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Founded : 26th June 1943
Country : Germany
Fate :

Jagdgeschwader 300 (JG 300) was a Luftwaffe fighter-wing of World War II. JG 300 was formed on June 26, 1943 in Deelen as Stab/Versuchskommando Herrmann, from July 18, 1943 as Stab/JG Herrmann, and then finally redesignated on August 20, 1943 to Stab/JG 300. Its first Geschwaderkommodore was Oberstleutnant Hajo Herrmann.


JG300 Artwork Collection
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Timber Wolf by Nicolas Trudgian.

Berlin Boar Fight by Anthony Saunders.

Swansong by Robert Taylor.

Aces for : JG300
A list of all Aces from our database who are known to have flown with this squadron. A profile page is available by clicking the pilots name.
Gunther Rall275.00The signature of Gunther Rall features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Anton Hackl192.00
Walter Dahl128.00
Rudolf Muller101.00
Karl Neumann75.00
Kurt Welter60.00
Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld45.00
Peter Bremer40.00
Klaus Bretschneider40.00
Walter Loos38.00The signature of Walter Loos features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Erich Woitke29.00
Anton Benning28.00
Willi Reschke28.00The signature of Willi Reschke features on some of our artwork - click here to see what is available.
Hermann Wischnewski28.00
Ekkehard Tichy25.00
Rudi Zwesken25.00
Arnold Doring23.00
Peter Jenne17.00
Aircraft for : JG300
A list of all aircraft known to have been flown by JG300. A profile page including a list of all art prints for the aircraft is available by clicking the aircraft name.


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Manufacturer : Fokke-Wulf
Production Began : 1940
Retired : 1945


The Focke-Wulf 190 development project began in 1937. Conceived as a hedge against total dependence on the Messerchmitt 109, the 190 was designed by Kurt Tank utilizing a radial engine. This was against generally accepted design criteria in Germany, and many historians believe that the decision to produce a radial engine fighter was largely due to the limited manufacturing capacity for in-line, water-cooled engines which were widely used on all other Luftwaffe aircraft. Despite these concerns, Tanks design was brilliant, and the 190 would become one of the top fighter aircraft of WWII. The first prototype flew in mid-1939. The aircraft had excellent flying characteristics, a wonderful rate of acceleration, and was heavily armed. By late 1940 the new fighter was ordered into production. Nicknamed the butcher bird, by Luftwaffe pilots, early 190s were quite successful in the bomber interceptor role, but at this stage of the war many Allied bombing raids lacked fighter escort. As the war dragged on, Allied bombers were increasingly accompanied by fighters, including the very effective P-51 Mustang. The Allies learned from experience that the 190s performance fell off sharply at altitudes above 20,000 feet. As a result, most Allied bombing missions were shifted to higher altitudes when fighter opposition was likely. Kurt Tank had recognized this shortcoming and began working on a high-altitude version of the 190 utilizing an in-line, water-cooled engine. Utilizing a Jumo 12-cylinder engine rated at 1770-HP, and capable of 2,240-HP for short bursts with its methanol injection system, the 190D, or Long Nose or Dora as it was called, had a top speed of 426-MPH at 22,000 feet. Armament was improved with two fuselage and two wing mounted 20mm cannon. To accommodate the changes in power plants the Dora had a longer, more streamlined fuselage, with 24 inches added to the nose, and an additional 19 inches added aft of the cockpit to compensate for the altered center of gravity. By mid 1944 the Dora began to reach fighter squadrons in quantity. Although the aircraft had all the right attributes to serve admirably in the high altitude interceptor role, it was not generally focused on such missions. Instead many 190Ds were assigned to protect airfields where Me-262 jet fighters were based. This was due to the latter aircrafts extreme vulnerability to Allied attack during takeoff and landing. The 190Ds also played a major role in Operation Bodenplatte, the New Years Day raid in 1945 which destroyed approximately 500 Allied aircraft on the ground. The High Command was impressed with the 190Ds record on this raid, and ordered most future production of the Doras to be equipped as fighter-bombers. In retrospect this was a strategic error, and this capable aircraft was not fully utilized in the role for which it was intended.


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Manufacturer : Messerschmitt
Production Began : 1937
Retired : 1945
Number Built : 33984


Willy Messerschmitt designed the BF109 during the early 1930s. The Bf109 was one of the first all metal monocoque construction fighters with a closed canopy and retractable undercarriage. The engine of the Me109 was a V12 aero engine which was liquid-cooled. The Bf109 first saw operational service during the Spanish Civil War and flew to the end of World War II, during which time it was the backbone of the Luftwaffe fighter squadrons. During the Battle of Britian the Bf109 was used in the role of an escort fighter, a role for which it was not designed for, and it was also used as a fighter bomber. During the last days of May 1940 Robert Stanford-Tuck, the RAF ace, got the chance to fly an Me109 which they had rebuilt after it had crash landed. Stanford-Tuck found out that the Me109 was a wonderful little plane, it was slightly faster than the Spitfire, but lacked the Spitfire manoeuvrability. By testing the Me109, Tuck could put himself inside the Me109 when fighting them, knowing its weak and strong points. With the introduction of the improved Bf109F in the spring of 1941, the type again proved to be an effective fighter during the invasion of Yugoslavia and during the Battle of Crete and the invasion of Russia and it was used during the Siege of the Mediteranean island of Malta. The Bf109 was the main fighter for the Luftwaffe until 1942 when the Fw190 entered service and shared this position, and was partially replaced in Western Europe, but the Me109 continued to serve on the Eastern Front and during the defence of the Reich against the allied bombers. It was also used to good effect in the Mediterranean and North Africa in support of The Africa Korps. The Me109 was also supplied to several German allies, including Finland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovakia. The Bf109 scored more kills than any other fighter of any country during the war and was built in greater numbers with a total of over 31,000 aircraft being built. The Bf109 was flown by the three top German aces of the war war. Erich Hartmann with 352 victories, Gerhard Barkhorn with 301 victories and Gunther Rall with 275 kills. Bf109 pilots were credited with the destruction of 100 or more enemy aircraft. Thirteen Luftwaffe Aces scored more than 200 kills. Altogether this group of pilots were credited with a total of nearly 15,000 kills, of which the Messerschmitt Bf109 was credited with over 10,000 of these victories. The Bf109 was the most produced warplane during World War II, with 30,573 examples built during the war, and the most produced fighter aircraft in history, with a total of 33,984 units produced up to April 1945. Bf109s remained in foreign service for many years after World War II. The Swiss used their Bf109Gs well into the 1950s. The Finnish Air Force did not retire their Bf109Gs until March 1954. Romania used its Bf109s until 1955. The Spanish Hispanos flew even longer. Some were still in service in the late 1960s.
Signatures for : JG300
A list of all signatures from our database who are associated with this squadron. A profile page is available by clicking their name.

Oberst Hajo Hermann
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by or with the mounted signature of Oberst Hajo Hermann

5 / 11 / 2010Died : 5 / 11 / 2010
Oberst Hajo Hermann

Hans-Joachim Hermann was born on August 1st 1913 in Kiel, Germany. Hans-Joachim Hermann began his military career as an infantry officer, but after his introduction to gliding – and an invitation from Herman Göring, he transferred to the newly-created Luftwaffe and was commissioned in 1935. In August 1936, Herrmann was in the first group of Germans to arrive in Spain to support General Franco's Nationalist forces. Initially Hans-Joachim Hermann flew bombing operations in the Junkers 52 before becoming a founder member of the Condor Legion, whosemain mission was to attack airfields and defensive positions near Madrid. Many more bombing operations followed, and in April 1937 he returned to Germany. When Germany invading Poland Hermann took off in his Heinkel He111 to bomb railway lines in Poland on the first day. This was the first of 18 targets that Hermann attacked before his unit moved to support the German invasion of Norway. His unit was deployed to bomb targets near Oslo and Stavanger and after the fall of Norway, Hermann's unit was re-equipped with the Junkers 88 and moved to support the German army during the blitzkrieg across the Low Countries and France. During the battle of Britain Hermann was the commander of the 7th Staffel of KG-4, and he led many bombing attacks on England. His first target was oil refineries at Thames Haven and on the night of the 7th / 8th of September 1940 he attacked London. This was his 69th operation against England, when he bombed the India Dock. By the end of the Battle of Britian Hajo Hermann had flown 21 missions over London. A formidable figure in the Luftwaffe, Hajo Hermann was originally awarded the Knight's Cross in 1940 as a bomber pilot. In February 1941 while based in Sicily, Hermann led dive-bombing attacks against airfields on Malta. He was also ordered to hold the British Fleet in check. Attacks against the Royal Navy's heaviest ships followed. On April 7th 1941 following the German advance into Greece, Hermann's unit started mining and bombing operations in the eastern Mediterranean. On one attack, against shipping in Piraeus harbour, Hermann's bomb hit Clan Fraser, which was carrying 350 tons of high explosive. The resulting explosion sank 10 other ships and closed the port for many months. Hermann flew over 320 operations with KG4. In July 1941 Hermann was appointed commander of a bomber group, initially based in France to attack targets in England, before moving to a new base in the far north of Norway. His unit attacked Allied convoys heading for Murmansk with supplies for the Russians - these artic convoys included PQ-17, which was continously attacked. PQ -17 would lose a total of 24 merchantmen and only 11 ships made it through. With II./JG30, Hermann sank a total of 12 ships and in 1942 Hermann was assigned to the general staff in Germany, where he became a close confidant of Göring. In July 1942 he was appointed to the Luftwaffe operational staff. During the summer of 1943 as the Royal Air Force carried out night bombing raids, Hermann devised the tactic of using day fighters to hunt alone rather than in packs. As a bomber man himself, his ideas initially gained little support from the Luftwaffe's night fighter staff, but Göring supported the idea. Flown by experienced night fighter pilots and ex-instructors, the fighters waited in the darkness above their Allied targets, using the light of fires below to illuminate the bombers before attacking. He was responsible for the formation of JG300 and founded the highly successful Wilde Sau (Wild Boar) tactics of free roaming Fw190 night fighters. Hermann himself flew more than 50 wild boar missions and was twice forced to bail out of his stricken fighter. In December 1943 he was appointed Luftwaffe Inspector of Aerial Defence. At the end of 1944 he led the 9th Flieger division and created the famous Rammkommando. Hermann was credited with shooting down nine RAF bombers. After being Inspector General of night fighters, Hermann was appointed to command the First Fighter Division, when he continued to fly on operations. At the end of the war he was captured by the Russians. He spent 10 years in Soviet camps and was one of the last to be released, returning to Germany on October 12th 1955. Hajo Hermann awarded the Knight's Cross, Oak Leaves and Swords. Sadly, we have learned that Hajo Hermann passed away on 5th November 2010.

Hajo Hermann - photograph taken c.2000 as he signed the print Timber Wolf.

Hajo Hermann - photograph taken c.2000.

Walter Loos
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by or with the mounted signature of Walter Loos
5 / 11 / 2010Ace : 38.00 Victories
Walter Loos

Walter Loos was one of the last German Experten. He came as a newly trained pilot to the III./JG3 in January 1944, and was one of the few new pilots of 1944 who survived the war. He claimed his first aerial victory during a fierce aerial battle when the 8th US Air Force attacked Berlin on 6th March 1944. While with the Sturmgruppe IV./JG3, he downed several four-engine bombers and was hand picked by Walther Dahl for Geschwaderstab /JG300. Loos made a great success as a Sturmflieger, but was himself shot down nine times in only a few months. Sta/JG301 was equipped with the Ta152, the most modern propeller fighter, in order to protect the bases of the jet fighters from spring 1945. It was natural to include Loos in this unit. On 24th April 1945, Loos encountered a formation of Soviet fighters over Berlin and managed to down two of them. In spite of flying only 66 missions, he was credited with 38 confirmed victories, including 30 four-engine bombers, plus 8 unconfirmed victories. Six days later on 30th April, JG301 took off for their last battle of the war. Russian fighters attacked the formation and Loos shot down one Yak-9 – one of the last two victories claimed by JG301. That was his 38th victory. While 38 victories for WW2 German fighter pilots was not a huge number, when one considers that over 100 aces achieved over 100 victories, it is outstanding when one considers that Loos achieved his 38 victories in only 66 missions. Few pilots in history have achieved that ratio of kills to sorties.

General Gunther Rall
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by or with the mounted signature of General Gunther Rall

4 / 10 / 2009Died : 4 / 10 / 2009
4 / 10 / 2009Ace : 275.00 Victories
General Gunther Rall

A young pilot with III/JG52 at the outbreak of war. He quickly demonstrated his natural ability and leadership qualities, scoring his first air victory early in the Battle of Britain, and by July 1940 was leading 8/JG52. After transfer to the Eastern Front his air victories mounted at an astonishing rate. A crash hospitalised him but within nine months he was back in the cockpit, and, when commanding III/JG52, gained the Wings 500th victory. Gunther fought throughout the war to become the 3rd highest Ace in history with 275 victories. He was awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords. Gunther Rall was born on March 10, 1918 in the small Bavarian town of Gaggenau, Baden. Immersing himself in Boy Scout activities during the difficult economic times in Germany following WW 1, Rall finished school in 1936 and joined the German Army. Influenced by a friend, who was a young officer in the Luftwaffe, Rall entered pilots school in 1938. His initial posting was with JG52. He attained his first aerial victory during the Battle of France in May of 1940. During the Battle of Britain JG52 absorbed many casualties, and Rall was promoted to Squadron Commander at the young age of 22. With his fair-hair and smooth complexion the young officer looked even younger than his years. But behind this pleasant exterior was a fierce competitor with the heart of a tiger. Later, Ralls squadron would support the attack on Crete, followed by deployment to the Southern Sector on the Eastern Front. Ralls victory totals began to mount. Following his 37 th victory, GiInther was himself shot down. He was lucky to survive the crash, but with a badly broken back he would spend most of the next year in various hospitals. In Vienna at the University Hospital he would meet his future wife, Hertha. Miraculously, Rall recovered and returned to the Luftwaffe in August of 1942. By November his score exceeded 100 and he was awarded the Oak Leaves to accompany the Knights Cross he was awarded only weeks earlier. As the War progressed against Russia, Rall began to encounter ever more experienced Soviet pilots flying better performing aircraft. Despite this fact, and being shot down several more times himself, Ralls victory tally kept rising. By March of 1944 the ace had attained 273 aerial victories. With the War now going badly for Germany, Rall was transferred to the Western Front. He was able to attain only two more victories against the swarms of Allied bombers and fighter escorts which now pounded Germany every day and night. In May of 1944 Rall was shot down by a P-47. Losing his thumb in the battle he remained out of combat until later in 1944. Ralls final assignments included flying 190Ds as Kornmodore of JG300, and flying the Me-262 jet. Ralls 275 aerial victories (attained on less than 700 combat sorties) make him the third highest scoring ace of all time. If not for the down time suffered as a result of his broken back, Rall might have actually equaled or exceeded Erich Hartmanns alltime record of 352 aerial victories. Rall was not much for socializing during the War. He was a fierce competitor with a businessmans attitude about flying. He was an excellent marksman, and possibly the best deflection shot expert of the War. He continued to fly with the Bundeslufwaffe following the War, serving as its Commander-In Chief in 1970-74. Sadly Gunther Rall died on 4th October 2009.

Gunther Rall signing the print - Eagles Over the Steppes - by Graeme Lothian.

Oberfeldwebel Willi Reschke
Click the name or photo above to see prints signed by or with the mounted signature of Oberfeldwebel Willi Reschke
4 / 10 / 2009Ace : 28.00 Victories
Oberfeldwebel Willi Reschke

One of the outstanding younger Luftwaffe pilots, Willi Reschke was one of the leading members of JG300 Wilde Sau flying the Fw190A in the 'Defence of the Reich'. Towards the latter months of the war he transferred to the Stabsschwarm of JG301, still flying the Fw190A. Awarded the Knight's Crossin April 1945, he was credited with 26 victories - all in the west - including 18 four engined bombers.

Willi Reschke - photograph taken c.2000 as he signed the print Timber Wolf.

Known Victory Claims - JG300









31/07/1943Fw. Heinz RadloffStabJG 300LancasterRemscheid: 6000m1.1Western Front
18/08/1943Uffz. Edmund Rayzner4JG 300MosquitoW. Berlin: 5500m0.17Western Front
23/08/1943Ltn. Gerhard Stamp3JG 300Berlin1.3Western Front
24/08/1943Ltn. Robert Plewa2JG 300LancasterBerlin: 5000m1.05Western Front
24/08/1943Ltn. Robert Plewa8JG 300HalifaxBerlin: 6000m1.18Western Front
24/08/1943Ltn. Robert Plewa8JG 300HalifaxBerlin: 5000m1.28Western Front
24/08/1943Uffz. Anton Gaißmayer6JG 300StirlingBerlin: 5000m0.48Western Front
24/08/1943Hptm. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStabJG 300HalifaxGässen bei Gentheim: 4600m0.15Western Front
24/08/1943Hptm. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStabJG 300StirlingBerlin: 4500m0.58Western Front
24/08/1943Hptm. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStabJG 300StirlingBerlin: 4200m1.15Western Front
24/08/1943Ltn. Hermann Stumpe3JG 300Berlin: 4000m1.3Western Front
24/08/1943Fw. F. Laubenheimer2JG 300HalifaxW. Berlin: 5500m0.18Western Front
24/08/1943Hptm. Max LangerStabJG 300Berlin: 4500m1.05Western Front
24/08/1943Uffz. Werner Dienst9JG 300B-24NW Berlin: 5000m0.5Western Front
24/08/1943Ofw. Ernst Wick3JG 300LancasterNW Berlin: 5000m0.5Western Front
24/08/1943Uffz. Fischer1JG 300Berlin: 5000m0.53Western Front
28/08/1943Ltn. Hermann Stumpe3JG 300Nürnburg1.4Western Front
28/08/1943Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider6JG 300StirlingE. Nürnburg: 4500m1.55Western Front
28/08/1943Uffz. Hubert Engst4JG 300LancasterS. Nürnberg: 5000m1.5Western Front
28/08/1943Uffz. Kurt Röder5JG 300StirlingE. Nürnburg: 4500m2.02Western Front
28/08/1943Fw. Horst John2JG 300StirlingE. Nürnburg: 4500m2.04Western Front
28/08/1943Hptm. Max Langer3JG 300W. Nürnburg2.09Western Front
28/08/1943Hptm. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStabJG 300Lancaster18-15km SW oder W. Nürnburg: 3200m2.12Western Front
28/08/1943Oblt. Otto Ertel5JG 300Nürnburg: 4800m2.15Western Front
28/08/1943Ofw. Ernst Wick3JG 300HalifaxNW Berlin0.5Western Front
28/08/1943Hptm. Max Langer3JG 300bei Nürnburg1.09Western Front
28/08/1943Oblt. Grisal5JG 300Nürnburg: 4800m2.15Western Front
28/08/1943Oblt. Grisal5JG 300StirlingNürnburg: 4300m2.15Western Front
01/09/1943Fw. Hans-Theo Kugler6JG 300Lancaster25km WSW Brandenburg: 4500m [Berlinmitte]0.35Western Front
01/09/1943Ofw. Richard Heemsoth4JG 300StirlingSE Berlin: 4500m0.4Western Front
01/09/1943Ofw. Richard Heemsoth4JG 300SW Berlin: 5200m0.55Western Front
01/09/1943Uffz. Edmund Rayzner4JG 300LancasterMitte Berlin: 4200m0.56Western Front
01/09/1943Ofw. Richard Heemsoth4JG 300StirlingSW Berlin: 4200m1.2Western Front
01/09/1943Fw. Hans Kugler6JG 300StirlingMitte Berlin: 4500m0.57Western Front
01/09/1943Ltn. Werner Treusch6JG 300LancasterW. Berlin : 4300m0.58Western Front
01/09/1943Hptm. Rudolf Scharfenberg5JG 300LancasterNNW Berlin: 5000m0.58Western Front
01/09/1943Uffz. Friedrich Hagios4JG 300Lancaster10km S. Berlin: 2000m1.04Western Front
01/09/1943Hptm. Max LangerStab I.JG 300HalifaxBrandenburg-Briest: 4500m1.15Western Front
04/09/1943Uffz. Brinkmann9JG 300LancasterS. Berlin: 4500m0.31Western Front
06/09/1943Fw. Hans Kugler6JG 300Lancaster2km SE Mannheim: 5000m0.05Western Front
06/09/1943Hptm. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStabJG 300Halifax6km S. Mannheim: 4600m0.07Western Front
06/09/1943Fw. Hans Graf3JG 300Raum S. Mannheim: 4300m0.13Western Front
06/09/1943Ofw. Richard Lofgen4JG 300Stirling20km S. Mannheim: 3800m0.18Western Front
06/09/1943Fw. Ullrich Veh3JG 300S. Mannheim0.2Western Front
06/09/1943Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider6JG 300LancasterS. Mannheim0.2Western Front
06/09/1943Uffz. Friedrich Hagios4JG 30025km SSE Mannheim: 2000m0.24Western Front
06/09/1943Major Kurt KettnerStabJG 300StirlingSW Mannheim: 5500m0.28Western Front
06/09/1943Ofw. Seeler7JG 300Mannheim: 2200m0.32Western Front
06/09/1943Hptm. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStabJG 300Stirling10km N. Speyer: 4800m0.37Western Front
06/09/1943Ofw. Paul Streuff7JG 300N. Mannheim: 4500m0.47Western Front
06/09/1943Oblt. Rudolf HoffmannStab II.JG 300LancasterS. Mannheim: 4500m0.51Western Front
06/09/1943Fw. Kofler6JG 300Lancaster20km SW Mannheim: 4200m [München]0.52Western Front
06/09/1943Fw. Kurt Emler7JG 300LancasterMannheim: 2200m [München]0.32Western Front
06/09/1943Fw. Kurt Emler7JG 300HalifaxMannheim: 3500m [München]0.44Western Front
06/09/1943Fw. Horst JohnI.JG 300Raum Mannheim0.1Western Front
06/09/1943Fw. Ullrich Veh3JG 300Mannheim0.15Western Front
06/09/1943Fw. Hans Graf3JG 300Raum Mannheim: 4000m0.2Western Front
06/09/1943Ltn. Werner Treusch6JG 300LancasterRaum Mannheim0.2Western Front
07/09/1943Hptm. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStabJG 300LancasterMünchen: 5000m0.48Western Front
07/09/1943Hptm. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStabJG 300Lancaster15km SE München: 4300m0.37Western Front
07/09/1943Fw. Horst John2JG 300HalifaxE. München: 4600m0.48Western Front
07/09/1943Uffz. Werner Dienst9JG 300HalifaxW. München: 4000m0.52Western Front
07/09/1943Fw. Ernst SchäferI.JG 300HalifaxSSW München: 5000m0.55Western Front
07/09/1943Fw. Kurt Nachtigall9JG 300B-24München: 4500m0.38Western Front
07/09/1943Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider6JG 300Raum München-Western Front
22/09/1943Fw. Herbert Chantelow9JG 300LancasterNW Hannover: 5000m23.03Western Front
22/09/1943Fw. Anton Benning8JG 300Lancaster15-20km SE Bremen: 3400m22.29Western Front
22/09/1943Fw. Kurt Emler7JG 300LancasterSE Bremen: 5000m21.45Western Front
22/09/1943Ofw. Ullrich Veh3JG 300StirlingHannover: 4800m23.2Western Front
22/09/1943Ltn. Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld5JG 300StirlingHannover: 4300m22.55Western Front
22/09/1943Oblt. Hermann Bertram3JG 30020km NW Bremen22.57Western Front
22/09/1943Ofw. Ernst Fleischmann7JG 300MosquitoOldenburg: 3500m24Western Front
22/09/1943Ofw. Ernst Fleischmann7JG 300W. Hannover: 6000m22.3Western Front
22/09/1943Fw. Kurt Emler7JG 300LancasterSE Bremen: 5000m22.35Western Front
22/09/1943Fw. Hermann Wischnewski3JG 300HalifaxHannover: 2500m22.37Western Front
22/09/1943Ltn. Hermann Stumpe3JG 300E. Hannover: 4800m22.37Western Front
23/09/1943Fw. Herbert Chantelow9JG 300StirlingGrossholz/Pfalz: 1500m23Western Front
23/09/1943Fw. Ullrich Veh3JG 300S. Mannheim: 3800m22.5Western Front
23/09/1943Hptm. Ewald JanssenStabJG 300Mannheim. 5000m22.51Western Front
23/09/1943Uffz. Anton Gaißmayer6JG 300Lancaster15km NW Mannheim: 4500m22.59Western Front
23/09/1943Ofw. Günther Migge2JG 300StirlingMannheim: 4000m23.02Western Front
23/09/1943Fw. Willi Rüllkotter2JG 300Mannheim: 3000m23.03Western Front
23/09/1943Oblt. Rudolf HoffmannII.JG 300LancasterW. Mannheim: 5500m23.07Western Front
23/09/1943Oblt. Robert Plewa9JG 300HalifaxW. Mannheim: 7000m23.1Western Front
23/09/1943Ofw. Walter Mackens1JG 300Mannheim: 5000m23.14Western Front
23/09/1943Oblt. Gerhard Stamp8JG 300Lancaster10km W. Mannheim: 2200m23.15Western Front
23/09/1943Ofw. Kurt Greineisen5JG 300LancasterMannheim: 5400m23.2Western Front
23/09/1943Fw. Hans-Theo Kugler6JG 300Lancaster5km SE Mannheim: 3900m23.2Western Front
23/09/1943Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300Lancaster--Western Front
23/09/1943Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300--Western Front
27/09/1943Oblt. Robert Plewa2JG 300StirlingHannover: 3000m22.58Western Front
27/09/1943Oblt. Robert Plewa2JG 300StirlingHannover: 4500m23.26Western Front
27/09/1943Ltn. Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld5JG 300LancasterHannover: 4300m23.04Western Front
27/09/1943Hptm. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStabJG 300Lancasteri. gegend Hildesheim: 3800m23.09Western Front
27/09/1943Ltn. Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld5JG 300StirlingW. Hannover: 4500m23.15Western Front
27/09/1943Ofw. Walter Mackens1JG 300WSW Hannover: 4000m23.1Western Front
27/09/1943Hptm. Karl ResseguierStab I.JG 300B-17W. stadt Hannover: 5500m23.15Western Front
27/09/1943Ofw. Hans Wegener4JG 300LancasterNW Braunschweig: 4500m23.17Western Front
27/09/1943Ofw. Heinz Wohlecke3JG 300W. Hannover: 6300m23.19Western Front
27/09/1943Ofw. Lothar Sachs3JG 300NE Hannover: 4300m23.2Western Front
27/09/1943Fw. Kurt Emler7JG 300LancasterS. Hannover: 7000m23.27Western Front
29/09/1943Fw. Artur GroßI.JG 300StirlingBochum: 5200m22.16Western Front
29/09/1943Ltn. Otto Brüning1JG 300Bochum: 5200m22.12Western Front
02/10/1943Hptm. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStabJG 300HalifaxMünchen-Stadtmitte: 5000m23.34Western Front
02/10/1943Fw. Willi Rüllkotter2JG 300StirlingS. München: 6000m23.38Western Front
03/10/1943Ofw. Kurt Emler7JG 300StirlingNW Hannover: 4000m22.04Western Front
03/10/1943Ltn. Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld5JG 300StirlingS. Kassel: 4500-2000m22.27Western Front
03/10/1943Ltn. Werner Treusch6JG 300StirlingS. Kassel: 4300m22.34Western Front
03/10/1943Hptm. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStabJG 30010-15km SE Kassel: 4000m22.41Western Front
03/10/1943Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300Halifax--Western Front
04/10/1943Hptm. MüllerStabJG 300HalifaxHülst: 5200m21.38Western Front
04/10/1943Ltn. Otto Brüning1JG 300LancasterFrankfurt-am-Main: 450022.05Western Front
04/10/1943Ofw. n.n.4JG 3005000m21.35Western Front
04/10/1943Ofw. n.n.4JG 300Frankfurt-am-Main: 5000m22Western Front
04/10/1943Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300Lancaster--Western Front
09/10/1943Ofw. Kurt Emler7JG 300StirlingN. Hannover: 5900m1.32Western Front
09/10/1943Ofw. Kurt Emler7JG 300StirlingWNW Fu.F. 'Marie': 6200m1.17Western Front
09/10/1943Ltn. Werner Treusch6JG 300LancasterSW Hannover: 3900m1.48Western Front
09/10/1943Ltn. Otto Brüning1JG 300W. Hannover: 3500m1.43Western Front
09/10/1943Hptm. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStabJG 300HalifaxNW Hannover: 4800m1.29Western Front
10/10/1943Oblt. Walter HarjesStab I.JG 300B-17--Western Front
18/10/1943Hptm. Spitzer4JG 300LancasterWNW Hannover: 4500m20.26Western Front
18/10/1943Hptm. Friedrich-Karl MüllerStabJG 300LancasterRaum Hildesheim: 5800m20.24Western Front
18/10/1943Fw. Ernst SchäferI.JG 300HalifaxHannover: 5000m20.37Western Front
18/10/1943Hptm. PätzStab I.JG 300LancasterHannover: 1800m20.15Western Front
18/10/1943Oblt. Walter HarjesStab I.JG 300B-17Hannover: 6000-4000m20.2Western Front
22/10/1943Fw. Horst John2JG 300HalifaxKassel: 4600m20.48Western Front
22/10/1943Ofw. Paul Streuff7JG 300HalifaxN. Kassel: 5000m21.02Western Front
22/10/1943Oblt. Hermann Bertram3JG 30035km N. Kassel: 4200m21.14Western Front
22/10/1943Ofw. Richard Lofgen4JG 300LancasterNW Kassel: 5000m21.16Western Front
22/10/1943Ltn. Lothar Sachs3JG 30030-40km N. Kassel: 6000m21.2Western Front
22/10/1943Ofw. Günther Migge2JG 3005800m21.24Western Front
16/12/1943Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300Lancaster--Western Front
20/12/1943Ofw. Günther Migge2JG 300HalifaxSE Frankfurt-am-Main: 4500m19.4Western Front
20/12/1943Ltn. Ernst Schröder1JG 300gegen: Offenburg: 4200m19.4Western Front
20/12/1943Ltn. Otto Brüning1JG 300HalifaxNE Frankfurt-am-Main: 7000m19.59Western Front
20/12/1943Ofw. Günther Migge2JG 30020km NNE Frankfurt-am-Main: 6300m20.02Western Front
24/12/1943Ofw. Walter Mackens1JG 300HalifaxN. Frankfurt-am-Oder2.5Western Front
24/12/1943Ltn. Förster1JG 300bei Lindburg2.52Western Front
29/12/1943Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300--Western Front
02/01/1944Fw. Hermann Wischnewski3JG 300Lancaster--Western Front
03/01/1944Fw. Hermann Wischnewski3JG 300Lancaster--Western Front
03/01/1944Fw. Hermann Wischnewski3JG 300Lancaster--Western Front
03/01/1944Oberst Hajo HermannStabJG 300Lancaster--Western Front
03/01/1944Oberst Hajo HermannStabJG 300Lancaster--Western Front
11/01/1944 n.n.3JG 300B-17-12.1Western Front
20/01/1944Ltn. Manfred Dieterle3JG 300Halifax-19.48Western Front
20/01/1944Ltn. Manfred Dieterle3JG 300Halifax-19.32Western Front
21/01/1944Ltn. Manfred Dieterle3JG 300Lancaster-23.24Western Front
21/01/1944 n.n.5JG 300-23.05Western Front
29/01/1944Fw. Hermann Wischnewski3JG 300Halifax--Western Front
29/01/1944Fw. Hermann Wischnewski3JG 300Halifax--Western Front
29/01/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300--Western Front
03/02/1944Ltn. Arnold DöringI.JG 300B-17--Western Front
03/02/1944Hptm. Gerhard StampStab I.JG 300B-17--Western Front
20/02/1944Ofw. Hans Wegener4JG 300HalifaxS. Stuttgart22.34Western Front
20/02/1944Hptm. Iro IlkStab I.JG 300Lancaster30km NNW Stuttgart22.41Western Front
20/02/1944Uffz. Harald Löwenich6JG 300HalifaxS. Leipzig: 6000m4.12Western Front
20/02/1944Ltn. Paul-Georg Schaffrath5JG 300LancasterLingen: 6500m4.2Western Front
20/02/1944Ltn. Norbert Graziadei5JG 300Lancaster-4.2Western Front
21/02/1944Ltn. Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld5JG 300B-24Raum Achmer: 5500m14.45Western Front
21/02/1944Hptm. Erich WoitkeStab II.JG 300B-24NNE Fl.Pl. Achmer: 5000m14.55Western Front
22/02/1944Ltn. Gerhard-Alfred BärsdorfII.JG 300B-172km S. Gifhorn: 7000m14.25Western Front
04/03/1944Ltn. Adolf Kneip2JG 300B-1725km NE Kesseling: 2500m14.53Western Front
06/03/1944Ltn. Herbert SchlüterI.JG 300B-17--Western Front
06/03/1944Hptm. Iro IlkStab I.JG 300B-1725km N. Quackenbrück: 4700m14.3Western Front
06/03/1944Ltn. Manfred DieterleI.JG 300B-17--Western Front
06/03/1944Ltn. Manfred DieterleI.JG 300B-17--Western Front
08/03/1944Fw. WischhöferI.JG 300B-17--Western Front
08/03/1944Oblt. Lothar Sachs2JG 300B-17--Western Front
08/03/1944Fw. WischhöferI.JG 300B-17--Western Front
08/03/1944Ltn. Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld5JG 300P-47--Western Front
08/03/1944Ltn. Adolf KneipStab I.JG 300B-1730km S. Oldenburg: 4500m13.19Western Front
08/03/1944Ltn. Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld5JG 300P-38N. Fl.Pl. Twente: 7500m15.42Western Front
15/03/1944Ltn. Willi Trabert9JG 300S. Stuttgart: 5400m23.36Western Front
15/03/1944Ltn. Kurt Gabler9JG 300S. Stuttgart: 4500m23.39Western Front
18/03/1944Fw. Franz Knoll9JG 300N. Frankfurt-am-Main: 6000m22.2Western Front
18/03/1944Uffz. Willy Paulus6JG 30020km WSW Frankfurt-am-Main: 6500m22.2Western Front
18/03/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300--Western Front
22/03/1944Ltn. Arnold Döring7JG 300300° Frankfurt-am-Main: 5000m21.57Western Front
22/03/1944Ltn. Kurt Gabler9JG 300NE Rand Frankfurt-am-Main: 4000m21.57Western Front
22/03/1944Hptm. Gerhard Stamp8JG 300Lancaster--Western Front
24/03/1944Ltn. Willi Trabert9JG 300210° von Objekt Berlin: 5000m22.46Western Front
24/03/1944Hptm. Iro IlkStab III.JG 300Leipzig: 5700m22.54Western Front
24/03/1944Fw. Karl Kraft7JG 300Raum Berlin23.14Western Front
24/03/1944Fw. Hermann Wischnewski3JG 300--Western Front
24/03/1944Fw. Hermann Wischnewski3JG 300--Western Front
25/03/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider6JG 300N. Krefeld: 4500m0.41Western Front
25/03/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider6JG 300N. Krefeld: 5000m0.27Western Front
31/03/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider6JG 300Gegend Stuttgart0.35Western Front
31/03/1944Ltn. Kurt Gabler9JG 300Obj. Nürnberg: 6300m1.25Western Front
23/04/1944Hptm. Iro IlkStab III.JG 300LancasterE. Düsseldorf: 7000m1.15Western Front
23/04/1944Ofw. Hermann Wischnewski2JG 300Halifax5-8km N. Düsseldorf: 6300m1.22Western Front
23/04/1944Ltn. Otto Schwamb8JG 300LancasterDüsseldorf: 5800m1.26Western Front
23/04/1944Fw. Janssen3JG 300Lancaster5-10km from Düsseldorf: 5500m1.3Western Front
23/04/1944Fw. Otto Köfler6JG 300LancasterDüsseldorf: 5700m1.3Western Front
23/04/1944Uffz. Franz Bollerey8JG 300LancasterKöln: 5500m1.35Western Front
23/04/1944Hptm. Iro IlkStab III.JG 300LancasterDüsseldorf: 5900m1.35Western Front
23/04/1944Hptm. Iro IlkStab III.JG 300LancasterDüsseldorf: 5900m1.25Western Front
25/04/1944Uffz. Emil Kriegbaum7JG 30015km N. München: 5300m2.05Western Front
27/04/1944Fhj. Richard Heemsoth5JG 300LancasterSW Essen: 3000m1.36Western Front
23/05/1944Fw. Kurt Landl2JG 300Dortmünd: 6000m0.53Western Front
23/05/1944Hptm. Kurt PetersStab III.JG 300Dortmünd: 5800m0.52Western Front
23/05/1944Oblt. Werner Kucharsowsky4JG 300LP-3: 5000m [S. Dortmund]0.55Western Front
23/05/1944Fw. Hans Kugler5JG 300LO-72: 4500m [Rühr]1.32Western Front
23/05/1944Ofw. Heinrich LönneckerStab I.JG 300LancasterDortmünd: 5800m0.46Western Front
23/05/1944Ofw. Hermann WischnewskiStab I.JG 300Dortmünd: 5800m0.53Western Front
13/06/1944Uffz. Helmut Wecker1JG 300B-24a./Chiemsee: 5200m10.03Western Front
13/06/1944Fw. Robert Weber2JG 300B-2450km S. Bad Aibling: 6000m10.3Western Front
16/06/1944Gefr. Hinrich Horstkütter2JG 300B-2414 Ost N/GO: 6500m [Köszeg]10.55Western Front
16/06/1944Ofhr. Friedrich-Wilhelm Schenk2JG 300B-2414 Ost N/EO-69: 6300m [Neusiedler See]10.33Western Front
16/06/1944Ofw. Heinz Wenack2JG 300B-2414 Ost N/EO-69: 6300m [Neusiedler See]10.4Western Front
20/06/1944Ofw. Kurt Muschner2JG 300P-5115 Ost S/JE bei Zerbst: 7200m9.13Western Front
20/06/1944Fw. Anton Gaißmayer4JG 300B-175km E. Magdeburg: 6500m9.15Western Front
20/06/1944Uffz. Kurt Witte5JG 300B-17N. Magdeburg: 6000m9.15Western Front
20/06/1944Ltn. Josef Wolfsberger9JG 300B-24N. Insel Rügen: 6000m9.32Western Front
20/06/1944Oblt. Hans Gottuck9JG 300B-24NE Insel Rügen: 6000m9.18Western Front
20/06/1944Ltn. Herbert Schlüter2JG 300B-1730-50km vor Magdeburg: 7800m9.2Western Front
20/06/1944Oblt. Gerhard Pitz1JG 300P-5140km N. Bernberg: 6700m9.2Western Front
20/06/1944Oblt. Kurt Gabler8JG 300B-24SH: 6000m [Insel Rügen]9.22Western Front
20/06/1944Fw. Resesch1JG 300B-17GC: 7200m [Haldensleben]9.22Western Front
20/06/1944Ofw. Heinz Steinmacher8JG 300B-24E. Insel Rügen: 6000m9.23Western Front
20/06/1944Hptm. Iro IlkStab III.JG 300B-24SH: 6000m [Insel Rügen]9.23Western Front
20/06/1944Ofw. Paul-Georg Schaffrath4JG 300B-17NW Magdeburg: 6500m9.25Western Front
20/06/1944Hptm. Iro IlkStab III.JG 300B-51SE Greifswald: 4400m9.3Western Front
20/06/1944Oblt. Kurt Gabler8JG 300P-51Stettin: 3000m9.33Western Front
20/06/1944Ltn. German Merz9JG 300B-24Neubrandenburg: 4500m10.2Western Front
20/06/1944Uffz. Eiselt8JG 300P-51Pasewalk: 7000m10.26Western Front
21/06/1944Ltn. Bartel10JG 300B-175km E. Neubrandenburg: 7500m9.35Western Front
21/06/1944Ltn. Kobert9JG 300B-17Pasewalk: 6500-7500m9.4Western Front
21/06/1944Uffz. Bernhard7JG 300B-17Prenzlau: 1300m10.01Western Front
21/06/1944Ofw. Hermann Wischnewski2JG 300B-24 HSSGG-9.2: 6500m [Rangsdorf]10.03Western Front
21/06/1944Fw. Scherwinzki9JG 300B-24 HSSHG 6: 2000m [N. Luckenwalde]10.07Western Front
21/06/1944Ltn. Herbert Schlüter2JG 300B-2415 Ost S/HH-1: 7000m [E. Zossen]10.06Western Front
21/06/1944Hptm. Kurd PetersStab II.JG 300B-24 HSSSE Berlin: 6700m10.07Western Front
21/06/1944Ofw. Kurt Wegener4JG 300B-24Stadt Berlin: 6000m10.15Western Front
21/06/1944Hptm. Kurd PetersStab II.JG 300B-2420km SW Berlin: 6200m10.15Western Front
21/06/1944Fhr. Friedrich-Wilhelm Schenk2JG 300B-24HH: 6-7000m [Märkische Bucholz]10.10-15Western Front
21/06/1944Oblt. Paul Georg Schaffrath5JG 300B-24E. Berlin: 6500m10.17Western Front
21/06/1944Ltn. Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld5JG 300B-24FH-7: 6500m [Stadt Berlin]10.18Western Front
21/06/1944Oblt. Paul Georg Schaffrath5JG 300B-24E. Berlin: 6700m10.18Western Front
21/06/1944Ofw. Richard Löfgen5JG 300B-24E. Berlin: 6700m10.18Western Front
21/06/1944Oblt. Paul Georg Schaffrath5JG 300B-24E. Berlin: 6800m10.19Western Front
21/06/1944Uffz. Rudolf Müller10JG 300B-24Jüterbog: 5800m10.2Western Front
21/06/1944Ltn. Hans Becker1JG 300B-17Burg b. Madgeburg: 7000m10.2Western Front
21/06/1944Ltn. Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld5JG 300B-17FH-7 Berlin: 6300m10.2Western Front
21/06/1944Fw. Hübert Engst5JG 300B-17SE Schönewalde: 6500m10.25Western Front
21/06/1944Ltn. Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld5JG 300B-24GG: 6000m [S. Berlin]10.24Western Front
21/06/1944Fw. Rüdolf Zwesken5JG 300B-17Oranienburg: 4500m10.27Western Front
21/06/1944Hptm. Rudolf Scharfenberg5JG 300B-24NW Jüterbog: 6000m10.31Western Front
21/06/1944Oblt. Karl-Heinz Seeler3JG 300B-17FF 2: 6800m [Königshorst/Nauen]10.34Western Front
21/06/1944Fw. Hübert Engst5JG 300B-24Luckenwalde: 6000m10.35Western Front
21/06/1944Hptm. Kurd PetersStab II.JG 300B-24Adlershöf10.2Western Front
26/06/1944Ltn. Klaus BretschneiderStab II.JG 300B-24Raum Tulln: 6000m9.37Western Front
26/06/1944Hptm. Rudolf Scharfenberg5JG 300B-24 HSSRaum Tulln: 5000m9.38Western Front
26/06/1944Oblt. Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld6JG 300B-24SW Tulln: 6300m9.4Western Front
26/06/1944Ltn. Herbert Schlüter2JG 300B-2450km NE Wien: 6800m9.4Western Front
26/06/1944Fw. Hubert Engst6JG 300B-24SW Tulln: 6000m9.4Western Front
26/06/1944Ofw. Richard Löfgen5JG 300B-24Raum Tulln: 6000m9.41Western Front
26/06/1944Fw. Otto Köfler5JG 300B-24 HSS20km SW Tulln: 4700m9.42Western Front
26/06/1944Fw. Anton Gaißmayer6JG 300B-2410km N. Tulln: 6000m9.42Western Front
26/06/1944Ltn. Klaus BretschneiderStab II.JG 300B-24bei Tulln: 6000m9.42Western Front
26/06/1944Ltn. Franz Müller4JG 300B-2414 Ost N/CM: 6000m [Stockerau]9.43Western Front
26/06/1944Hptm. Rudolf Scharfenberg5JG 300B-24Tulln St. Pölten: 4500m9.43Western Front
26/06/1944Uffz. Kurt Witte5JG 300B-24 HSSMoosbierbaüm: 6000m9.43Western Front
26/06/1944Fw. Rudolf Zwesken6JG 300B-24S/bei Tulln: 6000m9.44Western Front
26/06/1944Ltn. Kurt Landl2JG 300B-24S. Tulln: 6000m9.44Western Front
26/06/1944Uffz. Manfred Schneider3JG 300B-24E. Moosbierbaum: 5500-6000m9.45Western Front
26/06/1944Ltn. Richard Heemsoth5JG 300B-24bei Moosbierbaum: 6000m9.45Western Front
26/06/1944Ltn. Manfred Dieterle2JG 300B-24SW Tulln: 6000m9.45Western Front
26/06/1944Fw. Georg Reppel4JG 300B-24SW Fl.Pl. Bierbaum: 6-6500m9.45Western Front
26/06/1944Fw. Hans Moser3JG 300B-2430km W. Wiener-Neustadt: 6000m9.45Western Front
26/06/1944Oblt. Alfred Caspar4JG 300B-24bei Tulln: 7500m9.45Western Front
26/06/1944Uffz. Heinz Kirchner3JG 300B-2415km S. Neulengbarß: 5-6000m9.45Western Front
26/06/1944Fw. Franz Szalek4JG 300B-243km W. Flgh. Tulln: 5000m9.47Western Front
26/06/1944Uffz. Kurt Witte5JG 300B-24W. Moosbierbaum: 6000m9.48Western Front
26/06/1944Ltn. Norbert Graziadei6JG 300B-24NW Tulln: 6000m9.48Western Front
26/06/1944Ofhr. Friedrich-Wilhelm Schenk2JG 300B-2414 Ost N/DM-EM: 6000m [SW Wien]9.48Western Front
26/06/1944Gefr. Hinrich Horstkütter2JG 300B-2414 Ost N/DM-EM: 6000m [SW Wien]9.48Western Front
26/06/1944Ltn. Heinrich Lönnecker1JG 300B-245km N. Wien: 6800m9.5Western Front
26/06/1944Uffz. Manfred Schneider3JG 300B-24SW Moosbierbaum: 5000m9.52Western Front
26/06/1944Ltn. Heinrich Lönnecker1JG 300B-24Draßburg: 200m [Burgenland]10.05Western Front
29/06/1944Fw. Becker2JG 300B-17Laucha MD 2: 7000m [E. Leipzig]8.47Western Front
29/06/1944Uffz. Hans-Horst Schmidt-Henning3JG 300P-5115 Ost S/SL C6: 5800m8.53Western Front
29/06/1944Oblt. Schaact3JG 300P-51E. Esperstedt: 2500m [SW Sangerhaüsen]9Western Front
29/06/1944Fw. Hermann Wischnewski2JG 300P-5115 Ost S/KE: 3500m [NE Halle]9Western Front
29/06/1944Oblt. Karl-Heinz Seeler3JG 300B-1715km S. Wittenberg: 5400m9.5Western Front
29/06/1944Ofw. Eberhard Kröker3JG 300P-5115 Ost S/LD: 6700m [SW Halle]8.55Western Front
29/06/1944Oblt. Kurt Gabler8JG 300B-17Köthen: 6000m-200m10.05Western Front
07/07/1944Uffz. Martin Haase8JG 300B-17Magdeburg-Dessau: 7500m9.3Western Front
07/07/1944Ltn. Klaus BretschneiderStabJG 300B-2415 Ost S/JD: 6000m [Calbe/Magdeburg]9.35Western Front
07/07/1944Ofw. Richard Löfgen5JG 300B-24KD-JD: 6000m [Bernbürg]9.35Western Front
07/07/1944Hptm. Rüdolf Scharfenberg5JG 300B-2415 Ost S/JD: 6000m [W. Staßfürt]9.35Western Front
07/07/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300B-2415 Ost S/LC: 6000m [Arten]9.36Western Front
07/07/1944Fw. Hubert Engst6JG 300B-24S. Magdeburg: 6000m9.37Western Front
07/07/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300B-2415 Ost S/LC: 6000m [Arten]9.37Western Front
07/07/1944Oblt. Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld6JG 300B-24Raum Magdebürg: 6000m9.38Western Front
07/07/1944Fw. Resesch1JG 300B-2440km S. Oschersleben: 6800m9.38Western Front
07/07/1944Uffz. Haas7JG 300P-51bei Eisleben: 5500-6000m9.4Western Front
07/07/1944Uffz. Alfred Büthe3JG 300P-51W. Torgau: 4500-5000m9.4Western Front
07/07/1944Ofhr. Friedrich-Wilhelm Schenk2JG 300B-24JC-JD: 6500m [Quedlinbürg-Staßfürt]9.4Western Front
07/07/1944Uffz. Richter8JG 300B-24Raum Halle: 7000m9.4Western Front
07/07/1944Fw. Rüdolf Zwesken6JG 300B-24Raum Magdebürg: 6000m9.4Western Front
07/07/1944Oblt. Kurt Gabler8JG 300B-24N. Quedlinbürg Kr. Sachsen: 5000m09.45-50Western Front
07/07/1944Oblt. Kurt Gabler8JG 300B-242km E. Fl.Pl. Halberstadt: 5500m09.50-55Western Front
07/07/1944Oblt. Kurt Gabler8JG 300B-2410km W. Halberstadt: 5000m10Western Front
07/07/1944Uffz. Zenner4JG 300B-24SE Halberstadt: 5800m9.42Western Front
07/07/1944Uffz. Johann Lechner4JG 300B-1715 Ost S/LC: 6000m [Sangerhausen]9.42Western Front
07/07/1944Fw. Anton Gaißmayer6JG 300B-24Quedlinbürg Kr. Sachsen: 6500m9.44Western Front
07/07/1944Fw. Walter LoosStabJG 300B-24N. Quedlinbürg Kr. Sachsen: 5600m9.45Western Front
07/07/1944Major Walter DahlStabJG 300B-24N. Quedlinbürg Kr. Sachsen: 6000m9.45Western Front
07/07/1944Ltn. Manfred Dieterle2JG 300B-24N. Halberstadt: 6500m9.45Western Front
07/07/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300P-3815 Ost S/JB: 6000m [Wernigerode]9.46Western Front
07/07/1944Uffz. Alfred Büthe3JG 300P-51Raum Rolkersheim: 4500-5000m9.48Western Front
07/07/1944Ltn. Gerhard-Alfred BärsdorfStab II.JG 300B-2415 Ost S/JB-1: 5000m [Vienenbürg]9.48Western Front
07/07/1944Gefr. Ortwin Schneider10JG 300B-24NW Arten: 7000m9.5Western Front
07/07/1944Uffz. Klaus Grothues9JG 300P-51S. Eisleben: 7500m9.5Western Front
07/07/1944Fw. Resesch1JG 300B-2470km NW Magdebürg: 6800m9.5Western Front
07/07/1944Uffz. Rudolf Reinhardt9JG 300B-2415km W. Halberstadt: 5500-6000m9.53Western Front
07/07/1944Ofw. Wolfgang Köcher3JG 300B-1715 Ost S/NE-8: 7500m [Werdau]9.55Western Front
07/07/1944Fw. Anton Gaißmayer6JG 300P-3810km SE Halberstadt9.58Western Front
07/07/1944Gefr. Nerger7JG 300B-1730km Fl.Pl. Sachau: 6-7000m10Western Front
07/07/1944Fw. Karl-Heinz Russack5JG 300B-24Calbe/Saale: 6000m10.2Western Front
13/07/1944Uffz. Manfred Schneider3JG 300B-1720km S. Strasbourg: 6000m10.58Western Front
13/07/1944Ofw. Wolfgang Köcher3JG 300B-17W. Strasbourg: 7000m10.5Western Front
13/07/1944Ltn. Günter Sinnecker3JG 300B-17Raum Strasbourg: 6000m10.5Western Front
13/07/1944Fw. Hans-Horst Schmidt-Henning3JG 300P-51Switzerland [Schweiz]: 6000m10.52Western Front
13/07/1944Ltn. Herbert Schlüter2JG 300B-1740km S. Strasbourg: 6000m10.54Western Front
13/07/1944Ofhr. Günther Daumann2JG 300B-1704 Ost N/CQ-4 od. 7: 6500m [Kogenheim]10.57Western Front
13/07/1944Uffz. Hans Hahn3JG 300B-17SE-S. Strasbourg: 5500-6000m11Western Front
16/07/1944Oblt. Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld6JG 300B-17NW München: 8000m9.48Western Front
16/07/1944Uffz. Kurt Wiegand6JG 300B-17Fl.PL. Nürnberg: 8000m10.32Western Front
16/07/1944Uffz. Heinz Hafner6JG 300B-17NW München: 7000m10.35Western Front
16/07/1944Fw. Blumör9JG 300B-17N. Bodensee: 8000m10.4Western Front
16/07/1944Uffz. Klaus Grothues9JG 300B-17Raum Sigmaringen: 9500m10.5Western Front
18/07/1944Oblt. Kurt Gabler8JG 300MosquitoE. Fl.Pl. Zerbst: 9000m12.48Western Front
18/07/1944Gefr. Hasselbach5JG 300B-17bei Kempten: 7000m [Bayern]10.55Western Front
18/07/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter5JG 300P-51Raum Schongau: 4500m [Bayern]10.55Western Front
18/07/1944Ogefr. Dieter Oehm5JG 300P-38Raum Rosenheim: 5000m [München]11.3Western Front
18/07/1944Uffz. Horst Völkert1JG 300P-5114 Ost N/EC: 8-9000m [SW München]10.43Western Front
18/07/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300P-5114 Ost N/FB: 7000m [Raum Füssen]10.46Western Front
18/07/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter5JG 300P-5114 Ost N/FB: 7000m [Raum Füssen]10.47Western Front
18/07/1944Uffz. Johann Lechner4JG 300P-5114 Ost N/EA: 600m [S. Memmingen]10.48Western Front
18/07/1944Uffz. Friedrich-Karl Rogalla6JG 300B-1714 Ost N/EA: 7000m [S. Memmingen]10.49Western Front
18/07/1944Hptm. Rüdolf Scharfenberg5JG 300B-17S. Memmingen: 7500m10.5Western Front
18/07/1944Uffz. Hans Hahn3JG 300P-5114 Ost N/EC-FC: 3-4000m [Staffelsee]10.5Western Front
18/07/1944Uffz. Kurt Witte5JG 300B-17W. Kempten: 7500m10.5Western Front
19/07/1944Ofw. Wolfgang Köcher3JG 300B-17SW Füssen: 4500m10.1Western Front
19/07/1944Ltn. Klaus BretschneiderStabJG 300P-3814 Ost N/ED-3: 5500m [S. München]11.35Western Front
19/07/1944Fw. Rüdolf Zwesken6JG 300P-3814 Ost N/ED-3: 5500m [S. München]11.35Western Front
19/07/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300P-5114 Ost N/EA-6: 3000m [Obergünzberg]9.35Western Front
19/07/1944Oblt. Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld6JG 300P-5114 Ost N/FA: 6000m [Immenstadt]9.35Western Front
19/07/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter5JG 300P-5114 Ost N/EA-2: 7000m [Memmingen]9.37Western Front
19/07/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter5JG 300B-1714 Ost N/DB-3: 6000m [S. Königsbrünn]9.43Western Front
19/07/1944Oblt. Kurt Gabler8JG 300P-51Immenstadt: 3000m9.48Western Front
19/07/1944Uffz. Haas7JG 300B-17bei Altusreid: 3000m9.5Western Front
19/07/1944Oblt. Hans Gottuck9JG 300B-1710km W. Starnberger See: 7800m9.5Western Front
20/07/1944Oblt. Kurt Gabler8JG 300B-17S. Leipzig: 7200m11Western Front
20/07/1944Ltn. Otto Kobert10JG 300B-17NE Zwickau: 7000m11Western Front
20/07/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300B-17Zwickau: 7500m11.05Western Front
20/07/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300B-17Zwickau: 7500m11.06Western Front
20/07/1944Ltn. Nehls5JG 300B-17Raum NW Zwickau: 7500m11.07Western Front
20/07/1944Gefr. Franz Bollerey6JG 300B-17Sankt-Egidien: 6000m11.08Western Front
20/07/1944Gefr. Franz Bollerey6JG 300B-17Sankt-Egidien: 6000m11.09Western Front
20/07/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300B-17Raum Zwickau: 6500m11.1Western Front
20/07/1944Ofhr. Hartung6JG 300B-17Raum Alterbürg: 7500m11.1Western Front
20/07/1944Gefr. Franz Bollerey6JG 300B-17Sankt-Egidien: 6000m11.1Western Front
20/07/1944Uffz. Kurt Wiegand6JG 300B-17Zwickau-Plauen: 7000m11.1Western Front
20/07/1944Uffz. Helmut Kraft9JG 300B-17NE: 7400m [S. Leipzig]11.1Western Front
20/07/1944Fw. Resesch1JG 300B-24 HSS15 Ost S/ND: 6400m [Raum Jena]11.12Western Front
20/07/1944Ltn. Werner Kahl7JG 300B-17Stadtrand Chemnitz: 500-700m11.12Western Front
20/07/1944Uffz. Kurt Wiegand6JG 300B-17Zwickaü-Plauen: 6800m11.13Western Front
20/07/1944Ofhr. Bruno Klostermann7JG 300B-17Raum Chemnitz: 5000m11.15Western Front
20/07/1944Ltn. Otto Kobert10JG 300P-5120km SE Altenburg: 50-30m11.15Western Front
20/07/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter5JG 300B-1715 Ost S/OE-5: 5500m [Reichenbach]11.15Western Front
20/07/1944Uffz. Haas7JG 300B-1730km SW Chemnitz: 7000m11.2Western Front
20/07/1944Ltn. Kraft-Kahl7JG 300P-51Weissenfels-Zerbst: 1800m11.25Western Front
21/07/1944Uffz. Martin Haase8JG 300B-24München: 7800m10.25Western Front
21/07/1944Oblt. Kurt Gabler8JG 300B-24NW Ammersee: 7200m10.3Western Front
21/07/1944Ltn. Otto Kobert10JG 300B-24ü. Ammersee: 7000m10.35Western Front
21/07/1944Uffz. Richter8JG 300B-24SE Landsberg: 5000m10.38Western Front
21/07/1944Oblt. Kurt Gabler8JG 300B-24Fenningsstadt: 5000m10.38Western Front
21/07/1944Ofw. Charli Purucker3JG 300P-51NE München: 7500m10.38Western Front
21/07/1944Fw. Blumör9JG 300B-24 HSSSW München: 7000m10.4Western Front
21/07/1944Ogefr. Günther Daumann2JG 300B-24zw. Wiener-Ammersee: 6500m10.4Western Front
25/07/1944Gefr. Hans Dahmen2JG 300B-2414 Ost N/EJ 5-6: 6000m [SW Steyr]11.25Western Front
25/07/1944Ofhr. Charli Purucker3JG 300B-2414 Ost N/FL: 5500m [Hochschwab]11.28Western Front
25/07/1944Ltn. Gerhard-Alfred BärsdorfStabJG 300B-24SE Linz: 6500m11.08Western Front
25/07/1944Gefr. Hans Dahmen2JG 300B-24 HSSE. Linz: 6000m11.1Western Front
25/07/1944Uffz. Wilhelm Schröder2JG 300B-24BK-CK: 6500m [40km NE Linz]11.1Western Front
25/07/1944Fw. Hans Moser3JG 300B-24SE Linz: 6500-7000m11.1Western Front
25/07/1944Ltn. Manfred Dieterle2JG 300B-24 HSSBK-CK: 6500m [40km NE Linz]11.1Western Front
25/07/1944Fw. Hans-Joachim Riedel2JG 300B-24NE Linz: 6900m11.12Western Front
25/07/1944Uffz. Wolfgang Hündsdorffer2JG 300B-24BK-CK: 6500m [40km NE Linz]11.13Western Front
25/07/1944Fw. Hans Moser3JG 300B-24FL-GL: 65-7000m [Bruck a.d. Mur]11.15Western Front
25/07/1944Gefr. Hans Dahmen2JG 300B-24 HSSBK-CK: 6500m [40km NE Linz]11.15Western Front
25/07/1944Oblt. Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld6JG 300B-24Raum Ostmarkischer: 6500m10.58Western Front
25/07/1944Uffz. Heinz Reinartz6JG 300B-24Raum Linz: 7000m11Western Front
25/07/1944Uffz. Johann Lechner4JG 300B-2414 Ost N/CK 5: 7000m [Zell b. Zellhöf]11.05Western Front
25/07/1944Uffz. Kurt Wiegand6JG 300B-24Raum Linz: 7000m11.07Western Front
25/07/1944Ofw. Richard Löfgen5JG 300B-2414 Ost N/BM: 6500m [Horn-Eggenberg]11.07Western Front
25/07/1944Fw. Günter Stephan5JG 300B-2414 Ost N/BM: 6500m [Horn-Eggenberg]11.07Western Front
25/07/1944Ofhr. Martin Köhler4JG 300B-2414 Ost N/BM: 6500m [Horn-Eggenberg]11.07Western Front
25/07/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300B-2414 Ost N/CL: 6500m [Martinsburg-Spitz]11.08Western Front
26/07/1944Fw. Hans-Joachim Riedel2JG 300B-1714 Ost N/GM: 7000m11.02Western Front
26/07/1944Ltn. Johannes Neumann1JG 300B-1714 Ost N/GM: 7000m [E. Graz]11.02Western Front
26/07/1944Uffz. Leo Bigalke1JG 300B-17NE Graz: 7500m11.02Western Front
26/07/1944Uffz. Otto Leisner1JG 300B-17E. Bruck a.d. Mur: 7100m11.02Western Front
26/07/1944Uffz. Klein4JG 300B-17Raum Graz: 6500m11.02Western Front
26/07/1944Uffz. Karl-Heinz Seidel5JG 300B-17Raum Graz: 7600m11.02Western Front
26/07/1944Ofhr. Hironymus Degener4JG 300B-1714 Ost N/HM: 6500m [Gleisdorf]11.02Western Front
26/07/1944Uffz. Heinz Kirchner3JG 300P-38NE Graz: 8600m11.03Western Front
26/07/1944Ofw. Heinz Hoenmanns7JG 300B-17Semmering: 7000m11.03Western Front
26/07/1944Ltn. Gerhard-Alfred BärsdorfStabJG 300B-17Raum Wien: 6500m11.05Western Front
26/07/1944Fw. Helmut Rudolf4JG 300B-1714 Ost N/HM: 6500m [Gleisdorf]11.05Western Front
26/07/1944Uffz. Horst Völkert1JG 300B-24 HSS14 Ost N/GM: 7500m [E. Graz]11.05Western Front
26/07/1944Oblt. Waldemar Grafe1JG 300B-1714 Ost N/GM: 7100m [E. Graz]11.06Western Front
26/07/1944Uffz. Kurt Wiegand6JG 300B-17Raum Graz: 7000m11.08Western Front
26/07/1944Uffz. Leo Bigalke1JG 300P-5114 Ost N/GM: 2500m [E. Graz]11.09Western Front
26/07/1944Oblt. Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld6JG 300P-51E. Raum: 7000m11.1Western Front
26/07/1944Uffz. Albert Wollensah6JG 300B-17Raum Graz: 7000m11.12Western Front
26/07/1944Ltn. Gerhard-Alfred BärsdorfStabJG 300B-17NE Graz/Raum: 6500m11.15Western Front
26/07/1944Oblt. Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld6JG 300B-17Raum Osterreich: 6500m11.2Western Front
27/07/1944Hptm. Berendorf4JG 300B-24SW Budapest: 6500m9.44Western Front
27/07/1944Fw. Ewald Preiss5JG 300B-24Raum Mór: 6500m [Krs. Féjer]9.56Western Front
27/07/1944Fw. Ewald Preiss5JG 300B-24S. Martonvásár SW Budapest9.56Western Front
27/07/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider6JG 300B-2414 Ost N/GR: 7200m [Székesfehervar]9.57Western Front
27/07/1944Uffz. Johann Lechner4JG 300B-2414 Ost N/GR: 7000m [Székesfehervar]9.58Western Front
27/07/1944Uffz. Gerhard Weidenbeck4JG 300B-24Raum Budapest: 7500m9.58Western Front
27/07/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300B-2414 Ost N/GR: 7000m [Székesfehervar]10Western Front
27/07/1944Gefr. Karl-Heinz Schöffmann3JG 300B-24N. Plattensee: 6500m10Western Front
27/07/1944Ltn. Günter Sinnecker3JG 300B-2414 Ost N/GR: 6000m [Székesfehervar]10Western Front
27/07/1944Uffz. Horst Völkert1JG 300B-24 HSSGR-3/GS-1: 6000m [NE Székesfehervar]10Western Front
27/07/1944Uffz. Hasselbach5JG 300B-24SE Székesfehervar: 2000m10.02Western Front
27/07/1944Ofw. Herbert Pöhlmann6JG 300B-2414 Ost N/GR-7: 7000m [Székesfehervar]10Western Front
27/07/1944Uffz. Heemsoth3JG 300B-24N. Plattensee: 6500m10Western Front
27/07/1944Uffz. Herrmann Berdelmann1JG 300B-2414 Ost N/GR: 6000m [Székesfehervar]10Western Front
27/07/1944Ofhr. Gerhard Piel5JG 300B-2414 Ost N/GR: 7000m [Székesfehervar]10Western Front
27/07/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300B-2414 Ost N/GR-7: 7000m [Székesfehervar]10Western Front
27/07/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300B-2414 Ost N/GR: 7000m [Székesfehervar]10.01Western Front
28/07/1944Fw. Hans-Joachim Riedel2JG 300B-17N. Naumberg: 7000m10.12Western Front
29/07/1944Ltn. Konrad Steininger2JG 300P-51MD-LD: 7500m [Querfurt-Naumburg]10.35Western Front
29/07/1944Ltn. Johannes Neumann1JG 300B-1715 Ost S/LD: 7500m [Querfurt]10.45Western Front
29/07/1944Uffz. Helmut Wecker1JG 300B-1715 Ost S/LD [MD]: 7600m [Naumburg]10.45Western Front
29/07/1944Fw. Hans-Horst Schmidt-Henning3JG 300B-17Buttstädt: 7500m [E. Sömmerda]10.45Western Front
29/07/1944Fhj.Ofw. Hermann Wischnewski2JG 300B-1715 Ost S/MC-6: 6000m [Buttstädt]10.48Western Front
29/07/1944Fhj.Ofw. Hermann Wischnewski2JG 300B-1715 Ost S/MD-7: 6000m [E. Apolda]10.55Western Front
29/07/1944Ltn. Werner Kahl7JG 300B-17NW Wendelstein: 8000m [Sachsen]10.1Western Front
29/07/1944Ltn. Kobert9JG 300B-1720km W. Leipzig: 8000m10.1Western Front
06/08/1944Ltn. Alfred Knörle12JG 300P-517km SE Parchim: 6000m11.5Western Front
06/08/1944Ltn. Georg Schmitt4JG 300B-17SW Berlin: 8300m12.19Western Front
06/08/1944Ofw. Richard Löfgen5JG 300B-17SW Berlin: 8700m12.19Western Front
06/08/1944Uffz. Albert Wollensah6JG 300B-1720km S. Berlin: 8300m12.2Western Front
06/08/1944Ofw. Herbert Pöhlmann6JG 300B-17Raum Berlin: 8300m12.22Western Front
09/08/1944Fw. Kurt Wiegand6JG 300B-1704 Ost N/BP-CP: 6000m [Vosges]10.43Western Front
09/08/1944Ofw. Steinberger4JG 300B-1704 Ost N/BP-CP: 6000m [Vosges]10.43Western Front
09/08/1944Uffz. Johann Lechner4JG 300B-17BS 6: 7000m [Herrenberg]10.44Western Front
09/08/1944Uffz. Franz Lemke5JG 300B-1704 Ost N/BP-CP: 6000m [Vosges]10.44Western Front
09/08/1944Uffz. Albert Wollensah6JG 300B-17BS: 7000m [Raum Calw-Herrenberg]10.45Western Front
09/08/1944Oblt. Ekkehard TichyStab II.JG 300B-17BR 7-9: 6500m [Oberkirch 090°]10.45Western Front
09/08/1944Uffz. Heinz Reinartz6JG 300B-17BR: 7000m10.45Western Front
09/08/1944Ltn. Georg Schmitt4JG 300B-17BS 1: 7000m10.45Western Front
09/08/1944Uffz. Gerhard Weidenbeck4JG 300B-17BR 7-9: 6500m10.45Western Front
09/08/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300B-17BS 6: 7000m [Wildberg]10.45Western Front
09/08/1944Uffz. Alois Auth5JG 300B-17BS 6: 7000m [Wildberg]10.45Western Front
09/08/1944Ofhr. Hironymus Deegner4JG 300B-17BS 6: 7000m [Wildberg]10.45Western Front
09/08/1944Uffz. Franz Lemke5JG 300B-1704 Ost N/BP-CP: 6000m [Vosges]10.46Western Front
09/08/1944Ltn. Georg Schmitt4JG 300B-17BS-6: 7000m [Wildberg]10.47Western Front
14/08/1944Ltn. Kraft-Kahl7JG 300P-38NF-8: 7500m [Chemnitz]19.25Western Front
15/08/1944Gefr. Dreher8JG 300B-24Steenwijk: 6400m13Western Front
15/08/1944Ltn. Kobert9JG 300B-24Steenwijk: 6500m13.05Western Front
15/08/1944Uffz. Hans Gerich11JG 300B-24Steenwijk: 6500m13.08Western Front
15/08/1944Uffz. Kimmer8JG 300B-24Steenwijk: 6500m13.08Western Front
15/08/1944Fw. Keller7JG 300MosquitoBerlin-West: 8000m23.59Western Front
15/08/1944Ofhr. Otto Köhler9JG 300B-24EN: 6500m [Havelte N. Meppel]12.58Western Front
15/08/1944Uffz. Johann Lechner4JG 300B-17QO-8/9: 6300m [Raum Daun-Kyllberg]11.45Western Front
15/08/1944Major Walter DahlStabJG 300B-17PO-QO: 6500m [Raum Daun-Kyllberg]11.45Western Front
15/08/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300B-17QO-8: 6000m [Raum Daun-Kyllberg]11.45Western Front
15/08/1944Major Walter DahlStabJG 300B-17PP-PO-QO: 6500m [Raum Koblenz]11.46Western Front
15/08/1944Fw. Walter Loos6JG 300B-17PP-PO-QO: 6500m [Raum Koblenz]11.47Western Front
15/08/1944Uffz. Heinz Reinartz6JG 300B-17QO-8/9: 6300m [Raum Daun-Kyllberg]11.47Western Front
15/08/1944Ofhr. Hironymus Degener4JG 300B-17QO-8: 6200m [E. Kyllberg]11.45Western Front
15/08/1944Uffz. Hannes Theis6JG 300B-17QO-8/9: 6000m [Raum Daun-Kyllberg]11.45Western Front
15/08/1944Fw. Kurt Wiegand6JG 300B-17QO-8/9: 6300m [Raum Daun-Kyllberg]11.45Western Front
15/08/1944Gefr. Henkel8JG 300B-24NW Steenwijk: 6400m13Western Front
16/08/1944Ltn. Emil Kriegbaum8JG 300MosquitoSW Berlin: 8000m00.00-02Western Front
16/08/1944Ofw. Schenk8JG 300B-17LU: 6800m [Raum Münden NE Kassel]10.02Western Front
16/08/1944Uffz. Albert Wollensah6JG 300B-17HB: 6500m [Raum S. Braunschweig]10.03Western Front
21/08/1944Ofw. Müller10JG 300MosquitoTE-3: 6000m15.55Western Front
22/08/1944Fw. Rudolf Zwesken6JG 300P-3814 Ost N/HP: 7000m [Bakony Wald]10.04Western Front
22/08/1944Gefr. Hachmann5JG 300B-2414 Ost N/HQ: 7000m [Vreszpreni]10.04Western Front
22/08/1944Fw. Rüdolf Zwesken6JG 300P-3814 Ost N/HQ: 3500m10.05Western Front
22/08/1944Uffz. Lach6JG 300P-3814 Ost N/HP-HQ: 7000m10.05Western Front
22/08/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300B-2414 Ost N/HP-HQ: 7300m10.05Western Front
22/08/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300B-2414 Ost N/HP: 7000m10.05Western Front
22/08/1944Ltn. Zisler6JG 300B-2414 Ost N/HP-HQ: 7300m10.07Western Front
22/08/1944Fw. Rüdolf Zwesken6JG 300P-3814 Ost N/GR 8: 7000m [Mór]10.09Western Front
22/08/1944Uffz. Heinz Kirchner3JG 300B-24 HSSS. Raab: 6500m10.12Western Front
22/08/1944Ltn. Lutz-Gottfried Hengst9JG 300P-5115 Ost S/TQ: 4000m11.25Western Front
22/08/1944Ltn. Willi Trabert11JG 300P-51UP-12: 1800m11.5Western Front
22/08/1944Ofw. Otto Köhler9JG 300B-2415 Ost S/RQ-6: 1300m12.2Western Front
22/08/1944Gefr. Hans Dahmen2JG 300B-17SE Steinamanger: 6300m12.5Western Front
22/08/1944Uffz. Hannes Theis6JG 300B-24LO: 5000m13.05Western Front
22/08/1944Uffz. Hannes Theis6JG 300B-24LQ-KR: 4000m13.15Western Front
22/08/1944Fw. Karl Schauenberg4JG 300B-1714 Ost N/KO-34: 5000m13.2Western Front
22/08/1944Fw. Rudolf Zwesken6JG 300B-2414 Ost N/LP-5: 4000m13.35Western Front
22/08/1944Fw. Hans Moser3JG 300B-24S. Plattensee: 6000-6500m13.36Western Front
23/08/1944Ofhr. Hironymus DegenerStabJG 300P-51FL: 5000m [Hochschwab]12.14Western Front
23/08/1944Ofw. Herbert BohnenkampStabJG 300P-51EN-FM: 5500m [S. Wiener Neustadt]12.15Western Front
23/08/1944Ofw. Walter LoosStabJG 300P-51FL-FM: 7000m [Mürzzuschlag]12.15Western Front
23/08/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300P-51FL-5: 30m [Hochschwab]12.18Western Front
23/08/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300P-51FL-5: bodennähe [Hochschwab]12.19Western Front
23/08/1944Ltn. Emil Kriegbaum10JG 300P-38ME-1: 8500m [NW Belluno]12.32Western Front
24/08/1944Uffz. Helmut Kraft9JG 300B-17NE Lüneburg: 7000m10.55Western Front
24/08/1944Ltn. Lutz-Gottfried Hengst9JG 300B-17SE Lüneburg: 7000m11.08Western Front
24/08/1944Ofw. Otto Köhler9JG 300B-17DB: 7000m [SE Lüneburg]11.1Western Front
24/08/1944Uffz. Klaus Grothues9JG 300B-17DB: 7000m [SE Lüneburg]11.1Western Front
24/08/1944Uffz. Siegfried Mielke9JG 300B-17DB: 5000m [SE Lüneburg]11.18Western Front
24/08/1944Ofw. Weuack3JG 300B-2415 Ost S-14 Ost N: 5600m12.26Western Front
24/08/1944Uffz. Wolfgang Hundsdörfer2JG 300B-24 HSS15 Ost S-14 Ost N: 5600m12.26Western Front
24/08/1944Fw. Hubert Engst6JG 300B-24Neuhaus/Böhmen: 6000m12.45Western Front
24/08/1944Fw. Rüdolf Zwesken6JG 300B-24Neuhaus/Böhmen: 6000m12.45Western Front
24/08/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300B-24 HSSRaum Budweis/Böhmen12.48Western Front
26/08/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter10JG 300MosquitoFF: 9500m [Raum Nienburg]0.38Western Front
29/08/1944Fw. Karl Schauenberg4JG 300B-1715 Ost S/UR: 7500m [Brünn]10.45Western Front
29/08/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300B-1715 Ost S/UR: 7500m [Brünn]10.45Western Front
29/08/1944Uffz. Hennersdorf1JG 300B-1715 Ost S/UQ: 7500m [Brünn]10.46Western Front
29/08/1944Fw. Walter LoosStabJG 300B-1715 Ost S/UQ-UR: 7500m [Brünn]10.46Western Front
29/08/1944Uffz. Jürgen Wellhausen7JG 300B-1715 Ost S/UQ-UR: 7500m [Brünn]10.46Western Front
29/08/1944Uffz. Alfred Büthe3JG 300B-1715 Ost S/AQ: 7000m [Brünn]10.46Western Front
29/08/1944Uffz. Schmitz1JG 300B-1715 Ost S/UQ: 7500m [Brünn]10.48Western Front
29/08/1944Ofw. Koch6JG 300B-1715 Ost S/UR: 8000m [Brünn]10.54Western Front
29/08/1944Ofhr. Gerhard Piel5JG 300B-1715 Ost S/UR: 7500m [Brünn]11Western Front
29/08/1944Uffz. Nehls11JG 300B-17Rautenkow: 7300m [Brünn]11Western Front
29/08/1944Fw. Rüdolf Zwesken6JG 300B-1715 Ost S/UR: 7500m [Brünn]11.02Western Front
29/08/1944Ltn. Lutz-Gottfried Hengst9JG 300B-1715 Ost S/UQ: 7000m [Brünn]11.05Western Front
29/08/1944Ofhr. Otto Köhler9JG 300B-1715 Ost S/UR: 8000m [Brünn]11.05Western Front
30/08/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter10JG 300LancasterBJ-CJ: 4800m2.15Western Front
30/08/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter10JG 300LancasterCJ-BJ: 4800m2.05Western Front
30/08/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter10JG 300LancasterBJ-CJ: 4800m2.1Western Front
30/08/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter10JG 300LancasterBJ-CJ: 4800m2.12Western Front
02/09/1944Ofw. von Stade10JG 300Mosquito15 Ost S/JF: 8100m [Weddin]9.06Western Front
11/09/1944Uffz. Ernst Schröder5JG 300P-5105 Ost S/MT: 5000m [SW Kassel]11.35Western Front
11/09/1944Ofw. Johann Lottes7JG 300P-51S. Kassel: 4000m11.5Western Front
11/09/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300P-5105 Ost S/MU: 7000m [SE Kassel]11.52Western Front
11/09/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300P-5105 Ost S/MU: 3500m [SE Kassel]11.53Western Front
11/09/1944Ltn. Lutz-Gottfried Hengst9JG 300B-2415 Ost S/OS 5: 8000m [Giessen]11.54Western Front
11/09/1944Major Walter DahlStabJG 300B-17LD-KD-KE-LE: 7000m [Halle-Leipzig]11.55Western Front
11/09/1944Fw. Herbert BohnenkampStabJG 300B-17LD-MD: 7000m [Quefurt-Naumburg]11.55Western Front
11/09/1944Fw. Konrad Bauer5JG 300P-51NT: 50m [Schwarmstädt-Arsfeld]11.58Western Front
11/09/1944Gefr. Matthäus Erhard5JG 300P-51Fl.Pl. Eisenach: 100m12Western Front
11/09/1944Ofw. Adolf Hengge7JG 300P-51MT: 1500m [v. Fritzlar]12Western Front
11/09/1944Ofhr. Peter Winter6JG 300P-51MT-MU: 2000m [Fritzlar-Spangenberg]12Western Front
11/09/1944Uffz. Gerhard von Strassmann11JG 300B-24OS-PS: 6000m [Giessen-Butzbach]12Western Front
11/09/1944Major Walter DahlStabJG 300B-17LD-MD-KC-KD: 7000m [W. Halle]12.05Western Front
11/09/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300B-2415 Ost S/HA: 1500m [Salzgitter]13.35Western Front
11/09/1944Oblt. Kurt Welter10JG 300MosquitoFG-4: 8000m22.58Western Front
11/09/1944Ofhr. Bruno Klostermann7JG 300B-24Marburg11.57Western Front
12/09/1944Ofw. Baltenschat10JG 300MosquitoFH 7: 8500-9000m [E. Berlin]23.13Western Front
12/09/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter10JG 300MosquitoGG 2-3: 8300m [Berlin]23.14Western Front
12/09/1944Ofw. Baltenschat10JG 300MosquitoSW Berlin: 8000m23.25Western Front
12/09/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter10JG 300MosquitoGD: 8000m [Tangerhütte]23.25Western Front
12/09/1944Uffz. Karl Wolber12JG 300P-51Wutike: 8000m [N. Kyritz]11.15Western Front
12/09/1944Uffz. Eberhard Schneider12JG 300P-5115 Ost S/EE: 1000m [Havelburg]11.14-15Western Front
12/09/1944Ofw. Adolf Hengge7JG 300B-17N. Berlin: 8000m11.2Western Front
12/09/1944Ofw. Adolf Hengge7JG 300B-17Berlin-Eberswalde: 8000m11.22Western Front
12/09/1944Ofw. Adolf Hengge7JG 300B-17N. Bad Eberswalde: 8000m11.28Western Front
12/09/1944Gefr. Matthaüs Erhard5JG 300B-17EH: 8000m [Eberswalde]11.28Western Front
12/09/1944Fhj. Lothar Födisch6JG 300B-17EH: 8000m [Eberswalde]11.28Western Front
12/09/1944Fhj. Lothar Födisch6JG 300B-17EH: 8000m [Eberswalde]11.3Western Front
12/09/1944Fw. Rudolf Zwesken6JG 300B-17EH-5: 8000m [NE Eberswalde]11.31Western Front
12/09/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300B-17EH: 8000m [Eberswalde]11.31Western Front
12/09/1944Ofhr. Peter Winter6JG 300B-17Eberswalde: 8000m11.32Western Front
12/09/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300B-17EH: 8000m [Eberswalde]11.33Western Front
12/09/1944Uffz. Heinz Wischhöfer1JG 300B-17GF: 4000m [Brandenburg]11.55Western Front
13/09/1944Uffz. Alfred Büthe3JG 300P-51Uder: 6500-7000m [N. Eschwege]11.43Western Front
13/09/1944Fw. Hermann Berdelmann1JG 300P-51LN-LO-MN-MO: 6000m [Krefeld]11.55Western Front
13/09/1944Oblt. Manfred Dieterle2JG 300B-17SW Eisenach: 7200m12.13-23Western Front
13/09/1944Gefr. Hans Dahmen2JG 300B-17NA: 7200m [Raum S. Eisenach]12.2Western Front
13/09/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter10JG 300Mosquito15 Ost S/EC 4: 5000m [Salzwedel]17.42Western Front
13/09/1944Ltn. Kurt Mitterdorfer10JG 300Mosquito15 Ost S/GB: 6500m [Braunschweig]23.15Western Front
14/09/1944Uffz. Fritz Neppach10JG 300MosquitoJA: 8000m [Bad Grund/Harz]11.5Western Front
16/09/1944Fw. Reichenbach10JG 300Mosquito15 Ost S/GG: 6500m [Berlin-Potsdam]1.59Western Front
16/09/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter10JG 300Mosquito15 Ost S/GG 2: 8500m [Stadt Berlin]2.03Western Front
16/09/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter10JG 300Mosquito15 Ost S/GC-FB: 8500m [Gardelegen]2.3Western Front
18/09/1944Uffz. Hans Gerich11JG 300P-51Nieukerk: 3500m16.26Western Front
18/09/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter10JG 300MosquitoHT-JT: 8000m [N. Wittenberg]23.05Western Front
21/09/1944Gefr. GerberStab III.JG 300LancasterW. Arnheim: 100m15.31Western Front
21/09/1944Hptm. Iro IlkStab III.JG 300LancasterJM 3: 500m [Arnheim]15.31Western Front
21/09/1944Ltn. Lutz-Gottfried Hengst9JG 300LancasterJM 3: 500m [Arnheim]15.32Western Front
21/09/1944Fhr. Klaus Grothues9JG 300LancasterW. Arnheim: 300m15.34Western Front
21/09/1944Hptm. Iro IlkStab III.JG 300P-38JM 3: 500m [Arnheim]15.39Western Front
25/09/1944Ltn. Lutz-Gottfried Hengst9JG 300Spitfire05 Ost S/IN-5: 1000m16.32Western Front
26/09/1944Gefr. GerberStab III.JG 300P-3805 Ost S/JP 4: 1200m [S. Dülmen]17.06Western Front
26/09/1944Fw. Knaack12JG 300P-38NW Hattern: 1200m17.18Western Front
27/09/1944Uffz. Jürgen Wellhausen7JG 300B-24MA-MU: 7700m [SW & SE Eschwege]10.45Western Front
27/09/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300P-5105 Ost S/LA: 7000m [SE Göttingen]10.52Western Front
27/09/1944Gefr. Karl-Heinz Schöffmann3JG 300P-5115 Ost S/MB: 8000m [Langensalza]10.53Western Front
27/09/1944Fhr. Otto LeisnerStab I.JG 300P-51E. Kassel: 8100m10.55Western Front
27/09/1944Uffz. Jürgen Wellhausen7JG 300P-51nähe Langensalza-Eisenach: 400m10.55Western Front
27/09/1944Hptm. Wieth6JG 300B-24 HSSMU: 7500m [50km SE Kassel]11Western Front
27/09/1944Uffz. Rudolf Müller6JG 300B-24MU: 7700m [50km SE Kassel]11.02Western Front
27/09/1944Ofhr. Lothar Födisch6JG 300B-24MU: 7700m [50km SE Kassel]11.02Western Front
27/09/1944Ltn. Gustav Sallfner7JG 300B-24MU: 7800m [50km SE Kassel]11.03Western Front
27/09/1944Ofhr. Malms7JG 300B-24MU: 7800m [50km SE Kassel]11.03Western Front
27/09/1944Uffz. Gerhard Weidenbeck7JG 300B-24MU: 7000m [50km SE Kassel]11.03Western Front
27/09/1944Fw. Hubert Engst6JG 300B-24MA-MU: 7700m [SW & SE Eschwege]11.04Western Front
27/09/1944Uffz. Hannes Theis6JG 300P-51nähe Fl.Pl. Gotha: 300m11.04Western Front
27/09/1944Ofhr. Lothar Födisch6JG 300B-24MU: 7700m [50km SE Kassel]11.04Western Front
27/09/1944Ltn. Norbert Graziadei5JG 300B-24MA-MU: 7800m [SW & SE Eschwege]11.04Western Front
27/09/1944Ofw. Peter Winter6JG 300B-24MU-MA: 7700m [SW & SE Eschwege]11.04Western Front
27/09/1944Fw. Ewald Preiss6JG 300B-24MU: 7700m [50km SE Kassel]11.04Western Front
27/09/1944Ltn. Gustav Sallfner7JG 300B-24MU: 7700m [50km SE Kassel]11.05Western Front
27/09/1944Uffz. Hannes Theis6JG 300B-24MU: 8000m [50km SE Kassel]11.05Western Front
27/09/1944Uffz. Günter Lander5JG 300B-24MU-6/MA-4: 8000m [N. Sontra]11.06Western Front
27/09/1944Fw. Hubert Engst6JG 300B-2415 Ost S/MA: 6500m [Raum Treffurt]11.08Western Front
27/09/1944Uffz. Gustav Winkler7JG 300B-24 HSSMU: 7700m [50km SE Kassel]11.1Western Front
27/09/1944Ofhr. Herbert Schneider5JG 300B-24MU-MA: 7500m [S. Eschwege]11.11Western Front
27/09/1944Uffz. Ernst Schröder5JG 300B-24MU-6/MA-4: 7500m [15km S. Eschwege]11.12Western Front
27/09/1944Uffz. Ernst Schröder5JG 300B-24MU-6/MA-4: 6500m [15km S. Eschwege]11.13Western Front
27/09/1944Ofhr. Gerhard Piel5JG 300B-24 HSSMU-LU: 7700m [E. Kassel]11.15Western Front
27/09/1944Fw. Karl Schauenberg7JG 300B-24 HSSMU: 7500m [50km SE Kassel]12.1Western Front
28/09/1944Major Alfred LindenbergerStab II.JG 300B-17HU-HA: 8000m [Hildesheim-Salzgitter]12.41Western Front
28/09/1944Major Walter DahlStabJG 300B-17HB-HA: 7900m [Raum Wofenbüttel]12.45Western Front
28/09/1944Ofhr. Gerhard Piel5JG 300B-17HU: 8000m [Hildesheim]12.5Western Front
28/09/1944Fw. Herbert BohenkampStabJG 300B-17HA-HB: 7900m [Raum Wolfenbüttel]12.5Western Front
28/09/1944Ofhr. Lothar Födisch6JG 300B-17HU-HA: 8000m [Hildesheim-Salzgitter]12.52Western Front
28/09/1944Hptm. Stöcker6JG 300B-17HU-HA: 8000m [Hildesheim-Salzgitter]12.53Western Front
28/09/1944Uffz. Alois Auth5JG 300B-17HA-HU: 8500m [Hildesheim-Salzgitter]12.53Western Front
28/09/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300B-17HU: 8500m [Hildesheim]12.53Western Front
28/09/1944Uffz. Alois Auth5JG 300B-17HU: 8000m [Hildesheim]12.54Western Front
28/09/1944Major Alfred LindenbergerStab II.JG 300B-17NNE Quedlingburg: 500m12.55Western Front
28/09/1944Ltn. Norbert Graziadei5JG 300B-17HU-HA: 8000m [Hildesheim-Salzgitter]12.58Western Front
28/09/1944Fw. Karl Schauenberg7JG 300B-17HU: 8000m [Hildesheim]13Western Front
29/09/1944Uffz. Reinhard Treibmann16JG 300SpitfireIN-4: 800m [Reischswald b. Goch]11.2Western Front
05/10/1944Ltn. Karl Mitterndorfer10JG 300MosquitoBerlin: 7500-4000m20.3Western Front
06/10/1944Uffz. Matthäus Erhard5JG 300B-17Raum Rathenow: 7800m12.03Western Front
06/10/1944Ofhr. Karl MebusStab II.JG 300B-17Raum Rathenow: 7600m12.04Western Front
06/10/1944Major Walter DahlStabJG 300B-17FF-FG-GF: 8000m: [Naunen-Brandenburg]12.05Western Front
06/10/1944Uffz. Matthäus Erhard5JG 300B-17Rathenow: 7800m12.05Western Front
06/10/1944Uffz. Dürrling5JG 300B-17N. Berlin: 8000m12.05Western Front
06/10/1944Fw. Karl Schauenberg7JG 300B-17Rathenow: 7800m12.05Western Front
06/10/1944Ofhr. Gerhard Piel5JG 300B-17Rathenow12.06Western Front
06/10/1944Uffz. Hannes Theis6JG 300B-17Rathenow: 7600m12.07Western Front
06/10/1944Uffz. Alois Auth5JG 300B-17Rathenow: 7600m12.12Western Front
06/10/1944Ltn. Gustav Salffner7JG 300B-17Rathenow: 7800m12.05Western Front
06/10/1944Ltn. Norbert Graziadei5JG 300B-17Raum Rathenow: 7600m12.15Western Front
06/10/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter10JG 300MosquitoBerlin: 8000m20.3Western Front
06/10/1944Ltn. Georg Czypionka10JG 300MosquitoBerlin: 8500-7000m20.4Western Front
06/10/1944Uffz. Schmid10JG 300MosquitoBerlin: 8000-7000m20.3Western Front
07/10/1944Hptm. Gerhard StampStab I.JG 300P-51MD-LD: 8000m [Querfurt-Naumburg]11.55Western Front
07/10/1944Ofhr. Otto Köhler9JG 300B-17SE Kyffhaüser: 8000m12.02Western Front
07/10/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300B-17LC: 8.200m [Raum Artern]12.05Western Front
07/10/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300B-17LC: 8200m [Raum Artern]12.06Western Front
07/10/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300B-17LC: 8000m [Raum Artern-W. Leipzig]12.06½Western Front
07/10/1944Ofhr. Otto Köhler9JG 300B-17SE Kyffhaüser: 7600m12.05Western Front
07/10/1944Ofhr. Peter Winter6JG 300B-17E. Gera: 8000m12.05Western Front
07/10/1944Uffz. Klaus Lambio9JG 300B-175km S. Esperstedt: 7500m12.05Western Front
07/10/1944Ofhr. Rolf Heidemann9JG 300B-17LB-LC: 7500m: [Sonderhausen-Artern]12.05Western Front
07/10/1944Uffz. Obst9JG 300B-17Raum Sangerhausen: 7500m12.05Western Front
07/10/1944Ofhr. Herbert Schneider5JG 300B-17LC: 8000m: [Raum Artern-W. Leipzig]12.09Western Front
07/10/1944Fw. Ewald Preiss6JG 300B-17LC-LD: 8000m: [Querfurt W. Merseburg]12.09Western Front
07/10/1944Fw. Ewald Preiss6JG 300P-51LC: 8000m [Raum Artern-W. Leipzig]12.15Western Front
07/10/1944Ltn. Norbert Graziadei5JG 300B-17LC: 8000m [Raum Artern-W. Leipzig]12.09Western Front
07/10/1944Uffz. Walter Beuchel5JG 300B-17LC: 8000m [Raum Artern-W. Leipzig]12.1Western Front
07/10/1944Fw. Stefan Horwarth11JG 300P-47LC-12: 9000m12.25Western Front
16/10/1944Fw. Alfred Büthe3JG 300P-51E. Prague: 8500m12.2Western Front
28/10/1944Ltn. Kurt Welter10JG 300MosquitoFG-3: 8000m [N. Berlin]1.2Western Front
21/11/1944Fhr. Klaus Grothues9JG 300P-5115 Ost S/HB: 9300m [Schöppenstedt]12Western Front
21/11/1944Ltn. Lutz-Gottfried Hengst9JG 300P-47TC-HC: 8000m [Altmühltal]12.05Western Front
21/11/1944Gefr. Müller12JG 300B-17JT-JU: 6500m [Hölzminden]12.25Western Front
05/12/1944Uffz. Dieden11JG 300B-17EF-6: 500m [SE Neuruppin]11.5Western Front
05/12/1944Fhr. Karl Leppers14JG 300P-5115 Süd/DH-58: 3500m11.33-35Western Front
17/12/1944Fw. Rudolf Müller6JG 300B-24SP: 7500m [Prossnitz]11.53Western Front
17/12/1944Fw. Ewald Preiss6JG 300B-24SP-TP: 7500m [Prossnitz-Kremsier]11.53Western Front
17/12/1944Hptm. Hans GottuckStab III.JG 300B-24Olmütz: 6800m11.53Western Front
17/12/1944Fw. Rudolf Zwesken6JG 300B-24TP-3: 7500m [Kremsier]11.53Western Front
17/12/1944Uffz. Rave8JG 300B-24SP: 7500m [Prossnitz]11.55Western Front
17/12/1944Ltn. Klaus Bretschneider5JG 300B-24SP: 8000m [Prossnitz]11.55Western Front
17/12/1944Ogefr. Hänsel8JG 300B-24SP: 8000m [Prossnitz]11.55Western Front
17/12/1944Major Alfred LindenbergerStab II.JG 300B-24SP: 7900m [Prossnitz]11.55Western Front
17/12/1944Major Alfred LindenbergerStab II.JG 300B-24SP: 7800m [Prossnitz]11.57Western Front
17/12/1944Fw. Rudolf Zwesken6JG 300B-24RP-8: 7500m [Olmütz]11.56Western Front
17/12/1944Ltn. Karl Mebus7JG 300B-24SP: 7600m [Prossnitz]11.56Western Front
17/12/1944Fw. Karl Schauenberg7JG 300B-24SP: 7800m [Prossnitz]11.57Western Front
17/12/1944Uffz. Paul Lixfeld6JG 300B-24SP: 7500m [Prossnitz]11.57Western Front
17/12/1944Uffz. Gerhard Weidenbeck7JG 300B-24SP: 7800m [Prossnitz]12Western Front
17/12/1944Fw. Ruopp8JG 300B-24SP: 8000m [Prossnitz]12Western Front
17/12/1944Ltn. Norbert Graziadei5JG 300B-24SP: 7500m [Prossnitz]12Western Front
17/12/1944Uffz. Matthäus Erhard5JG 300B-24SP: 7500m [Prossnitz]12Western Front
17/12/1944Fw. Hubert Engst6JG 300B-24SP: 7500m [Prossnitz]12Western Front
17/12/1944Uffz. Hampel7JG 300B-24SP: 7500m [Prossnitz]12Western Front
17/12/1944Fw. Heinrich Schlüter5JG 300B-24SP: 6500m [Prossnitz]12.03Western Front
17/12/1944Fw. Dohms8JG 300P-38Olmütz: 7000m12.03Western Front
17/12/1944Uffz. Klaus Lambio9JG 300B-24RR-RS: 3000-4000m12.05Western Front
17/12/1944Ltn. Rudolph12JG 300B-24RP: 5000-4000m [Sternburg]12.05Western Front
17/12/1944Oblt. Hans-Dieter Gramberg8JG 300B-24SP: 8000m [Prossnitz]11.55Western Front
17/12/1944Uffz. Rudi Noske8JG 300B-24SP: 7500m [Prossnitz]11.57Western Front
17/12/1944Uffz. Diestel9JG 300B-24Ratibor-Beuthen: 5000-6000m12Western Front
17/12/1944Ofhr. Peter Bremer10JG 300B-24Mähr. Ostrau: 6000m12.05Western Front
17/12/1944Ltn. Kraft11JG 300B-24Böhm-Leibau: 7000m12.05Western Front
17/12/1944Fhr. Spanka10JG 300B-2415 Ost S/RP: 2800m [Sternburg]12.07Western Front
17/12/1944Fhj.Ofw. Heiser9JG 300B-24Ratibor-Beuthen: 5000-6000m12.08Western Front
17/12/1944Stfw. Werner Bosch6JG 300B-24SP: 7500m [Prossnitz]12Western Front
17/12/1944Hptm. Peter JenneStab III.JG 300B-24RP: 6000m [Sternburg]12.15Western Front
17/12/1944Hptm. Peter JenneStab III.JG 300B-24RP: 6000m [Sternburg]12.15-20Western Front
17/12/1944Ogefr. Golja15JG 300P-5115 Ost S/QR-RR: 1800m12.22Western Front
17/12/1944Ltn. Karl Pipke16JG 300P-3815 Ost S/PP-6: 20m12.3Western Front
17/12/1944Ltn. Otto Köhler10JG 300P-5115 Ost S/SP: 6000m [Prossnitz]12.06Western Front
17/12/1944Uffz. Maier14JG 300B-1715 Ost S/PR-5: [Sternburg]12.10-25Western Front
23/12/1944Ltn. Lutz-Gottfried Hengst10JG 300P-38HU: 8000m [Hildesheim]15.08Western Front
24/12/1944Ofhr. Heimann8JG 300P-51MU: 5000m [SE Kassel]14.5Western Front
24/12/1944Uffz. Ernst Schröder5JG 300P-51NU-MU: 6000m [Kassel-Bad Hersfeld]14.54Western Front
24/12/1944Ofhr. Hans Menne7JG 300P-51NU-5: 2000m [Bad Hersfeld]14.55Western Front
24/12/1944Fw. Kurt Schoepp5JG 300P-51LT-LU: 5000-6000m [Kassel]14.55Western Front
24/12/1944Fw. Rudolf Zwesken6JG 300P-51NT-NU: 7000m [090° Schwalmstedt]14.58Western Front
24/12/1944Uffz. Staschewski7JG 300P-51NU-MU: 6000m [Kassel-Bad Hersfeld]14.58Western Front
24/12/1944Oblt. Krancke14JG 300P-51MB-MC: 9800 [Langensalza-Sömmerda]15Western Front
24/12/1944Gefr. Schweiger8JG 300P-51Kassel: 7000m15.05Western Front
01/01/1945 n.n.JG 300--Western Front
01/01/1945 n.n.JG 300--Western Front
01/01/1945 n.n.JG 300--Western Front
01/01/1945 n.n.JG 300--Western Front
01/01/1945 n.n.JG 300--Western Front
01/01/1945 n.n.JG 300--Western Front
01/01/1945 n.n.JG 300--Western Front
01/01/1945 n.n.JG 300--Western Front
01/01/1945 n.n.JG 300--Western Front
01/01/1945 n.n.JG 300--Western Front
01/01/1945 n.n.JG 300--Western Front
01/01/1945 n.n.JG 300--Western Front
14/01/1945Ltn. Bruno Klostermann11JG 300B-17N. Rathenow12.3Western Front
14/01/1945Oblt. Hans-Dieter Gramberg5JG 300B-17--Western Front
14/01/1945Ofw. Rudi Zwesken6JG 300B-17--Western Front
14/01/1945Ofhr. Heinz-Günther KuringII.JG 300B-17--Western Front
14/01/1945Gefr. Daniel8JG 300B-17--Western Front
14/01/1945Fw. Dohms8JG 300B-17--Western Front
14/01/1945Ofhr. Doppe8JG 300B-17--Western Front
14/01/1945Uffz. Hänsel8JG 300B-17--Western Front
14/01/1945Fw. Ruopp8JG 300B-17--Western Front
14/01/1945Uffz. Schweiger8JG 300B-17--Western Front
14/01/1945Ltn. Karl Spenst8JG 300B-17--Western Front
14/01/1945Oblt. Lonzius11JG 300P-51--Western Front
01/02/1945Major Anton HacklStabJG 300--Western Front
09/02/1945 n.n.JG 300B-17--Western Front
09/02/1945 n.n.JG 300B-17--Western Front
14/02/1945 n.n.JG 300B-17--Western Front
14/02/1945 n.n.JG 300B-17--Western Front
24/03/1945Uffz. Günther Izquierdo14JG 300P-51--Western Front

Known Claims : 749

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