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Stug and Motorbike by Jason Askew. (P) - panzer-prints.com

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Stug and Motorbike by Jason Askew. (P)

Stug and Motorbike by Jason Askew. (P)

Stug Mk.III
Item Code : B0334PStug and Motorbike by Jason Askew. (P) - This Edition
Original pencil drawing by Jason Askew, with original Knights Cross signatures.

Pencil drawing image area size 25.5 inches x 17 inches (65cm x 43cm) Surrounded by coloured border, making the total paper size 35 inches x 23.5 inches (89cm x 63cm) Bose, Georg
Kohler, Heinrich
+ Artist : Jason Askew
£300 Off!Now : £400.00

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Extra Details : Stug and Motorbike by Jason Askew. (P)
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Signatures on this item

Georg Bose (deceased)
StuG Platoon leader with Abteilung 177. He served on the eastern front in 1944, being awarded the Knights Cross on 21st September 1944 after an action in July 1944 before being captured by the Russians and held captive until 1948. Georg Bose is also holder of one tank desctruction badge. Passed away 26th September 2011.

Heinrich Kohler (deceased)
Heinrich Köhler joined the Schwere Artillerie-Ersatz-Abteilung 49 on the 3rd of October 1941. Heinrich Köhler was transferred to the 19.Panzer-Division in the Artillery Regiment in November 1942. Heinrich Köhler was involved in the action around Toropez-Bjeloy, where a large number of Russian troops and vehicles were captured by the Germans. Kohler was also involved in the relieve of the Italian Forces at Tschertkowo, near Stalingrad on the 19th December 1942. Kohler joined Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 322. and took part in the actions at Zloszow-Brody and Kowelin March 1944. It was here that Kohler detsroyed his first Russian armour, although soon after the large Russian forces decimated the German forces including Kohlers regiment. Kohler joined the newly amlgamated Brigade made up from the remains of the 201, 210 and 322 Abteilungs this new Brigade became the Sturmgeschütz-Brigade 210, he fought at the Stettin bridgehead and in March 1945 destroyed six Russian tanks during a Russian attack. This brought Kohlers total of Russian tanks destroyed to 21 and he was awarded the Knights Cross on 20th April 1945. Heinrich Köhler was taken prisoner by the British and held in Schleswig-Holstein. Heinrich Kohler passed away on 25th June 2009.

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