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Helmut Lipfert

Victories : 203
Country : Germany
Fought in : WW2
Fought for : Axis
Died : 10th August 1990

Awarded the Knights Cross of the Iron CrossAwarded Oak Leaves to the Knights Cross
Oak Leaves

Helmut Lipfert was born on 6 August 1916 at Lippelsdorf in the Saalfeld region of Thüringen. A former Arbeitdienstführer and Unteroffizier with the Panzerwaffe, Lipfert transferred to the Luftwaffe in 1941 and underwent fighter pilot training. Lipfert was posted to JG 52, based on the Eastern front, on 16 December 1942. On his arrival at Simovniki in Russia, Leutnant Lipfert was assigned to 6./JG 52. He gained his first victory on his 18th combat mission shooting down a Russian LaGG-5 fighter on 30 January 1943. His 10th victory was recorded on 25 June. He achieved his 20th victory on 5 September. During September 1943, Lipfert assumed command of 6./JG 52. On 8 October, he shot down five Russian aircraft to record his 30th through 34th victories. He was to claim 18 victories in October, 21 in November, including his 50th victory on 12 November and his 60th on 27 November, and 16 in December, including four shot down on 5 December (69-72). By the end of 1943 his victory total had reached 80. After his 88th victory on 25 January 1944, he was sent on leave, not returning to the front until the end of March. He was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 5 April. His 100th victory was achieved on 11 April 1944 and his 150th on 24 October 1944.

On 15 February 1945, Hauptmann Lipfert was appointed Gruppenkommandeur of I./JG 53 based in Hungary. He shot down his 200th victim on 8 April 1945. On 17 April 1945 he was awarded the Eichenlaub (Nr 837) for 203 victories. Following the dissolution of I./JG 53, Lipfert was transferred to JG 52, where he was assigned to 7./JG 52 until the end of the war. Post-war Lipfert became a schoolteacher. He died on 10 August 1990.

Helmut Lipfert was credited with 203 victories in over 700 missions. All his victories were recorded over the Eastern front and included two four-engine bombers and 39 Il-2 Sturmovik ground-attack aircraft. Additionally, he claimed 27 unconfirmed victories.

Latest Axis Aviation Artwork !
 The Gruppenkommandeur of II./JG 54 Erich Rudorffer is depicted in Fw190A-6 'Black Double Chevron' over the misty forests of Finland in June 1944. Credited with 222 aerial victories, he survived being shot down no less than sixteen times and survived the war until eventually passing away in 2016 aged 98.

Erich Rudorffer by Ivan Berryman.
 With 275 victories credited, Gunther Rall is the third highest scoring Ace in history  He was awarded the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords.

Gunther Rall by Ivan Berryman. (P)
 Walter Wolfrum, a Knight's Cross winning German WW2 Ace with 137 victories, in his Bf109G.

Walter Wolfrum by Ivan Berryman. (P)
 Austrian-born Walter Nowotny was one of Germany's highest scoring aces of WWII with 258 victories to his credit, three of them flying the Messerschmitt Me.262. He is depicted here flying White 8 of Kommando Nowotny based at Achmer, Germany in 1944. He was killed in action later that year following a fraught combat with US fighters during the Defence of the Reich.

White 8 - Walter Nowotny by Ivan Berryman.

Helmut Lipfert

Squadrons for : Helmut Lipfert
A list of all squadrons known to have been served with by Helmut Lipfert. A profile page is available by clicking the squadron name.


Country : Germany
'Ace of Hearts'

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The most successful Luftwaffe fighter-wing of World War II, with a claim total of more than 10,000 victories over enemy aircraft. It was home to the top three scoring Experten of the Luftwaffe, Erich Hartmann, Gerhard Barkhorn and Günther Rall. The unit flew the various marks of the Messerschmitt Bf 109 exclusively through the war.


Country : Germany
Founded : 1937
'Ace of Hearts'

Click the name above to see prints featuring aircraft of JG53

Pik-As was a Luftwaffe fighter-wing of World War II. It operated in Western Europe and in the Mediterranean. Jagdgeschwader 53 - or as it was better known, the Pik As (Ace of Spades) Geschwader - was one of the oldest German fighter units of World War II with its origins going back to 1937. JG53 flew the various models of Bf-109 throughout the second world war.

Known Victory Claims - Helmut Lipfert









30/01/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-508 693: 1200m12.47Eastern Front
25/02/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-586 763: tiefflug14.58Eastern Front
28/02/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-375 433: 600m13.15Eastern Front
07/03/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52R-586 481: tiefflug8.2Eastern Front
07/03/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52R-586 731: tiefflug8.23Eastern Front
14/03/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-275 731: 400m6.56Eastern Front
30/03/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-386 571: 1500m6.25Eastern Front
30/03/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-376 651: 1500m15.15Eastern Front
20/04/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52MiG-185 114: tiefflug6.3Eastern Front
25/06/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-376 694: 2500m16.13Eastern Front
25/06/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-376 692: 2000m16.23Eastern Front
16/07/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-186 232: 3500m5.45Eastern Front
19/07/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-175 263: 3000m13.55Eastern Front
21/07/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-176 831: 4500m9.37Eastern Front
21/07/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-175 741: 50m16.43Eastern Front
23/07/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Airacobra76 894: 500m5.54Eastern Front
23/07/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-575 264: 50m17.33Eastern Front
03/09/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-540 262: 100m10.41Eastern Front
04/09/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.41 574: 1500m17.17Eastern Front
05/09/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-160 343: 2000m11.3Eastern Front
21/09/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-111 142: 4000m7.16Eastern Front
24/09/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Curtiss P-4011 751: 1200m13.55Eastern Front
24/09/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-511 714: 2000m16.4Eastern Front
25/09/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.11 782: tiefstflug [Pereyaslev]17.35Eastern Front
28/09/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52R-5W. Perojasslaw: tiefstflug17.35Eastern Front
01/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-958 163: 5000m [Barbasta]16.13Eastern Front
07/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-539 432: tiefstflug [Annovka]6.57Eastern Front
07/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-549 174: 4500m [Orlik]11.07Eastern Front
07/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-949 153: 2500m [Orlik]11.28Eastern Front
08/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.66 692: tiefst.7.05Eastern Front
08/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-366 624: 1000m8.23Eastern Front
08/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-976 543: 800m8.35Eastern Front
08/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-966 69 Mitte: 2500m15.33Eastern Front
08/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-966 692: 1300m15.42Eastern Front
10/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-139 291: 2500m13.05Eastern Front
10/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-149 312: 1500m13.15Eastern Front
20/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-139 453: tiefst.7.3Eastern Front
21/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-139 482: 1500m5.55Eastern Front
21/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-149 372: tiefst.6.08Eastern Front
21/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-539 612: 700m12.3Eastern Front
26/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-757 123: 1500m7.15Eastern Front
26/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-757 152: 500m7.17Eastern Front
29/10/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-147 331: 2500m7Eastern Front
02/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-137 67 Mitte: 1500m9.25Eastern Front
05/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-166 734: 1000m10.2Eastern Front
06/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-766 732: Wassernähne11.55Eastern Front
11/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.66 871: Bodennähe13.45Eastern Front
11/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-166 533: Bodennähe13.5Eastern Front
12/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.66 64 Mitte: 300m10.47Eastern Front
12/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-766 671: 800m8.51Eastern Front
13/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-166 562: 600m5.43Eastern Front
13/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-166 642: Wassernähe5.47Eastern Front
14/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-166 732: Wassernähne9.15Eastern Front
14/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.66 531: Bodennähne13.5Eastern Front
15/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-966 643: 2500m6.15Eastern Front
19/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-166 821: Wassernähne6.3Eastern Front
20/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-966 623: Wassernähne6.4Eastern Front
21/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.66 712: 150m7Eastern Front
21/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-166 814: 800m7.05Eastern Front
27/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Airacobra47 771: 2500m9.48Eastern Front
27/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-966 732: 800m14.4Eastern Front
29/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-166 734: 2000m14.21Eastern Front
30/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-166 792: 1200m6.1Eastern Front
30/11/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-166 733: 100m13.34Eastern Front
01/12/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-1SW Taman: 500m [Krasnodar]11.47Eastern Front
02/12/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-1SW Kap Yakyl: 1500m6.39Eastern Front
02/12/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-3E. Feodosyia: 800m6.48Eastern Front
02/12/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-3S. Kap Yakyl: 500m6.55Eastern Front
05/12/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-7S. Kossa-Tusla: 2500m7.25Eastern Front
05/12/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-1W. Taman: 1500m7.32Eastern Front
05/12/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52AiracobraOrt Kossa-Tusla: Bodennähe10.23Eastern Front
05/12/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.SW Kossla Tusla: Wassernähe13.55Eastern Front
08/12/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.N. Katerles: 200m7.58Eastern Front
09/12/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-1N. Taman: Wassernähe11.15Eastern Front
11/12/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-7E. Maisk: 5500m11.37Eastern Front
17/12/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2SE Starolitarovskaya: Bodenne6.43Eastern Front
27/12/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Airacobra66 642: 4000m12.04Eastern Front
28/12/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52R-5NW Mayak: Bodennähe7.16Eastern Front
29/12/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-1W. Malikut: 800m7.12Eastern Front
29/12/1943Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52BostonSW Mayak: Bodennähe10.05Eastern Front
11/01/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Airacobra66 532: Wassernähe11.27Eastern Front
17/01/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-366 641: 200m6.46Eastern Front
21/01/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.66 593: 50m11.53Eastern Front
23/01/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-766 643: 300m7.08Eastern Front
23/01/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-766 643: 4000m12.08Eastern Front
24/01/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Airacobra66 564: 400m6.3Eastern Front
25/01/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-166 641: 100m12.27Eastern Front
25/01/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Boston66 674: 800m12.4Eastern Front
01/04/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-356 492: Wassernähe9.33Eastern Front
07/04/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-747 763: 2000m7.19Eastern Front
07/04/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-788 352: 1000m7.27Eastern Front
08/04/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.47 744: Bodennähe14.22Eastern Front
08/04/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52R-537 862: Bodennähe14.32Eastern Front
09/04/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-7476 123: 1400m14.4Eastern Front
09/04/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Pe-246 634: 5300m15.58Eastern Front
10/04/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-746 123: 4500m8.16Eastern Front
10/04/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.46 142: Bodennähne12.12Eastern Front
11/04/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.46 181: tiefst.9.25Eastern Front
11/04/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-740 191: Bodennähe7.02Eastern Front
15/04/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.35 472: 100m10.47Eastern Front
19/04/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.35 451: 1500m17.05Eastern Front
19/04/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Curtiss P-4035 334: 6000m14.21Eastern Front
22/04/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Boston35 714: 200m9.4Eastern Front
27/04/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-735 621: 1500m10.5Eastern Front
03/05/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-73541 Mitte: 3500m18.35Eastern Front
04/05/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-736 761: Wassernähe6.44Eastern Front
04/05/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-735 413: 1500m9.1Eastern Front
04/05/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-736 763: Wasser6.44Eastern Front
05/05/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-735 612: 1500m10.38Eastern Front
05/05/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-735 651: Wassernähe10.5Eastern Front
05/05/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.35 412: 400m14.04Eastern Front
06/05/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-135 441: 2500m7.3Eastern Front
06/05/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52U-235 441: Wassernähe7.4Eastern Front
07/05/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-135 474: 5000m8.49Eastern Front
07/05/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-135 472: 2000m9.4Eastern Front
07/05/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-135 477: 100m9.45Eastern Front
30/05/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-178 821: 1500m16.01Eastern Front
30/05/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-178 821: 1500m16.04Eastern Front
31/05/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Pe-278 661: 600m8.09Eastern Front
31/05/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.78 812: Bodenähne14.32Eastern Front
04/06/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-178 672: 1000m18.56Eastern Front
05/06/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Airacobra78 594: 1000m7.58Eastern Front
05/06/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-778 594: 300m8.01Eastern Front
05/06/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-778 673: 1000m11.35Eastern Front
05/06/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Boston78 584: 800m11.45Eastern Front
27/06/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.07 372: 50m10.34Eastern Front
14/07/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Airacobra41 686: 1500m7.55Eastern Front
15/07/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-741 476: 300m15.2Eastern Front
16/07/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-741 675: 300m13.23Eastern Front
16/07/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-741 673: 100m13.27Eastern Front
18/07/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-741 867: 300m18.12Eastern Front
18/07/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-542 586: 200m15.12Eastern Front
19/07/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Airacobra42 712: 1000m16.4Eastern Front
19/07/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Airacobra42 711: 1000m16.41Eastern Front
19/07/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.42 717: Bodennähe16.45Eastern Front
20/07/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-932 833: 1500m11.1Eastern Front
21/07/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-741 878: 1000m6.25Eastern Front
24/07/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-940 396: 800m18.41Eastern Front
14/08/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Airacobra11 274: 3500m17.14Eastern Front
16/08/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-111 275: 200m16.35Eastern Front
17/08/1944Ltn. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-735 451: 4000m15.49Eastern Front
23/08/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-787 859: 2000m17.25Eastern Front
31/08/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Mustang47 257: 400m10.2Eastern Front
17/10/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-1118 655: 3000m10.38Eastern Front
21/10/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-507 166: 700m10.52Eastern Front
23/10/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.08 752: 1000m15.31Eastern Front
23/10/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.08 727: 1000m15.32Eastern Front
24/10/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-718 272: tiefflug9.22Eastern Front
27/10/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.18 129: 1200m12.17Eastern Front
27/10/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-718 156: 800m12.21Eastern Front
13/11/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-398 639: 4000m12.45Eastern Front
16/11/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-1198 446: 1500m12.39Eastern Front
17/11/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.98 634: 600m11.05Eastern Front
17/11/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-798 426: 600m13.2Eastern Front
17/11/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.98 498: 400m11.1Eastern Front
23/11/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-998 435: 800m10.4Eastern Front
05/12/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-998 411: 1500m10.3Eastern Front
09/12/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.88 784: 1200m15.05Eastern Front
11/12/1944Hptm. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Pe-2Balatonkenese: 88 779: 4500m14.35Eastern Front
22/12/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.Stuhlweißenburg9.37Eastern Front
23/12/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-97km S. Enying10.48Eastern Front
24/12/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.N. Seregelyes14.25Eastern Front
25/12/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-9Stuhlweißenburg12.08Eastern Front
25/12/1944Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-93km SE Mor12.15Eastern Front
02/01/1945Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-5E. Raum Bodmer11.15Western Front
02/01/1945Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-94km E. Vereb11.45Western Front
04/01/1945Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.6km S. Tarjan8.26Western Front
04/01/1945Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.5km SW Tarjan8.28Western Front
04/01/1945Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-96km NW Bicske10.41Western Front
04/01/1945Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-51km SE Tardos11.12Western Front
08/01/1945Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52BostonStuhlweißenburg14.13Western Front
08/01/1945Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52BostonStuhlweißenburg14.18Western Front
14/01/1945Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-32km NW Muszla12.11Western Front
14/01/1945Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Jak-31km SW Muszla14.36Western Front
16/01/1945Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-53km N. Budaörs12.17Western Front
22/01/1945Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52LaGG-5Stuhlweißenburg13.24Western Front
27/01/1945Oblt. Helmut Lipfert6JG 52Il-2mH.7km NW Adony14.45Western Front
22/02/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53LaGG-5Bart14Western Front
22/02/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53Jak-3Bina16.25Western Front
25/02/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53Jak-9Zvolen10.53Western Front
08/03/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53Il-2Sapolce14.1Western Front
11/03/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53Jak-3Suborgarol10.35Western Front
11/03/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53Jak-3Siofok14.05Western Front
13/03/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53Jak-7Pakozol10.13Western Front
14/03/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53LaGG-5Stuhlweißenburg10.13Western Front
14/03/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53Il-2Pakozol12.11Western Front
17/03/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53Il-2Velencze16.15Western Front
20/03/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53Il-2Varpalota15.33Western Front
20/03/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53Il-2Stuhlweißenburg14.41Western Front
21/03/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53La-5Balaton11.58Western Front
21/03/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53Jak-5Felstgalla15.3Western Front
27/03/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53Jak-9Neutra14.15Western Front
27/03/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53Il-2Neutra14.18Western Front
27/03/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53Jak-9Neutra16.55Western Front
28/03/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53Jak-3Neutra14.12Western Front
01/04/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53La-7Dioszeg16.05Western Front
05/04/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53La-7Gairing9.45Western Front
08/04/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53La-7Hainburg15.54Western Front
09/04/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53La-7Lundenburg17.2Western Front
14/04/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53Jak-9Stokerau15Western Front
16/04/1945Hptm. Helmut LipfertStab I.JG 53Jak-9Göding11.2Western Front

Known Claims : 201

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This website is owned by Cranston Fine Arts.  Torwood House, Torwoodhill Road, Rhu, Helensburgh, Scotland, G848LE

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