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Franz Woidich

Victories : 110
Country : Germany
Fought in : WW2
Fought for : Axis
Died : 5th July 2004

Awarded the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross

Franz Woidich was posted to North Africa to join II./JG27 in July 1941. In April 1942 he transferred to 3./JG52 in Russia. In August 1944 he was selected as one of a group of elite fighter pilots for training on the Me163 Komet, and joined Erganzunstaffel 400 at Gutenfeld, near Breslau. A month later he joined II./JG400 as Staffelkapitan. Franz Woidich served with JG400 until the end of the war. He was awarded the Knight's Cross in June 1944, flew over 1000 combat missions and achieved 110 victories. Franz Woidich passed away on 5th July 2004.

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Latest Axis Aviation Artwork !
 Austrian-born Walter Nowotny was one of Germany's highest scoring aces of WWII with 258 victories to his credit, three of them flying the Messerschmitt Me.262. He is depicted here flying White 8 of Kommando Nowotny based at Achmer, Germany in 1944. He was killed in action later that year following a fraught combat with US fighters during the Defence of the Reich.

White 8 - Walter Nowotny by Ivan Berryman.
 The highest scoring fighter pilot of all time with a confirmed tally of 352 victories, Erich Hartmann is depicted getting airborne from a snowy airstrip in Czechoslovakia, late in 1944 in a Bf109G-6 of 6./JG 52.

Erich Hartmann - The Ace of Aces by Ivan Berryman.
 The Junkers Ju.287 V1 bomber prototype was a typical example of Germany's research into advanced aerodynamics at the end of World War II. Featuring forward swept wings and four Jumo 004B-1 Orkan axial-flow turbojets, this extraordinary aircraft made several successful flights before the project was curtailed by the war's end. RS+RA is shown on a test flight, carrying a cine camera in front of the fin to record airflow by means of wool tufts glued to the wings and fuselage sides. The characteristics of forward swept wings are only now being re-evaluated, 70 years after Junkers' first tentative steps into the unknown.

A New Shape in the Sky by Ivan Berryman. (P)
 Messerschmitt Bf109E-7Bs belonging to III./JG27, during the Balkan Campaign of 1941.  The yellow and white painted areas were used as recognition markings, so that they were not fired upon by friendly ground units during their low-level sorties.

Messerschmitt Bf109E-7/Bs by Jerry Boucher.

Franz Woidich

Squadrons for : Franz Woidich
A list of all squadrons known to have been served with by Franz Woidich. A profile page is available by clicking the squadron name.


Country : Germany
'Ace of Hearts'

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Jagdgeschwader 27 Afrika was a World War II Luftwaffe Geschwader. It was most famous for service in the North African Campaign, supporting the Deutsches Afrikakorps.

Commanders of IV./JG 27

Hauptmann Rudolf Sinner, June 1943
Oberleutnant Dietrich Boesler (acting), September 1943
Oberleutnant Alfred Burk (acting), October 1943
Hauptmann Joachim Kirschner, 18 October 1943
Hauptmann Otto Meyer, 1 February 1943
Hauptmann Hanns-Heinz Dudeck, July 1944
Hauptmann Ernst-Wilhelm Reinert, 2 January 1945


Country : Germany
'Ace of Hearts'

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Country : Germany
'Ace of Hearts'

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The most successful Luftwaffe fighter-wing of World War II, with a claim total of more than 10,000 victories over enemy aircraft. It was home to the top three scoring Experten of the Luftwaffe, Erich Hartmann, Gerhard Barkhorn and Günther Rall. The unit flew the various marks of the Messerschmitt Bf 109 exclusively through the war.
Aircraft for : Franz Woidich
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Manufacturer : Messerschmitt


Rocket-powered Me-163 Comet, probably the most technically advanced aircraft of the second world war. Out of necessity, German aircraft designers compressed decades of development time into years or often months. Although it did not play a significant role in combat, the 163 represented a radical departure from conventional aircraft design. With a length of only 19 feet, the diminutive 163 was powered by a liquid fuel rocket engine. The production models of the Comet were fueled with a mixture of C-Stoff (a mixture of 57% methyl alcohol, 13% hydrazine hydrate, and 13% water) and T-Stoff which was 80% hydrogen peroxide. Almost 5000 pounds of fuel were carried, but the Comets engine had a burn time of only a few minutes. Many technological breakthroughs were required for the Comet program to succeed. Because space and weight were so critical, use of a conventional landing gear was not possible. Instead the 163 utilized a simple dolly consisting of an axle and two wheels which was jettisoned upon takeoff. For landing the 163 utilized a sturdy retractable skid with hydraulic shock absorbers. The Comet was also not particularly effective in combat despite its 596-MPH top speed and twin canon. The aircraft had only about 150 seconds of power once it reached altitude. Thereafter it became a very fast glider. Allied pilots learned to exploit the 163s vulnerability during landing. Rudolf Opitz, the Chief Test Pilot on the 163, was a central figure in the development and testing of the 163. Rudy met Herman Goering once at a special airshow for high ranking military and government officials. The few remaining 163s to survive the War are due to the efforts of Rudy to preserve this unique aircraft for aviation posterity.

Known Victory Claims - Franz Woidich









21/11/1941Ofw. Franz Woidich5JG 27Curtiss P-407km S. Ain-el-Gazala15Western Front
22/11/1941Ofw. Franz Woidich5JG 27Curtiss P-40NW Bir Hacheim16.35Western Front
12/02/1942Ofw. Franz Woidich5JG 27Curtiss P-4015km SW Fort Acroma-Western Front
15/03/1942Ofhr. Franz Woidich5JG 27Curtiss P-4020km SE Ain-el-Gazala: 400-500m11.25Western Front
23/08/1942Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52LaGG-354 262: 1800m13.1Eastern Front
02/09/1942Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Pe-246 214: 1500m5.36Eastern Front
02/09/1942Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52LaGG-356 454: 1500m16.42Eastern Front
03/09/1942Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Pe-246 334: 2800m14.2Eastern Front
03/09/1942Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-246 312: 200m14.3Eastern Front
05/09/1942Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-246 823: tiefflug15.48Eastern Front
28/10/1942Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Jak-149 253: 800m15.05Eastern Front
29/01/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-282 191: 30m7.06Eastern Front
01/02/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52R-572 654: 30m8.06Eastern Front
29/03/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52LaGG-561 873: 1200m9.02Eastern Front
18/04/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-275 452: Bodennähe16.28Eastern Front
27/04/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Jak-185 114: 3200m17.15Eastern Front
06/05/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52LaGG-561 272: tiefflug13.15Eastern Front
05/07/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52LaGG-561 172: tiefstflug7.58Eastern Front
05/07/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-261 423: tiefstflug15.25Eastern Front
07/07/1943Oblt. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-261 624: 500m3.38Eastern Front
07/07/1943Oblt. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-461 463: 300m14.5Eastern Front
07/07/1943Oblt. Franz Woidich3JG 52Jak-161 243: 3500m17.3Eastern Front
08/07/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-461 484: 200m3.48Eastern Front
12/07/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-262 796: 300m14.5Eastern Front
13/07/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-761 413: 200m8.56Eastern Front
13/07/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-761 432: 200m8.58Eastern Front
13/07/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-761 433: 200m13.59Eastern Front
13/07/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-761 227: 300m14.01Eastern Front
15/07/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-761 225: tiefst.12.36Eastern Front
18/07/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-288 432: 400m6.51Eastern Front
26/07/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Jak-188 283: tiefstflug18.1Eastern Front
31/07/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-288 263: 600m16.57Eastern Front
01/08/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-288 253: 600m10.35Eastern Front
01/08/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-288 258: 600m10.32Eastern Front
04/08/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52LaGG-561 683: 200m14.1Eastern Front
05/08/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Pe-261 641: 1500m10.2Eastern Front
15/08/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52La-560 158: 3000m7.3Eastern Front
21/08/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Jak-188 228: 1100m16.55Eastern Front
22/08/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52LaGG-570 789: 2200m9.55Eastern Front
22/08/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52LaGG-570 797: 1200m10.01Eastern Front
24/08/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-2mH.79 123: 800m13.58Eastern Front
20/09/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Jak-176 884: 800m15.5Eastern Front
22/09/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Pe-266 663: 2500m7.08Eastern Front
27/09/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Boston III76 534: 6700m5.3Eastern Front
22/10/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Jak-958 564: 1800m5.45Eastern Front
23/10/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Jak-758 671: 1800m7.2Eastern Front
23/10/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Jak-758 671: 1800m7.2Eastern Front
23/10/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-2mH.58 533: 800m7.28Eastern Front
24/10/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52LaGG-559 751: 2000m6.29Eastern Front
24/10/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-2mH.57 173: 500m13.51Eastern Front
27/10/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-2mH.57 362: tiefst.10.32Eastern Front
27/10/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-2mH.57 381: tiefst.10.33Eastern Front
06/11/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Jak-146 114: 180m10.55Eastern Front
28/11/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Airacobra29 491: 2500m9.3Eastern Front
29/11/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Airacobra39 173: 1200m14.28Eastern Front
15/12/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Jak-9NW Novgorodka: 900m10.3Eastern Front
17/12/1943Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52AiracobraN. Novogodka: 800m12.27Eastern Front
11/01/1944Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Airacobra29 379: 500m8.25Eastern Front
11/01/1944Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Jak-929 533: 2800m15.05Eastern Front
11/01/1944Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Jak-929 533: 2800m15.05Eastern Front
11/01/1944Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Jak-929 522: 2500m15.06Eastern Front
12/01/1944Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-2mH.29 512: 800m14.35Eastern Front
17/01/1944Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-2mH.29 512: 200m14.35Eastern Front
17/01/1944Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52R-529 183: 40m14.5Eastern Front
17/01/1944Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52R-529 322: 80m14.51Eastern Front
17/01/1944Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52R-529 322: 80m14.52Eastern Front
17/01/1944Ofw. Franz Woidich3JG 52R-529 331: 60m14.53Eastern Front
28/03/1944Ltn. Franz WoidichI.JG 52Il-298 181: 500m16.42Eastern Front
14/04/1944Ltn. Franz WoidichStab I.JG 52R-578 622: 150m11.4Eastern Front
14/04/1944Ltn. Franz WoidichStab I.JG 52R-578 484: 100m11.41Eastern Front
16/04/1944Ltn. Franz Woidich3JG 52Mitchell78 524: 3900m11.1Eastern Front
16/04/1944Ltn. Franz Woidich3JG 52Airacobra78 584: 1000m12.4Eastern Front
16/04/1944Ltn. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-2mH.78 554: 900m12.41Eastern Front
16/04/1944Ltn. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-2mH.78 552: 900m12.42Eastern Front
03/05/1944Ltn. Franz Woidich3JG 52Airacobra68 833: 3200m9.24Eastern Front
11/05/1944Ltn. Franz Woidich3JG 52Pe-297 274: 6200m11.21Eastern Front
11/05/1944Ltn. Franz Woidich3JG 52Airacobra98 723: 4500m11.17Eastern Front
15/05/1944Ltn. Franz Woidich3JG 52LaGG-598 723: 2200m13.16Eastern Front
03/06/1944Ltn. Franz Woidich3JG 52LaGG-578 674: 2700m10.2Eastern Front
16/07/1944Ltn. Franz Woidich3JG 52Il-2mH.41 822: 300m16.08Eastern Front
22/04/1945Oblt. Franz Woidich6JG 400--Western Front

Known Claims : 81

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