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Viktor Petermann

Victories : 64
Country : Germany
Fought in : WW2
Fought for : Axis
Died : 19th May 2001

Awarded the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross

Joining III./JG-52, Viktor Petermann flew in Russia as an Oberfeldwebel and became skilled in low-level attacks, sinking a gun boat and 50 troop ferries. On one of these missions, after being hit by ground fire, his left arm was amputated and he was hospitalized for a long period. After his recovery he was sent back into combat in 1945 with II./JG-52, with an artificial arm, and scored another 4 victories! He finished the war with JG-7, and a total of 64 victories. Viktor Petermann was awarded the Knights Cross.

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 The Gruppenkommandeur of II./JG 54 Erich Rudorffer is depicted in Fw190A-6 'Black Double Chevron' over the misty forests of Finland in June 1944. Credited with 222 aerial victories, he survived being shot down no less than sixteen times and survived the war until eventually passing away in 2016 aged 98.

Erich Rudorffer by Ivan Berryman.
 With 275 victories credited, Gunther Rall is the third highest scoring Ace in history  He was awarded the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords.

Gunther Rall by Ivan Berryman. (P)
 Walter Wolfrum, a Knight's Cross winning German WW2 Ace with 137 victories, in his Bf109G.

Walter Wolfrum by Ivan Berryman. (P)
 Austrian-born Walter Nowotny was one of Germany's highest scoring aces of WWII with 258 victories to his credit, three of them flying the Messerschmitt Me.262. He is depicted here flying White 8 of Kommando Nowotny based at Achmer, Germany in 1944. He was killed in action later that year following a fraught combat with US fighters during the Defence of the Reich.

White 8 - Walter Nowotny by Ivan Berryman.

Viktor Petermann

Squadrons for : Viktor Petermann
A list of all squadrons known to have been served with by Viktor Petermann. A profile page is available by clicking the squadron name.


Country : Germany
'Ace of Hearts'

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The most successful Luftwaffe fighter-wing of World War II, with a claim total of more than 10,000 victories over enemy aircraft. It was home to the top three scoring Experten of the Luftwaffe, Erich Hartmann, Gerhard Barkhorn and Günther Rall. The unit flew the various marks of the Messerschmitt Bf 109 exclusively through the war.


Country : Germany
'Ace of Hearts'

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Nowotny was a Luftwaffe fighter-wing of World War II and the first operational jet fighter wing in the world.

It was created late in 1944 and served until the end of the war in May 1945, and it operated the Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter exclusively.

JG 7 was formed under the command of Oberst Johannes Steinhoff, with Kommando Nowotny (the initial Me 262 test wing ) renumbered III./JG 7. Under the command of Major Erich Hohagen III./JG 7 was the only element of JG 7 ready to operate against the Allies. Throughout its existence JG 7 suffered from an irregular supply of new aircraft, fuel and spares. With such a radically new aircraft, training accidents were also common, with 10 Me 262s being lost in six weeks.

The technical troubles and material shortages meant initial tentative sorties were only in flight strength, usually no more than 4 or 6 aircraft. Flying from Brandenburg-Briest, Oranienburg and Parchim, the Geschwader flew intermittently against the huge USAAF bomber streams.

By the end of February 1945 JG 7 had claimed around 45 four-engine bombers and 15 fighters, but at this stage of war this success rate had no affect whatsoever on the Allied air offensive. During March JG 7 finally began to deliver larger scale attacks against the heavy bomber streams. 3 March saw 29 sorties for 8 kills claimed (one jet was lost). On 18 March III./JG 7 finally managed their biggest attack numerically thus far, some 37 Me 262s engaging a force of 1,200 American bombers and 600 fighters. This action also marked the first use of the new R4M rockets. 12 bombers and 1 fighter were claimed for the loss of 3 Me 262s.

The total numbers of aircraft shot down by JG 7 is difficult to quantify due to the loss of Luftwaffe records, but at least 136 aircraft were claimed, and research indicates as many as 420 Allied aircraft may have been claimed shot down.

Known Victory Claims - Viktor Petermann









15/08/1942Uffz. Viktor PetermannStabJG 52I-15334 272: 400m6.45Eastern Front
24/08/1942Uffz. Viktor PetermannStabJG 5254 194: 100m15.04Eastern Front
25/08/1942Uffz. Viktor PetermannStabJG 52Boston44 274: 2000m15.2Eastern Front
17/09/1942Uffz. Viktor PetermannStabJG 52Su-254 331: 2000m14.27Eastern Front
29/09/1942Uffz. Viktor PetermannStabJG 52MiG-144 391: 2000m15.48Eastern Front
04/10/1942Uffz. Viktor PetermannStabJG 52LaGG-344 432: 3000m15.04Eastern Front
11/02/1943Uffz. Viktor Petermann4JG 52I-16 Rata85 120: 500m11.4Eastern Front
12/02/1943Uffz. Viktor Petermann4JG 52I-15385 624: 400m14.38Eastern Front
13/02/1943Uffz. Viktor Petermann4JG 52I-15385 194: 400m11.37Eastern Front
12/03/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann4JG 52R-585 152: tiefflug7.4Eastern Front
19/03/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann4JG 52Jak-186 594: 500m9.3Eastern Front
18/04/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann4JG 52Il-575 424: tiefflug16.2Eastern Front
20/04/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52LaGG-375 425: 4000m15.53Eastern Front
21/04/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52LaGG-375 461: 2000m7.1Eastern Front
23/04/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Jak-175 415: 3000m5.02Eastern Front
23/04/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Jak-175 43: 6000m5.08Eastern Front
25/04/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52R-586 733: Bodennähne12.36Eastern Front
25/04/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52R-586 732: Bodennähne12.39Eastern Front
27/04/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52LaGG-385 144: 5000m17.05Eastern Front
28/04/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Jak-186 783: 4500m11.48Eastern Front
29/04/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52LaGG-385 101: 3500m13.15Eastern Front
30/04/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Spitfire85 751: 400m16.39Eastern Front
01/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52LaGG-385 172: 3800m8.52Eastern Front
03/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52LaGG-385 161: 4100m6.07Eastern Front
03/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52LaGG-385 181: 4200m6.34Eastern Front
04/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Jak-145 324: tiefflug14.58Eastern Front
04/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52LaGG85 143: 3000m15.18Eastern Front
05/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Jak-195 261: 2000m9.22Eastern Front
05/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52LaGG-385 184: 4000m13.32Eastern Front
05/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52LaGG-376 893: 2000m17.32Eastern Front
06/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Jak-475 181: 2500m16.07Eastern Front
08/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Jak-185 171: 2200m17.38Eastern Front
09/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52LaGG-385 141: 3000m18.22Eastern Front
22/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52R-596 724: tiefflug6.15Eastern Front
26/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Jak-176 891: 5500m18.3Eastern Front
27/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Airacobra76 864: 6000m14.1Eastern Front
28/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Airacobra76 892: 4200m10.51Eastern Front
28/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Jak-175 232: 2600m13.21Eastern Front
31/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Jak-176 864: 3600m8Eastern Front
31/05/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Pe-286 771: 2500m14.07Eastern Front
01/06/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Jak-176 892: 3.200m18.18Eastern Front
02/06/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Airacobra76 993: 4200m10.45Eastern Front
04/06/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52LaGG-375 491: 2200m18.17Eastern Front
04/06/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52LaGG-375 452: 2500m18.25Eastern Front
23/07/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Il-576 894: 200m17.34Eastern Front
26/07/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Il-576 774: 300m6.18Eastern Front
26/07/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Il-575 151: tiefstflug6.25Eastern Front
26/07/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Il-575 262: 500m18.2Eastern Front
31/07/1943Fw. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Airacobra75 291: 4000m18.2Eastern Front
07/09/1943Ltn. Viktor Petermann5JG 52Pe-250 242: 3500m17.12Eastern Front
14/09/1943Ltn. Viktor Petermann6JG 52Jak-150 141: 3000m6.17Eastern Front
25/09/1943Ltn. Viktor Petermann6JG 52Jak-111 744: 700m11.57Eastern Front
25/09/1943Ltn. Viktor Petermann6JG 52Il-2mH.11 783: 1000m12.09Eastern Front
25/09/1943Ltn. Viktor Petermann6JG 52Il-2mH.11 753: 1200m12.12Eastern Front
25/09/1943Ltn. Viktor Petermann6JG 52Il-2mH.10 153: 1400m12.19Eastern Front
26/09/1943Ltn. Viktor Petermann6JG 52Curtiss P-4010 133: 2300m7.32Eastern Front
16/01/1945Ofhr. Viktor Petermann10JG 52Jak-9-12.06Western Front
11/02/1945Ofhr. Viktor Petermann10JG 52Jak-9-12.5Western Front
16/03/1945Ofhr. Viktor Petermann10JG 52P-39Pl.Qu.71342: [NE Münsterberg]17.08Western Front
22/03/1945Ofhr. Viktor Petermann10JG 52Jak-9W. Schadeburg15.46Western Front

Known Claims : 60

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