-2-16.13Eastern Front
29/09/1941Uffz. Johannes Lompa6JG 53WellingtonAmsterdam7.4Western Front
30/09/1941Fw. Herbert Rollwage4JG 53I-180E. Taksowo13.08Eastern Front
30/09/1941Oblt. Helmut Belser5JG 53I-180-13.1Eastern Front
03/10/1941Oblt. Helmut Belser5JG 53I-18-9.58Eastern Front
03/10/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53I-18-10Eastern Front
04/10/1941Oblt. Gerhard MichalskiStab II.JG 53I-18-9.43Eastern Front
04/10/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53Pe-2-12.09Eastern Front
04/10/1941Uffz. Alexander Kehlbuth5JG 53-14.35Eastern Front
04/10/1941Ltn. Hans-Volkmar Müller5JG 53Pe-2-17.23Eastern Front
04/10/1941Ltn. Wilhelm Ruge5JG 53Pe-2-17.24Eastern Front
05/10/1941Fw. Herbert Rollwage4JG 53I-16NW Schlüsselburg6.32Eastern Front
05/10/1941Ltn. Wolfgang Herrmann4JG 53Pe-2--Eastern Front
11/10/1941Ltn. Hans Möller6JG 53WhitleyW. Callantshoog7.51Western Front
21/10/1941Ofw. Josef Ederer3JG 53Blenheim15km W. Katwijk15.35Western Front
24/10/1941Oblt. Klaus Quaet-FaslemStab I.JG 53Spitfire80km W. Zandvoort15.4Western Front
27/10/1941Ltn. Fritz Dinger4JG 53Blenheim15km NW Texel: 50-100m15.08Western Front
27/10/1941Uffz. Fritz Müschter4JG 53Blenheim15km NW Texel: 50-100m15.07Western Front
11/12/1941Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53Hurricane-11Western Front
11/12/1941Ltn. Ernst Klager7JG 53Hurricane-11.2Western Front
11/12/1941Uffz. August Nieland7JG 53Hurricane-11.2Western Front
11/12/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53Hurricane-11.3Western Front
12/12/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53Hurricane-16Western Front
12/12/1941Uffz. Rudolf Schmidt7JG 53Hurricane-16Western Front
12/12/1941Ltn. Siegmund Hosnedl7JG 53Hurricane-16Western Front
12/12/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53Hurricane-16.03Western Front
12/12/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53Hurricane-16.05Western Front
12/12/1941Ltn. Wolf Schaller9JG 53Hurricane-16.1Western Front
12/12/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53Curtiss P-40-16.1Western Front
13/12/1941Oblt. Hans-Joachim Heinecke8JG 53HurricaneSW Gazala: 2500m16.03Western Front
13/12/1941Ltn. Hermann Munzert9JG 53Beaufort-9.05Western Front
14/12/1941Ltn. Erich Beckmann9JG 53Curtiss P-40-10.2Western Front
14/12/1941Ofw. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53Hurricane-15.45Western Front
14/12/1941Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53Curtiss P-40-15.5Western Front
19/12/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53HurricaneMalta16.55Western Front
20/12/1941Ltn. Werner SchöwStab I.JG 53HurricaneMalta: 3000m9.31Western Front
20/12/1941Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Müller1JG 53HurricaneLa Valetta9.23Western Front
20/12/1941Hptm. Herbert KaminskiStab I.JG 53Hurricane-9.27Western Front
21/12/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53HurricaneMalta12Western Front
22/12/1941Oblt. Klaus Quaet-Faslem2JG 53HurricaneMalta14.36Western Front
22/12/1941Ltn. Heinrich von Schwerdtner2JG 53HurricaneS. La Valetta14.5Western Front
23/12/1941Ltn. Hans Möller6JG 53HurricaneSE Insel Malta: 1800m11.2Western Front
24/12/1941Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53Hurricane-13.08Western Front
26/12/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53HurricaneSE Insel Malta: 2500m16.55Western Front
26/12/1941Ltn. Karl-Heinz PreuStabJG 53HurricaneNW Insel Malta: 2300m17Western Front
26/12/1941Uffz. Gerhard Kitzenmaier5JG 53Blenheim-8.03Western Front
26/12/1941Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53Hurricane-11.12Western Front
27/12/1941Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Müller1JG 53Hurricane30km E. Insel Malta: 4200m12.05Western Front
27/12/1941Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53Hurricane30km E. Insel Malta: 4200m12.07Western Front
29/12/1941Oblt. Otto Böhner6JG 53Hurricane-10.05Western Front
29/12/1941Ofw. Rudolf Ehrenberger6JG 53Hurricane-10.07Western Front
29/12/1941Oblt. Helmut Belser6JG 53Hurricane-10.1Western Front
29/12/1941Uffz. Erich Paczia6JG 53Hurricane-10.1Western Front
29/12/1941Oblt. Gerhard Michalski4JG 53Hurricane-10.4Western Front
29/12/1941Ltn. Joachim LouisStabJG 53HurricaneMalta16.3Western Front
03/01/1942Oblt. Gerhard Michalski4JG 53Hurricane5km E. La Valetta9.18Western Front
03/01/1942Fw. Walter Recker4JG 53Hurricane5km E. La Valetta9.14Western Front
04/01/1942Oblt. Helmut Belser6JG 53HurricaneSE Insel Malta: 6500m10.25Western Front
04/01/1942Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53Hurricane-10.28Western Front
04/01/1942Fw. Herbert Rollwage5JG 53HurricaneNW-Spitze Maltas10.31Western Front
04/01/1942Ltn.Dr. Heiner Jörg6JG 53Hurricane-10.25Western Front
13/01/1942Ltn. Hans-Volkmar Müller5JG 53Blenheim-12.55Western Front
19/01/1942Oblt. Helmut Belser6JG 53Gladiator-13.45Western Front
19/01/1942Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53Hurricane-13.54Western Front
20/01/1942Oblt. Gerhard Michalski4JG 53Hurricane-14.18Western Front
23/01/1942Ltn. Hans-Volkmar Müller5JG 53HurricaneLa Valetta: 200m15.13Western Front
24/01/1942Oblt. Gerhard Michalski4JG 53Hurricane-14.25Western Front
25/01/1942Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53Hurricane-10.35Western Front
25/01/1942Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53Hurricane-10.4Western Front
25/01/1942Ltn. Karl-Heinz PreuStabJG 53Hurricane-10.4Western Front
25/01/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStabJG 53HurricaneMalta: 5500m10.45Western Front
25/01/1942Ltn.Dr. Heiner Jörg6JG 53Hurricane-10.46Western Front
25/01/1942Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53HurricaneS. La Valetta: 600m10.49Western Front
25/01/1942Oblt. Otto Böhner6JG 53Hurricane-10.57Western Front
25/01/1942Ltn. Karl-Heinz PreuStabJG 53HurricaneMalta10.4Western Front
27/01/1942Oblt. Helmut Belser6JG 53Battle-17.3Western Front
04/02/1942Ltn. Karl-Heinz PreuStabJG 53HurricaneE. Malta15.5Western Front
04/02/1942Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53HurricaneE. Malta15.53Western Front
04/02/1942Ltn. Herbert SoukupStab II.JG 53HurricaneE. Malta16Western Front
05/02/1942Ofw. Otto Göthe6JG 53Wellington-8.55Western Front
05/02/1942Ltn. Hans Möller6JG 53Fokker T VIII-11.1Western Front
06/02/1942Ltn. Hans Möller6JG 53Blenheim-17.13Western Front
06/02/1942Oblt. Heinz-Eugen WittmeyerStab II.JG 53Blenheim-17.15Western Front
06/02/1942Ltn. Herbert SoukupStab II.JG 53Blenheim-17.16Western Front
07/02/1942Oblt. Helmut Belser6JG 53BlenheimLucca aüf Malta: 50m [Luqa]11.32Western Front
11/02/1942Oblt. Hans-Joachim Heinecke8JG 53Blenheim-11.23Western Front
11/02/1942Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53Beaufighter-15.45Western Front
12/02/1942Ltn. Hans-Volkmar Müller5JG 53Hurricane-12.08Western Front
12/02/1942Ltn. Herbert Schramm8JG 53Blenheim-18.23Western Front
15/02/1942Oblt. Hans-Joachim Heinecke8JG 53Beaufort-17.53Western Front
15/02/1942Oblt. Klaus Quaet-Faslem2JG 53Beaufort-9.17Western Front
15/02/1942Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53Hurricane-10.14Western Front
15/02/1942Ltn. Gerhard Stengel4JG 53Hurricane3500m11.1Western Front
15/02/1942Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53Beaufort-16.08Western Front
15/02/1942Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53Beaufort-18Western Front
15/02/1942Hptm. Ernst-Günther HeinzeStabJG 53Hurricane-18.03Western Front
17/02/1942Uffz. Johannes Lompa4JG 53Wellington-8.25Western Front
22/02/1942Ltn. Fritz Dinger4JG 53Hurricane-12.05Western Front
22/02/1942Uffz. Max Nairz9JG 53Hurricane-14.05Western Front
22/02/1942Fw. Heinz Hipper9JG 53Hurricane-14.05Western Front
24/02/1942Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53Hurricane-16Western Front
01/03/1942Ltn. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53Hurricane-13.1Western Front
01/03/1942Ltn. Hermann Munzert9JG 53Hurricane-13.12Western Front
04/03/1942Fw. Gerhard Stockmann2JG 53Hurricane-14.4Western Front
05/03/1942Fw. Heinrich Leschert3JG 53HurricaneN. La Valetta12.1Western Front
09/03/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStab I.JG 53Hurricane-11Western Front
09/03/1942Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53Hurricane-15.33Western Front
09/03/1942Uffz. Hans Schade8JG 53Hurricane-15.3Western Front
09/03/1942Uffz. Gerhard Beitz9JG 53Hurricane-15.32Western Front
09/03/1942Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53Hurricane-15.3Western Front
10/03/1942Uffz. Hans Schade8JG 53Spitfire-11.1Western Front
14/03/1942Fw. Josef Kröschel8JG 53Spitfire-16.1Western Front
15/03/1942Oblt. Helmut Belser8JG 53Spitfire-11.1Western Front
15/03/1942Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53SpitfireS. Hal Far: 100m11.15Western Front
17/03/1942Oblt. Gerhard Michalski4JG 53SpitfireMalta: 5500m8.08Western Front
18/03/1942Ltn. Jürgen HarderStab III.JG 53Spitfire-17.15Western Front
18/03/1942Ltn. Ernst Klager7JG 53Spitfire-17.2Western Front
18/03/1942Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53HurricaneS. Hal Far17.25Western Front
18/03/1942Ltn. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53Hurricane-17.3Western Front
20/03/1942Ltn. Ernst Klager7JG 53Spitfire-8.2Western Front
20/03/1942Ltn. Hermann Neuhoff7JG 53Spitfire-8.23Western Front
22/03/1942Ltn. Wilhelm Ruge5JG 53Spitfire-11.48Western Front
22/03/1942Ltn. Rudolf Müller8JG 53Spitfire-18.15Western Front
24/03/1942Ofw. Rudolf Ehrenberger6JG 53Spitfire-15.03Western Front
24/03/1942Oblt. Kurt Brändle5JG 53Spitfire-15.08Western Front
26/03/1942Ofw. Rudolf Ehrenberger6JG 53Hurricane-12.5Western Front
26/03/1942Uffz. Erich Paczia6JG 53Hurricane-12.52Western Front
31/03/1942Ltn. Herbert LangerStab II.JG 53Spitfire-10.02Western Front
31/03/1942Ofw. Rudolf Ehrenberger6JG 53Hampden-10.28Western Front
01/04/1942Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SpitfireE. Insel Malta: 1500-10m [E. Hal Far]14.55Western Front
01/04/1942Oblt. Helmut Belser8JG 53Spitfire-17.01Western Front
02/04/1942Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53Spitfire-10.2Western Front
02/04/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStab I.JG 53Spitfire-10.28Western Front
02/04/1942Oblt. Gerhard Michalski4JG 53Spitfire-10.42Western Front
02/04/1942Hptm. Walter SpiesStab II.JG 53Hurricane-16.46Western Front
05/04/1942Ofw. Rudolf Ehrenberger6JG 53Spitfire-14.4Western Front
08/04/1942Ltn. Heinrich Hesse7JG 53Spitfire n.b.--Western Front
08/04/1942Oblt. Ernst Klager7JG 53HurricaneE. La Valetta15.15Western Front
08/04/1942Ltn. Karl-Heinz Quaritsch8JG 53Spitfire n.b.--Western Front
09/04/1942Ltn. Hermann Neuhoff6JG 53Hurricane--Western Front
09/04/1942Hptm. Helmut Belser8JG 53Spitfire2km E. La Valetta: 1500m17.27Western Front
09/04/1942Major Günther Frhr. Von MaltzahnStabJG 53SpitfireMalta17.28Western Front
10/04/1942Oblt. Wilfried Pufahl7JG 53Hurricane-15Western Front
10/04/1942Ltn. Hans Möller6JG 53Hurricane-18.03Western Front
10/04/1942Ofw. Rudolf Ehrenberger6JG 53Hurricane-18.03Western Front
10/04/1942Ofw. Rudolf Ehrenberger6JG 53Hurricane-18.05Western Front
10/04/1942Ofw. Rudolf Ehrenberger6JG 53HurricaneFl.Pl. Luqa: 150m18.11Western Front
10/04/1942Hptm. Walter SpiesStab II.JG 53Hurricane15km SW Krendi: tiefflug18.12Western Front
10/04/1942Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Müller1JG 53SpitfireN. Hal Far18.18Western Front
10/04/1942Ltn. Hans Friedemann5JG 53HurricaneMarsa Scirocco: 50m18.2Western Front
10/04/1942Fw. Alfred Seidl8JG 53Spitfire3-4km E. Insel Filfla: 20-30m18.3Western Front
14/04/1942Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53Tomahawk-10.4Western Front
14/04/1942Uffz. Paul Gläser7JG 53Beaufort-12.4Western Front
14/04/1942Fw. Rudolf Schmidt7JG 53Spitfire-13.1Western Front
14/04/1942Fw. Ludwig Reibel1JG 53Beaufort100km SE Malta16.05Western Front
14/04/1942Oblt. Klaus Quaet-Faslem2JG 53Beaufort-16.45Western Front
14/04/1942Fw. Herbert Rollwage5JG 53Beaufort3km S. Krendi17.05Western Front
14/04/1942Fw. Alexander Kehlbuth5JG 53BeaufortS. Krendi17.06Western Front
14/04/1942Fw. Herbert Rollwage5JG 53Beaufort2km S. Krendi17.07Western Front
20/04/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStab I.JG 53Hurricane-18Western Front
20/04/1942Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53Spitfire-18.05Western Front
20/04/1942Ltn. Herbert SoukupStab II.JG 53Spitfire3-4km S. Fl.Pl. Luqa: 30-50m18.05Western Front
20/04/1942Ltn. Karl-Heinz Quaritsch8JG 53Spitfire-18.15Western Front
21/04/1942Ofw. Rudolf Ehrenberger6JG 53Curtiss P-40-9.02Western Front
21/04/1942Hptm. Kurt Brändle5JG 53Spitfire-12.37Western Front
21/04/1942Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53Spitfire-12.45Western Front
21/04/1942Hptm. Helmut Belser8JG 53Spitfire-12.55Western Front
21/04/1942Hptm. Kurt Brändle5JG 53Spitfire½km S. Burkirkara: 1500m17.39Western Front
21/04/1942Fw. Rudolf Schmidt7JG 53Spitfire-17.45Western Front
21/04/1942Ltn. Rudolf Müller8JG 53Spitfire-17.32Western Front
22/04/1942Fw. Wilhelm Budke2JG 53Spitfire-9.42Western Front
22/04/1942Ltn. Fritz Dinger4JG 53Hurricane-10.3Western Front
22/04/1942Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53Spitfire-18Western Front
22/04/1942Fw. Walter Recker4JG 53Spitfire-18.05Western Front
22/04/1942Fw. Rudolf Ehrenberger6JG 53Spitfire-18.06Western Front
23/04/1942Hptm. Helmut Belser8JG 53Hurricane-16.4Western Front
24/04/1942Fw. Herbert Rollwage5JG 53SpitfireW. Fl.Pl. Venezia: 50m7.43Western Front
24/04/1942Ltn. Karl-Heinz Quaritsch8JG 53Spitfire2km S. Ta-Venezia: 200m11.45Western Front
25/04/1942Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53SpitfireMalta15.28Western Front
25/04/1942Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53Hurricane-12.55Western Front
25/04/1942Ofw. Josef Kronschnabel9JG 53Spitfire-13Western Front
25/04/1942Hptm. Walter SpiesStab II.JG 53Spitfire-17.59Western Front
25/04/1942Oblt. Friedrich BelowStab III.JG 53Curtiss P-40-18Western Front
26/04/1942Hptm. Helmut Belser8JG 53Spitfire-15.15Western Front
29/04/1942Fw. Alfred Seidl8JG 53SpitfireMalta15.2Western Front
30/04/1942Ltn. Jürgen Harder7JG 53SpitfireE. Malta11.3Western Front
30/04/1942Ltn. Erich Beckmann9JG 53Spitfire-11.35Western Front
30/04/1942Ltn. Jürgen Harder7JG 53Spitfire n.b.--Western Front
01/05/1942Ltn. Herbert Soukup6JG 53Spitfire-17.41Western Front
04/05/1942Uffz. Walter Manz9JG 53SpitfireNashan18Western Front
06/05/1942Ofw. Rudolf Ehrenberger6JG 53Spitfire-10.03Western Front
06/05/1942Ltn. Herbert LangerStab II.JG 53Spitfire-10.14Western Front
08/05/1942Oblt. Gerhard Michalski4JG 53Curtiss P-40Fl.Pl. Venezia: 50m9.4Western Front
09/05/1942Ltn. Dietrich Kasten8JG 53Curtiss P-404km W. Hal Far10.15Western Front
09/05/1942Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53Curtiss P-40-10.25Western Front
09/05/1942Ltn. Herbert Soukup6JG 53Spitfire-10.41Western Front
09/05/1942Fw. Herbert Rollwage5JG 53Spitfire1km SE Luqa11.05Western Front
09/05/1942Fw. Walter Kneuer5JG 53Spitfire-11.06Western Front
09/05/1942Ltn. Ewald SchumacherStab II.JG 53Spitfire-11.1Western Front
09/05/1942Ltn. Herbert LangerStab II.JG 53Spitfire-11.15Western Front
09/05/1942Ltn. Erich Beckmann9JG 53Hurricane-12.12Western Front
09/05/1942Hptm. Helmut Belser8JG 53Spitfire1km S. Pinte di Qrendi18.16Western Front
10/05/1942Ltn. Rudolf Müller8JG 53Spitfire3km N. La Valetta: 100m11.15Western Front
10/05/1942Fw. Herbert Rollwage5JG 53Spitfire2km S. La Valetta: 2000-100m19.05Western Front
10/05/1942Ltn. Karl-Heinz Quaritsch8JG 53Spitfire-11.05Western Front
10/05/1942Fw. Herbert Rollwage5JG 53Spitfire2km S. La Valetta11.05Western Front
10/05/1942Ltn. Wolf Schaller9JG 53Spitfire-18.3Western Front
10/05/1942Ltn. Ewald SchumacherStab II.JG 53Spitfire-14.3Western Front
10/05/1942Oblt. Werner Langemann10.(Jabo)JG 53Spitfire-19Western Front
12/05/1942Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53Spitfire3-5km E. Marsa Scirocco: 50m11.37Western Front
12/05/1942Oblt. Ernst Klager7JG 53SpitfireW. Insel Malta: 5000m18Western Front
12/05/1942Oblt. Ernst Klager7JG 53Spitfire10km W. Ta-Venezia: 200m18.15Western Front
12/05/1942Ltn. Karl-Heinz Quaritsch8JG 53Spitfire-11.2Western Front
12/05/1942Hptm. Wolf-Dietrich WilckeStab III.JG 53Spitfire-11.35Western Front
12/05/1942Ltn. Siegmund Hosnedl7JG 53Spitfire-11.35Western Front
12/05/1942Hptm. Helmut Belser8JG 53Spitfire-11.4Western Front
12/05/1942Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53Spitfire-15.06Western Front
12/05/1942Ltn. Wolf Schaller9JG 53Spitfire-18.1Western Front
12/05/1942Ofw. Otto Schmitt5JG 53Spitfire-18.18Western Front
13/05/1942Uffz. Heinz Seggermann6JG 53Spitfire-12.5Western Front
13/05/1942Fw. Herbert Rollwage5JG 53Spitfire1km NW Luqa13.02Western Front
14/05/1942Ltn. Karl-Heinz Quaritsch8JG 53SpitfireLuqa: 2000-1500m9.45Western Front
14/05/1942Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53Spitfire10-15km SW Dingli17.29Western Front
14/05/1942Fw. Walter Kneuer5JG 53Curtiss P-40-9.45Western Front
14/05/1942Uffz. Erich Paczia6JG 53Curtiss P-40-9.46Western Front
14/05/1942Hptm. Helmut Belser8JG 53Spitfire-17.53Western Front
15/05/1942Oblt. Gerhard Michalski4JG 53Spitfire-11.31Western Front
16/05/1942Ltn. Ernst Klager7JG 53Spitfire-11.5Western Front
17/05/1942Ofw. Rudolf Ehrenberger6JG 53Spitfire15-20km NNE La Valetta: 400m8.29Western Front
17/05/1942Uffz. Erich Paczia6JG 53Spitfire-12.29Western Front
17/05/1942Ltn. Hans Märklstetter6JG 53Spitfire-12.3Western Front
18/05/1942Uffz. Gerhard Beitz9JG 53SpitfireSE Malta10.23Western Front
18/05/1942Ltn. Jürgen Harder7JG 53Spitfire25km S. Hal Far: 1200m12.55Western Front
18/05/1942Ofw. Rudolf Ehrenberger6JG 53Spitfire-11.03Western Front
27/05/1942Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53Curtiss P-403km SE El Adem9.1Western Front
27/05/1942Fw. Heinz Herkenhoff9JG 53Curtiss P-40 n.b.3km SE El Adem9.11Western Front
29/05/1942Ltn. Hermann Munzert9JG 53Hurricane20km S. El Adem6.13Western Front
29/05/1942Ofw. Josef Kronschnabel9JG 53Curtiss P-40S. Ain-el-Gazala6.3Western Front
30/05/1942Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53Curtiss P-40SW El Adem14.25Western Front
30/05/1942Ltn. Karl-Heinz Quaritsch9JG 53Curtiss P-40SW El Adem14.58Western Front
30/05/1942Ltn. Jürgen Harder7JG 53Curtiss P-40E. Ain-el-Gazala16.17Western Front
30/05/1942Hptm. Helmut Belser8JG 53Curtiss P-4030km SE Ain-el-Gazala: 1500m14.35Western Front
31/05/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53I-61--Eastern Front
31/05/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53Il-2--Eastern Front
31/05/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53Il-2--Eastern Front
31/05/1942Oblt. Karl Leonhard3JG 53BB-2210km SE Kursk: 50m3.4Eastern Front
31/05/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53I-61-3.45Eastern Front
31/05/1942Oblt. Karl Leonhard3JG 53BB-22S. Poltava3.45Eastern Front
31/05/1942Ofw. Fritz Gammel3JG 53MiG-3-3.45Eastern Front
31/05/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53I-61-3.48Eastern Front
31/05/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53I-61-3.55Eastern Front
31/05/1942Ltn. Rudolf Müller8JG 53Curtiss P-40W. Bir-el-Hammat7.25Western Front
31/05/1942Hptm. Helmut Belser8JG 53Curtiss P-40SW Fort Acroma7.42Western Front
31/05/1942Oblt. Wilfried Pufahl7JG 53Curtiss P-40W. El Adem18.5Western Front
31/05/1942Ltn. Jürgen Harder7JG 53Curtiss P-40W. El Adem18.52Western Front
31/05/1942Ltn. Rudolf Müller8JG 53Curtiss P-4010km SSW Tobruk: 10m [SW Fort Acroma]7.35Western Front
31/05/1942Ltn. Franz Kunz5JG 53Spitfire5km N. La Valetta: 3500m14.1Western Front
31/05/1942Major Erich GerlitzStab III.JG 53Curtiss P-40W. El Adem: 1000m19.08Western Front
01/06/1942Oblt. Karl Quaet-Faslem2JG 53-8.25Eastern Front
01/06/1942Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53Curtiss P-4015km SW Fort Acroma16.3Western Front
01/06/1942Ltn. Heinrich Hesse7JG 53Curtiss P-4030km NW Bir Hacheim18.35Western Front
01/06/1942Ltn. Ernst Klager7JG 53Curtiss P-4015km NW Bir Hacheim18.58Western Front
01/06/1942Ltn. Hans-Volkmar Müller5JG 53Spitfire2km NE Delimara Point: 30m9.57Western Front
01/06/1942Ltn. Karl-Heinz Quäritsch8JG 53SpitfireMeitfel el Chebir: 1500m18.55Western Front
02/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStab I.JG 53Il-2-17.43Eastern Front
03/06/1942Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Müller1JG 53I-61-16.12Eastern Front
03/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStab I.JG 53I-61-16.33Eastern Front
03/06/1942Ltn. Wilhelm Ruge5JG 53Spitfire60km SE Pantelleria10.53Western Front
03/06/1942Uffz. Heinrich Sedlmeier5JG 53Spitfire60km SE Pantelleria10.56Western Front
03/06/1942Uffz. Heinrich Sedlmeier5JG 53Spitfire60km SE Pantelleria11.05Western Front
03/06/1942Oblt. Gerhard Michalski4JG 53Spitfire60km SE Pantelleria11.13Western Front
03/06/1942Ltn. Ernst Klager7JG 53Curtiss P-40-12.2Western Front
03/06/1942Hptm. Helmut Belser8JG 53Curtiss P-40-12.25Western Front
03/06/1942Hptm. Helmut Belser8JG 53Curtiss P-40-12.28Western Front
03/06/1942Ltn. Ewald SchumacherStab II.JG 53Spitfire60-65km SE Pantellaria: 500m11.16Western Front
04/06/1942Oblt. Hans KornatzStab I.JG 53I-61-14.33Eastern Front
04/06/1942Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53I-61-14.37Eastern Front
04/06/1942Ofw. Gerhard Krause1JG 53I-61-14.49Eastern Front
05/06/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53I-61-12.28Eastern Front
05/06/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53I-61-12.34Eastern Front
05/06/1942Ltn. Hans Roehrig3JG 53I-61-12.4Eastern Front
05/06/1942Ltn. Ernst Klager7JG 53Curtiss P-40SW Fort Acroma17.4Western Front
05/06/1942Ltn. Karl-Heinz Quaritsch8JG 53HurricaneSW Fort Acroma17.45Western Front
05/06/1942Fw. Rudolf Schmidt7JG 53Curtiss P-4025km SE Bucht Gazala17.58Western Front
05/06/1942Oblt. Ernst Klager7JG 53Curtiss P-4040km NW Bir Hacheim17.5Western Front
07/06/1942Hptm. Helmut Belser8JG 53Curtiss P-405km SW El Adem16.11Western Front
07/06/1942 n.n.III.JG 53Hurricane--Western Front
07/06/1942 n.n.III.JG 53Hurricane--Western Front
07/06/1942 n.n.III.JG 53Hurricane--Western Front
08/06/1942Ofw. Hans KornatzStab I.JG 53I-617-8km N. Kashernoye: 2000m17.3Eastern Front
08/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStab I.JG 53I-61-17.41Eastern Front
08/06/1942Oblt. Gerhard Michalski4JG 53Spitfire-11.25Western Front
09/06/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53--Eastern Front
09/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStab I.JG 53I-61-16.5Eastern Front
09/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStab I.JG 53I-61-16.54Eastern Front
09/06/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53I-61-17.09Eastern Front
09/06/1942Ofw. Hans KornatzStab I.JG 53Pe-2-17.1Eastern Front
09/06/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Crinius3JG 53Il-2-17.25Eastern Front
09/06/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Crinius3JG 53Il-2-17.3Eastern Front
09/06/1942Ltn. Ernst Klager7JG 53Curtiss P-4020km NW Bir Hacheim7.35Western Front
09/06/1942Ltn. Rudolf Müller8JG 53Curtiss P-40 o.Zg.Bir Hacheim19Western Front
09/06/1942Ltn. Rudolf Müller8JG 53Curtiss P-40 o.Zg.Bir Hacheim19.1Western Front
10/06/1942Ofw. Alfred Franke2JG 53I-61--Eastern Front
10/06/1942Ofw. Alfred Franke2JG 53I-61-15.37Eastern Front
10/06/1942Ofw. Rudolf Ehrenberger6JG 53Spitfire-13.3Western Front
10/06/1942Oblt. Günther Hess6JG 53Beaufort-18.4Western Front
10/06/1942Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53SpitfireN. Bir Hacheim7.5Western Front
10/06/1942Ltn. Karl-Heinz Quaritsch8JG 53Curtiss P-40N. Bir Hacheim7.53Western Front
10/06/1942Ofw. Rudolf Ehrenberger6JG 53Spitfire8km E. Marsa Scirocco: 3500m10.1Western Front
11/06/1942Ltn. Jürgen Harder7JG 53HurricaneW. El Adem16.25Western Front
11/06/1942Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53HurricaneW. El Adem16.4Western Front
12/06/1942Uffz. Helmut Peissert1JG 53I-61-13.25Eastern Front
12/06/1942Ofw. Hans KornatzStab I.JG 53MiG-3-15.08Eastern Front
12/06/1942Ofw. Hans KornatzStab I.JG 53I-61-15.09Eastern Front
12/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStabJG 53I-61-15.45Eastern Front
12/06/1942Ofw. Werner Stümpf9JG 53HurricaneE. El Adem: tiefflug11.3Western Front
13/06/1942Ofw. Gerhard Krause1JG 53U-2-18.4Eastern Front
14/06/1942Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53Hurricane-11.05Western Front
14/06/1942Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53Hurricane-11.06Western Front
14/06/1942Ltn. Jürgen Harder7JG 53Curtiss P-40-11.25Western Front
14/06/1942Hptm. Helmut Belser8JG 53Curtiss P-40-11.45Western Front
14/06/1942Uffz. Hartmut Klötzer7JG 53Curtiss P-40-11.47Western Front
14/06/1942Uffz. Paul Gläser7JG 53HudsonNNE Derna17.05Western Front
14/06/1942Ofw. Alfred Seidl8JG 53Beaufighter110km NNE Derna19.15Western Front
14/06/1942Major Günther Frhr. von MaltzahnStabJG 53HurricanePl.Qu. 8934/03 Ost: [Raum Malta]17.32Western Front
15/06/1942Ofw. Alfred Franke2JG 53--Eastern Front
15/06/1942Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53Beaufighter110km NNE Ras-El-Tir: tiefflug6.16Western Front
15/06/1942Oblt. Erich Beckmann9JG 53Beaufighter110km NNE Ras-El-Tir: tiefflug6.17Western Front
15/06/1942Hptm. Helmut Belser8JG 53Beaufort130km NNE Derna: 5-10m7.28Western Front
15/06/1942Ltn. Dietrich Kasten8JG 53Beaufort130km NNE Derna: 10-15m7.28Western Front
15/06/1942Ofw. Alfred Seidl8JG 53Beaufort130km NNE Derna: 40m7.29Western Front
15/06/1942Hptm. Helmut Belser8JG 53Beaufort130km NNE Derna: 6-8m7.3Western Front
15/06/1942Uffz. Fritz Göhmann8JG 53Beaufort130km NNE Derna: 15m7.31Western Front
15/06/1942Ltn. Dietrich Kasten8JG 53Beaufort130km NNE Derna: 10m7.32Western Front
15/06/1942Ofw. Alfred Seidl8JG 53Beaufort130km NNE Derna: 10m7.34Western Front
15/06/1942Hptm. Helmut Belser8JG 53Beaufort130km NNE Derna: 10m7.38Western Front
15/06/1942Oblt. Gerhard Michalski4JG 53Beaufighter70km SE Pantellaria: 10m10.4Western Front
15/06/1942Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53Beaufighter500m W. Insel Linosa: tiefflug15.15Western Front
15/06/1942Ltn. Fritz Dinger4JG 53Spitfire50km SW Gôzo18.25Western Front
16/06/1942Ltn. Hans Möller6JG 53Spitfire10-15km E. Marsa-Scirocco: 6500m9.46Western Front
16/06/1942Fw. Erich Paczia6JG 53Spitfire10-15km E. Marsa-Scirocco: 6500m9.47Western Front
16/06/1942Fw. Erich Paczia6JG 53Spitfire10-15km E. Marsa-Scirocco: 6500m9.49Western Front
18/06/1942Ofw. Alfred Franke2JG 53--Eastern Front
18/06/1942Ofw. Josef Kronschnabel9JG 53Curtiss P-4015km S. Gambût: tiefflug7.1Western Front
18/06/1942Ltn. Hermann Munzert9JG 53Curtiss P-4020km SW Gambût: 500m7.14Western Front
20/06/1942Ofw. Alfred Franke2JG 53--Eastern Front
21/06/1942Ofw. Alfred Franke2JG 53--Eastern Front
21/06/1942Ltn. Erich Thomas2JG 53DB-3-19.03Eastern Front
21/06/1942Uffz. Gustav Perl2JG 53Il-2-19.07Eastern Front
21/06/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Crinius3JG 53LaGG-3-19.1Eastern Front
21/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStab I.JG 53I-61-19.2Eastern Front
22/06/1942Ltn. Werner Schöw3JG 53LaGG-3-7.35Eastern Front
22/06/1942Ltn. Werner Schöw3JG 53LaGG-3-7.45Eastern Front
23/06/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53R-5-15Eastern Front
23/06/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53R-5-15.05Eastern Front
23/06/1942Ofw. Heinrich Leschert3JG 53DB-3-15.35Eastern Front
23/06/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Crinius3JG 53LaGG-3-18.2Eastern Front
23/06/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Crinius3JG 53R-5-18.4Eastern Front
23/06/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Crinius3JG 53LaGG-3-19.1Eastern Front
24/06/1942Ofw. Alfred Franke2JG 53R-10-3.41Eastern Front
24/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStabJG 53Pe-2-4.2Eastern Front
24/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStabJG 53I-61-9.3Eastern Front
24/06/1942Ltn. Helmut Macher2JG 53LaGG-3-9.32Eastern Front
25/06/1942Ofw. Hans KornatzStab I.JG 53LaGG-3-7.3Eastern Front
25/06/1942Uffz. Heinz Sieg1JG 53R-5-7.39Eastern Front
26/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStabJG 53LaGG-3-5Eastern Front
26/06/1942Ofw. Heinrich Leschert3JG 53Pe-2-7.1Eastern Front
26/06/1942Ltn. Helmut Macher2JG 53Il-2Poscharowo: 20m13.55Eastern Front
26/06/1942Ofw. Alfred Seidl8JG 53Curtiss P-4030km S. Marsa Mâtruh17.45Western Front
26/06/1942Oblt. Ernst Klager8JG 53Hurricane20km SE Marsa Mâtruh10.35Western Front
26/06/1942Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53Blenheim20km SE Sollûm: tiefflug10.3Western Front
27/06/1942Hptm. DommaschkStab I.JG 53Pe-2-3.15Eastern Front
27/06/1942Ofw. Hans KornatzStab I.JG 53Pe-2-3.15Eastern Front
27/06/1942Ofw. Alfred Franke2JG 53MiG-18-10km NNE Schlochigrz: 5m9.16Eastern Front
27/06/1942Oblt. Ernst Klager8JG 53Hurricane8km S. Marsa Mâtruh7.35Western Front
28/06/1942Ltn. Helmut Macher2JG 53MiG-1-3.53Eastern Front
28/06/1942Ofw. Alfred Franke2JG 53MiG-1-4.06Eastern Front
28/06/1942Ofw. Ludwig Reibel1JG 53Pe-2-7.34Eastern Front
28/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStabJG 53LaGG-3-8.1Eastern Front
28/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStabJG 53LaGG-3-8.1Eastern Front
28/06/1942Uffz. Helmut Peissert1JG 53LaGG-3-8.12Eastern Front
28/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStabJG 53LaGG-320km N. Liwny: 1000m12.15Eastern Front
28/06/1942Major Herbert KaminskiStab I.JG 53LaGG-3-12.54Eastern Front
28/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStabJG 53LaGG-3-12.55Eastern Front
28/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStabJG 53LaGG-3-13Eastern Front
28/06/1942Fw. Donnig1JG 53I-16 Rata-14.28Eastern Front
28/06/1942Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Müller1JG 53MiG-1-14.38Eastern Front
28/06/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Crinius3JG 53R-10-18.29Eastern Front
28/06/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53R-10-18.3Eastern Front
28/06/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53R-10E. Schelowa: 250m18.32Eastern Front
28/06/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Crinius3JG 53R-10NE Tschernowa: 1000m18.33Eastern Front
28/06/1942Uffz. Johann Spott2JG 53Il-2-18.55Eastern Front
29/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStabJG 53I-61-12.25Eastern Front
29/06/1942Oblt. Gerhard Michalski4JG 53Spitfire-8.45Western Front
30/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStabJG 53--Eastern Front
30/06/1942Ltn. Joachim LouisStabJG 53--Eastern Front
01/07/1942Ofw. Alfred Franke2JG 53Airacobra-12.01Eastern Front
01/07/1942Ofw. Alfred Franke2JG 53Airacobra-12.08Eastern Front
01/07/1942Oblt. Karl Quaet-Faslem2JG 53Airacobra6km SW Voronezh: 1800m12.2Eastern Front
01/07/1942Fw. Franz Hagedorn2JG 53Il-2-17.25Eastern Front
01/07/1942Ltn. Werner Schöw3JG 53Pe-2-18.37Eastern Front
01/07/1942Ofw. Herbert Rollwage5JG 53SpitfireSt. Paul's Bay14.04Western Front
01/07/1942Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53Hurricane-18.4Western Front
01/07/1942Uffz. Jens Bahnsen8JG 53Curtiss P-404km N. El Ruweisat8.4Western Front
02/07/1942Ltn. Erich Thomas2JG 53--Eastern Front
02/07/1942Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Müller1JG 53MiG-1-6.5Eastern Front
02/07/1942Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Müller1JG 53MiG-1-7Eastern Front
02/07/1942Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53MiG-1-7.1Eastern Front
02/07/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53Pe-2-12.45Eastern Front
02/07/1942Ofw. Ludwig Reibel1JG 53LaGG-3-12.45Eastern Front
02/07/1942Oblt. Gerhard Michalski4JG 53Spitfire15km NE La Valetta: 8000m [10km NE Malta]7.48Western Front
02/07/1942Oblt. Gerhard Michalski4JG 53Spitfire5-8km N. Ta Venezia: 8000m [7-8km E. La Valetta]8.07Western Front
03/07/1942Uffz. Erich Juhls2JG 53Il-21km S. Algonkowo: 100m8.35Eastern Front
03/07/1942Ofw. Hans KornatzStab I.JG 53Il-220km S. Jelej: 10-0m9.4Eastern Front
03/07/1942Oblt. Karl Quaet-Faslem2JG 53Il-225km NNE Schuljansk: 50m13.15Eastern Front
03/07/1942Oblt. Karl Quaet-Faslem2JG 53Il-220km SSW Sadonsk: 10m13.25Eastern Front
03/07/1942Uffz. Gustav Perl2JG 53Il-220km SSW Sadonsk: 10m13.3Eastern Front
03/07/1942Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Müller1JG 53LaGG-33km E. Flughafen Sossue-Obaja: 4000m18.15Eastern Front
03/07/1942Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53LaGG-34km E. Flughafen Sossue-Obaja: 5000m18.2Eastern Front
03/07/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Crinius3JG 53AiracobraS. Walinow: 2600m18.42Eastern Front
03/07/1942Oblt. Karl Leonhard3JG 53Airacobra30km E. Kashornoye: 2500m18.45Eastern Front
03/07/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Crinius3JG 53AiracobraKriwonka: 2500m18.53Eastern Front
04/07/1942Ofw. Heinrich Leschert3JG 53Il-210-15km SE Selmjansk: 450m12.25Eastern Front
05/07/1942Oblt. Werner Langemann10.(Jabo)JG 53Hurricane-8.45Western Front
05/07/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Crinius3JG 53MiG-3E. Voronezh: 2500m7.55Eastern Front
05/07/1942Oblt. Karl Quaet-Faslem2JG 53Boston6km E. Uishni-Kalewskaya: 800m13.17Eastern Front
05/07/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53DB-720km ESE Voronezh: 100m13.2Eastern Front
05/07/1942Ltn. Helmut Macher2JG 53MiG-15km SSW Bahnhof-Malowkoye13.38Eastern Front
05/07/1942Oblt. Karl Quaet-Faslem2JG 53Boston3km E. Bahnhof-Bojewo13.4Eastern Front
05/07/1942Ofw. Heinrich Leschert3JG 53Pe-225km E. Voronezh: 1200m17.5Eastern Front
05/07/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53Pe-210km NE Voronezh: 1000m18.5Eastern Front
05/07/1942Fw. Franz Hagedorn3JG 53Pe-215km SE Voronezh: 100m18.5Eastern Front
06/07/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53LaGG-310km E. Genborody: 1000m7.4Eastern Front
06/07/1942Uffz. Helmut Peissert1JG 53MiG-1300m Fl.Pl. Retkino: 300m7.43Eastern Front
06/07/1942Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53LaGG-330km E. Limony Preizkoye: 1000m7.5Eastern Front
06/07/1942Uffz. Helmut Peissert1JG 53DB-725km SE Limony: tiefflug7.55Eastern Front
06/07/1942Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Müller1JG 53LaGG-3-16.37Eastern Front
06/07/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53LaGG-3-17.23Eastern Front
06/07/1942Fw. Franz Hagedorn3JG 53LaGG-3-17.25Eastern Front
06/07/1942Ofw. Heinrich Leschert3JG 53LaGG-3-17.26Eastern Front
06/07/1942Ofw. Heinrich Leschert3JG 53LaGG-3-17.3Eastern Front
06/07/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53LaGG-3-17.32Eastern Front
06/07/1942Ltn. Erich Thomas2JG 53I-61-19.02Eastern Front
06/07/1942Ofw. Herbert Rollwage5JG 53SpitfireSE-Spitze Gozo7.37Western Front
06/07/1942Ofw. Herbert Rollwage5JG 53Spitfire3km NE La Valetta19.41Western Front
06/07/1942Oblt. Ernst-Albrecht Schultz5JG 53Spitfire-19.49Western Front
06/07/1942Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53Spitfire-12.31Western Front
06/07/1942Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53Spitfire-12.37Western Front
07/07/1942Ofw. Fritz Gammel3JG 53LaGG-3-18.1Eastern Front
07/07/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53LaGG-3-18.15Eastern Front
07/07/1942Ofw. Herbert Rollwage5JG 53Spitfire4km NE Zonqor Point6.47Western Front
07/07/1942Ltn. Fritz Dinger4JG 53Spitfire-6.56Western Front
07/07/1942Uffz. Heinrich Frankenberger4JG 53Spitfire-6.59Western Front
07/07/1942Ltn. Hans-Jürgen FrodienStab II.JG 53Spitfire-8.51Western Front
07/07/1942Oblt. Ernst-Albrecht Schultz5JG 53Spitfire-10.48Western Front
07/07/1942Ltn. Karl-Heinz PreuStabJG 53Spitfire-6.48Western Front
07/07/1942Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53Spitfire-10.47Western Front
08/07/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Crinius3JG 53Boston--Eastern Front
08/07/1942Oblt. Klaus Quaet-Faslem2JG 53--Eastern Front
08/07/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Crinius3JG 53Boston-4.46Eastern Front
08/07/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53MiG-3-7.15Eastern Front
08/07/1942Ofw. Gerhard Krause1JG 53I-61-8.3Eastern Front
08/07/1942Ofw. Gerhard Krause1JG 53I-61-8.35Eastern Front
08/07/1942Ofw. Ludwig Reibel1JG 53Pe-2bei Grijaswje: 500m8.37Eastern Front
08/07/1942Uffz. Wilhelm Crinius3JG 53BostonPodgornoye: 1000m8.5Eastern Front
08/07/1942Oblt. Klaus Quaet-Faslem2JG 53Il-2-11.22Eastern Front
08/07/1942Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Müller1JG 53Il-2-11.37Eastern Front
08/07/1942Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Müller1JG 53Il-2-11.43Eastern Front
08/07/1942Oblt. Gerhard Michalski4JG 53Spitfire-6.48Western Front
08/07/1942Ofw. Herbert Rollwage5JG 53Spitfire1km S. Birzebugia11.32Western Front
08/07/1942Uffz. Egbert Willenbrink5JG 53Spitfire-11.33Western Front
08/07/1942Oblt. Gerhard Michalski4JG 53Spitfire-11.35Western Front
08/07/1942Fw. Erich Paczia6JG 53Spitfire-11.36Western Front
09/07/1942Ltn. Helmut Macher2JG 53Pe-2-6.49Eastern Front
09/07/1942Uffz. Helmut Peissert1JG 53LaGG-3-11.05Eastern Front
09/07/1942Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53Il-2-11.15Eastern Front
09/07/1942Uffz. Otto Ruß4JG 53Spitfire-12.22Western Front
09/07/1942Ltn. Hans Möller6JG 53Spitfire-19.21Western Front
09/07/1942Ofw. Herbert Rollwage5JG 53Spitfire7km SW Dingli19.25Western Front
09/07/1942Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53Spitfire-12.2Western Front
10/07/1942Ltn. Fritz Dinger4JG 53Spitfire-10.41Western Front
10/07/1942Uffz. Heinrich Frankenberger4JG 53Spitfire-10.5Western Front
11/07/1942Ltn. Werner Schöw3JG 53Boston-3.2Eastern Front
11/07/1942Ltn. Werner Schöw3JG 53Boston-3.23Eastern Front
11/07/1942Ofw. Gerhard Krause1JG 53Boston-3.21Eastern Front
11/07/1942Oblt. Klaus Quaet-Faslem2JG 53I-61-9.54Eastern Front
11/07/1942Ofw. Heinrich Leschert3JG 53Boston-3.15Eastern Front
11/07/1942Ltn. Karl-Heinz PreuStabJG 53Spitfire-18.12Western Front
12/07/1942Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53Pe-2-6.03Eastern Front
12/07/1942Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Müller1JG 53Boston-9.05Eastern Front
12/07/1942Ltn. Wolf Schaller9JG 53Curtiss P-4025km SSE El Alamein18.25Western Front
12/07/1942Ofw. Alfred Seidl8JG 53Curtiss P-4050km S. El Alamein18.28Western Front
13/07/1942Ltn. Fritz Dinger4JG 53Spitfire5-10km S. Kalafrana: 8000m13.3Western Front
14/07/1942Ofw. Herbert Rollwage5JG 53Spitfire12km W. Zonqor Point10.25Western Front
14/07/1942Ofw. Rudolf Ehrenberger6JG 53Spitfire-10.26Western Front
14/07/1942Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53Spitfire5km ENE Zonqor Point [5km ESE La Valetta]10.32Western Front
17/07/1942Major Erich GerlitzStab III.JG 53SpitfireNE El Alamein10.33Western Front
17/07/1942Ofw. Werner Stumpf9JG 53SpitfireNE El Alamein11.08Western Front
18/07/1942Ltn. Franz SchiehsStabJG 53Spitfire5km N. La Valetta: 4000m14.33Western Front
20/07/1942Uffz. Kurt Zielke8JG 53Curtiss P-40El Daba9.45Western Front
20/07/1942Ltn. Dietrich Kasten8JG 53Curtiss P-40El Daba9.45Western Front
22/07/1942Oblt. Franz Götz9JG 53Spitfire-9Western Front
23/07/1942Fw. Alfred Seidl8JG 53Curtiss P-4030km SW El Alamein14.2Western Front
23/07/1942Fw. Alfred Seidl8JG 53Curtiss P-40 o.Zg.SW El Alamein-Western Front
24/07/1942Uffz. Kurt Zielke8JG 53Curtiss P-40El Hamman14.2Western Front
25/07/1942Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53Il-2-9Eastern Front
25/07/1942Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53Il-2-9.12Eastern Front
25/07/1942Uffz. Helmut Peissert1JG 53Il-2-9.03Eastern Front
25/07/1942Uffz. Helmut Peissert1JG 53Il-2-9.17Eastern Front
25/07/1942Ofw. Gerhard Krause1JG 53I-15-10.3Eastern Front
26/07/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53LaGG-3-4.25Eastern Front
26/07/1942Oblt. Wolfgang Tonne3JG 53Pe-2-10.35Eastern Front
26/07/1942Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Müller1JG 53LaGG-3-8.43Eastern Front
26/07/1942Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Müller1JG 53LaGG-3-8.45Eastern Front
26/07/1942Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Müller1JG 53LaGG-3-8.47Eastern Front
26/07/1942Ltn. Werner Schöw3JG 53MiG-1-8.44Eastern Front
26/07/1942Ltn. Werner Schöw3JG 53MiG-1-8.46Eastern Front
26/07/1942Ofw. Gerhard Krause1JG 53MiG-1-8.42Eastern Front
26/07/1942Uffz. Marian Mazurek1JG 53MiG-1-8.47Eastern Front
26/07/1942Ltn. Walter Zellot1JG 53MiG-1-8.56Eastern Front
26/07/1942Uffz. Helmut Peissert1JG 53I-16 Rata-8.58Eastern Front
26/07/1942Uffz. Heinz Sieg1JG 53MiG-1-9Eastern Front
26/07/1942Ofw. Heinrich Leschert3JG 53Pe-2-12.42Eastern Front
26/07/1942Uffz. Erwin Meier2JG 53LaGG-3-13.32Eastern Front
26/07/1942Ltn. Helmut Macher2JG 53LaGG-3-13.42Eastern Front
26/07/1942Ofw. Alfred Franke2JG 53LaGG-3-13.43Eastern Front
26/07/1942Ltn. Erich Thomas2JG 53LaGG-3-13.51Eastern Front
26/07/1942Ltn. Erich Thomas2JG 53LaGG-3-13.57Eastern Front
26/07/1942Ltn. Werner Schöw3JG 53LaGG-3-14.33Eastern Front
27/07/1942Uffz. Gustav Perl2JG 53I-15Fl.Pl. Romanskaya6.13Eastern Front
27/07/1942Fw. Franz Hagedorn3JG 53<