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Founded : August 1939
Country : Germany
Fate :

Jagdgeschwader 51 Mölders was a Luftwaffe fighter wing during World War II, named after the fighter ace Werner Mölders in 1942. JG 51's pilots won more Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes than any other Jagdgeschwader, and flew combat from 1939 in all major theatres of war. Flying Bf 109s and then FW 190s, the wing claimed over 8,000 air victories. Experten included 'Toni' Hafner, Heinz Bär, Richard Leppla, Karl-Gottfried Nordmann, Günther Schack and the legendary Mölders.

Formed in August 1939, and commanded by 48-year-old World War I ace Onkel Theo Osterkamp, the early months of the war JG 51 was based in the West, fighting in the French campaign, and in the Battle of Britain. From late June to mid July JG 51 was the only fighter Geschwader engaged against the RAF constantly. During the whole battle JG 51 lost 68 pilots, the highest casualty rate of the Luftwaffe fighter units engaged. JG 51 was one of the two Geschewader that had four Gruppen. The other being JG 1.

Four Bf 109 of JG 51 in France 1940Whilst based out of the Belgian airfield at Mardyik in late 1940, the German ace Josef "Pips" Priller was a Staffelkapitän with JG 51, flying Bf 109-E "Yellow One". Josef Priller went on to score over 100 victories, the third highest scoring Luftwaffe day fighter ace on the Western Front, fighting solely against the Western Allies.

Against the Western Allies JG 51 had claimed 345 aircraft destroyed by May 1941. JG 51 were therefore one of the Jagdwaffe's elite units, with 'top ten' aces at this time including Werner Mölders with 68 claims, Walter Oesau with 34 claims, and Hermann-Friedrich Joppien with 31. Major Werner Mölders became unit Geschwaderkommodore during July 1940 and led the unit into the invasion of Russia in June 1941.

Barbarossa (1941)

Claiming 69 kills on the first day of the offensive, by 30 June 1941 JG 51 became the first fighter Geschwader to claim 1,000 air victories (113 kills in 157 sorties were claimed for the day). On 24 June JG 51 claimed 57 bombers shot down for the day. Mölders became the first fighter pilot to reach 100 claims in August and in the same month JG 51's Oberfeldwebel Heinz Bär reached 60 claims and was decorated with the Oak Leaves. A total of 500 Soviet claims was reached on 12 July 1941, although 6 pilots had been lost by JG 51 in the intervening 3 weeks since the offensive had started.

After Mölders' departure in September 1941 (and death later that year) the Geschwader adopted his name as a title of honor in early 1942. Jagdgeschwader 51 Mölders was to remain on the centre sector of the Russian front throughout the rest of 1941. However Oberstleutnant Friedrich Beckh ( one of the few fighter pilots to wear spectacles) proved an uncharismatic commander after Mölders, and it was not until Major Karl-Gottfried Nordmann took over in April 1942 that a worthy successor to Mölders was found. In the period 22 June - 5 December 1941 the unit destroyed 1,881 Soviet aircraft, in return for 84 losses in aerial combat and a single aircraft on the ground.

Air support for the Wehrmacht's Army Group Centre was entrusted to General Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen's VIII. Fliegerkorps. In early January 1942, among the fighter units available to von Richthofen were II, III and IV/ JG 51. With the onset of the sub-zero conditions of the Russian winter, the majority of JG 51's available aircraft became grounded.

The Russian winter counter offensive forced III./ JG 51 into flying numerous fighter-bomber operations in direct support of the infantry, and the gruppe filed few aerial 'kill' claims through January 1942. II./ JG 51 however, accounted for most of VIII. Fliegerkorps's aerial victories during the Soviet offensive. Particularly successful was the duo of Lt. Hans Strelow and Ofw. Wilhelm Mink, both of 5. JG 51. They claimed five MiG-3s of 16 IAP on 4 January (Mink claimed three) and 9 days later Mink claimed a Pe-2 and Strelow destroyed two R-Z biplanes for his 30th and 31st victories. On 4 February, Strelow increased his victories to 36 by shooting down four Russian aircraft. The 19 year-old Strelow claimed his 40th victory on 28 February and claimed 4 victories on both 6 March and 17 March. The next day he was awarded the Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes and also shot down seven Soviet aircraft. He was awarded the Eichenlaub on 24 March, his claims total at 66.

Normandy (1944)

7./JG 51, (with Bf 109G-6's) was attached to II./JG 1 in May 1944 from Brest-Litovsk, with pilots arriving at Störmede late in May and hurriedly converting to the FW-190. (It was later renamed 8./JG 1 on 15 August 1944 when the four-Staffeln Gruppe became standard) 7. Staffel was led by Ritterkreuzträger (Knight's Cross winner) Hptm. Karl-Heinz Weber with 136 confirmed kills. Its two other experten were Lt. Friedrich Krakowitzer (23 kills) and Ofhr. Günther Heckmann with 12 kills.

7./JG 51 joined II. Gruppe with 15 pilots on strength at the end of May, and during the first two months of the Normandy campaign the staffel was decimated, with twelve pilots killed, one POW and one severely wounded.

As the war turned against Germany JG 51 was forced to operate closer and closer to Germany, finally staging out of East Prussia.


Latest JG51 Artwork Releases !
 The Spitfires of 54 Squadron, quickly scrambled from nearby Hornchurch, clash with the Me109s from 1./JG51 over Kent.  Below, Me110s from KPRG210 are about to receive unwelcome attention as the rest of the Spitfires hurtle down upon them and in the distance, a group of Hurricanes rip through a dense formation of Do17s from KG76 as they struggle back to France.  What clouds there are will be unlikely to give much sanctuary and, for the onlookers on the ground far below, the skies will soon be filled with weaving trails of smoke and debris. For nearly a week the Luftwaffe had thrown everything they had into the attack on southern England in order to annihilate RAF Fighter Command, in preparation for Operation Sealion, the invasion of Britain.  And, heavily outnumbered, the young RAF Spitfire and Hurricane pilots of Fighter Command had so far repelled them, at a cost.  But on Sunday 18 August 1940, the Germans launched the heaviest formations of aircraft seen in the battle so far.  This was to be a grinding day of relentless assaults on the airfields of southern England, the hardest day of the Battle of Britain.
Valiant Response by Robert Taylor.
 In just six weeks Hitler's forces had overrun western Europe as once proud armies swiftly fell before the might of the German blitzkrieg.  It was a devastating defeat, and now only Britain stood alone.  Few thought she could survive.  As Churchill pledged that Britain <i>would never surrender</i>, a German invasion seemed inevitable.  But before any invasion could take place the Luftwaffe must neutralise the RAF and win control of the skies over southern England.  Awaiting them was a small but resilient band of young men, the pilots of RAF Fighter Command.  First the Germans attacked the coastal convoys, hoping to draw the RAF en-masse into battle.  They failed.  And then on 12th August, they turned their full attention to the forward fighter bases and radar stations, hoping to obliterate them once and for all.  From Norway in the north, through the Low Countries and northern France to Brittany in the west, the Luftwaffe threw every available aircraft into the attack.  For the young men of Fighter Command the next seven days of fighting would leave them exhausted and all but spent.  They were to be the hardest days of the Battle of Britain, culminating on Sunday 18th August.  This painting recreates a moment on that day as Heinz Bar, the Luftwaffe's top-scoring NCO Ace of the Battle of Britain and one of the greatest Aces in history, climbs away from his airfield near Calais with the other pilots of 1./JG51 to escort the Dornier Do17s of KG76 for yet another deadly attack on the RAF.  Away in the distance, Me110s from EPRG210 also prepare to join the epic encounters that lie ahead.
Air Armada by Robert Taylor.
 The top scoring ace of JG.51, Anton Hafner is credited with 204 confirmed victories.  A prolific scorer, on 8th August 1944, he shot down no fewer than seven Russian Sturmoviks and, by October of that year, his overall tally had exceeded 200.  He died in combat with a Yak 7, his 204th victim, when his aircraft hit a tree. He is shown here in Messerschmitt Bf.109G-6 442013 <i>Black 1</i>.

Anton Hafner by Ivan Berryman.
 The Junkers Ju87 Sturzkampfbomber, known to the British simply as the Stuka, had already acquired a deadly reputation across Europe, its siren screaming as the ungainly dive-bomber struck terror into the hearts of those below. In 1940 its pilots crossed the Channel with their grim-looking aircraft to terrorise the southern towns and ports of England. Robert Taylors painting Open Assault, depicts Hurricanes of 501 Squadron attacking a force of Ju87 Stukas as they dive-bomb naval vessels and installations in the port of Dover on 29 July 1940. High explosive bombs detonate within the sheltered anchorage as escorting Bf109s from JG51 race in to protect their lumbering charges. Four Stukas and two Me109s are despatched, for the loss of just one RAF aircraft.

Open Assault by Robert Taylor.

JG51 Artwork Collection
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Open Assault by Robert Taylor.

Anton Hafner by Ivan Berryman.

Air Armada by Robert Taylor.

Valiant Response by Robert Taylor.

Aces for : JG51
A list of all Aces from our database who are known to have flown with this squadron. A profile page is available by clicking the pilots name.
Heinz Bar220.00The signature of Heinz Bar features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Hermann Graf212.00The signature of Hermann Graf features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Anton Hafner204.00
Joachim Brendel189.00
Gunther Josten178.00
Gunther Schack174.00The signature of Gunther Schack features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Kurt Tanzer143.00
Horst-Gunther von Fassong137.00
Karl-Heinz Weber136.00
Joachim Muncheberg135.00The signature of Joachim Muncheberg features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Walter Oesau133.00
Adolf Borchers132.00The signature of Adolf Borchers features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Gerhard Hoffmann125.00
Heinz Marquardt121.00The signature of Heinz Marquardt features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Erich Leie118.00
Franz-Josef Beerenbrock117.00The signature of Franz-Josef Beerenbrock features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Werner Molders115.00The signature of Werner Molders features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Bernhard Vechtel108.00
Viktor Bauer106.00
Hartmann Grasser103.00
Josef Priller101.00
Diethelm von Eichel-Streiber96.00
Heinrich Hofemeier96.00
Rudolf Resch95.00
Heinrich Klopper94.00
Oskar Romm92.00
Josef Jennewein86.00
Peter Kalden84.00
Horst Haase82.00
Hermann Lucke81.00
Rudolf Wagner81.00
Otto Wurfel79.00
Georg-Peter Eder78.00
Heinrich Krafft78.00
Karl-Gottfried Nordmann78.00
Maximilian Mayerl76.00
Edwin Thiel76.00
Otto Gaiser74.00
Anton Lindner73.00
Otto Schultz73.00
Wilhelm Mink72.00
Karl-Heinz Schnell72.00
Hermann-Friedrich Joppien70.00The signature of Hermann-Friedrich Joppien features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Heinz Lange70.00The signature of Heinz Lange features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Helmut Ruffler70.00The signature of Helmut Ruffler features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Ernst Weismann69.00
Kurt Dombacher68.00
Herbert Huppertz68.00
Richard Leppla68.00
Fritz Losigkeit68.00The signature of Fritz Losigkeit features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Hans Strelow68.00
Otto Tange68.00
Hubert Strassl67.00
Erwin Fleig66.00
Bernd Gallowitsch64.00
Walter Borchers63.00
Heinrich Hoffmann63.00
Hermann Staiger63.00
Wilhelm Hubner62.00
Hannes Trautloft61.00The signature of Hannes Trautloft features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Hans-Ekkehard Bob60.00The signature of Hans-Ekkehard Bob features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Alfred Rauch60.00
Walther Wever60.00
Herbert Friebel58.00
Heinrich Dittlmann57.00
Edmund Wagner57.00
Herbert Bareuther56.00
Helmut Schonfelder56.00
Erich Hohagen55.00
Gabriel Tautscher55.00
Kurt Knappe54.00
Heinz Leber54.00
Herbert Puschmann54.00
Franz Barten53.00
Fritz Lueddecke50.00
Karl Willius50.00
Friedrich Beckh48.00
Oskar Zimmermann48.00
Wolfgang Bowing-Treuding46.00
Erwin Laskowski46.00
Karl Rammelt46.00
Wilhelm Kuken45.00
Gerhard Schopfel45.00The signature of Gerhard Schopfel features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Wilhelm Moritz44.00
Richard Quante44.00
Gerhard Schneider41.00
Bernhard Lausch39.00
Georg Seelmann39.00
Fritz Stendel39.00
Josef Gabl38.00
Theo Osterkamp38.00
Klaus Neumann37.00
Elias Kuhlein36.00
Herbert Wehnelt36.00The signature of Herbert Wehnelt features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Walter Stengel34.00
Horst Tietzen34.00
Martin Ulbrich33.00
Joachim Hacker32.00
Hermann Segatz31.00
Erich Barz30.00
Josef Fozo30.00
Ralph Furch30.00
Joachim Hamer30.00
Friedrich Heimann30.00
Helmut Pfuller28.00
Hans Kolbow27.00
Horst Petzschler27.00
Johann Knauth26.00
Franz-Josef Zoufahl26.00
Fritz Liebelt25.00
Arnold Lignitz25.00
Karl Stadeck25.00
Gunther Stedtfeld25.00
Horst Walther25.00
Hans Keller24.00
Heinz Busse22.00
Robert Fuchs22.00
Friedrich Simon22.00
Hans-Joachim Steffens22.00
Friedrich Schelker22.00The signature of Friedrich Schelker features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Erich Gerlitz20.00
Gunther Heckmann20.00
Harald Jung20.00
Gerhard Schwarz20.00
Georg Seidel20.00
Ernst Scheufele18.00The signature of Ernst Scheufele features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Heinz Schumann18.00
Georg Claus18.00
Friedrich Eberle17.00
Heinz Radlauer15.00
Gottfried Schlitzer14.00
Heinz Tornow12.00
Wilhelm Hachfeld11.00
Gunther Rubell11.00
Leander Mayer11.00
Franz Willinger10.00
Helmut Lohoff10.00
Ernst Terry9.00
Wilfried Balfanz9.00
Wilhelm Gasthaus9.00
Karl Schmid9.00
Michael Sonner9.00
Johannes Buttner8.00
Hans Dieter John8.00
Werner Hubner7.00
Heinz-Günter Fleischhacker7.00
Karl Führing7.00
Arthur Dau7.00
Hermann Kohl6.00
Hans-Karl Keitel6.00
Egon Falkensamer5.00
Aircraft for : JG51
A list of all aircraft known to have been flown by JG51. A profile page including a list of all art prints for the aircraft is available by clicking the aircraft name.


Click the name above to see prints featuring Fw190 aircraft.

Manufacturer : Fokke-Wulf
Production Began : 1940
Retired : 1945


The Focke-Wulf 190 development project began in 1937. Conceived as a hedge against total dependence on the Messerchmitt 109, the 190 was designed by Kurt Tank utilizing a radial engine. This was against generally accepted design criteria in Germany, and many historians believe that the decision to produce a radial engine fighter was largely due to the limited manufacturing capacity for in-line, water-cooled engines which were widely used on all other Luftwaffe aircraft. Despite these concerns, Tanks design was brilliant, and the 190 would become one of the top fighter aircraft of WWII. The first prototype flew in mid-1939. The aircraft had excellent flying characteristics, a wonderful rate of acceleration, and was heavily armed. By late 1940 the new fighter was ordered into production. Nicknamed the butcher bird, by Luftwaffe pilots, early 190s were quite successful in the bomber interceptor role, but at this stage of the war many Allied bombing raids lacked fighter escort. As the war dragged on, Allied bombers were increasingly accompanied by fighters, including the very effective P-51 Mustang. The Allies learned from experience that the 190s performance fell off sharply at altitudes above 20,000 feet. As a result, most Allied bombing missions were shifted to higher altitudes when fighter opposition was likely. Kurt Tank had recognized this shortcoming and began working on a high-altitude version of the 190 utilizing an in-line, water-cooled engine. Utilizing a Jumo 12-cylinder engine rated at 1770-HP, and capable of 2,240-HP for short bursts with its methanol injection system, the 190D, or Long Nose or Dora as it was called, had a top speed of 426-MPH at 22,000 feet. Armament was improved with two fuselage and two wing mounted 20mm cannon. To accommodate the changes in power plants the Dora had a longer, more streamlined fuselage, with 24 inches added to the nose, and an additional 19 inches added aft of the cockpit to compensate for the altered center of gravity. By mid 1944 the Dora began to reach fighter squadrons in quantity. Although the aircraft had all the right attributes to serve admirably in the high altitude interceptor role, it was not generally focused on such missions. Instead many 190Ds were assigned to protect airfields where Me-262 jet fighters were based. This was due to the latter aircrafts extreme vulnerability to Allied attack during takeoff and landing. The 190Ds also played a major role in Operation Bodenplatte, the New Years Day raid in 1945 which destroyed approximately 500 Allied aircraft on the ground. The High Command was impressed with the 190Ds record on this raid, and ordered most future production of the Doras to be equipped as fighter-bombers. In retrospect this was a strategic error, and this capable aircraft was not fully utilized in the role for which it was intended.


Click the name above to see prints featuring Me109 aircraft.

Manufacturer : Messerschmitt
Production Began : 1937
Retired : 1945
Number Built : 33984


Willy Messerschmitt designed the BF109 during the early 1930s. The Bf109 was one of the first all metal monocoque construction fighters with a closed canopy and retractable undercarriage. The engine of the Me109 was a V12 aero engine which was liquid-cooled. The Bf109 first saw operational service during the Spanish Civil War and flew to the end of World War II, during which time it was the backbone of the Luftwaffe fighter squadrons. During the Battle of Britian the Bf109 was used in the role of an escort fighter, a role for which it was not designed for, and it was also used as a fighter bomber. During the last days of May 1940 Robert Stanford-Tuck, the RAF ace, got the chance to fly an Me109 which they had rebuilt after it had crash landed. Stanford-Tuck found out that the Me109 was a wonderful little plane, it was slightly faster than the Spitfire, but lacked the Spitfire manoeuvrability. By testing the Me109, Tuck could put himself inside the Me109 when fighting them, knowing its weak and strong points. With the introduction of the improved Bf109F in the spring of 1941, the type again proved to be an effective fighter during the invasion of Yugoslavia and during the Battle of Crete and the invasion of Russia and it was used during the Siege of the Mediteranean island of Malta. The Bf109 was the main fighter for the Luftwaffe until 1942 when the Fw190 entered service and shared this position, and was partially replaced in Western Europe, but the Me109 continued to serve on the Eastern Front and during the defence of the Reich against the allied bombers. It was also used to good effect in the Mediterranean and North Africa in support of The Africa Korps. The Me109 was also supplied to several German allies, including Finland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovakia. The Bf109 scored more kills than any other fighter of any country during the war and was built in greater numbers with a total of over 31,000 aircraft being built. The Bf109 was flown by the three top German aces of the war war. Erich Hartmann with 352 victories, Gerhard Barkhorn with 301 victories and Gunther Rall with 275 kills. Bf109 pilots were credited with the destruction of 100 or more enemy aircraft. Thirteen Luftwaffe Aces scored more than 200 kills. Altogether this group of pilots were credited with a total of nearly 15,000 kills, of which the Messerschmitt Bf109 was credited with over 10,000 of these victories. The Bf109 was the most produced warplane during World War II, with 30,573 examples built during the war, and the most produced fighter aircraft in history, with a total of 33,984 units produced up to April 1945. Bf109s remained in foreign service for many years after World War II. The Swiss used their Bf109Gs well into the 1950s. The Finnish Air Force did not retire their Bf109Gs until March 1954. Romania used its Bf109s until 1955. The Spanish Hispanos flew even longer. Some were still in service in the late 1960s.
Signatures for : JG51
A list of all signatures from our database who are associated with this squadron. A profile page is available by clicking their name.

Heinz Bar
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Heinz Bar

28 / 4 / 1957Died : 28 / 4 / 1957
28 / 4 / 1957Ace : 220.00 Victories
Heinz Bar

Lieutenant Colonel Oskar-Heinz Heinrich Pritzl Bär born 25 May 1913 was a German Luftwaffe flying ace who served throughout World War II in Europe. A flying ace or fighter ace is a military aviator credited with shooting down five or more enemy aircraft during aerial combat. He flew over a thousand combat missions, and fought in all major German theatres of the war, including the Western, Eastern and Mediterranean fronts. On 18 occasions he survived being shot down, and he was credited with 220 aerial victories.

Heinz Bär, a Saxon with a strong accent, joined the Reichswehr in 1934 and transferred to the Luftwaffe in 1935. Serving first as a mechanic, then as a pilot on transport aircraft, he was informally trained as a fighter pilot. He claimed his first aerial victory in September 1939 on the French border. By the end of the Battle of Britain, his tally of victories had increased to 17. Transferred to the Eastern front to participate in Operation Barbarossa, he quickly accumulated further victories, a feat that earned him the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords for 90 aerial victories in February 1942.

During the remainder of World War II, Heinz Bär was credited with 130 other aerial victories, including 16 while flying one of the first jet fighters, the Me 262, an achievement which would normally have earned him the coveted Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds However, Hermann Göring's personal dislike of Bär, coupled with Bär's insubordinate character and lack of military discipline, deprived him of this award. After World War II, Bär continued his career as an aviator and was killed in a flying accident on 28 April 1957 near Braunschweig.

Franz-Josef Beerenbrock
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Franz-Josef Beerenbrock

13 / 12 / 2004Died : 13 / 12 / 2004
13 / 12 / 2004Ace : 117.00 Victories
Franz-Josef Beerenbrock

Born in 1920, Franz-Josef Beerenbrock trained as a pilot in 1939, joining JG51 on the eastern front in March 1941. With 46 victories, he was awarded the Knights Cross on 6th October 1941. By the beginning of August 1942, he was the most successful pilot in JG51, with a total of 102 victories. However, he was himself shot down on 9th November 1943, and was captured. With a final score of 117 victories, he was not repatriated until 1949. Sadly, he died on 13th December 2004.

Major Hans-Ekkehard Bob
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by or with the mounted signature of Major Hans-Ekkehard Bob

12 / 8 / 2013Died : 12 / 8 / 2013
12 / 8 / 2013Ace : 60.00 Victories
Major Hans-Ekkehard Bob

After success in the Battle of Britain, Hans-Ekkehard Bob took over leadership of 9./JG54 in 1940. The following year he was awarded the Knights Cross. Transferring to the Eastern Front his victories rose steadily to 50 by September 1942. His Group later transferred back to the West for a short period, where in April 1943, he rammed a B-17 Fortress. Returning to the Eastern Front as Kommander of IV./JG3, he ended the war as Adjutant of Gallands JV44 in the West. In his 700 missions he scored 60 victories.

Hans-Ekkehard Bob signing the print - JV44 Kette of Swallows - by Graeme Lothian.

Adolf Borchers
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by or with the mounted signature of Adolf Borchers

9 / 2 / 1996Died : 9 / 2 / 1996
9 / 2 / 1996Ace : 132.00 Victories
Adolf Borchers

Adolf Borchers was born on 10th February 1913 in Wendhausen near Lunesburg. In the autumn of 1938 he was in the Legion Condor. He was transferred to JG51 where he flew in the Polish and Western campaign and in the Battle of Britain, during which he scored five victories. By the end of 1941 his score stood at 23. In October 1942 he was promoted to Officer and named squadron leader of 11./JG51. By the end of 1942 his score stood at 38. On 7th May 1943 he scored his 44th to 49th victories. A short time later he was awarded the Knights Cross for 78 victories. He was then neamd Commander of 1./JG52 on 11th June 1944 and on 24th July that year he scored his 110th victory. His 118th victory came on 2nd September, the same time the 10,000th victory of JG52 was recorded. Erci hHartmann took over 1./JG52 on 1st February 1945 and Borchers was appointed Commander of iii./JG52. He was bitterly disappointed at being replaced by this youngster and carried that resentment to the grave. Borchers flew approximately 800 missions and had 132 victories, including 5 in the west. He was the 53rd ranking ace in Germany. Adolf Borchers died 9th February 1996.

Feldwebel Erich Brunotte
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Feldwebel Erich Brunotte
Feldwebel Erich Brunotte

Born in 1923, Erich Brunotte joined the Luftwaffe and started immediate pilot training in June 1941. He flew on the Eastern Front with 1./Gruppe Nauhaufklarungs Geschwader 102, and later transferred to fly with IV./Jagdgeswader 51 Molders, in the 13th Staffel. Promoted to Unteroffizier in December 1944, and Feldwebel in April 1945, he flew most marks of the Bf109, and the Fw190. His very last combat mission was in the Fw Dora 9 on 3rd May 1945 at Flensburg in northen Germany.

Hermann Graf
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by or with the mounted signature of Hermann Graf

11 / 4 / 1988Died : 11 / 4 / 1988
11 / 4 / 1988Ace : 212.00 Victories
Hermann Graf

Hermann Graf, born in October 1912, trained to be a pilot from 1936, and in the summer of 1939 joined 2./JG51. With 9./JG52, Graf was transferred around several European stations, including Greece and Romania, eventually transferring to the Ukraine in August 1941. Claiming his first victory in August 1941, by early 1942 he had scored 45 victories, earning him the Knights Cross on 24th January 1942. Rapidly adding to his victories on the eastern front, Hermann Graf became the first pilot to score over 200 victories, earning the Oak Leaves, Sword and Diamonds to his Knights Cross on 17th May, 19th May and 16th September 1942 respectively. Due to the potential morale loss should such a high scoring Ace be shot down, he was subsequently moved to command a pilot training unit. He was injured after a collision with an American fighter in March 1944, recovering to take command of JG52 once again. finally surrendering his unit in May 1945. His total was 212 victories. Hermann Graf died 11th April 1988.

Major Heinz Lange
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by or with the mounted signature of Major Heinz Lange

26 / 2 / 2006Died : 26 / 2 / 2006
26 / 2 / 2006Ace : 70.00 Victories
Major Heinz Lange

At the outbreak of war Heinz Lange was with I./JG21 scoring his first victory in October 1939. He flew 76 missions in the Battle of Britain with 8./JG54, and never lost a wingman. After flying in the Balkan campaign he took part in the invasion of Russia, scoring 7 victories during the first week. In October 1941 he was given command of 1./JG54 and in 1942 command of 3./JG51. In January 1944 Heinz Lange returned to JG54 to command 1.Gruppe and then back to JG51 where he was appointed Kommodore of JG51 Molders, leading IV./JG51 at the same time. Heinz Lange flew over 628 missions and achieved 70 victories. He was awarded the Knight's Cross. Born 2nd October 1917, died 26th February 2006.

Heinz Lange signing the print - Fighter General - by Graeme Lothian

Heinz Lange with a model of his favourite aircraft.

Oberfeldwebel Heinz Marquardt
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by or with the mounted signature of Oberfeldwebel Heinz Marquardt

19 / 12 / 2003Died : 19 / 12 / 2003
19 / 12 / 2003Ace : 121.00 Victories
Oberfeldwebel Heinz Marquardt

In late 1941 Heinz Marquardt was with a training squadron south of Paris. In August 1943 he was posted to join IV./JG51 in Russia, achieving his first victory two months later. Shot down eight times, he once achieved twelve victories in a single day. Awarded the Knight's Cross in November 1944, he flew a total of 320 missions, and scored 121 victories. Sadly, Heinz Marquardt died 19th December 2003, aged 80.

Heinz Marquardt signing the print - Fighter General - by Graeme Lothian

Heinz Marquardt showing his war medals.

Oberst Werner Molders
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by Oberst Werner Molders

22 / 11 / 1941Died : 22 / 11 / 1941
22 / 11 / 1941Ace : 115.00 Victories
Oberst Werner Molders

At the outbreak of WWII Werner Molders was the most successful German fighter pilot, leading 3./JG53, then III.JG53, on the Western Front. As inspirational fighter leader, he was the first Ace to achieve 20 victories, the first awarded the Knights Cross, and commanded JG51 during the Battle of Britain. With 68 victories in the West, he transferred to Russia, and in July 1941 shot down his 101st enemy aircraft, agains as the first to do so. Promoted as the first General of the Fighter Arm, on 22nd November 1941 travelling to the funeral of Ernst Udet, the plane in which he was a passenger crashed and he was killed. Molders had by then achieved 115 victories, and had been awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves and Diamonds.

Unteroffizier Johannes Oesterhelt
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Unteroffizier Johannes Oesterhelt

Born in August 1925, Johannes Oesterhelt joined the Luftwaffe in July 1943 and was one of the youngest pilots to fly with JG51 Molders. Joining IV./JG51 he flew his first combat mission in January 1945, aged 19, flying with the 13th Staffel against the advancing Russians in the area around the northern city of Danzig, and protecting the retreating German army. He flew against Russian II-2s, Yak-3s, Airacobras, and also against Russian tanks. He scored 2 confirmed air victories before the war ended.

Feldwebel Heinz Radlauer
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Feldwebel Heinz Radlauer

Heinz Radlauer learnt to fly gliders in 1940, aged 17, and joined the Luftwaffe in August 1941. After Fighter School, in June 1944 he was posted to join JG51 Molders then fighting on the Eastern Front near Minsk, scoring his first victory in October of that year. Heinz Radlauer fleew the Bf109G, the Fw190A, and at the end of the war the Fw190D, by which time he had notched up over 100 combat missions, flying his last combat mission on 30th April 1945. Credited with 15 air victories, all on the Eastern Front, he was awarded the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class.

Oberfeldwebel Helmut Ruffler
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21 / 9 / 2001Died : 21 / 9 / 2001
21 / 9 / 2001Ace : 70.00 Victories
Oberfeldwebel Helmut Ruffler

Helmut Ruffler joined 9./JG3 in February 1941 and was soon to prove himself a masterful fighter pilot. His scores began to mount quickly and by the end of 1942 his tally had risen to 50 victories. Surviving being shot down in 1943, he was posted as a much needed fighter instructor but was soon back in the fray - joining 4./JG3 in the home defence of the Reich. In March 1945 he was promoted Staffelfuhrer of 9./JG51. Shot down 5 times during the war, Helmut Ruffler fleww over 690 missions and scored 98 victories. He was awarded the Knight's Cross in December 1942. He died on 21st September 2001.

Captain Gunther Schack
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14 / 6 / 2003Died : 14 / 6 / 2003
14 / 6 / 2003Ace : 174.00 Victories
Captain Gunther Schack

Major Günther Schack was born in Bartenstein, a small town in Eastern Prussia, on 12 November 1917 as the son of Dr. Willy Schack and his wife, Dorothea (maiden name: Nietzki). He studied at the University of Stuttgart and at the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule. In 1937, when he first tried to join the Luftwaffe, he was categorised as wehruntauglich (unsuited for military service) because of a sports injury earlier in his life. Günther Schack resubmitted an application as a volunteer and was accepted into the Luftwaffe on 2 September 1939. After being trained as a fighter pilot, Schack was posted to 7th Staffel of Jagdgeschwader 51. Schack claimed first aerial victory in combat on 23 July 1941 on the Eastern front. Meanwhile, he had been promoted to the rank of Unteroffizier. After his 48th aerial victory, he was ordered back to Germany to serve as a flight instructor and was promoted to Leutnant on 1 January 1943. In mid 1943 he returned back to the Eastern front, now serving in the 9th Staffel of JG 51. He claimed his century mark in aerial combat on 3 September 1943. On 8 December 1943 he was made Staffelkapitän of 9./JG 51. Leutnant Günther Schack was awarded the Oak Leaves to his Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on 20 April 1944 for 133 aerial victories.[2] Schack was then promoted to Hauptmann on 1 July 1944. In December 1944, now a Gruppenkommandeur, in charge of I./JG 51. After this Gruppe was disbanded on 1 May 1945 he briefly was named commander of the 4th Gruppe of Jagdgeschwader 3. By the end of the war, he had scored 174 victories in 780 aerial combats, and was shot down 15 times. Günther Schack died 14 June 2003 in Schmidt near Nideggen he was a German World War II fighter ace who served in the Luftwaffe from 1939 until the end of World War II in 1945. He claimed 174 enemy aircraft shot down, all of them on the Russian front. He survived being shot down 15 times during his 780 combat missions. After the war he lived secluded in the Eifel Mountains, and devoted himself to philosophical research.

Unteroffizier Friedrich Schelker
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14 / 6 / 2003Ace : 22.00 Victories
Unteroffizier Friedrich Schelker

Joining the Luftwaffe in the autumn of 1940, Friedrich Schelker was posted to I./JG52 at Dnepropetrowsk a year later, flying the Me109F. Later when serving with 7./JG51 in the southern sector of Mariupol he was shot down and badly wounded. After hospitalisation, in 1943 he was transferred to fly the Fischler Fil56 Storch. Friedrich served throughout the Eastern Front, in Russia, Rumania and Hungary. He scored 22 victories and was awarded the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class.

Major Gerhard Schopfel
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17 / 5 / 2003Died : 17 / 5 / 2003
17 / 5 / 2003Ace : 45.00 Victories
Major Gerhard Schopfel

Gerhard Schopfel was Staffelkapitan of 9./JG26 at the outbreak of war, and became Kommandeur of III./JG26 in August 1940. In December 1941 he succeeded Adolf Galland as Kommodore of JG26 until Januray 1943. Later, Kommodore of JG4 and JG6. He flew over 700 combat missions, achieving 40 victories, all in the West. He was awarded the Knight's Cross in 1940. Died 17th May 2003.

Gerhard Schopfel and artist Graeme Lothian with the original painting - Fighter General.

Hauptmann Otto Schultz
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Hauptmann Otto Schultz

Otto Schultz flew with II /JG 51 Mölders during the Battle of Britain. He moved to the Eastern Front and gained his first victory on the 22 June 1941. As well as flying missions on the Russian front he also flew missions against Tunisia, Italy, Romania and Hungary. He was awarded his Knights Cross on the 14 March 1943 while at the rank of Oberfeldwebel with 51 victories. He scored 20 victories in Tunisia and went on to become Staffelkapitän of 6/JG 51. Schultz was a very accomplished fighter pilot and often referred to as one of the Luftwaffes fighter experts who on account of their ability and experience managed to survive the entire war completing a vast number of missions. Total of 73 victories, 40 of which scored on the Eastern Front and 8 four engined bombers. Over 800 missions.

Oberleutnant Kurt Schulze
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Oberleutnant Kurt Schulze

After serving with the Air Signals Corps during the Blitzkrieg through the Low Countries and France, Kurt Schulze then flew as a Me110 Wireless Operator over southern Russia, before returning to the west. Here he flew night missions against England in Do217s with I./KG2. In September 1943 he transferred to train as a fighter pilot, and flew 65 missions in Me109s with III./JG5 on the Arctic Front, scoring three victories. In November 1944 he flew in the ill-fated defence of the German battleship Tirpitz. In March 1945 he commanded I./JG51 in the encircled east German city of Danzig, before returning to Norway in May 1945 to command 16./JG5.

Hannes Trautloft
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11 / 1 / 1995Died : 11 / 1 / 1995
11 / 1 / 1995Ace : 61.00 Victories
Hannes Trautloft

Hannes Trautloft is one of the Luftwaffe's great fighter leaders, scoring his first air victory in the Spanish Civil War in August 1936. Returning to Germany in 1937 he joined the national aerobatics team flying the Me109. Soon after the outbreak of World War II, Hannes took command of I./JG20 taking part in the Battle of Britain, before moving to the Balkans as Kommodore of JG54. Now leading the group on the Russian Front, JG54 took part in the heavy fighting, first in the Me109, then the Fw190. In the summer of 1943 Hannes Trautloft joined General Galland's staff. As a 'mutineer' he was sacked by Goering, thus ending an illustrious combat career comprising 550 combat missions and 57 aerial victories. he died 11th January 1995.

General Herbert Wehnelt
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11 / 1 / 1995Ace : 36.00 Victories
General Herbert Wehnelt

Joining the Luftwaffe in 1936, Herbert Wehnelt served first with 2./JG132 Richthofen. During the Battle of Britain he flew with III./JG51 and served in the West until transferring to the Eastern Front in 1943. In 1944 he was with JG West and in 1945, JG106. He was awarded the Iron Cross and scored 36 victories.

Known Victory Claims - JG51









25/09/1939Uffz. Heinz Bär1JG 51Curtiss Hawk 75AWeissenburg/Lauterburg12.3Western Front
25/09/1939Hptm. Douglas Pitcairn1JG 51Curtiss Hawk 75AWeissenburg/Lauterburg12.07Western Front
16/10/1939Hptm. Erich Gerlitz3JG 51Potez-63Heltersberg16.05Western Front
23/11/1939Ltn. Friedrich Eberle1JG 51Morane 406Saarbrücken-Western Front
23/11/1939Ltn. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51Morane 406Zweibrücken15.3Western Front
20/12/1939Fw. Franz Willinger1JG 51Potez-634km S. Pirmasens14.33Western Front
03/03/1940Hptm. Georg Meyer2JG 51Morane 406-12.1Western Front
16/04/1940Oblt. Josef Fözö4JG 51W. Breisach15.55Western Front
20/04/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51Potez 63N. Saarburg11.5Western Front
21/04/1940Fw. Hans JohnII.JG 51SpitfireGrossbettlingen, 36km SE Stuttgart16.55Western Front
10/05/1940Oblt. Richard Leppla3JG 51Fokker D.XXIZevenbergen6.3Western Front
10/05/1940Ltn. Hans Strehl1JG 51Fokker D.XXIRotterdam14.2Western Front
10/05/1940Ltn. Hans Strehl1JG 51Amiot 143Rotterdam14.25Western Front
10/05/1940Ofw. Oskar Sicking1JG 51Fokker D.XXIWaalhaven14.3Western Front
11/05/1940Uffz. Fritz Schreiter3JG 51HurricaneRotterdam18.03Western Front
11/05/1940Oblt. Heinrich Krafft3JG 51HurricaneRotterdam18.08Western Front
11/05/1940Ltn. Ernst TerryStab I.JG 51HurricaneRotterdam18.11Western Front
11/05/1940Ltn. Ernst TerryStab I.JG 51HurricaneRotterdam18.15Western Front
11/05/1940Oblt. Heinrich Krafft3JG 51HurricaneRotterdam18.16Western Front
12/05/1940Fw. Wilhelm Gasthaus4JG 51Mureaux 117E. Zabern17.15Western Front
12/05/1940Oberst Theo OsterkampStabJG 51Fokker G-1Soesterberg-Western Front
18/05/1940Hptm. Georg MayerStab I.JG 51Morane 406Cambrai10.5Western Front
19/05/1940Ofw. Oskar Sicking1JG 51BattleLa Neuville12.1Western Front
19/05/1940Fw. Karl Schmid1JG 51BattleLa Neuville12.15Western Front
20/05/1940Fw. Karl Schmid1JG 51Morane 406Chauny13.25Western Front
21/05/1940Fw. Heinz Bär1JG 51HurricaneSamer16.2Western Front
21/05/1940Uffz. Alois Gschwind3JG 51Morane 406Abbéville8.05Western Front
21/05/1940Oblt. Richard Leppla3JG 51Morane 406Abbéville8.05Western Front
21/05/1940Ltn. Rudolf Busch3JG 51Morane 406Abbéville8.1Western Front
21/05/1940Oblt. Heinrich Krafft3JG 51Morane 406Abbéville8.1Western Front
21/05/1940Oblt. Richard Leppla3JG 51Morane 406Abbéville08.10±Western Front
21/05/1940Fw. Albin Gräf2JG 51CurtissAbbéville-Western Front
21/05/1940Hptm. Douglas Pitcairn1JG 51HurricaneMontreuil16.15Western Front
22/05/1940Ltn. Egon Falkensamer2JG 51HurricaneSt. Omer-Western Front
22/05/1940Ltn. Michael SonnerStab I.JG 51HurricaneAbbéville-Western Front
22/05/1940Oblt. Richard Leppla3JG 51HurricaneAbbéville-Western Front
22/05/1940Oblt. Heinrich Krafft3JG 51CurtissAbbéville-Western Front
22/05/1940Oberst Theo OsterkampStabJG 51HurricaneRoubaix-Western Front
23/05/1940Fw. Heinz Bär1JG 51HurricaneBéthune11.1Western Front
23/05/1940Fw. Josef Oglodek1JG 51HurricaneBéthune11.1Western Front
23/05/1940Ltn. Egon Falkensamer2JG 51BlenheimArras13.25Western Front
23/05/1940Fw. Jakob Schmitt1JG 51BlenheimArras13.25Western Front
23/05/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51DewoitineBéthune16.28Western Front
23/05/1940Hptm. Douglas Pitcairn1JG 51DewoitineArras16.32Western Front
23/05/1940Fw. Karl Schmid1JG 51DewoitineArras-Western Front
24/05/1940Fw. Karl Schmid1JG 51SpitfireCalais18.08Western Front
24/05/1940Fw. Wilhelm Erdniss3JG 51Bloch 152St. Pol18.35Western Front
26/05/1940Ltn. Hans-Otto Lessing5JG 51Potez 63Gimbret11.2Western Front
28/05/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51SpitfireNW Dünkirchen13.07Western Front
28/05/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51HurricaneNW Dünkirchen13.1Western Front
28/05/1940Fw. Arthur Haase6JG 51SpitfireNW Dünkirchen13.09Western Front
28/05/1940Ltn. Hubert Huppertz6JG 51SpitfireNW Dünkirchen13.08Western Front
31/05/1940Oberst Theo OsterkampStabJG 51HurricaneDünkirchen-Western Front
01/06/1940Oberst Theo OsterkampStabJG 51BlenheimDünkirchen-Western Front
02/06/1940Fw. Arthur Haase6JG 51SpitfireSW Dünkirchen21.11Western Front
02/06/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51CurtissSW Dünkirchen21.15Western Front
05/06/1940Fw. Albin Gräf3JG 51CurtissCompiègne14.38Western Front
05/06/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51Bloch 152Bréteuil14.42Western Front
05/06/1940Hptm. Hans-Heinrich BrustellinStab I.JG 51BlenheimBeauvais14.45Western Front
05/06/1940Ltn. Ernst TerryStab I.JG 51BlenheimBeauvais14.52Western Front
06/06/1940Hptm. Douglas Pitcairn1JG 51LeO 451Ham17.08Western Front
06/06/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51LeO 451Ham17.12Western Front
06/06/1940Fw. Karl Schmid1JG 51LeO 451Ham17.13Western Front
06/06/1940Fw. Karl Schmid1JG 51LeO 451Ham17.14Western Front
08/06/1940Ltn. Werner KnittelStab II.JG 51BlenheimAbbéville19.05Western Front
08/06/1940Hptm. Günther MatthesStab II.JG 51BlenheimAbbéville19.05±Western Front
08/06/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51BlenheimAbbéville19.06Western Front
08/06/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51BlenheimAbbéville19.05Western Front
14/06/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51BattleEvreux20.15Western Front
21/06/1940Uffz. Fritz Schreiter3JG 51D.H. RapideN. Texel15.55Western Front
21/06/1940Gefr. Heinz zur Lage3JG 51D.H. RapideN. Texel16.02Western Front
21/06/1940Fw. Albin Gräf3JG 51D.H. RapideN. Texel16.12Western Front
23/06/1940Ltn. Michael Sonner3JG 51BlenheimS. Leeuwarden15.51Western Front
25/06/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51Spitfire8km NW Desvres18.2Western Front
27/06/1940Uffz. Rudolf Delfs5JG 51HurricaneNW Etaples12.45Western Front
27/06/1940Ltn. Hermann Striebel5JG 51HurricaneNW Etaples12.45Western Front
27/06/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51BlenheimS. Dover20.1Western Front
28/06/1940Fw. Werner Hübner4JG 51BlenheimCalais16.27Western Front
02/07/1940Fw. Jakob Schmitt2JG 51Blenheim30km S. Den Helder11.55Western Front
04/07/1940Ltn. Hermann Striebel5JG 51HurricaneNW Dover14.43Western Front
04/07/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51HurricaneNE Dover14.45Western Front
04/07/1940Ltn. Rudolf Busch3JG 51Hudson80km NNW Terschelling/Texel9.07Western Front
04/07/1940Uffz. Heinz zur Lage3JG 51Hudson80km NNW Terschelling/Texel9.07Western Front
05/07/1940Fw. Wilhelm Gasthaus4JG 51BlenheimS. Dungeness-Western Front
05/07/1940Ltn. Erich Hohagen4JG 51SpitfireN. Hythe-Western Front
05/07/1940Ofw. Johann Ilner4JG 51SpitfireW. Le Touquet21.52Western Front
07/07/1940Ltn. Hermann Segatz5JG 51SpitfireSW Dover21.28Western Front
07/07/1940Ltn. Hermann Striebel5JG 51SpitfireS. Hastings21.32Western Front
07/07/1940Ofw. Fritz Beeck6JG 51SpitfireE. Dungeness21.4Western Front
07/07/1940Fw. Eduard Hemmerling6JG 51SpitfireNW Folkestone21.55Western Front
07/07/1940Ltn. Herbert Huppertz6JG 51SpitfireNW Dungeness21.38Western Front
07/07/1940Oblt. Walter Oesau7JG 51Spitfire5km S. Dover14.05Western Front
07/07/1940Ltn. Harald Jung7JG 51Spitfire5km S. Dover14.07Western Front
07/07/1940Ofw. Arthur Dau7JG 51Spitfire6km S. Dover14.09Western Front
07/07/1940Uffz. Robert Fuchs7JG 51Spitfire6km S. Dover14.1Western Front
08/07/1940Oblt. Josef Fözö4JG 51SpitfireN. Dover16.45Western Front
08/07/1940Ltn. Hermann Staiger7JG 51SpitfireNW Cap Gris Nez16.35Western Front
08/07/1940Ltn. Kurt Bildau7JG 51SpitfireNW Cap Gris Nez16.35Western Front
08/07/1940Oblt. Arnold Lignitz9JG 51HurricaneNW Cap Gris Nez16.35Western Front
08/07/1940Hptm. Horst TietzenJG51HurricaneDover15.00Western Front
09/07/1940Fw. Eduard Hemmerling6JG 51BlenheimNW Cap Gris Nez7.55Western Front
09/07/1940Ltn. Erich Hohagen4JG 51SpitfireNE Dover21.45Western Front
09/07/1940Ofw. Johann Ilner4JG 51SpitfireE. Dover-Western Front
09/07/1940Fw. Hans John4JG 51SpitfireE. Dover21.4Western Front
09/07/1940Uffz. Alfred Lenz4JG 51SpitfireDover-Western Front
09/07/1940Uffz. Wolfgang Stocker5JG 51SpitfireNE Margate16.55Western Front
09/07/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51SpitfireNE Margate17Western Front
10/07/1940Oblt. Walter Oesau7JG 51Spitfire5km S. Dover14.39Western Front
10/07/1940Oblt. Walter Oesau7JG 51Spitfire10km S. Dover14.49Western Front
10/07/1940Ofw. Arthur Dau7JG 51Spitfire5km S. Hastings14.44Western Front
10/07/1940Ltn. Erich Hohagen4JG 51SpitfireE. Ramsgate-Western Front
10/07/1940Oblt. Walter Oesau7JG 51SpitfireW. Folkestone15.04Western Front
10/07/1940Uffz. Otto Tange5JG 51SpitfireNW Dover [E. Ramsgate]12.1Western Front
10/07/1940Ltn. Heinz Tornow4JG 51SpitfireE. Ramsgate-Western Front
10/07/1940Ltn. Hans Kolbow9JG 51Spitfire20km SW Dover15.05Western Front
10/07/1940Fw. Gustav Küll8JG 51SpitfireElham12.07Western Front
10/07/1940Fw. Gustav Küll8JG 51SpitfireS. Dover14.45Western Front
10/07/1940Fw. Bernhard Lausch8JG 51Spitfire10km NW Dover12.1Western Front
10/07/1940Oblt. Arnold Lignitz9JG 51SpitfireDover12.2Western Front
10/07/1940Uffz. Robert Fuchs7JG 51SpitfireS. Dover14.41Western Front
10/07/1940Hptm. Horst TietzenJG51SpitfireDover11.05Western Front
11/07/1940Uffz. Kurt Hübel7JG 51BlenheimNW Watten14.25Western Front
11/07/1940Ltn. Hermann Staiger7JG 51Blenheim15km NE Deal19.45Western Front
13/07/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51HurricaneSE Dover19.3Western Front
13/07/1940Oberstltn. Theo OsterkampStabJG 51SpitfireDover-Western Front
13/07/1940Fw. Ernst Buder4JG 51HurricaneSE Dover19.26Western Front
13/07/1940Oblt. Josef Fözö4JG 51Hurricane10km W. Cap Gris Nez19.3Western Front
13/07/1940Oblt. Josef Fözö4JG 51Hurricane10km W. Cap Gris Nez19.26Western Front
13/07/1940Fw. Hans John4JG 51HurricaneSE Dover-Western Front
13/07/1940Ltn. Heinz Tornow4JG 51HurricaneSE Dover-Western Front
13/07/1940Oblt. Arnold Lignitz9JG 51SpitfireS. Dover18.25Western Front
14/07/1940Oblt. Walter Krieger6JG 51HurricaneSE Dover16.35Western Front
14/07/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51HurricaneSE Dover16.25Western Front
14/07/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51HurricaneSE Dover16.1Western Front
18/07/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51Spitfire15km N. Calais10.55Western Front
19/07/1940Ltn. Werner Pichon-Kalau vom HofeStab III.JG 51DefiantS. Folkestone13.43Western Front
19/07/1940Ltn. Werner Pichon-Kalau vom HofeStab III.JG 51DefiantS. Folkestone13.45Western Front
19/07/1940Ltn. Werner Pichon-Kalau vom HofeStab III.JG 51DefiantS. Folkestone13.46Western Front
19/07/1940Ltn. Hans Kolbow9JG 51SpitfireFolkestone16.5Western Front
19/07/1940Oblt. Arnold Lignitz9JG 51SpitfireFolkestone17.05Western Front
19/07/1940Uffz. Maximilian Mayerl8JG 51Spitfire10km S. Dover13.52Western Front
19/07/1940Oblt. Walter Oesau7JG 51DefiantS. Folkestone13.5Western Front
19/07/1940Oblt. Walter Oesau7JG 51HurricaneS. Dover13.55Western Front
19/07/1940Hptm. Hannes TrautloftStab III.JG 51DefiantS. Folkestone13.42Western Front
19/07/1940Oblt. Otto KathStab III.JG 51DefiantS. Folkestone13.43Western Front
19/07/1940Ltn. Herbert WehneltStab III.JG 51DefiantS. Folkestone13.44Western Front
19/07/1940Fw. Jakob Schmitt2JG 51SpitfireS. Dover16.17Western Front
19/07/1940Hptm. Ernst Wiggers2JG 51SpitfireDover17.12Western Front
19/07/1940Fw. Bernhard Lausch8JG 51DefiantS. Folkestone13.45Western Front
19/07/1940Oblt. Arnold Lignitz9JG 51DefiantS. Folkestone13.48Western Front
19/07/1940Ltn. Gottfried Schlitzer8JG 51DefiantS. Folkestone13.5Western Front
19/07/1940Ltn. Heinz SchmidtStab III.JG 51DefiantS. Folkestone13.46Western Front
20/07/1940Ofw. Johann Illner4JG 51Hurricane8km NE Dover-Western Front
20/07/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51Hurricane5km E. Folkestone19.2Western Front
20/07/1940Ltn. Michael Sonner3JG 51SpitfireDover-Western Front
20/07/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51HurricaneSE Dover19.15Western Front
23/07/1940Uffz. Hans Busch8JG 51BlenheimN. Ostende14.5Western Front
25/07/1940Ltn. Hans-Otto Lessing5JG 51SpitfireS. Dover-Western Front
25/07/1940Uffz. Paul Obst5JG 51SpitfireS. Dover-Western Front
25/07/1940Hptm. Walter Oesau7JG 51Spitfire5km S. Dover15.52Western Front
25/07/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51SpitfireDover17.1Western Front
25/07/1940Ofw. Karl Schmid1JG 51SpitfireDover16.04Western Front
25/07/1940Hptm. Ernst Wiggers2JG 51SpitfireDover19.2Western Front
28/07/1940Oblt. Richard Leppla3JG 51SpitfireDover15.3Western Front
28/07/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireDover15.3Western Front
28/07/1940Ofw. Karl Schmid1JG 51SpitfireDover15.15Western Front
29/07/1940Fw. Arthur Haase6JG 51SpitfireN. Dover8.43Western Front
29/07/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51SpitfireN. Dover8.35Western Front
29/07/1940Ofw. Fritz Beeck6JG 51SpitfireN. Dover [W. Cap Gris Nez]-Western Front
29/07/1940Fw. Eduard Hemmerling6JG 51SpitfireW. Cap Gris Nez8.55Western Front
29/07/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51Spitfire5km N. Dover8.4Western Front
29/07/1940Ofw. Karl Schmid1JG 51SpitfireDover-Western Front
29/07/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51SpitfireDover8.25Western Front
29/07/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51SpitfireDover8.28Western Front
29/07/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51SpitfireDover-Western Front
29/07/1940Oblt. Ernst TerryStab I.JG 51SpitfireDover8.4Western Front
29/07/1940 n.n.1JG 51SpitfireDover-Western Front
31/07/1940Fw. Ernst Buder4JG 51SpitfireN. Dover16.56Western Front
31/07/1940Oblt. Josef Fözö4JG 51SpitfireNW Dover16.55Western Front
31/07/1940Ltn. Erich Hohagen4JG 51SpitfireW. Dover16.58Western Front
31/07/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51SpitfireDover16.55Western Front
31/07/1940Ltn. Heinrich Tornow4JG 51SpitfireW. Dover-Western Front
05/08/1940Hptm. Hans-Heinrich BrustellinStab I.JG 51CurtissÄrmelkanal15.25Western Front
05/08/1940Gefr. Paul Limpert7JG 51Spitfire10km SW Dover9.57Western Front
05/08/1940Hptm. Walter Oesau7JG 51Spitfire10km SW Dover9.59Western Front
05/08/1940Ltn. Hermann Staiger7JG 51Spitfire10km SW Dover9.55Western Front
05/08/1940Ltn. Hermann Segatz5JG 51SpitfireN. Cap Gris Nez9.56Western Front
08/08/1940Hptm. Hannes TrautloftStab III.JG 51SpitfireDungeness12.48Western Front
08/08/1940Oblt. Josef Fözö4JG 51SpitfireSE Folkestone12.35Western Front
08/08/1940Oblt. Otto KathStab III.JG 51SpitfireS. Dover12.5Western Front
08/08/1940Uffz. Maximilian Mayerl8JG 51SpitfireDover12.55Western Front
08/08/1940Ltn. Fritz Stendel8JG 51SpitfireSW Dover12.5Western Front
08/08/1940Oblt. Hans Kolbow9JG 51SpitfireSW Dover12.55Western Front
11/08/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51Spitfire-15.13Western Front
11/08/1940Hptm. Ernst Wiggers2JG 51SpitfireDover9.08Western Front
11/08/1940Ofw. Fritz Ströhlein2JG 51SpitfireDover9.03Western Front
11/08/1940Uffz. Erwin Fleig1JG 51SpitfireW. Dover9.1Western Front
11/08/1940Fw. Hans John4JG 51SpitfireSE Dover8.4Western Front
11/08/1940Ltn. Hermann Segatz5JG 51SpitfireDeal9.05Western Front
11/08/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51HurricaneE. Colchester14.48Western Front
11/08/1940Ofw. Johann Ilner4JG 51SpitfireN. Margate14.5Western Front
11/08/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51HurricaneThemesmündung14.5Western Front
11/08/1940Uffz. Otto Steigenberger5JG 51HurricaneE. Clacton-Western Front
11/08/1940Uffz. Rudolf Delfs5JG 51HurricaneThemesmündung-Western Front
11/08/1940Uffz. Alfred Rauch5JG 51HurricaneThemesmündung-Western Front
13/08/1940Hptm. Hans-Heinrich BrustellinStab I.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
14/08/1940Ofw. Arthur Dau7JG 51HurricaneNW Dover14Western Front
14/08/1940Hptm. Walter Oesau7JG 51HurricaneNW Dover13.59Western Front
14/08/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51SpitfireNW Dover13.45Western Front
15/08/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51HurricaneFolkestone12.4Western Front
15/08/1940Ofw. Fritz Beeck6JG 51Hurricaneengl. Küste-Western Front
15/08/1940Hptm. Walter Oesau7JG 51Spitfire5km S. Folkestone12.34Western Front
15/08/1940Hptm. Walter Oesau7JG 51SpitfireS. Folkestone12.32Western Front
15/08/1940Oblt. Arnold Lignitz9JG 51HurricaneS. Folkestone12.4Western Front
15/08/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51HurricaneFolkestone12.41Western Front
15/08/1940Hptm. Ernst Wiggers2JG 51Spitfire-12.5Western Front
15/08/1940Hptm. Hans-Heinrich BrustellinStab I.JG 51Hurricane-16Western Front
15/08/1940Hptm. Ernst Wiggers2JG 51Curtiss-16.05Western Front
15/08/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51Hurricane-16.05Western Front
15/08/1940Oblt. Wilhelm HachfeldStab I.JG 51Hurricane-16.07Western Front
15/08/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51Hurricane--Western Front
15/08/1940Uffz. Rudolf Helber5JG 51HurricaneFolkestone12.4Western Front
15/08/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51HurricaneS. Harwich-Western Front
15/08/1940Uffz. Otto Tange5JG 51HurricaneS. Clacton20.05Western Front
15/08/1940Fw. Heinrich Tornow4JG 51HurricaneE. Burnham on Crouch16.17Western Front
15/08/1940Oblt. Josef Fözö4JG 51HurricaneE. Burnham on Crouch16.17Western Front
15/08/1940Fw. Arthur Haase6JG 51HurricaneE. Clacton16.15Western Front
15/08/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51Hurricane1km E. Clacton16.15Western Front
16/08/1940Hptm. Walter Oesau7JG 51Spitfire20km NW Cap Gris Nez17.35Western Front
16/08/1940Hptm. Walter Oesau7JG 51Spitfire20km NW Cap Gris Nez17.36Western Front
16/08/1940Ofw. Johann Ilner4JG 51HurricaneE. Dover-Western Front
16/08/1940Oblt. Josef Fözö4JG 51HurricaneE. Dover-Western Front
16/08/1940Oblt. Josef Fözö4JG 51HurricaneE. Dover-Western Front
16/08/1940Oblt. Josef Fözö4JG 51SpitfireE. Dover18.05Western Front
16/08/1940Ltn. Erich Hohagen4JG 51SpitfireHerne Bay13.22Western Front
16/08/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51HurricaneE. Canterbury13.25Western Front
16/08/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51SpitfireSW Ramsgate-Western Front
16/08/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51Spitfire10km E. Canterbury13.35Western Front
16/08/1940Fw. Heinrich Tornow4JG 51SpitfireCanterbury18.05Western Front
16/08/1940Ltn. Hans-Otto Lessing5JG 51HurricaneNE London18.1Western Front
16/08/1940Ltn. Hans-Otto Lessing5JG 51HurricaneNE London-Western Front
16/08/1940Ofw. Werner Hübner4JG 51SpitfireCanterbury18.55Western Front
18/08/1940Fw. Heinz Bär1JG 51Hurricane--Western Front
18/08/1940Hptm. Walter Oesau7JG 51Hurricane8km NW Cap Gris Nez18.5Western Front
18/08/1940Ofw. Arthur Dau7JG 51HurricaneS. Canterbury18.36Western Front
18/08/1940Hptm. Walter Oesau7JG 51Hurricane3km S. Canterbury18.37Western Front
18/08/1940Uffz. Karl Willius8JG 51SpitfireSE Ramsgate15.09Western Front
18/08/1940Uffz. Erwin Fleig1JG 51HurricaneCanterbury14.15Western Front
18/08/1940Ltn. Erich Meyer2JG 51Hurricane--Western Front
18/08/1940Ofw. Fritz Ströhlein2JG 51Curtiss-18.38Western Front
18/08/1940Hptm. Horst Tietzen5JG 51HurricaneE. Ramsgate-Western Front
18/08/1940Oblt. Josef Fözö4JG 51HurricaneE. Ramsgate-Western Front
18/08/1940Ltn. Gottfried Schlitzer8JG 51SpitfireE. London15.1Western Front
18/08/1940Ltn. Fritz Stendel8JG 51SpitfireS. London14.32Western Front
18/08/1940Uffz. Walter Harheim8JG 51SpitfireLondon14.32Western Front
18/08/1940Uffz. Maximilian Mayerl8JG 51SpitfireS. London14.36Western Front
18/08/1940Fw. Bernhard Lausch8JG 51SpitfireS. London14.37Western Front
20/08/1940Fw. Heinz Bär1JG 51Spitfire-16.1Western Front
20/08/1940Ltn. Erich Meyer1JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
20/08/1940Uffz. Heinz Dhein2JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
24/08/1940Fw. Heinz Bär1JG 51Hurricane-14.13Western Front
24/08/1940Ltn. Ernst TerryStab I.JG 51Spitfire-9.35Western Front
24/08/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51Spitfire-14.09Western Front
24/08/1940Fw. Josef Oglodek1JG 51Spitfire-14.12Western Front
24/08/1940Oblt. Richard Leppla3JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
24/08/1940Oblt. Josef Fözö4JG 51HurricaneNW Dover9.35Western Front
24/08/1940Fw. Hans John4JG 51SpitfireNW Folkestone11.19Western Front
24/08/1940Ofw. Johann Ilner4JG 51HurricaneE. Ashford11.2Western Front
24/08/1940Gefr. Erich Höhn4JG 51SpitfireFolkestone11.25Western Front
24/08/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51Hurricane7km E. Margate13.55Western Front
24/08/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51Hurricane2km E. Margate14.1Western Front
24/08/1940Ofw. Fritz Beeck6JG 51HurricaneE. Margate13.55Western Front
24/08/1940Fw. Walter Krieger6JG 51HurricaneE. Margate13.55Western Front
24/08/1940Ltn. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51Curtiss P-36-9.4Western Front
24/08/1940 n.n.9JG 51Curtiss P-36--Western Front
24/08/1940Oblt. Arnold Lignitz9JG 51Defiant-14.23Western Front
24/08/1940Oblt. Arnold Lignitz9JG 51Defiant-17.1Western Front
26/08/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireFolkestone12.55Western Front
26/08/1940Ltn. Hans Kolbow5JG 51SpitfireN. Dover13.1Western Front
26/08/1940Ltn. Hans Kolbow5JG 51SpitfireN. Dover-Western Front
26/08/1940Oblt. Richard Leppla3JG 51Spitfire-12.57Western Front
26/08/1940Ltn. Erich Hohagen4JG 51SpitfireCanterbury13.16Western Front
26/08/1940Fw. Hans John4JG 51SpitfireCanterbury13.16Western Front
26/08/1940Ofw. Werner Hübner4JG 51HurricaneCanterbury13.2Western Front
26/08/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51Spitfire5km W. Boulogne18.57Western Front
26/08/1940Oblt. Josef Fözö4JG 51SpitfireCanterbury13.15Western Front
26/08/1940Ltn. Gottfried Schlitzer8JG 51Spitfire-13.45Western Front
28/08/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51CurtissNE Dover10.05Western Front
28/08/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneCanterbury18.25Western Front
28/08/1940Oblt. Georg ClausStabJG 51HurricaneCanterbury18.26Western Front
28/08/1940Uffz. Kurt Koch9JG 51Hurricane-14Western Front
28/08/1940Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51HurricaneCanterbury: 6000m18.1Western Front
28/08/1940Fw. Leonhard Birk9JG 51HurricaneCanterbury18.1Western Front
29/08/1940Fw. Heinz Bär1JG 51Spitfire-20.1Western Front
29/08/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51Spitfire-20.09Western Front
30/08/1940Fw. Georg Pavenzinger2JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
31/08/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneNE Folkestone10.01Western Front
31/08/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneNE Folkestone10Western Front
31/08/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneNE Folkestone10.1Western Front
31/08/1940Oblt. Georg ClausStabJG 51HurricaneNE Folkestone10.11Western Front
31/08/1940Hptm. Ernst Wiggers2JG 51Spitfire-13.55Western Front
31/08/1940Hptm. Ernst Wiggers2JG 51Spitfire-13.56Western Front
31/08/1940Hptm. Ernst Wiggers2JG 51Spitfire-19.14Western Front
31/08/1940Hptm. Ernst Wiggers2JG 51Spitfire-19.15Western Front
31/08/1940Ofw. Fritz Ströhlein2JG 51Spitfire-13.55Western Front
31/08/1940Ofw. Fritz Ströhlein2JG 51Spitfire-13.56Western Front
31/08/1940Ofw. Fritz Ströhlein2JG 51Spitfire-19.18Western Front
31/08/1940Oblt. Richard Leppla3JG 51Hurricane-14.08Western Front
31/08/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51Spitfire-14.1Western Front
31/08/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51Spitfire-14.16Western Front
31/08/1940Uffz. Erwin Fleig1JG 51SpitfireGrays Thurrock14.12Western Front
31/08/1940Ltn. Gottfried Schlitzer8JG 51Hurricane-14.2Western Front
31/08/1940Uffz. Karl Willius8JG 51Hurricane-14.22Western Front
31/08/1940Oblt. Arnold Lignitz9JG 51Hurricane-14.3Western Front
02/09/1940Ltn. Erich Meyer2JG 51Hurricane-9.05Western Front
02/09/1940Fw. Heinz Bär1JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
02/09/1940Ltn. Ernst TerryStab I.JG 51Spitfire-9.05Western Front
02/09/1940Hptm. Ernst Wiggers2JG 51Hurricane-9.05Western Front
02/09/1940Uffz. Erwin Fleig1JG 51Spitfire5km E. Canterbury9.15Western Front
02/09/1940Uffz. Kurt Koch9JG 51Hurricane-8.55Western Front
03/09/1940Oblt. Georg ClausStabJG 51Spitfire--Western Front
03/09/1940Uffz. Kurt Koch9JG 51Spitfire-11.4Western Front
04/09/1940Oblt. Richard Leppla3JG 51Spitfire-10.3Western Front
04/09/1940Ltn. Erich Meyer2JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
04/09/1940Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51SpitfireS. London14.24Western Front
04/09/1940Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51HurricaneS. London14.25Western Front
04/09/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
04/09/1940 n.n.III.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
06/09/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireFolkestone14.45Western Front
06/09/1940Ltn. Ernst TerryStab I.JG 51Spitfire-14.25Western Front
06/09/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
06/09/1940Hptm. Ernst Wiggers2JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
06/09/1940Fw. Hermann Siemer8JG 51Spitfire-14.35Western Front
06/09/1940Fw. Bernhard Lausch8JG 51Spitfire-15.05Western Front
06/09/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
07/09/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireLondon18.32Western Front
07/09/1940Oblt. Georg ClausStabJG 51Spitfire--Western Front
07/09/1940Fw. Georg Pavenzinger2JG 51SpitfireW. Tonbridge: 3000m18.25Western Front
07/09/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51SpitfireLondon-Western Front
07/09/1940Oblt. Arnold Lignitz9JG 51Spitfire-18.35Western Front
07/09/1940Oblt. Fritz Stendel8JG 51Spitfire-18.44Western Front
07/09/1940Uffz. Paul Limpert7JG 51SpitfireLondon-Western Front
07/09/1940Uffz. Kurt Hübel7JG 51HurricaneLondon-Western Front
07/09/1940Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51SpitfireLondon-Western Front
07/09/1940Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51SpitfireLondon-Western Front
07/09/1940Fw. Werner Bielefeldt7JG 51SpitfireLondon-Western Front
08/09/1940Fw. Heinz Bär1JG 51Spitfire-13.2Western Front
08/09/1940Oblt. Richard Leppla3JG 51Spitfire-13.2Western Front
08/09/1940Oblt. Rudolf Busch3JG 51BlenheimÄrmelkanal-Western Front
09/09/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireLondon18.45Western Front
09/09/1940Fw. Heinz Bär1JG 51Hurricane--Western Front
09/09/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51Hurricane--Western Front
09/09/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51Hurricane--Western Front
09/09/1940Hptm. Ernst Wiggers2JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
09/09/1940Oblt. Viktor Mölders2JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
11/09/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneSE of London17.1Western Front
11/09/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51Spitfire-16.5Western Front
11/09/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51Hurricane-17.1Western Front
11/09/1940Fw. Friedrich Klotz9JG 51Spitfire-16.5Western Front
11/09/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
11/09/1940 n.n.III.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
13/09/1940Ofw. Johann Ilner4JG 51SpitfireNW La Panne-Western Front
13/09/1940Gefr. Erich Höhn4JG 51SpitfireOst-Dünkirchen18.25Western Front
14/09/1940Uffz. Kurt Hübel7JG 51HurricaneDungeness-Western Front
14/09/1940Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51HurricaneDungeness-Western Front
14/09/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireSW London17.3Western Front
14/09/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
14/09/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
14/09/1940Fw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
15/09/1940Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
15/09/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51Spitfire-12.4Western Front
15/09/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
15/09/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
15/09/1940Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51HurricaneTonbridge-Western Front
15/09/1940Oblt. Georg ClausStabJG 51Spitfire--Western Front
15/09/1940Ltn. Erich Meyer2JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
15/09/1940Oblt. Fritz Stendel8JG 51Hurricane-15.28Western Front
15/09/1940Fw. Gustav Küll8JG 51Hurricane-15.35Western Front
15/09/1940Oblt. Fritz Stendel8JG 51Spitfire-15.36Western Front
15/09/1940Uffz. Karl Willius8JG 51Spitfire-15.36Western Front
15/09/1940Fw. Leonhard Birk7JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
16/09/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneS. London9.24Western Front
16/09/1940Oblt. Georg ClausStabJG 51HurricaneS. London-Western Front
18/09/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51Spitfire5km SE Ashford: 6500m14.3Western Front
18/09/1940Uffz. Erwin Fleig1JG 51Spitfire-18Western Front
18/09/1940Uffz. Erwin Fleig1JG 51Spitfire-18.2Western Front
18/09/1940Fw. Leonhard Birk7JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
20/09/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireDungeness12.35Western Front
20/09/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireDungeness12.34Western Front
23/09/1940 n.n.III.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
24/09/1940Uffz. Adolf Benzinger3JG 51HurricaneÄrmelkanal17.35Western Front
24/09/1940Oblt. Michael Sonner3JG 51HurricaneBoulogne17.4Western Front
27/09/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireMaidstone17.03Western Front
27/09/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51Hurricane--Western Front
27/09/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51Hurricane--Western Front
27/09/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich Joppien1JG 51Hurricane--Western Front
27/09/1940Oblt. Viktor Mölders2JG 51Hurricane--Western Front
27/09/1940Ltn. Erich Meyer2JG 51Hurricane--Western Front
27/09/1940 n.n.I.JG 51Hurricane--Western Front
27/09/1940Oblt. Arnold Lignitz9JG 51Hurricane-13.03Western Front
27/09/1940Oblt. Arnold Lignitz9JG 51Hurricane-16.35Western Front
27/09/1940 n.n.III.JG 51Hurricane--Western Front
28/09/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireLittlestone15.01Western Front
28/09/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
29/09/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
29/09/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
29/09/1940Oblt. Arnold Lignitz9JG 51Hurricane-16.35Western Front
30/09/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
30/09/1940Uffz. Günther Eberhardt9JG 51Hurricane-10.35Western Front
30/09/1940Fw. Bernhard Lausch8JG 51Spitfire-14.56Western Front
30/09/1940Uffz. Karl Willius8JG 51Spitfire-14.56Western Front
30/09/1940Ltn. Gerhard von Carnier9JG 51Spitfire-15.15Western Front
30/09/1940Fw. Leonhard Birk7JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
04/10/1940Oblt. Richard Leppla3JG 51HurricaneW. Dover-Western Front
05/10/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51SpitfireLondon-Western Front
07/10/1940Ltn. Friedrich Eberle1JG 51SpitfireThemesmündung11.35Western Front
07/10/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51Spitfire20km N. Canterbury11.35Western Front
07/10/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51SpitfireThemesmündung17.4Western Front
07/10/1940Ofw. Werner Hübner4JG 51SpitfireSW Dover14.5Western Front
07/10/1940Fw. Walter Krieger6JG 51SpitfireN. Dungeness17.3Western Front
11/10/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireFolkestone12.3Western Front
12/10/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneLympne10.4Western Front
12/10/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneCanterbury10.43Western Front
12/10/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneDungeness14.12Western Front
12/10/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
12/10/1940Oblt. Georg ClausStabJG 51HurricaneS. Dungeness-Western Front
12/10/1940Ltn. Heinrich Tornow4JG 51SpitfireNW Dungeness18.05Western Front
15/10/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneS. London9.15Western Front
15/10/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51Hurricane--Western Front
15/10/1940Ltn. Hans Kolbow5JG 51HurricaneLondon9.3Western Front
15/10/1940Oblt. Josef Fözö4JG 51HurricaneLondon9.32Western Front
15/10/1940Ofw. Werner Hübner4JG 51SpitfireLondon9.4Western Front
15/10/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51Hurricane10km SW Dover13.1Western Front
15/10/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51Hurricane15km W. Dover13.15Western Front
15/10/1940Ltn. Walter Stengel6JG 51Hurricane10km SW Dover13.12Western Front
17/10/1940Oblt. Josef Priller6JG 51HurricaneTunbridge Wells16.35Western Front
17/10/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireLondon16.22Western Front
17/10/1940Fw. Erwin Fleig1JG 51Spitfire-10.4Western Front
22/10/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneNW Maidstone15.4Western Front
22/10/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneNW Maidstone15.41Western Front
22/10/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneNW Maidstone15.42Western Front
25/10/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireNW Dover10.45Western Front
25/10/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireMargate13.2Western Front
25/10/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
25/10/1940Ltn. Heinrich Tornow4JG 51HurricaneSE London10.1Western Front
25/10/1940Ltn. Heinrich Tornow4JG 51HurricaneSE London-Western Front
25/10/1940Ltn. Herbert Huppertz6JG 51HurricaneTunbridge Wells: 5000m13.3Western Front
25/10/1940Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51Hurricane-13.15Western Front
25/10/1940Ltn. Gerhard Senoner9JG 51Hurricane-13.15Western Front
25/10/1940Gefr. Helmut Ziehm9JG 51Hurricane-13.15Western Front
27/10/1940Fw. Georg Pavenzinger2JG 51Blenheim--Western Front
27/10/1940Fw. Georg Pavenzinger2JG 51Blenheim--Western Front
27/10/1940Uffz. Heinz Dhein2JG 51Whirlwind-12.43Western Front
27/10/1940Gefr. Werner Heidorn2JG 51Blenheim-12.5Western Front
27/10/1940Ltn. Walter Stengel6JG 51SpitfireFolkestone15.05Western Front
27/10/1940Fw. Hans John4JG 51SpitfireNE Folkestone15.1Western Front
27/10/1940Fw. Hans John4JG 51SpitfireFolkestone-Western Front
27/10/1940Ltn. Heinrich Tornow4JG 51SpitfireNE Folkestone15.13Western Front
29/10/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneDungeness13.55Western Front
29/10/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51Hurricane--Western Front
29/10/1940Ltn. Erich Hohagen4JG 51SpitfireS. London17.55Western Front
29/10/1940Ltn. Heinrich Tornow4JG 51SpitfireS. London17.58Western Front
29/10/1940Ofw. Werner Hübner4JG 51SpitfireLondon17.58Western Front
29/10/1940Ltn. Herbert Huppertz6JG 51Spitfire20-25km NW London: 7000m18.05Western Front
30/10/1940Ltn. Hans Kolbow5JG 51SpitfireLondon: 7000m17.3Western Front
30/10/1940Ltn. Hermann Segatz5JG 51SpitfireThemesmündung-Western Front
30/10/1940Oblt. Franz Jäger5JG 51SpitfireLondon: 7000m-Western Front
30/10/1940Fw. Werner Bielefeldt7JG 51Hurricane-13.4Western Front
01/11/1940Hptm. Walter OesauStab III.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
05/11/1940Ltn. Erich Hohagen4JG 51SpitfireN. London16Western Front
05/11/1940Ltn. Erich Hohagen4JG 51SpitfireN. London16.03Western Front
05/11/1940Uffz. Helmut Jürgens4JG 51SpitfireN. London16.03Western Front
07/11/1940Fhr. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51HurricaneNE Margate: 600m13.4Western Front
07/11/1940 n.n.III.JG 51Hurricane--Western Front
08/11/1940Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51HurricaneN. Dungeness: 5000m15.05Western Front
08/11/1940Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51Hurricane-12.18Western Front
08/11/1940Oblt. Georg Claus1JG 51Hurricane-12.1Western Front
08/11/1940Oblt. Georg Claus1JG 51Hurricane-15.2Western Front
08/11/1940Oblt. Georg Claus1JG 51Hurricane-15.23Western Front
08/11/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51Hurricane-12.2Western Front
11/11/1940Ltn. Friedrich Eberle1JG 51Spitfire15km NW Margate: 1500m13.05Western Front
11/11/1940Oblt. Rudolf Busch3JG 51Hurricane10km NE Margate: 300m13.2Western Front
11/11/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
11/11/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51Spitfire--Western Front
11/11/1940Uffz. Wilhelm Theimann3JG 51Spitfire n.b.--Western Front
11/11/1940Oblt. Fritz Stendel8JG 51SpitfireThemesmündung: 1500m13.13Western Front
14/11/1940Ltn. Herbert Huppertz6JG 51SpitfireThemesmündung16.02Western Front
14/11/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SpitfireDungeness12.25Western Front
28/11/1940Ltn. Hermann Segatz5JG 51SpitfireDeal16.29Western Front
01/12/1940Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneAshford15.15Western Front
01/12/1940Oblt. Hartmann GrasserStabJG 51HurricaneAshford15.16Western Front
01/12/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51Spitfire-11.4Western Front
01/12/1940Oblt. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51HurricaneAshford15.16Western Front
01/12/1940Fw. Erwin Fleig1JG 51Hurricane-12Western Front
01/12/1940Ltn. Erich Hohagen4JG 51HurricaneW. London12.2Western Front
01/12/1940Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51Hurricane-11.45Western Front
05/12/1940Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51Hurricane-15.47Western Front
10/02/1941Oblt. Hans-Karl Keitel10JG 51HurricaneNW Dünkirchen-Western Front
10/02/1941Ltn. Heinz Wiest12JG 51SpitfireNW Dünkirchen-Western Front
10/02/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51Hurricane5km NE Calais17.29Western Front
10/02/1941Oblt. Wilfried BalfanzStabJG 51HurricaneNE Calais17.32Western Front
16/02/1941Ofw. Werner Hübner4JG 51PR SpitfireCalais: 8500m17.25Western Front
20/02/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireDover16.57Western Front
20/02/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireDover16.56Western Front
25/02/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireN. Gravelines15.2Western Front
26/02/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireSE Dungeness18.37Western Front
26/02/1941Oblt. Hans-Karl KeitelStab IV.JG 51HurricaneSE Dover11.29Western Front
26/02/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51Hurricanezw. Ashford-Dungeness: 6800-7000m18.05Western Front
26/02/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51Hurricanezw. Ashford-Dungeness: 4500m18.07Western Front
26/02/1941Oblt. Horst GeyerStabJG 51SpitfireSE Dungeness: 4500m18.4Western Front
26/02/1941Ofw. Wilhelm Gasthaus4JG 51Spitfire16km S. Dover14.2Western Front
03/03/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SpitfireFolkestone: 7000m17.13Western Front
03/03/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SpitfireS. Ashford17.02Western Front
05/03/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51Spitfire12km W. Le Touquet: 3500m14.47Western Front
05/03/1941Uffz. Otto Tange5JG 51Spitfire12km W. Le Touquet: 2500m15.14Western Front
05/03/1941Major Friedrich BeckhStab IV.JG 51SpitfireW. Boulogne: 8200m14.5Western Front
05/03/1941Ofw. Adolf Borchers10JG 51SpitfireW. Boulogne: 8200m14.55Western Front
05/03/1941Ofw. Wilhelm Schweikart11JG 51SpitfireW. Boulogne: 8200m14.55Western Front
05/03/1941Fw. Friedrich Möller11JG 51SpitfireW. Boulogne: 8200m14.45Western Front
10/03/1941Major Friedrich BeckhStab IV.JG 51Spitfire20km W. Le Touquet: 800-10m17.25Western Front
11/03/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz6JG 51Hurricane25km N. Dungeness19.25Western Front
12/03/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireDungeness 3500m19.15Western Front
12/03/1941Hptm. Horst GeyerStabJG 51Spitfire40km N. Hastings19.27Western Front
12/03/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SpitfireDungeness: 3500m19.27Western Front
13/03/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51Spitfire20km W. Cap Gris Nez15.22Western Front
13/03/1941Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51Spitfire20km W. Cap Gris Nez15.23Western Front
18/03/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51Hurricane5km S. Lewes: 8500m12.28Western Front
18/03/1941Oblt. Rudolf BuschStab I.JG 51Hurricane5km S. Lewes: 8500m12.29Western Front
31/03/1941Ltn. Enzio von Saalfeld7JG 51Hurricanezw. Dungeness-Cap Gris Nez: 8500-5500m10.55Western Front
08/04/1941Ltn. Hans Kolbow5JG 51SpitfireSheerness: 100m13.16Western Front
09/04/1941Hptm. Josef FözöStab II.JG 51Spitfire3km N. Mardyck: 300m11.55-12.00Western Front
11/04/1941Ltn. Hermann Staiger7JG 51SpitfireDungeness13.4Western Front
12/04/1941Fw. Bernhard Lausch8JG 51HurricaneCap Gris Nez13.55Western Front
15/04/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SpitfireSW Boulogne18Western Front
15/04/1941Ofw. Franz Barten11JG 51Spitfirezw. St. Omer u. Boulogne: 7800-5000m8.45Western Front
15/04/1941Hptm. Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51Spitfire5km SE Dungeness: 9500m12.33Western Front
16/04/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneSW Dungeness18.42Western Front
16/04/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51Spitfire5km W. Berck18.32Western Front
16/04/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51HurricaneSE Dungeness18.35Western Front
16/04/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51Hurricane15km ausflüg Le Touquet: 3-4000m18.25Western Front
16/04/1941Oblt. Horst GeyerStabJG 51SpitfireSW Le Touquet18.25Western Front
16/04/1941Oblt. Wilfried BalfanzStabJG 51SpitfireDungeness18.4Western Front
16/04/1941Oblt. Hartmann GrasserStabJG 51SpitfireBerck18.42Western Front
16/04/1941Hptm. Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51Hurricane4km SW Dungeness: 9500m18.3Western Front
17/04/1941Fw. Fritz Heimann5JG 51Spitfire25km W. Cap Gris Nez8.5Western Front
20/04/1941Oblt. Wilfried BalfanzStabJG 51SpitfireE. Sheerness18.26Western Front
20/04/1941Hptm. Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51Spitfire20km N. Cap Gris Nez12.12Western Front
21/04/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51Hurricaneausflüg Ashford: 6500m20.07Western Front
21/04/1941Oblt. Wilfried BalfanzStabJG 51SpitfireE. Canterbury19.43Western Front
21/04/1941Hptm. Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51HurricaneNW Ashford20.1Western Front
26/04/1941Oblt. Karl FühringStab IV.JG 51HurricaneLe Portel13.1Western Front
28/04/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneDungeness13.1Western Front
29/04/1941Gefr. Hermann Aubrecht5JG 51BlenheimÄrmelkanal10.2Western Front
29/04/1941Uffz. Wilhelm Mink5JG 51BlenheimÄrmelkanal10.2Western Front
29/04/1941Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51Spitfire5km N. Dünkirchen10.12Western Front
29/04/1941Fw. Werner Bielefeldt7JG 51Spitfire10km S. Dover10.3Western Front
29/04/1941Ofhr. Hans-Herbert Märtens7JG 51Spitfire20km N. Dünkirchen10.35Western Front
04/05/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51Hurricane5km E. Deal: 2000m12.17Western Front
06/05/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51Spitfire25km NW Calais13.55Western Front
06/05/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51HurricaneDover12Western Front
06/05/1941Major Friedrich BeckhStab IV.JG 51Spitfire20km Cap Blanc Nez13.55Western Front
06/05/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51Spitfire15-20km NW Calais: 200m14.1Western Front
06/05/1941Ltn. Fritz Nächster2JG 51Spitfire1km ausflüg Calais: 200m14.12Western Front
06/05/1941Ltn. Walter Krieger6JG 51SpitfireNE Calais: 300m14.25Western Front
06/05/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51Spitfire5km E. Dover14.15Western Front
07/05/1941Fw. Rolf Helber5JG 51Spitfire5km S. Gravelines: 600m/N. Mardyck11.26Western Front
08/05/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51Spitfirevor Dover12.2Western Front
08/05/1941Oblt. Horst GeyerStabJG 51Spitfirevor Hafen Dover: 50m12.25Western Front
08/05/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51Hurricanebei Dungeness: 800-1000m18.02Western Front
08/05/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51Hurricanebei Folkestone: 8000m18.02Western Front
08/05/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51HurricaneNE Dungeness: 7500m18.03Western Front
08/05/1941Oblt. Horst GeyerStabJG 51Spitfirevor Dover12.2Western Front
08/05/1941Oblt. Horst GeyerStabJG 51Spitfirevor Dover12.2Western Front
11/05/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51Spitfire8km E. Deal: 50m21.4Western Front
15/05/1941Oblt. Heinz SchumannStab I.JG 51HurricaneFolkestone20.04Western Front
21/05/1941Major Friedrich BeckhStab IV.JG 51Hurricane10km N. Calais18Western Front
21/05/1941Oblt. Erich Hohagen4JG 51Hurricane20km NW Dünkirchen: 1000-1500m17.55Western Front
21/05/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51Hurricane10-15km E. Deal18.05Western Front
21/05/1941Uffz. Wilhelm Mink5JG 51HurricaneE. Ramsgate18.05Western Front
21/05/1941Oblt. Wilfried BalfanzStabJG 51HurricaneNW Dünkirchen18.2Western Front
28/05/1941Oblt. Johann Knauth11JG 51Spitfire15km N. Calais: 7500m19.25Western Front
04/06/1941Fw. Erwin Janke11JG 51Spitfire10km S. Folkestone21.48Western Front
04/06/1941Fw. Helmut Jürgens11JG 51SpitfireDungeness21.47Western Front
22/06/1941Ofw. Heinrich Höfemeier1JG 51SB-2Kossow-Siedlce: 1200m9.43Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ofw. Heinrich Höfemeier1JG 51SB-2Kossow-Siedlce: 1000m9.45Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Johannes Missfeldt7JG 51Martin (SB-2)50km N. Biala-Podlaska: 4000m11.45Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Hermann SegatzStab II.JG 51Martin (SB-2)Brest Litovsk z. Biala-Podlaska: 4300m12.3Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Hermann SegatzStab II.JG 51Martin (SB-2)Brest Litovsk z. Biala-Podlaska: 4300m12.3Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Hermann SegatzStab II.JG 51Martin (SB-2)Brest Litovsk z. Biala-Podlaska: 4300m12.3Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Heinrich Krafft3JG 51I-153-7.02Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Heinrich Krafft3JG 51SB-2-9.55Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Erich Viebahn3JG 51SB-2-9.56Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Egon Große3JG 51SB-2-9.57Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Erich Viebahn3JG 51SB-2-9.58Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Egon Große3JG 51SB-2-9.59Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Wilhelm Theimann3JG 51SB-2-10Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Herbert Bareuther3JG 51SB-2-10.01Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Heinrich Krafft3JG 51SB-2-10.02Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Fritz Dünkel3JG 51SB-2-10.03Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Heinrich Krafft3JG 51DB-3-17.45Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Hans MihlanStab II.JG 51Martin (SB-2)-12.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Erich Hohagen4JG 51SB-2-9.32Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Erich Hohagen4JG 51SB-2-9.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Erich Hohagen4JG 51SB-2-9.37Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Georg-Peter Eder4JG 51I-16 Rata-9.23Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Georg-Peter Eder4JG 51SB-2-9.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Herbert Puschmann4JG 51SB-2-9.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Herbert Puschmann4JG 51SB-2-9.43Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Karl Elsner4JG 51I-16 Rata-9.3Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ofw. Karl Elsner4JG 51SB-2-9.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ofw. Wilhelm Gasthaus4JG 51SB-2-9.32Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ofw. Wilhelm Gasthaus4JG 51SB-2-9.38Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ofw. Wilhelm Gasthaus4JG 51SB-2-9.45Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Otto Schultz4JG 51SB-2-9.32Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Otto Schultz4JG 51SB-2-9.4Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Waldemar Funk4JG 51SB-2-9.34Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Waldemar Funk4JG 51SB-2-9.39Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Georg Seidel6JG 51I-18-7.26Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Walter Stengel6JG 51I-18-7.27Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Helmut Ruschen6JG 51I-18-7.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Ivo von Lubich6JG 51SB-2-12.3Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Richard Quante6JG 51SB-2-12.32Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Karl FühringStab IV.JG 51DJ-6-3.4Eastern Front
22/06/1941Major Friedrich BeckhStab IV.JG 51DJ-6-6.25Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Johann Knauth10JG 51I-153-7.06Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51I-153W. Kobryn7.1Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Willi Hegner10JG 51I-153W. Kobryn7.12Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Franz Hahn11JG 51I-153W. Kobryn3.4Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Franz Hahn11JG 51I-153W. Kobryn3.45Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Franz Hahn11JG 51I-153W. Kobryn3.47Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51I-153-7.05Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Erwin Janke11JG 51I-153-7.05Eastern Front
22/06/1941Gefr. Gustav Müller11JG 51SB-2-12.2Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Ralph Furch11JG 51SB-2-12.25Eastern Front
22/06/1941Gefr. Gustav Müller11JG 51SB-2-12.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ofw. Franz Barten11JG 51DB-3-16.1Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51DB-3-16.14Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Heinrich Klöpper11JG 51SB-3Mivhatki16.25Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51I-153W. Kobryn10.1Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51SB-2Drohiczyn nad Bugiem11.3Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51SB-2Drohiczyn nad Bugiem11.33Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51SB-2-11.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ofhr. Ernst Weismann12JG 51SB-2Siematycze11.33Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ofhr. Ernst Weismann12JG 51SB-2-11.37Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51SB-3-16.3Eastern Front
22/06/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51I-153-5Eastern Front
22/06/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SB-2-12.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SB-2-12.36Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Hartmann GrasserStabJG 51SB-2-12.37Eastern Front
22/06/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SB-2-12.38Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51I-18-7.25Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51SB-2-9.4Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ofw. Heinrich Höfemeier1JG 51SB-2-9.4Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ofw. Heinrich Höfemeier1JG 51SB-2-9.42Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51SB-2-9.45Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Karl Elsner4JG 51SB-2-9.3Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Waldemar Funk4JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Richard Quante6JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Fritz Stendel8JG 51DB-3-5.2Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Bernhard Lausch8JG 51DJ-6-6.2Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Siegfried Schwaneberg8JG 51DJ-6-6.3Eastern Front
22/06/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51I-153-7.2Eastern Front
22/06/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51SB-2-12.2Eastern Front
22/06/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51SB-2-12.25Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Herbert WehneltStab III.JG 51SB-2-12.3Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Werner Bielefeldt7JG 51SB-2-12.14Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Eberhard Wenninger8JG 51SB-2-12.2Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Karl Willius8JG 51SB-2-12.21Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Hans-Herbert Märtens7JG 51SB-2-12.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Gefr. Heinrich Brücher7JG 51SB-2-12.35Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51SB-2-12.37Eastern Front
22/06/1941Uffz. Herbert Buschmann7JG 51SB-2-12.4Eastern Front
22/06/1941Fw. Robert Fuchs7JG 51SB-2-12.45Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
22/06/1941Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
22/06/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
23/06/1941Fw. Anton Lindner2JG 51R-3-13.04Eastern Front
23/06/1941Fw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51SB-2-19.32Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Hermann SegatzStab II.JG 51SB-2-17.52Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Georg HackbarthStab II.JG 51SB-2-17.52Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Heinz Herzig4JG 51SB-2-12.07Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Walter Krieger6JG 51SB-2-11.2Eastern Front
24/06/1941Fw. Georg Seidel6JG 51SB-2-11.25Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Günther Rübell6JG 51SB-2-11.22Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Werner Buttke6JG 51SB-2-14.02Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Walter Stengel6JG 51SB-2-17.13Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Horst Walther4JG 51SB-2-12.08Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51Martin (DB-3)-14.02Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Hermann Aubrecht5JG 51Martin (DB-3)-14.02Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51Martin (DB-3)-14.3Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51Martin (DB-3)-14.31Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Ottmar Maurer9JG 51DB-3-10.58Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51DB-3-10.58Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Ottmar Maurer9JG 51SB-2-14Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Ottmar Maurer9JG 51SB-2-14Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Helmut Ziehm9JG 51SB-2-14Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51SB-2-14Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51SB-2-14Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Johannes Kittelmann9JG 51SB-2-14.05Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Hermann Kohl9JG 51SB-2-14.08Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Ottmar Maurer9JG 51SB-2-17.5Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Ottmar Maurer9JG 51SB-2-17.5Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Ottmar Maurer9JG 51SB-2-17.5Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Johannes Kittelmann9JG 51SB-2-17.5Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Albrecht von u. z. Gilsa9JG 51SB-2-17.5Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Hermann Kohl9JG 51SB-2-17.5Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Helmut Ziehm9JG 51SB-2-17.5Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51SB-2-17.51Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Albrecht von u. z. Gilsa9JG 51SB-2-17.52Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51SB-2-17.52Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51SB-2-17.53Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51SB-2-17.53Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51SB-2-14Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51SB-2-17.5Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51SB-2-17.51Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51SB-2-17.54Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51DB-3-10.58Eastern Front
24/06/1941Major Friedrich BeckhStab IV.JG 51DB-310km E. Pruzana9.25Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Willi Hegner10JG 51SB-2-9.28Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Willi Hegner10JG 51SB-2-9.28Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51DB-3-9.28Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ofw. Adolf Borchers10JG 51DB-3-10.28Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ofw. Adolf Borchers10JG 51DB-3-10.36Eastern Front
24/06/1941Fw. Erwin Janke11JG 51SB-3-9.4Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Franz Hahn11JG 51DB-3-10.25Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Franz Hahn11JG 51DB-3-10.3Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Franz Hahn11JG 51DB-3-10.4Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Helmut Jurgens11JG 51SB-3-9.25Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51SB-3-9.27Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51SB-3-9.29Eastern Front
24/06/1941Fw. Heinrich Klöpper11JG 51SB-35km S. Siemieczewo9.3Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Helmut Jurgens11JG 51SB-3-9.31Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ofw. Franz Barten11JG 51SB-3-9.38Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51SB-2E. Pruzana8.5Eastern Front
24/06/1941Fw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51SB-2-9.28Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51DB-3-9.3Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Hans Boos12JG 51SB-2-9.3Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51SB-2-9.35Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51SB-2-9.38Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51DB-3-9.5Eastern Front
24/06/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SB-2-17.5Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Johann Knauth10JG 51DB-3-9.3Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ofw. Wilhelm Gasthaus4JG 51SB-2-13.03Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Werner Buttke6JG 51SB-2N. Kartjuska14.22Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Hermann Aubrecht5JG 51DB-3-14.3Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Walter Krieger6JG 51SB-2-17.15Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Helmut Ruschen6JG 51SB-2Wygonowskie See17.22Eastern Front
24/06/1941Fw. Baumgarten6JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
24/06/1941Uffz. Richard Quante6JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
24/06/1941Gefr. Anton Hafner6JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
24/06/1941Gefr. Heinrich Brücher7JG 51SB-2-11.2Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Johannes Missfeldt7JG 51SB-2-11.22Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Hermann Stahl7JG 51SB-2-11.22Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51SB-2-11.25Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51SB-2-11.3Eastern Front
24/06/1941Fw. Robert Fuchs7JG 51SB-2-11.32Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Hans-Herbert Märtens7JG 51SB-2-11.35Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Herbert WehneltStab III.JG 51SB-2-15.45Eastern Front
24/06/1941Oblt. Hermann Kohl9JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
24/06/1941Ltn. Karl-Heinz Weber7JG 51SB-2-19.05Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Hermann SegatzStab II.JG 51SB-2-13.3Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Heinz MihlanStab II.JG 51SB-2-13.32Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Heinrich Krafft3JG 51SB-2-14Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Erich Hohagen4JG 51SB-2-18.07Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Rudolf Nielinger4JG 51SB-2Cyganje18.08Eastern Front
25/06/1941Uffz. Wilhelm Brunner4JG 51SB-2-18.1Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Hans Kolbow5JG 51SB-2NE Wygonowskie See10.55Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Hans Kolbow5JG 51SB-2NE Wygonowskie See10.57Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Hans Kolbow5JG 51SB-2NE Wygonowskie See11Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Hans Kolbow5JG 51SB-2NE Wygonowskie See11.03Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Hans Kolbow5JG 51SB-2NE Wygonowskie See11.08Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Hans Strelow5JG 51Martin (SB-2)NE Wygonowskie See10.55Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Otto Tange5JG 51SB-2NE Wygonowskie See11Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Otto Tange5JG 51Martin (SB-2)NE Wygonowskie See10.55Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Otto Tange5JG 51Martin (SB-2)NE Wygonowskie See10.55Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Rolf Helber5JG 51Martin (SB-2)NE Wygonowskie See10.55Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Rolf Helber5JG 51Martin (SB-2)NE Wygonowskie See10.55Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Friedrich Heimann5JG 51SB-2NE Wygonowskie See10.55Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Friedrich Heimann5JG 51SB-2NE Wygonowskie See10.58Eastern Front
25/06/1941Uffz. Wilhelm Mink5JG 51SB-2NE Wygonowskie See10.55Eastern Front
25/06/1941Uffz. Wilhelm Mink5JG 51SB-2NE Wygonowskie See10.58Eastern Front
25/06/1941Uffz. Helmut Ziehm9JG 51SB-2-11.25Eastern Front
25/06/1941Uffz. Helmut Ziehm9JG 51SB-2-11.25Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51SB-2-11.25Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51SB-2-11.26Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51SB-2-11.27Eastern Front
25/06/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SB-2-12.3Eastern Front
25/06/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51SB-2-12.31Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Hartmann GrasserStabJG 51SB-2-12.32Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51SB-2-11.3Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51SB-2-11.33Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Alexander Mudin1JG 51SB-2-11.3Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Alexander Mudin1JG 51SB-2-11.35Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Günter Keller1JG 51SB-2S. Baranowicze11.38Eastern Front
25/06/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SB-2-12.32Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Rudolf BuschStab I.JG 51SB-2-12.34Eastern Front
25/06/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SB-2-12.35Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Heinz SchumannStab I.JG 51SB-2-12.35Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Rudolf BuschStab I.JG 51SB-2-12.35Eastern Front
25/06/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SB-2-12.36Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Heinz SchumannStab I.JG 51SB-2-12.36Eastern Front
25/06/1941St.A.Dr. Veit VogelStab I.JG 51SB-2-12.37Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Heinz SchumannStab I.JG 51SB-2-12.38Eastern Front
25/06/1941Uffz. Egon Große3JG 51SB-2N. Wolka14.02Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Johannes Missfeldt7JG 51SB-2-11.37Eastern Front
25/06/1941Uffz. Karl Willius8JG 51SB-2-12.21Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Bernhard Lausch8JG 51SB-2-12.21Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Albert Lutz8JG 51SB-2-12.22Eastern Front
25/06/1941Uffz. Siegfried Schwaneberg8JG 51SB-2-12.22Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ofw. Johannes Büttner8JG 51SB-2-12.23Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Fritz Stendel8JG 51SB-2-12.25Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ofw. Johannes Büttner8JG 51SB-2-12.25Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ofw. Johannes Büttner8JG 51SB-2-12.29Eastern Front
25/06/1941Oblt. Fritz Stendel8JG 51SB-2-12.35Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Bernhard Lausch8JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Werner Bielefeldt7JG 51SB-2-16.45Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Robert Fuchs7JG 51SB-2-16.45Eastern Front
25/06/1941Uffz. Herbert Buschmann7JG 51SB-2-16.45Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51SB-2-16.5Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51SB-2-16.52Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Hans-Herbert Märtens7JG 51SB-2-16.55Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51SB-2-17Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Helmut Baumann5JG 51SB-2NE Wygonowskie See-Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Ivo von Lubich6JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
25/06/1941Ltn. Günther Rübell6JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Georg Seidel6JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Baumgarten6JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
25/06/1941Gefr. Anton Hafner6JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
25/06/1941Fw. Baumgarten6JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
25/06/1941Uffz. Georg Werner6JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
26/06/1941Oblt. Hermann Kohl9JG 51SB-2-10.55Eastern Front
26/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51SB-2-10.55Eastern Front
26/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51SB-2SE Wygonowskie See15.5Eastern Front
26/06/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51SB-2SE Wygonowskie See15.5Eastern Front
26/06/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51SB-2SE Wygonowskie See15.5Eastern Front
26/06/1941Fw. Heinrich Klöpper11JG 51DB-3-10.48Eastern Front
26/06/1941Uffz. Helmut Jürgens11JG 51DB-3-10.49Eastern Front
26/06/1941Fw. Erwin Janke11JG 51DB-3-11.03Eastern Front
26/06/1941Oblt. Franz Hahn11JG 51DB-3-11.04Eastern Front
27/06/1941Major Friedrich BeckhStab IV.JG 51SB-2-10.03Eastern Front
28/06/1941Uffz. Hans-Walther Hopfer11JG 51SB-2-17Eastern Front
28/06/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51DB-3-16.03Eastern Front
28/06/1941Ltn. Hans Boos12JG 51SB-2-16.5Eastern Front
28/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51DB-3W. Solon16.35Eastern Front
28/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51DB-3SW Bobruisk18.35Eastern Front
28/06/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51DB-3-18.35Eastern Front
28/06/1941Fw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51DB-3-18.4Eastern Front
28/06/1941Oblt. Hans Kolbow5JG 51SB-2-16.3Eastern Front
29/06/1941Fw. Anton Lindner2JG 51SB-2-18.08Eastern Front
29/06/1941Fw. Fritz Schreiter3JG 51I-16 Rata-12.39Eastern Front
29/06/1941Oblt. Heinrich Krafft3JG 51I-16 Rata-12.4Eastern Front
29/06/1941Hptm. Josef FözöStab II.JG 51I-16 Rata-19.25Eastern Front
29/06/1941Oblt. Erich Hohagen4JG 51SB-2-18.1Eastern Front
29/06/1941Fw. Otto Schultz4JG 51I-18-17.5Eastern Front
29/06/1941Uffz. Wilhelm Brunner4JG 51U-2-17.55Eastern Front
29/06/1941Ltn. Ottmar Maurer9JG 51SB-2-17.5Eastern Front
29/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51SB-2-17.5Eastern Front
29/06/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51DB-3-17.12Eastern Front
29/06/1941Oblt. Johann Knauth10JG 51DB-3-17.16Eastern Front
29/06/1941Fw. Heinz Gerken10JG 51DB-3-17.2Eastern Front
29/06/1941Fw. Heinz Gerken10JG 51DB-3-17.21Eastern Front
29/06/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51DB-3-17.23Eastern Front
29/06/1941Uffz. Willi Hegner10JG 51SB-2-17.44Eastern Front
29/06/1941Oblt. Johann Knauth10JG 51SB-2-17.46Eastern Front
29/06/1941Ltn. Horst Haase10JG 51R-5-19.23Eastern Front
29/06/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51ZKB-19-18.34Eastern Front
29/06/1941Ofw. Franz Barten11JG 51SB-2-18.38Eastern Front
29/06/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51DB-3-18.2Eastern Front
29/06/1941Ofhr. Joachim Brendel12JG 51DB-3-18.2Eastern Front
29/06/1941Fw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51R-10-18.55Eastern Front
29/06/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51DB-3-20.15Eastern Front
29/06/1941Oblt. Hartmann GrasserStabJG 51V-11-18.3Eastern Front
29/06/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51Pe-2-15.3Eastern Front
29/06/1941Major Werner MöldersStabJG 51I-16 Rata-19.5Eastern Front
29/06/1941Oblt. Hartmann GrasserStabJG 51I-16 Rata-19.55Eastern Front
29/06/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51Skua-19.48Eastern Front
29/06/1941Oblt. Heinz SchumannStab I.JG 51Skua-19.52Eastern Front
29/06/1941Oblt. Rudolf BuschStab I.JG 51Skua-19.5Eastern Front
29/06/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51SB-2-18.3Eastern Front
29/06/1941Oblt. Hans Kolbow5JG 51I-16 Rata-18.45Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Herbert Bareuther3JG 51SB-3-13Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Heinrich Krafft3JG 51SB-3-13.05Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Erich Viebahn3JG 51I-16 Rata-13.25Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Theodor Stebner3JG 51DB-3-18.45Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Herbert Bareuther3JG 51DB-3-18.45Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Günther Schwarz3JG 51DB-310km E. Bobruisk18.45Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Heinrich Krafft3JG 51DB-3-18.5Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Herbert Bareuther3JG 51DB-3-18.5Eastern Front
30/06/1941Hptm. Josef FözöStab II.JG 51DB-3-10.4Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Hermann SegatzStab II.JG 51SB-2-13.51Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Heinz MihlanStab II.JG 51SB-2SE Bobruisk14.07Eastern Front
30/06/1941Hptm. Josef FözöStab II.JG 51TB-6-17.3Eastern Front
30/06/1941Hptm. Josef FözöStab II.JG 51DB-3-16.45Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Erich Hohagen4JG 51R-10-16.15Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Georg-Peter Eder4JG 51DB-3-17.31Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ofw. Karl Elsner4JG 51SB-2-16.42Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Otto Schultz4JG 51DB-3-17.3Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Otto Schultz4JG 51DB-3-17.4Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Waldemar Funk4JG 51SB-2-19.06Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ofw. Wilhelm Gasthaus4JG 51SB-2-19Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ofw. Wilhelm Gasthaus4JG 51I-16 Rata-12.35Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Otto Tange5JG 51SB-350km E. Sluzk8.05Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Helmut Baumann5JG 51SB-3-8.05Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Hans Kolbow5JG 51I-16 Rata-13Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51DB-310km SE Bobruisk14.46Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51DB-36km SE Bobruisk14.53Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Hans Strelow5JG 51DB-3Bobruisk14.55Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Heinrich Lülwes5JG 51DB-37km E. Bobruisk14.58Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Rolf Helber5JG 51DB-3Bobruisk15Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51DB-315km NW Bobruisk15.05Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Hans Kolbow5JG 51SB-2-17.43Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Hermann Aubrecht5JG 51SB-2-17.45Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Helmut Ziehm9JG 51DB-3-11.35Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51DB-3-14.28Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Ottmar Maurer9JG 51DB-3-14.3Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Hermann Kohl9JG 51DB-3-14.35Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Johannes Kittelmann9JG 51DB-3-14.35Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51DB-3-18.55Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51DB-3-6.25Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Johann Knauth10JG 51SB-2-9.2Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ofw. Adolf Borchers10JG 51DB-3-10.45Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51SB-2-12Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ofw. Adolf Borchers10JG 51DB-3-13.1Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Heinz Gerken10JG 51R-10-13.27Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ofw. Adolf Borchers10JG 51SB-2-13.5Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Heinz Gerken10JG 51SB-2-19.35Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Heinrich Klöpper11JG 51R-1010km W. Sauditsche13.15Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51R-10-13.12Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51I-16 RataHimy13.15Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51R-10-13.15Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51R-10S. Bobruisk13.3Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51DB-3-18.5Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51DB-3-18.51Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51SB-2Bobruisk18.55Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51R-10-20.2Eastern Front
30/06/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51DB-3-11.4Eastern Front
30/06/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51DB-3-11.45Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Hartmann GrasserStabJG 51DB-3-11.45Eastern Front
30/06/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51DB-3-11.5Eastern Front
30/06/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51DB-3-15.45Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Hartmann GrasserStabJG 51DB-3-15.45Eastern Front
30/06/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51DB-3-15.5Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Hartmann GrasserStabJG 51DB-3-15.5Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Willi Hegner10JG 51DB-36km SE Kolatitsche8.2Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51DB-310km W. Bobruisk10.56Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Harald Kolbe10JG 51DB-340km S. Bobruisk13.2Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Helmut Jürgens11JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Helmut Jürgens11JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Helmut Jürgens11JG 51--Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Helmut Jürgens11JG 51--Eastern Front
30/06/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51V-11-11.5Eastern Front
30/06/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51DB-33km W. Bobruisk16.25Eastern Front
30/06/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51DB-315km NE Bobruisk16.32Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51SB-2-11.5Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Werner Bielefeldt7JG 51SB-230km E. Bobruisk11.55Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Karl-Heinz Weber7JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Hans-Herbert Märtens7JG 51I-16 Rata-13Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ofw. Johannes Büttner8JG 51SB-2-13.35Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ofw. Johannes Büttner8JG 51SB-2-13.45Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Richard Brand8JG 51SB-2-13.46Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Werner Bielefeldt7JG 51DB-315km W. Bobruisk14.4Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Bernhard Lausch8JG 51SB-2-15.15Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Karl Willius8JG 51TB-3-17.25Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Gottfried Schlitzer8JG 51TB-3-17.26Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Karl Willius8JG 51TB-3-17.27Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Fritz Stendel8JG 51TB-3-17.27Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Gerhard Wille8JG 51TB-3-17.28Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ofw. Johannes Büttner8JG 51SB-2-17.3Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51DB-3W. Bobruisk18.4Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51DB-3W. Bobruisk18.45Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Werner Bielefeldt7JG 51DB-3W. Bobruisk18.45Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51DB-3W. Bobruisk18.47Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51DB-3W. Bobruisk18.5Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51DB-35km NE Bobruisk19Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51DB-3-19Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Hans-Herbert Märtens7JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Robert Fuchs7JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Robert Fuchs7JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Robert Fuchs7JG 51DB-3-19.3Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Robert Fuchs7JG 51DB-3-19.35Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Herbert Buschmann7JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Herbert Buschmann7JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
30/06/1941Hptm. Josef FözöStab II.JG 51R-10-10.35Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Heinz MihlanStab II.JG 51DB-3SE Bobruisk14.1Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51DB-37km SE Bobruisk14.48Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Wilhelm Brunner4JG 51SB-215km E. Bobruisk19.1Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Walter Stengel6JG 51SB-3--Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Georg Seidel6JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Richard Quante6JG 51RZ--Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51DB-3-10.55Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51DB-3-11.12Eastern Front
30/06/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51-13.15Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51SB-2-14.45Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51SB-2-14.5Eastern Front
30/06/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SB-2-14.5Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ofw. Günter Janßen2JG 51SB-2-15.01Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Fritz Nächster2JG 51DB-3-15.03Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Alexander Mudin1JG 51-15.15Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Alexander Mudin1JG 51-15.2Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Alexander Mudin1JG 51-15.2Eastern Front
30/06/1941Fw. Alexander Mudin1JG 51-15.23Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ofw. Heinrich Höfemeier1JG 51-15.2Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ofw. Heinrich Höfemeier1JG 51Seversky20km E. Bobruisk15.3Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ofw. Heinz Schawaller1JG 51Seversky20km E. Bobruisk15.3Eastern Front
30/06/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51-16.25Eastern Front
30/06/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51-16.27Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Heinz SchumannStab I.JG 51-16.25Eastern Front
30/06/1941Uffz. Günther Schwarz3JG 51DB-3-18.5Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Friedhelm Höschen2JG 51SB-2E. Bobruisk18.55Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Michael SonnerStab I.JG 51SB-2E. Bobruisk18.55Eastern Front
30/06/1941Oblt. Michael SonnerStab I.JG 51SB-2E. Bobruisk18.55Eastern Front
30/06/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SB-225km E. Bobruisk18.58Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51DB-3-19.2Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51DB-3-19.35Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51DB-3-19.4Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ofw. Heinz Schawaller1JG 51DB-3-19.22Eastern Front
30/06/1941Ltn. Günter Keller1JG 51DB-3-19.23Eastern Front
01/07/1941Hptm. Wilhelm Hachfeld2JG 51DB-3-12.4Eastern Front
01/07/1941Hptm. Josef FözöStab II.JG 51I-16 Rata-14.3Eastern Front
01/07/1941Fw. Wilhelm Mink5JG 51I-16 Rata-13.49Eastern Front
01/07/1941Fw. Otto Tange5JG 51I-16 Rata3km NE Gorodok14.17Eastern Front
01/07/1941Fw. Wilhelm Mink5JG 51V-11-16.36Eastern Front
01/07/1941Oblt. Karl FühringStab IV.JG 51SB-2-11.28Eastern Front
01/07/1941Oblt. Hartmann GrasserStabJG 51DB-3-14.5Eastern Front
01/07/1941Ofw. Günter Janßen2JG 51I-18-11.31Eastern Front
01/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51I-16 Rata-13.45Eastern Front
01/07/1941Oblt. Walter Stengel6JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
01/07/1941Ltn. Ivo von Lubich6JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
01/07/1941Ltn. Ivo von Lubich6JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
01/07/1941Ltn. Karl-Heinz Weber7JG 51V-11--Eastern Front
01/07/1941Uffz. Karl Willius8JG 51SB-2-8.5Eastern Front
01/07/1941Fw. Bernhard Lausch8JG 51I-16 Rata-11.4Eastern Front
02/07/1941Uffz. Heinz Leber2JG 51I-16 RataE. Bobruisk11.4Eastern Front
02/07/1941Fw. Anton Lindner2JG 51DB-3-14.18Eastern Front
02/07/1941Hptm. Josef FözöStab II.JG 51SB-2-14.32Eastern Front
02/07/1941Oblt. Erich Hohagen4JG 51I-16 Rata-16.47Eastern Front
02/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51DB-3-14.5Eastern Front
02/07/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51DB-3-19.32Eastern Front
02/07/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51DB-3-19.35Eastern Front
02/07/1941Fw. Erwin Janke11JG 51DB-3-19.36Eastern Front
02/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51I-17-17.32Eastern Front
02/07/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51I-17-17.32Eastern Front
02/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51DB-3-18.3Eastern Front
02/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51DB-3Welgatitschij18.4Eastern Front
02/07/1941Fw. Heinz Gerken10JG 51SB-2-13.2Eastern Front
02/07/1941Ltn. Horst Haase10JG 51DB-3-19.32Eastern Front
02/07/1941Ofw. Heinrich Höfemeier1JG 51SB-2-8.25Eastern Front
02/07/1941Ofw. Heinrich Höfemeier1JG 51SB-2-8.28Eastern Front
02/07/1941Gefr. Heinz John1JG 51SB-2-8.26Eastern Front
02/07/1941Oblt. Rudolf BuschStab I.JG 51SB-2-10.25Eastern Front
02/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51I-16 Rata-11.29Eastern Front
02/07/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51I-16 RataBobruisk11.33Eastern Front
02/07/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SB-2-12.55Eastern Front
02/07/1941Oblt. Friedrich Eberle1JG 51SB-2-12.55Eastern Front
02/07/1941Oblt. Rudolf BuschStab I.JG 51SB-2-12.56Eastern Front
02/07/1941Ofw. Wilhelm von Balka1JG 51I-16 Rata-13.05Eastern Front
02/07/1941Oblt. Heinz SchumannStab I.JG 51SB-2-14.48Eastern Front
02/07/1941Oblt. Heinz SchumannStab I.JG 51SB-2-15.34Eastern Front
02/07/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SB-2-15.3Eastern Front
02/07/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SB-2-15.31Eastern Front
02/07/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SB-2-15.32Eastern Front
02/07/1941Oblt. Friedrich Eberle1JG 51Skua-16.35Eastern Front
02/07/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51Skua-16.4Eastern Front
02/07/1941Oblt. Gottfried Schlitzer8JG 51SB-2-13.18Eastern Front
02/07/1941Uffz. Richard Brand8JG 51V-11-16.46Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Fritz Nächster2JG 51Pe-2-10.03Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ofw. Günter Janßen2JG 51RZ-12.4Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Horst-Günther von Fassong3JG 51I-16 RataSE Rogatschew10.3Eastern Front
03/07/1941Fw. Rudolf Nielinger4JG 51DB-3Churawtschij16.55Eastern Front
03/07/1941Oblt. Hans Kolbow5JG 51V-11-20Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51DB-3E. Rogatschew15.32Eastern Front
03/07/1941Fw. Heinz Gerken10JG 51SB-2-18.12Eastern Front
03/07/1941Fw. Heinz Gerken10JG 51SB-2-18.18Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51SB-2-18.2Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Horst Haase10JG 51SB-2-18.22Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51SB-2-18.23Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Horst Haase10JG 51SB-2-18.48Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51DB-3-19.35Eastern Front
03/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51DB-3-19.5Eastern Front
03/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51DB-3SE Borissow19.52Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Horst-Günther von Fassong3JG 51I-16 Rata30km SE Rogatschew10.35Eastern Front
03/07/1941Fw. Alexander Mudin1JG 51V-11-11.25Eastern Front
03/07/1941Fw. Alexander Mudin1JG 51V-11-11.28Eastern Front
03/07/1941Fw. Alexander Mudin1JG 51V-11-11.3Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51V-11-13.45Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ofw. Heinz Schawaller1JG 51V-11-13.45Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51V-11Rogatschew13.46Eastern Front
03/07/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SB-2-16.47Eastern Front
03/07/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ofw. Heinrich Höfemeier1JG 51V-11-17.45Eastern Front
03/07/1941Oblt. Friedrich Eberle1JG 51V-11-17.47Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Günther Rübell6JG 51Pe-2--Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Günther Rübell6JG 51Pe-2--Eastern Front
03/07/1941Uffz. Anton Hafner6JG 51Potez 6315km SE Stara Bychow15.12Eastern Front
03/07/1941Uffz. Anton Hafner6JG 51Potez 63--Eastern Front
03/07/1941Uffz. Anton Hafner6JG 51Potez 63--Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51DB-3E. Rogatschew15.36Eastern Front
03/07/1941Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51Douglas--Eastern Front
03/07/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
04/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Puschmann4JG 51SB-2-7.55Eastern Front
04/07/1941Fw. Heinz Gerken10JG 51ZKB-19-14.35Eastern Front
04/07/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51SB-2-15.08Eastern Front
04/07/1941Fw. Heinz Gerken10JG 51SB-2-15.15Eastern Front
04/07/1941Ofw. Adolf Borchers10JG 51SB-2-15.17Eastern Front
04/07/1941Ofw. Franz Barten11JG 51SB-2-14.5Eastern Front
04/07/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51SB-2-15Eastern Front
04/07/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51SB-2-15.03Eastern Front
04/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51SB-2E. Borissow14.28Eastern Front
04/07/1941Ltn. Hans Boos12JG 51DB-3-15.05Eastern Front
04/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51SB-2-15.12Eastern Front
04/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51SB-2-15.14Eastern Front
04/07/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51SB-230km E. Syrtow18.45Eastern Front
05/07/1941Ltn. Walter Schick2JG 51DB-3-12.2Eastern Front
05/07/1941Ltn. Hermann SegatzStab II.JG 51I-18-18.4Eastern Front
05/07/1941Ofw. Karl Elsner4JG 51I-153-15.55Eastern Front
05/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51DB-3-15.22Eastern Front
05/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51DB-3-15.23Eastern Front
05/07/1941Ofw. Adolf Borchers10JG 51SB-2-6.5Eastern Front
05/07/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51DB-3-5.58Eastern Front
05/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51DB-3E. Borissow6.35Eastern Front
05/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51I-16 RataW. Bobruisk15.1Eastern Front
05/07/1941Ltn. Hans Boos12JG 51I-16 Rata-15.12Eastern Front
05/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51I-16 Rata-17.45Eastern Front
05/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51SB-2-12Eastern Front
05/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51SB-2-12.05Eastern Front
05/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51I-18-12.1Eastern Front
05/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51I-18-12.1Eastern Front
05/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51DB-310km E. Borissow6.35Eastern Front
05/07/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51DB-310km E. Borissow6.35Eastern Front
05/07/1941Oblt. Friedrich Eberle1JG 51I-18-11.25Eastern Front
05/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51I-18-11.27Eastern Front
05/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51DB-3-13.44Eastern Front
05/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51DB-3-13.45Eastern Front
05/07/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51DB-3-13.45Eastern Front
05/07/1941Oblt. Friedrich Eberle1JG 51I-153-13.5Eastern Front
05/07/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51DB-3-19.4Eastern Front
05/07/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51V-11-11.45Eastern Front
05/07/1941Fw. Robert Fuchs7JG 51V-11-11.52Eastern Front
05/07/1941Uffz. Siegfried Schwaneberg8JG 51V-11-12Eastern Front
05/07/1941Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51V-11--Eastern Front
05/07/1941Ltn. Hermann Stahl7JG 51V-11--Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51ZKB-19-16.3Eastern Front
06/07/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51DB-3-17.35Eastern Front
06/07/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51DB-3-17.45Eastern Front
06/07/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51DB-3-17.5Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51V-11-20.15Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51V-11-20.2Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ofw. Heinrich Höfemeier1JG 51V-11--Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51V-1110km E. Rogatschew20.32Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51V-1122km NE Rogatschew20.36Eastern Front
06/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51V-1125km NE Rogatschew20.38Eastern Front
06/07/1941Fw. Friedrich Heimann5JG 51V-11--Eastern Front
07/07/1941Oblt. Johann Knauth10JG 51I-153-18.58Eastern Front
07/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51I-153Tolotschin14.45Eastern Front
07/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51I-16 Rata-17.15Eastern Front
07/07/1941Oblt. Hartmann GrasserStabJG 51V-11-19.3Eastern Front
07/07/1941Major Friedrich BeckhStab IV.JG 51I-18Orscha16.3Eastern Front
07/07/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51I-153Mogilew/Orscha15.25Eastern Front
07/07/1941Fw. Alexander Mudin1JG 51I-153Mogilew/Orscha15.25Eastern Front
07/07/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51I-185km E. Schklow15.35Eastern Front
07/07/1941Fw. Georg Seidel6JG 51I-18--Eastern Front
07/07/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51I-18--Eastern Front
07/07/1941Fw. Werner Bielefeldt7JG 51I-18-17.05Eastern Front
07/07/1941Fw. Werner Bielefeldt7JG 51I-1825km NE Rogatschew17.55Eastern Front
08/07/1941Fw. Otto Schultz4JG 51SB-2S. Walki19.2Eastern Front
08/07/1941Uffz. Heinrich Zimmermann9JG 51DB-3-19.15Eastern Front
08/07/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51SB-2-11.4Eastern Front
08/07/1941Fw. Alexander Mudin1JG 51Pe-215km NNW Rogatschew19.25Eastern Front
08/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51SB-2-19.35Eastern Front
08/07/1941Oblt. Michael SonnerStab I.JG 51Pe-2-19.4Eastern Front
08/07/1941Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
08/07/1941Oblt. Fritz Stendel8JG 51Pe-2-19.15Eastern Front
08/07/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51DB-3-19.25Eastern Front
09/07/1941Hptm. Josef FözöStab II.JG 51I-16 RataFl.Pl. Subowa15.15Eastern Front
09/07/1941Oblt. Erich Hohagen4JG 51V-11-19.35Eastern Front
09/07/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51I-16 Rata-4.32Eastern Front
09/07/1941Ltn. Karl Schnecker11JG 51Pe-2-18.09Eastern Front
09/07/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51DB-3-4.45Eastern Front
09/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51DB-3-11.25Eastern Front
09/07/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51DB-3-11.25Eastern Front
09/07/1941Ltn. Hans Boos12JG 51DB-3-13.05Eastern Front
09/07/1941Oblt. Peter Emmerich12JG 51I-16 Rata-17.35Eastern Front
09/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51DB-3-18Eastern Front
09/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51I-153-9.25Eastern Front
09/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51I-153-9.35Eastern Front
09/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51I-16 Rata-9.55Eastern Front
09/07/1941Ltn. Hans Boos12JG 51DB-37km SW Gorodok10.35Eastern Front
09/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51I-16 Rata-15.29Eastern Front
09/07/1941Fw. Wilhelm Mink5JG 51I-16 Rata8-10km E. Subowa15.26Eastern Front
10/07/1941Ltn. Anton Lindner2JG 51V-11-18.56Eastern Front
10/07/1941Hptm. Wilhelm Hachfeld2JG 51V-11-18.58Eastern Front
10/07/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51Pe-2-10.42Eastern Front
10/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51RZ-7.45Eastern Front
10/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51RZ-7.5Eastern Front
10/07/1941Oblt. Hartmann GrasserStabJG 51RZ-7.5Eastern Front
10/07/1941Hptm. Wilhelm Hachfeld2JG 51V-11W. Rogatschew18.55Eastern Front
10/07/1941Oblt. Friedhelm Höschen2JG 51V-11NE Rogatschew18.55Eastern Front
10/07/1941Oblt. Heinz SchumannStab I.JG 51V-11--Eastern Front
10/07/1941Fw. Otto Schultz4JG 51I-16 Rata-9.5Eastern Front
10/07/1941Oblt. Johann Missfeldt7JG 51TB-3--Eastern Front
10/07/1941Oblt. Herbert WehneltStab III.JG 51Pe-210km NE Stara Bychow15.45Eastern Front
11/07/1941Hptm. Josef FözöStab II.JG 51DB-3-17.05Eastern Front
11/07/1941Fw. Otto Schultz4JG 51DB-3-16.25Eastern Front
11/07/1941Uffz. Heinz Herzig4JG 51DB-3-16.24Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51Pe-2-11.32Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Hans Kolbow5JG 51Pe-2-11.32Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51Pe-2-11.57Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Hans Kolbow5JG 51Pe-2-12.1Eastern Front
11/07/1941Fw. Wilhelm Mink5JG 51Pe-2-12.13Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51DB-3-15.15Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Ottmar Maurer9JG 51Pe-2-15.2Eastern Front
11/07/1941Uffz. Johannes Kittelmann9JG 51DB-3-15.15Eastern Front
11/07/1941Uffz. Johannes Kittelmann9JG 51DB-3-17.4Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51Pe-2-19.2Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Johann Knauth10JG 51Pe-2-17.25Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ofw. Franz Barten11JG 51ZKB-19-7.4Eastern Front
11/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Klöpper11JG 51Pe-2Kraschino10.32Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51I-16 Rata-15.32Eastern Front
11/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Klöpper11JG 51I-16 RataKoely15.35Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Karl Schnecker11JG 51SB-3-16.41Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51Pe-2N. Orscha5.42Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Hans Boos12JG 51Pe-2-5.43Eastern Front
11/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51Pe-2-5.45Eastern Front
11/07/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51Pe-2-5.45Eastern Front
11/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51Pe-2-5.46Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Hartmann GrasserStabJG 51DB-3-9.55Eastern Front
11/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51I-153-10.35Eastern Front
11/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51I-153-15.15Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Horst GeyerStabJG 51I-16 Rata-15Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Horst GeyerStabJG 51I-16 Rata--Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Horst GeyerStabJG 51I-153-15.15Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51Pe-2-10.3Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51DB-3-15.02Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51DB-3-15.05Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär1JG 51DB-3-16.45Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ofw. Heinz Schawaller1JG 51DB-3-16.45Eastern Front
11/07/1941Ofw. Heinz Schawaller1JG 51DB-3-16.5Eastern Front
11/07/1941Fw. Richard Quante6JG 51I-16 Rata--Eastern Front
11/07/1941Uffz. Georg Werner6JG 51--Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Walter Stengel6JG 51--Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51Pe-2-6.25Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51--Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Hermann Staiger7JG 51--Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Herbert WehneltStab III.JG 51I-153-12.45Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51Pe-2-14.07Eastern Front
11/07/1941Fw. Werner Bielefeldt7JG 51Pe-225km NE Mogilew14.2Eastern Front
11/07/1941Fw. Bernhard Lausch8JG 51SB-25km N. Slobin14.1Eastern Front
11/07/1941Oblt. Herbert WehneltStab III.JG 51DB-3-15.25Eastern Front
11/07/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51DB-3-16.1Eastern Front
12/07/1941Fw. Georg Seidel6JG 51--Eastern Front
12/07/1941Fw. Otto Tange5JG 51DB-310km E. Schklow17.51Eastern Front
12/07/1941Fw. Otto Tange5JG 51DB-324km E. Schklow17.55Eastern Front
12/07/1941Oblt. Karl FühringStab IV.JG 51R-10-11.1Eastern Front
12/07/1941Ltn. Ralph Furch11JG 51DB-3-18.02Eastern Front
12/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51DB-3-18.5Eastern Front
12/07/1941Oblt. Hartmann GrasserStabJG 51DB-3-18.5Eastern Front
12/07/1941 Flakgr.IV.JG 51DB-3-12.05Eastern Front
12/07/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51DB-3-18.45Eastern Front
12/07/1941Oblt. Friedrich Eberle1JG 51DB-3-18.5Eastern Front
12/07/1941Fw. Alexander Mudin1JG 51DB-3-18.5Eastern Front
12/07/1941Ofw. Heinz Schawaller1JG 51DB-3-18.52Eastern Front
12/07/1941Ofw. Heinrich Höfemeier1JG 51DB-3-18.55Eastern Front
12/07/1941Ltn. Georg-Peter Eder4JG 51Pe-2-7.45Eastern Front
12/07/1941Oblt. Erich Hohagen4JG 51Pe-2-7.55Eastern Front
12/07/1941Oblt. Hans Kolbow5JG 51DB-3-17.5Eastern Front
12/07/1941Uffz. Georg Werner6JG 51--Eastern Front
12/07/1941Ltn. Karl-Heinz Weber7JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
12/07/1941Oblt. Herbert WehneltStab III.JG 51Pe-2-16.12Eastern Front
12/07/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51Pe-2-16.1Eastern Front
12/07/1941Oblt. Herbert WehneltStab III.JG 51--Eastern Front
12/07/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51V-11-19.25Eastern Front
12/07/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51V-11-19.3Eastern Front
13/07/1941Uffz. Herbert Bareuther3JG 51SB-3-14.5Eastern Front
13/07/1941Oblt. Heinrich Krafft3JG 51SB-3-14.55Eastern Front
13/07/1941Ltn. Erich Viebahn3JG 51SB-3-14.56Eastern Front
13/07/1941Oblt. Erich Hohagen4JG 51DB-3-10.05Eastern Front
13/07/1941Oblt. Erich Hohagen4JG 51I-16 Rata-10.2Eastern Front
13/07/1941Ltn. Georg-Peter Eder4JG 51DB-3-10.07Eastern Front
13/07/1941Ltn. Georg-Peter Eder4JG 51I-16 Rata-10.23Eastern Front
13/07/1941Fw. Otto Schultz4JG 51DB-3-10.07Eastern Front
13/07/1941Ltn. Hermann SegatzStab II.JG 51SB-3-19Eastern Front
13/07/1941Oblt. Heinz MihlanStab II.JG 51SB-3-19.02Eastern Front
13/07/1941Fw. Wilhelm Mink5JG 51R-10-12.06Eastern Front
13/07/1941Fw. Otto Tange5JG 51Pe-210km SE Gorki12.2Eastern Front
13/07/1941Uffz. Alfred Dittmar6JG 51R-3--Eastern Front
13/07/1941Uffz. Hermann Aubrecht5JG 51DB-3-12.37Eastern Front
13/07/1941Oblt. Hans Kolbow5JG 51DB-3-17.45Eastern Front
13/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51DB-3-17.46Eastern Front
13/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51I-16 Rata-16.45Eastern Front
13/07/1941Ofw. Franz Barten11JG 51Pe-2-12.24Eastern Front
13/07/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51Pe-2-12.25Eastern Front
13/07/1941Fw. Erwin Janke11JG 51I-16 Rata-19.45Eastern Front
13/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51Pe-2-19.35Eastern Front
13/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51DB-3-19.25Eastern Front
13/07/1941Oblt. Hartmann GrasserStabJG 51DB-3-19.25Eastern Front
13/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51DB-3-19.3Eastern Front
13/07/1941Fw. Rolf Helber5JG 51DB-3-12.35Eastern Front
13/07/1941Oblt. Walter Stengel6JG 51R-3--Eastern Front
13/07/1941Oblt. Johann Missfeldt7JG 51SB-3--Eastern Front
13/07/1941Uffz. Karl Willius8JG 51DB-3-9.53Eastern Front
13/07/1941Ltn. Wolfgang Böwing-Treuding8JG 51DB-3-9.55Eastern Front
13/07/1941Oblt. Fritz Stendel8JG 51V-11-14.55Eastern Front
13/07/1941Oblt. Herbert WehneltStab III.JG 51V-1135km S. Slobin15Eastern Front
13/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51I-16 Rata-16.55Eastern Front
13/07/1941Uffz. Karl Willius8JG 51DB-3-19.44Eastern Front
13/07/1941Uffz. Gerhard Wille8JG 51DB-3-19.45Eastern Front
13/07/1941Oblt. Fritz Stendel8JG 51DB-3-19.46Eastern Front
13/07/1941Oblt. Fritz Stendel8JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
14/07/1941Oblt. Friedhelm Höschen2JG 51Pe-2-16.05Eastern Front
14/07/1941Ltn. Georg-Peter Eder4JG 51DB-3-11.15Eastern Front
14/07/1941Ofw. Adolf Borchers10JG 51ZKB-19-16.1Eastern Front
14/07/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51DB-3-12.29Eastern Front
14/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51DB-3E. Kopys11.05Eastern Front
14/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51DB-3-12.4Eastern Front
14/07/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51DB-3-12.42Eastern Front
14/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51DB-3-12.45Eastern Front
14/07/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51Pe-2-16.15Eastern Front
14/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51Pe-2-11.5Eastern Front
14/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51Pe-2-11.55Eastern Front
14/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51Pe-2-12Eastern Front
14/07/1941Oblt. Heinz SchumannStab I.JG 51Pe-2SE Gori16.05Eastern Front
14/07/1941Fw. Georg Seidel6JG 51I-18--Eastern Front
14/07/1941Uffz. Georg Werner6JG 51I-18--Eastern Front
14/07/1941Fw. Georg Seidel6JG 51I-18--Eastern Front
14/07/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51V-1120km E. Stara Bychow19.05Eastern Front
14/07/1941Uffz. Johannes Scholz7JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
14/07/1941Fw. Werner Bielefeldt7JG 51DB-315km SE Bobruisk4.28Eastern Front
14/07/1941Fw. Werner Bielefeldt7JG 51DB-315km SE Bobruisk4.29Eastern Front
14/07/1941Fw. Werner Bielefeldt7JG 51DB-315km SE Bobruisk4.3Eastern Front
15/07/1941Fw. Wilhelm Mink5JG 51DB-3-18.28Eastern Front
15/07/1941Fw. Otto Tange5JG 51DB-320km W. Mstislawl18.33Eastern Front
15/07/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51I-18-10.41Eastern Front
15/07/1941Ofw. Franz Barten11JG 51I-16 Rata-9.45Eastern Front
15/07/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51DB-3-14.12Eastern Front
15/07/1941Ofw. Franz Barten11JG 51DB-3-16.2Eastern Front
15/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51Pe-2-18.4Eastern Front
15/07/1941Obstlt. Werner MöldersStabJG 51Pe-2--Eastern Front
15/07/1941Fw. Alexander Mudin1JG 51Pe-2-18.4Eastern Front
15/07/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51Pe-2-18.42Eastern Front
15/07/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51Pe-2-18.45Eastern Front
15/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51DB-3-18.24Eastern Front
15/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51DB-312km SE Wjasma18.32Eastern Front
16/07/1941Fw. Otto Tange5JG 51DB-33km S. Smolensk12.45Eastern Front
16/07/1941Fw. Friedrich Heimann5JG 51V-11E. Stara Bychow16.12Eastern Front
16/07/1941Ltn. Hans Strelow5JG 51V-11E. Stara Bychow16.16Eastern Front
16/07/1941Uffz. Hermann Aubrecht5JG 51V-11-19.05Eastern Front
16/07/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51DB-3-10.12Eastern Front
16/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Klöpper11JG 51DB-35km E. Gusino10.14Eastern Front
16/07/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51DB-3-9.2Eastern Front
16/07/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51DB-3-9.25Eastern Front
16/07/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51DB-3-9.25Eastern Front
16/07/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51DB-3-9.28Eastern Front
16/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried Nordmann12JG 51DB-3S. Smolensk12.3Eastern Front
16/07/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51V-1115km SE Tschenkow19.15Eastern Front
16/07/1941Oblt. Walter Stengel6JG 51I-16 Rata--Eastern Front
16/07/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51V-11-18.25Eastern Front
17/07/1941Uffz. Wilhelm Theimann3JG 51SB-3-4.49Eastern Front
17/07/1941Ofw. Anton Lenz3JG 51SB-3-4.5Eastern Front
17/07/1941Ofw. Anton Lenz3JG 51SB-3-4.52Eastern Front
17/07/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51SB-2-4.55Eastern Front
17/07/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51SB-2-4.56Eastern Front
17/07/1941Uffz. Heinz Falk1JG 51Pe-2-5.02Eastern Front
17/07/1941Fw. Werner Bielefeldt7JG 51SB-220km SE Bobruisk11.25Eastern Front
17/07/1941Uffz. Herbert Buschmann7JG 51SB-2--Eastern Front
20/07/1941Oblt. Johann Knauth10JG 51ZKB-19-8.55Eastern Front
20/07/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51DB-3-17.1Eastern Front
20/07/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51DB-3Smolensk17.1Eastern Front
21/07/1941Ltn. Ivo von Lubich6JG 51--Eastern Front
21/07/1941Ltn. Ivo von Lubich6JG 51--Eastern Front
21/07/1941Ltn. Ivo von Lubich6JG 51--Eastern Front
21/07/1941Fw. Richard Quante6JG 51--Eastern Front
21/07/1941Fw. Richard Quante6JG 51--Eastern Front
21/07/1941Fw. Richard Quante6JG 51--Eastern Front
21/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Lülwes5JG 51--Eastern Front
22/07/1941Oblt. Johann Knauth10JG 51DB-3-18.55Eastern Front
22/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51I-153-10.25Eastern Front
22/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51I-153-10.5Eastern Front
22/07/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51I-153-10.55Eastern Front
22/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51I-153-15.03Eastern Front
22/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51I-153-18.2Eastern Front
22/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51I-153-18.25Eastern Front
22/07/1941Oblt. Horst GeyerStabJG 51-16.5Eastern Front
22/07/1941Ltn. Erwin Fleig1JG 51Pe-2Propojsk19.1Eastern Front
22/07/1941Ofw. Heinrich Höfemeier1JG 51Pe-230km E. Loswiza19.09Eastern Front
22/07/1941Fw. Alexander Mudin1JG 51-14.4Eastern Front
23/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried NordmannStab IV.JG 51Pe-2S. Schatalowka12.59Eastern Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Horst Haase10JG 51R-10-13Eastern Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51DB-3-18.12Eastern Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51DB-3-18.16Eastern Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51Pe-2-12.55Eastern Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51Pe-2-12.57Eastern Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51Pe-2-13.02Eastern Front
23/07/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51Pe-2-13.05Eastern Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51R-3-13.1Eastern Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51Pe-2-18.2Eastern Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51Pe-2-18.25Eastern Front
23/07/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51Pe-2-18.2Eastern Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Albert Lutz8JG 51SB-2-18.46Eastern Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51SB-2NE Bobruisk18.55Eastern Front
23/07/1941Fw. Robert Fuchs7JG 51SB-235km NE Bobruisk18.55Eastern Front
23/07/1941Oblt. Herbert Wehnelt7JG 51SB-2NE Bobruisk18.55Eastern Front
23/07/1941Ltn. Karl-Heinz Weber7JG 51SB-2NE Bobruisk18.57Eastern Front
23/07/1941Gefr. Günther Schack7JG 51SB-240km NE Bobruisk18.59Eastern Front
23/07/1941Major Friedrich BeckhStabJG 51-8.16Eastern Front
23/07/1941Uffz. Anton Hafner6JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
23/07/1941Fw. Bernhard Lausch8JG 51SB-2-18.45Eastern Front
24/07/1941Fw. Anton Lindner2JG 51Vultee-11-12.03Eastern Front
24/07/1941Oblt. Heinrich Krafft3JG 51Seversky-11.3Eastern Front
24/07/1941Oblt. Georg HackbarthStab II.JG 51V-11-14.15Eastern Front
24/07/1941Oblt. Horst GeyerStab II.JG 51V-11-14.13Eastern Front
24/07/1941Oblt. Erich Hohagen4JG 51V-11-11.17Eastern Front
24/07/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51I-16 Rata-8.11Eastern Front
24/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51I-18-6.15Eastern Front
24/07/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51I-18-6.2Eastern Front
24/07/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51Pe-2-12.08Eastern Front
24/07/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51Pe-2-12.1Eastern Front
24/07/1941Uffz. Gerhard Wille8JG 51V-11-11.55Eastern Front
24/07/1941Uffz. Friedrich Simon9JG 51I-16 RataZerkowje14.05Eastern Front
24/07/1941Uffz. Heinz John1JG 51-12.08Eastern Front
24/07/1941Uffz. Heinz John1JG 51-12.13Eastern Front
24/07/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SB-2-14.55Eastern Front
24/07/1941Oblt. Heinz SchumannStab I.JG 51SB-2-14.55Eastern Front
24/07/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SB-2S. Propojsk14.58Eastern Front
24/07/1941Oblt. Heinz SchumannStab I.JG 51SB-2S. Propojsk14.58Eastern Front
24/07/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51SB-2S. Propojsk14.59Eastern Front
24/07/1941Oblt. Heinz SchumannStab I.JG 51SB-2S. Propojsk14.59Eastern Front
24/07/1941Uffz. Alfred Dittmar6JG 51R-10--Eastern Front
24/07/1941Oblt. Johannes Missfeldt**7JG 51DB-3**--Eastern Front
25/07/1941Oblt. Herbert Wehnelt7JG 51--Eastern Front
25/07/1941Fw. Robert Fuchs7JG 51--Eastern Front
25/07/1941Gefr. Heinrich Brücher7JG 51--Eastern Front
26/07/1941Oblt. Erich Hohagen4JG 51I-18-19.01Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Georg-Peter Eder4JG 51Pe-2-18.43Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Horst Walther4JG 51Pe-2-18.5Eastern Front
26/07/1941Fw. Otto Schultz4JG 51Pe-2-18.45Eastern Front
26/07/1941Fw. Otto Schultz4JG 51Pe-2-18.5Eastern Front
26/07/1941Gefr. Kurt Knappe5JG 51DB-3-12.35Eastern Front
26/07/1941Oblt. Hartmann Grasser5JG 51Douglas-16.52Eastern Front
26/07/1941Oblt. Hartmann Grasser5JG 51R-3-19.2Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Maximilian Mayerl9JG 51Pe-210km S. Dorogobush18.45Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Maximilian Mayerl9JG 51Pe-25km S. Dorogobush18.45Eastern Front
26/07/1941Oblt. Johann Knauth10JG 51DB-3SE Smolensk8.53Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51I-153-10.4Eastern Front
26/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Klöpper11JG 51DB-315km E. Kowali9.12Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51R-3-4.25Eastern Front
26/07/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51R-3-4.28Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51DB-3-9Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51DB-3-9.05Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51DB-3-9.08Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51DB-3-9.1Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51Pe-2-18.15Eastern Front
26/07/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51DB-3-11.35Eastern Front
26/07/1941Ltn. Eberhard Wenninger8JG 51DB-3-15.1Eastern Front
27/07/1941Oblt. Friedhelm Höschen2JG 51SB-220km S. Stara Bychow18.42Eastern Front
27/07/1941Ltn. Fritz Nächster2JG 51SB-2S. Stara Bychow18.43Eastern Front
27/07/1941Fw. Anton Lindner2JG 51I-16 Rata-18.45Eastern Front
27/07/1941Ltn. Walter Schick2JG 51I-16 Rata-18.46Eastern Front
27/07/1941Uffz. Harald Kolbe10JG 51DB-3-15.5Eastern Front
27/07/1941Ofw. Adolf Borchers10JG 51DB-3-15.5Eastern Front
27/07/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51I-153-7.55Eastern Front
27/07/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51I-153-7.58Eastern Front
27/07/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51I-18-15.2Eastern Front
27/07/1941Ltn. Maximilian Mayerl9JG 51SB-210km N. Jelnja10.1Eastern Front
27/07/1941Fw. Bernhard Lausch8JG 51DB-3-16Eastern Front
27/07/1941Uffz. Gerhard Wille8JG 51DB-3-16.02Eastern Front
27/07/1941Uffz. Helmut Hördt12JG 51I-18-15.2Eastern Front
27/07/1941Oblt. Friedhelm Höschen2JG 51SB-2S. Stara Bychow18.4Eastern Front
28/07/1941Hptm. Wilhelm Hachfeld2JG 51V-11-17.22Eastern Front
28/07/1941Ltn. Fritz Nächster2JG 51V-11-17.24Eastern Front
28/07/1941Uffz. Heinz Leber2JG 51V-11-17.25Eastern Front
28/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51V-11N. Propojsk16.58Eastern Front
28/07/1941Fw. Otto Tange5JG 51V-118km N. Propojsk16.59Eastern Front
28/07/1941Ltn. Ottmar Maurer9JG 51V-11-5.53Eastern Front
28/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried NordmannStab IV.JG 51DB-3N. Wolotschek17.55Eastern Front
28/07/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51--Eastern Front
28/07/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51--Eastern Front
28/07/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51--Eastern Front
28/07/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51--Eastern Front
28/07/1941Ltn. Karl-Heinz Weber7JG 51Pe-2--Eastern Front
28/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
28/07/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51DB-330km NE Jelnja17.25Eastern Front
28/07/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51DB-310km NE Jelnja17.3Eastern Front
28/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51DB-3-7.47Eastern Front
28/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51DB-3-7.45Eastern Front
28/07/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51I-18-17.2Eastern Front
28/07/1941Ltn. Fritz DünkelStab I.JG 51I-181-17.2Eastern Front
28/07/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51I-16 Rata-18.4Eastern Front
28/07/1941Oblt. Rudolf BuschStab I.JG 51I-16 Rata-18.4Eastern Front
28/07/1941Ltn. Fritz DünkelStab I.JG 51I-16 Rata-18.4Eastern Front
28/07/1941Ltn. Fritz DünkelStab I.JG 51I-16 Rata--Eastern Front
28/07/1941Ltn. Ivo von Lubich6JG 51V-1110km S. Propojsk16.45Eastern Front
29/07/1941Oblt. Hartmann Grasser5JG 51SB-3-18.36Eastern Front
29/07/1941Fw. Heinrich Lülwes5JG 51SB-33km NE Nimnoje18.4Eastern Front
29/07/1941Oblt. Hartmann Grasser5JG 51SB-3-18.3Eastern Front
29/07/1941Ltn. Maximilian Mayerl9JG 51DB-320km NE Jelnja18.1Eastern Front
29/07/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51DB-3-18.1Eastern Front
29/07/1941Ltn. Wolfgang Böwing-Treuding8JG 51SB-3-4.2Eastern Front
29/07/1941Uffz. Gerhard Wille8JG 51SB-2-17.52Eastern Front
29/07/1941Fw. Bernhard Lausch8JG 51SB-2-17.53Eastern Front
29/07/1941Ofw. Johannes Büttner8JG 51SB-2-17.56Eastern Front
29/07/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51DB-3-18.05Eastern Front
29/07/1941Ltn. Maximilian Mayerl9JG 51DB-320km NE Jelnja18.1Eastern Front
29/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51SB-3-4.12Eastern Front
29/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51Pe-2-18.1Eastern Front
29/07/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
29/07/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51I-16 Rata-4.25Eastern Front
30/07/1941Oblt. Erich Hohagen4JG 51I-61-16.35Eastern Front
30/07/1941Fw. Theodor Stebner3JG 51DB-3SE Propojsk12.5Eastern Front
30/07/1941Fw. Theodor Stebner3JG 51DB-3SE Propojsk13Eastern Front
30/07/1941Fw. Wilhelm Mink5JG 51DB-3-6.08Eastern Front
30/07/1941Ltn. Hans-Joachim Steffens5JG 51BB-1-10.38Eastern Front
30/07/1941Ofw. Anton Lenz3JG 51DB-3-12.52Eastern Front
31/07/1941Ltn. Georg-Peter Eder4JG 51I-16 Rata-8.35Eastern Front
31/07/1941Fw. Rudolf Nielinger4JG 51I-16 RataKritschew8.36Eastern Front
31/07/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51R-3-9.45Eastern Front
31/07/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51Pe-2-4.37Eastern Front
31/07/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef Beerenbrock12JG 51R-10-19.2Eastern Front
31/07/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51R-10-19.2Eastern Front
31/07/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51I-18-19.17Eastern Front
31/07/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51I-18-19.15Eastern Front
31/07/1941Flg. Leander Mayer8JG 51--Eastern Front
31/07/1941Ltn. Ottmar Maurer9JG 51--Eastern Front
31/07/1941Oblt. Fritz Stendal8JG 51--Eastern Front
01/08/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51SB-2-14.2Eastern Front
01/08/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51SB-2-14.23Eastern Front
01/08/1941Uffz. Wilhelm Hegner10JG 51SB-2-14.28Eastern Front
02/08/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried NordmannStab IV.JG 51R-5E. Kondratowka17.14Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ltn. Hans BoosStab IV.JG 51R-5-17.15Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ltn. Hans BoosStab IV.JG 51R-10-19.32Eastern Front
02/08/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried NordmannStab IV.JG 51R-3N. Korbojetz19.33Eastern Front
02/08/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried NordmannStab IV.JG 51R-5Pronius19.35Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ltn. Hans BoosStab IV.JG 51R-3-19.38Eastern Front
02/08/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried NordmannStab IV.JG 51P-315km NE Korbojetz19.41Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51I-6110km N. Jelnja12.05Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ofw. Johannes Büttner8JG 51SB-2-7.45Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ofw. Johannes Büttner8JG 51SB-2-7.48Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ofw. Johannes Büttner8JG 51SB-2-7.52Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ofw. Johannes Büttner8JG 51SB-2-7.55Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51Pe-2--Eastern Front
02/08/1941Oblt. Harald Jung7JG 51I-61--Eastern Front
02/08/1941Fw. Robert Fuchs7JG 51I-61--Eastern Front
02/08/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51I-18-16.24Eastern Front
02/08/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51Pe-2-16.25Eastern Front
02/08/1941Major Friedrich BeckhStabJG 51R-55km S. Kondratowa17.12Eastern Front
02/08/1941Major Friedrich BeckhStabJG 51I-155km E. Aleksino17.15Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51I-16 Rata10km N. Jelnja12.04Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51Pe-2-17.4Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51R-5-17.12Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51I-153-17.35Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51R-10-19.3Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51R-10-19.31Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51R-3-19.37Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51R-3-19.39Eastern Front
02/08/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51Pe-2-17.37Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ltn. Ivo von Lubich6JG 51I-16 Rata--Eastern Front
02/08/1941Ltn. Günther Rübell6JG 51I-16 Rata--Eastern Front
03/08/1941Ltn. Horst Walther4JG 51I-16 Rata-18.4Eastern Front
03/08/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51I-16 Rata-12.25Eastern Front
03/08/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51R-3-13.55Eastern Front
03/08/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51R-3-13.56Eastern Front
03/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51Pe-2-14.16Eastern Front
03/08/1941Uffz. Otto Steitz12JG 51Pe-2-14.18Eastern Front
03/08/1941Oblt. Peter EmmerichStab IV.JG 51I-61--Eastern Front
03/08/1941Fw. Richard Quante6JG 51I-1820km N. Gomel13.55Eastern Front
03/08/1941Fw. Georg Seidel6JG 51I-1820km N. Gomel13.55Eastern Front
04/08/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51I-153-11.5Eastern Front
04/08/1941Ltn. Bernd Gallowitsch10JG 51R-3-12.2Eastern Front
04/08/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51R-3-7.25Eastern Front
04/08/1941Fw. Heinrich Klöpper11JG 51Pe-25km S. Alekssino8.3Eastern Front
05/08/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51I-15315km NE Jelnja6.53Eastern Front
06/08/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51I-15315km SE Abramowo9.48Eastern Front
06/08/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51Pe-2-9.5Eastern Front
06/08/1941Fw. Werner Bielefeldt7JG 51I-185km NE Jelnja15.45Eastern Front
07/08/1941Uffz. Alfons Bauer11JG 51--Eastern Front
07/08/1941Uffz. Alfons Bauer11JG 51--Eastern Front
07/08/1941Uffz. Alfons Bauer11JG 51--Eastern Front
07/08/1941Uffz. Alfons Bauer11JG 51--Eastern Front
07/08/1941Uffz. Alfons Bauer11JG 51--Eastern Front
07/08/1941Fw. Georg Seidel6JG 51I-18-16.53Eastern Front
07/08/1941Fw. Richard Quante6JG 51Pe-2-16.54Eastern Front
07/08/1941Fw. Richard Quante6JG 51DB-310km E. Gorki16.57Eastern Front
08/08/1941Oblt. Johann Knauth10JG 51DB-3-15.2Eastern Front
08/08/1941Ofw. Adolf Borchers10JG 51DB-3-15.3Eastern Front
08/08/1941Fw. Heinrich Klöpper11JG 51Pe-210km NE Kochany5.1Eastern Front
08/08/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51Pe-2-8.47Eastern Front
08/08/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51DB-3-15.08Eastern Front
08/08/1941Ltn. Karl Schnecker11JG 51SB-2-15.21Eastern Front
08/08/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51DB-3-15.29Eastern Front
08/08/1941Uffz. Hans-Walther Hopfer11JG 51I-18-16.45Eastern Front
08/08/1941Uffz. Hans-Walther Hopfer11JG 51Pe-2-17.15Eastern Front
08/08/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51DB-33km W. Jelnja15.25Eastern Front
08/08/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51DB-3-15.26Eastern Front
08/08/1941Ltn. Karl-Heinz WeberStab III.JG 51DB-3-15.25Eastern Front
08/08/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef BeerenbrockStab IV.JG 51R-3-12.15Eastern Front
08/08/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51R-3-12.15Eastern Front
08/08/1941Ofhr. Ernst Weismann12JG 51DB-3-15.35Eastern Front
08/08/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51DB-3-15.35Eastern Front
08/08/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51DB-3-15.38Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ltn. Walter Schick2JG 51R-5-7.5Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ltn. Georg-Peter Eder4JG 51I-18-16.5Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ltn. Horst Walther4JG 51Pe-2-12.15Eastern Front
09/08/1941Fw. Rudolf Nielinger4JG 51Pe-2SE Jelnja12.15Eastern Front
09/08/1941Fw. Otto Schultz4JG 51Pe-2-13.5Eastern Front
09/08/1941Oblt. Hartmann Grasser5JG 51Pe-2-13.5Eastern Front
09/08/1941Fw. Friedrich Heimann5JG 51Pe-2-13.54Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ltn. Ottmar Maurer9JG 51Pe-2-13.07Eastern Front
09/08/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51Pe-2-13.07Eastern Front
09/08/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51Pe-2-13.09Eastern Front
09/08/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51Pe-2-13.05Eastern Front
09/08/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51Pe-2-13.05Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ltn. Ottmar Maurer9JG 51Pe-2-13.05Eastern Front
09/08/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef BeerenbrockStab IV.JG 51Pe-2-12.16Eastern Front
09/08/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried NordmannStab IV.JG 51Pe-2E. Jelnja12.26Eastern Front
09/08/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef BeerenbrockStab IV.JG 51I-16 Rata-14.15Eastern Front
09/08/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried NordmannStab IV.JG 51Pe-2NW Jelnja14.3Eastern Front
09/08/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried NordmannStab IV.JG 51Pe-2Jelnja14.4Eastern Front
09/08/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef BeerenbrockStab IV.JG 51Pe-2-14.42Eastern Front
09/08/1941Fw. Heinrich Klöpper11JG 51SB-35km N. Sacharjoskaja11.2Eastern Front
09/08/1941Uffz. Hans-Walther Hopfer11JG 51SB-3-11.22Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ofw. Franz Barten11JG 51Pe-2-12.05Eastern Front
09/08/1941Fw. Heinrich Klöpper11JG 51I-16 Rata25km NW Brjansk18.2Eastern Front
09/08/1941Fw. Heinrich Klöpper11JG 51Pe-2Südrand Dankowo18.55Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51Pe-2--Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51DB-3-18.5Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ofw. Johannes Büttner8JG 51DB-3-18.57Eastern Front
09/08/1941Fw. Robert Fuchs7JG 51Pe-2--Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51I-18-10.5Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ltn. Karl Schnecker11JG 51Pe-26km SE Jelnja13.16Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51Pe-27km SE Jelnja13.17Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51DB-3-13.3Eastern Front
09/08/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51DB-3-13.32Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51DB-3-13.34Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51I-18-18.15Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51I-16 Rata-18.17Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ltn. Herbert Huppertz12JG 51SB-3-19Eastern Front
09/08/1941Uffz. Helmut Hördt12JG 51SB-3-19Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51SB-3-19Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ofhr. Ernst Weismann12JG 51SB-3-19.03Eastern Front
09/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51SB-3-19.05Eastern Front
10/08/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51DB-3-19.15Eastern Front
10/08/1941Uffz. Gerhard Wille8JG 51I-18-9.4Eastern Front
10/08/1941Major Friedrich BeckhStabJG 51I-16110km E. Wolotschek10.43Eastern Front
10/08/1941Major Friedrich BeckhStabJG 51I-1512km NE Jelnja11Eastern Front
10/08/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51I-15-10.55Eastern Front
10/08/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51I-61-10.4Eastern Front
10/08/1941Fw. Friedrich Heimann5JG 51I-16 Rata12km W. Baltischtschowo15.2Eastern Front
11/08/1941Oblt. Horst GeyerStab II.JG 51I-61-14.48Eastern Front
11/08/1941Oblt. Erich Hohagen4JG 51I-61-14.46Eastern Front
11/08/1941Fw. Wilhelm Mink5JG 51I-18-7.05Eastern Front
11/08/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51I-16 Rata-11Eastern Front
11/08/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51I-15-11.2Eastern Front
11/08/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell9JG 51Pe-230km NE Jelnja7.45Eastern Front
11/08/1941Ltn. Ottmar Maurer9JG 51Pe-2--Eastern Front
11/08/1941Ltn. Bernd GallowitschStabJG 51I-61-9.4Eastern Front
11/08/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51I-16 Rata-14.25Eastern Front
11/08/1941Uffz. Harald Kolbe10JG 51SB-26km E. Kainowitschi10.05Eastern Front
11/08/1941Uffz. Helmut Hördt12JG 51DB-3-6.38Eastern Front
11/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51I-18-6.32Eastern Front
11/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51DB-3-6.37Eastern Front
12/08/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef BeerenbrockStab IV.JG 51I-61-12.05Eastern Front
12/08/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef BeerenbrockStab IV.JG 51I-16 Rata-12.15Eastern Front
12/08/1941Major Friedrich BeckhStabJG 51I-61--Eastern Front
12/08/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51SB-3-7.55Eastern Front
12/08/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51SB-2-8.3Eastern Front
12/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51I-18-8.05Eastern Front
12/08/1941Oblt. Friedrich Eberle1JG 51V-115km SE Chmanitschi11.1Eastern Front
12/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Höfemeier1JG 51V-1110km SE Chmanitschi11.15Eastern Front
12/08/1941Oblt. Friedrich Eberle1JG 51V-11-11.17Eastern Front
13/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Klöpper11JG 51I-1820km N. Jelnja9.58Eastern Front
13/08/1941Gefr. Gustav Müller11JG 51R-10-10.12Eastern Front
13/08/1941Ltn. Heinz Bär12JG 51I-18-11.3Eastern Front
13/08/1941Ofw. Wilhelm Mink5JG 51MiG-354 362: 1200m8.42Eastern Front
13/08/1941Gefr. Götz Bergmann5JG 51Il-264 387: tiefflug8.47Eastern Front
13/08/1941Fw. Alfred Rauch5JG 51Il-254 344: tiefflug8.45Eastern Front
13/08/1941Oblt. Albert Walter6JG 51Il-254 464: tiefflug8.51Eastern Front
13/08/1941Uffz. Kurt Knappe5JG 51Il-264 512: tiefflug8.52Eastern Front
13/08/1941Oblt. Karl-Heinz Schnell5JG 51Il-254 414: tiefflug17.08Eastern Front
13/08/1941Hptm. Hartmann GrasserStab II.JG 51Jak-154 294: 2500m18.03Eastern Front
13/08/1941Oblt. Karl Rammelt4JG 51Jak-154 432: 2500m18.05Eastern Front
13/08/1941Fw. Richard Quante6JG 51MiG-155 793: 2000m19.05Eastern Front
13/08/1941Ltn. Horst Wunderlich6JG 51MiG-155 793: 2000m19.07Eastern Front
14/08/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef BeerenbrockStab IV.JG 51I-18-19Eastern Front
14/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Klöpper11JG 51I-184km SE Jelnja15.3Eastern Front
14/08/1941Oblt. Heinz Bär12JG 51I-18-18.55Eastern Front
15/08/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef BeerenbrockStab IV.JG 51I-18-15.2Eastern Front
15/08/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried NordmannStab IV.JG 51I-18NE Jelnja15.23Eastern Front
15/08/1941Ltn. Bernd GallowitschStabJG 51I-61-10.45Eastern Front
15/08/1941Major Friedrich BeckhStabJG 51I-61-16.45Eastern Front
15/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51I-18-10.4Eastern Front
15/08/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51I-18-10.45Eastern Front
15/08/1941Oblt. Heinz Bär12JG 51I-61-16.3Eastern Front
15/08/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51I-61-10.04Eastern Front
15/08/1941Oblt. Rudolf BuschStab I.JG 51I-61-18.55Eastern Front
16/08/1941Oblt. Georg HackbarthStab II.JG 51R-5-12.15Eastern Front
16/08/1941Fw. Otto Schultz4JG 51I-18-15.42Eastern Front
16/08/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef BeerenbrockStab IV.JG 51I-18-19.09Eastern Front
16/08/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried NordmannStab IV.JG 51Pe-2NW Jelnja19.05Eastern Front
16/08/1941Major Friedrich BeckhStabJG 51R-5-8.45Eastern Front
16/08/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51R-5-18.55Eastern Front
17/08/1941Ofw. Edmund Wagner9JG 51R-3-9.2Eastern Front
17/08/1941Oblt. Horst GeyerStab II.JG 51I-16 Rata15km SE Klinzy19.05Eastern Front
18/08/1941Oblt. Erich HohagenStab II.JG 51I-61-8.05Eastern Front
18/08/1941Oblt. Hans MihlanStab II.JG 51Pe-2-8.1Eastern Front
18/08/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried NordmannStab IV.JG 51I-15N. Baltutino17.15Eastern Front
18/08/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51DB-3-8.35Eastern Front
18/08/1941Ltn. Karl-Heinz WeberStab III.JG 51DB-3-8.35Eastern Front
18/08/1941Oblt. Heinz Bär12JG 51I-15-16.35Eastern Front
18/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Höfemeier1JG 51I-16 Rata-16.2Eastern Front
18/08/1941Hptm. Richard LepplaStab III.JG 51DB-3-8.38Eastern Front
18/08/1941Ltn. Karl-Heinz WeberStab III.JG 51DB-3--Eastern Front
18/08/1941Ltn. Joachim Hacker7JG 51Pe-210km W. Dorogobush17.29Eastern Front
18/08/1941Oblt. Herbert Wehnelt7JG 51I-61--Eastern Front
19/08/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef BeerenbrockStab IV.JG 51I-16 Rata-17.1Eastern Front
19/08/1941Ltn. Georg Seelmann11JG 51I-153-19.14Eastern Front
19/08/1941Oblt. Heinz Bär12JG 51I-16 Rata-17.15Eastern Front
19/08/1941Oblt. Heinz Bär12JG 51Pe-2-19.15Eastern Front
19/08/1941Oblt. Heinz Bär12JG 51Pe-2-19.2Eastern Front
19/08/1941Uffz. Gerhard Wille8JG 51I-61-14.25Eastern Front
20/08/1941Ltn. Ivo von Lubich11JG 51Pe-2-8.05Eastern Front
20/08/1941Oblt. Heinz Bär12JG 51I-15-8.55Eastern Front
20/08/1941Oblt. Heinz Bär12JG 51I-16 Rata-9.1Eastern Front
20/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51R-5-9.25Eastern Front
20/08/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51I-18-10.55Eastern Front
20/08/1941Uffz. Helmut Hördt12JG 51R-5-9.25Eastern Front
20/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51R-5-9.26Eastern Front
20/08/1941Uffz. Helmut Hördt12JG 51R-5-9.26Eastern Front
20/08/1941Uffz. Helmut Hördt12JG 51I-18-10.58Eastern Front
20/08/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51I-18-11Eastern Front
20/08/1941Uffz. Heinz John1JG 51I-15-18.35Eastern Front
20/08/1941Oblt. Johannes Missfeldt7JG 51I-61-13.12Eastern Front
21/08/1941Uffz. Franz-Josef BeerenbrockStab IV.JG 51Pe-2-16.55Eastern Front
21/08/1941Hptm. Hermann-Friedrich JoppienStab I.JG 51I-61-13.11Eastern Front
22/08/1941Oblt. Erich HohagenStab II.JG 51I-61-7.3Eastern Front
22/08/1941Fw. Rudolf Nielinger4JG 51I-61NE Jelnja11.3Eastern Front
22/08/1941Oblt. Karl-Gottfried NordmannStab IV.JG 51I-16 RataN. Shidritztroje9Eastern Front
22/08/1941Oblt. Heinz Bär12JG 51I-15-10.25Eastern Front
22/08/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51DB-3-12.35Eastern Front
22/08/1941Fw. Herbert Friebel12JG 51I-153-12.38Eastern Front
22/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 51I-153-12.32Eastern Front
22/08/1941Ofw. Heinrich Hoffmann12JG 5