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Otto Fonnekold

Victories : 136
Country : Germany
Fought in : WW2
Fought for : Axis
Died : 31st August 1944

Awarded the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross

Otto Fönnekold was born 15 February 1920 – 31 August 1944) was a Luftwaffe flying ace of World War II. Fönnekold was credited with 136 victories. All but three of his victories were claimed over the Soviet Air Forces in about 600 combat missions]

Fönnekold claimed three United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) P-51 Mustang's on 31 August 1944. He was bounced on his landing approach at Ssaß-Budak by P-51 Mustang's. One of the .50 caliber projectiles penetrated his heart. Nevertheless he landed his Bf 109 G-6 "black 9" before succumbing to his injury.

Latest Axis Aviation Artwork !
 The Gruppenkommandeur of II./JG 54 Erich Rudorffer is depicted in Fw190A-6 'Black Double Chevron' over the misty forests of Finland in June 1944. Credited with 222 aerial victories, he survived being shot down no less than sixteen times and survived the war until eventually passing away in 2016 aged 98.

Erich Rudorffer by Ivan Berryman.
 With 275 victories credited, Gunther Rall is the third highest scoring Ace in history  He was awarded the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords.

Gunther Rall by Ivan Berryman. (P)
 Walter Wolfrum, a Knight's Cross winning German WW2 Ace with 137 victories, in his Bf109G.

Walter Wolfrum by Ivan Berryman. (P)
 Austrian-born Walter Nowotny was one of Germany's highest scoring aces of WWII with 258 victories to his credit, three of them flying the Messerschmitt Me.262. He is depicted here flying White 8 of Kommando Nowotny based at Achmer, Germany in 1944. He was killed in action later that year following a fraught combat with US fighters during the Defence of the Reich.

White 8 - Walter Nowotny by Ivan Berryman.

Otto Fonnekold

Squadrons for : Otto Fonnekold
A list of all squadrons known to have been served with by Otto Fonnekold. A profile page is available by clicking the squadron name.


Country : Germany
'Ace of Hearts'

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The most successful Luftwaffe fighter-wing of World War II, with a claim total of more than 10,000 victories over enemy aircraft. It was home to the top three scoring Experten of the Luftwaffe, Erich Hartmann, Gerhard Barkhorn and Günther Rall. The unit flew the various marks of the Messerschmitt Bf 109 exclusively through the war.
Aircraft for : Otto Fonnekold
A list of all aircraft associated with Otto Fonnekold. A profile page including a list of all art prints for the aircraft is available by clicking the aircraft name.


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Manufacturer : Messerschmitt
Production Began : 1937
Retired : 1945
Number Built : 33984


Willy Messerschmitt designed the BF109 during the early 1930s. The Bf109 was one of the first all metal monocoque construction fighters with a closed canopy and retractable undercarriage. The engine of the Me109 was a V12 aero engine which was liquid-cooled. The Bf109 first saw operational service during the Spanish Civil War and flew to the end of World War II, during which time it was the backbone of the Luftwaffe fighter squadrons. During the Battle of Britian the Bf109 was used in the role of an escort fighter, a role for which it was not designed for, and it was also used as a fighter bomber. During the last days of May 1940 Robert Stanford-Tuck, the RAF ace, got the chance to fly an Me109 which they had rebuilt after it had crash landed. Stanford-Tuck found out that the Me109 was a wonderful little plane, it was slightly faster than the Spitfire, but lacked the Spitfire manoeuvrability. By testing the Me109, Tuck could put himself inside the Me109 when fighting them, knowing its weak and strong points. With the introduction of the improved Bf109F in the spring of 1941, the type again proved to be an effective fighter during the invasion of Yugoslavia and during the Battle of Crete and the invasion of Russia and it was used during the Siege of the Mediteranean island of Malta. The Bf109 was the main fighter for the Luftwaffe until 1942 when the Fw190 entered service and shared this position, and was partially replaced in Western Europe, but the Me109 continued to serve on the Eastern Front and during the defence of the Reich against the allied bombers. It was also used to good effect in the Mediterranean and North Africa in support of The Africa Korps. The Me109 was also supplied to several German allies, including Finland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovakia. The Bf109 scored more kills than any other fighter of any country during the war and was built in greater numbers with a total of over 31,000 aircraft being built. The Bf109 was flown by the three top German aces of the war war. Erich Hartmann with 352 victories, Gerhard Barkhorn with 301 victories and Gunther Rall with 275 kills. Bf109 pilots were credited with the destruction of 100 or more enemy aircraft. Thirteen Luftwaffe Aces scored more than 200 kills. Altogether this group of pilots were credited with a total of nearly 15,000 kills, of which the Messerschmitt Bf109 was credited with over 10,000 of these victories. The Bf109 was the most produced warplane during World War II, with 30,573 examples built during the war, and the most produced fighter aircraft in history, with a total of 33,984 units produced up to April 1945. Bf109s remained in foreign service for many years after World War II. The Swiss used their Bf109Gs well into the 1950s. The Finnish Air Force did not retire their Bf109Gs until March 1954. Romania used its Bf109s until 1955. The Spanish Hispanos flew even longer. Some were still in service in the late 1960s.

Known Victory Claims - Otto Fonnekold









06/10/1942Uffz. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-295 733: 2000m12.35Eastern Front
29/10/1942Uffz. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG95 873: 500m15.4Eastern Front
15/11/1942Uffz. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG94 194: 1000m8.5Eastern Front
19/11/1942Uffz. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG94 634: 4000m12.37Eastern Front
11/12/1942Uffz. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG49 381: 500m12.45Eastern Front
22/12/1942Uffz. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52La-549 712: 50m11.32Eastern Front
25/12/1942Uffz. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52La-549 773: 1500m11.22Eastern Front
30/01/1943Uffz. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG-306 391: 500m14.52Eastern Front
08/02/1943Uffz. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-109 333: Bodennähe9.35Eastern Front
08/02/1943Uffz. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-199 664: 800m9.5Eastern Front
14/02/1943Uffz. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52I-16 Rata75 26: 800m11Eastern Front
14/02/1943Uffz. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52I-16 Rata75 232: 800m11.03Eastern Front
27/02/1943Uffz. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52I-15385 344: 500m6.02Eastern Front
06/05/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG-575 293: 1200m5.38Eastern Front
06/05/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG-585 153: 2000m11.3Eastern Front
06/05/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-176 894: 3500m12.05Eastern Front
09/05/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG-386 754: 2500m16.1Eastern Front
15/05/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-1SW Kabardinka: 3500m18.4Eastern Front
19/05/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG-385 313: 3000m7.2Eastern Front
21/05/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52R-596 771: 200m4.23Eastern Front
21/05/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52U-296 78415.42Eastern Front
21/05/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52U-296 774: tiefflug15.46Eastern Front
28/05/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-176 893: 3000m10.38Eastern Front
29/05/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG-3N. Krymskaya: 2600m4.37Eastern Front
29/05/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-176 894: 2000m18.3Eastern Front
30/05/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Mitchell76 861: 1200m15.36Eastern Front
31/05/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG-386 772: 3000m5.25Eastern Front
01/06/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-176 861: 2500m8.48Eastern Front
06/06/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG-575 231: 1000m5.03Eastern Front
07/06/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra76 812: 800m15.23Eastern Front
07/06/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra76 822: 800m15.21Eastern Front
10/06/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-175 473: 10m14.42Eastern Front
15/06/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-185 373: 2000m17.07Eastern Front
25/06/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-185 371: 2000m4.27Eastern Front
21/07/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-188 261: 4500m4.32Eastern Front
23/07/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG-388 424: tiefstflug18.4Eastern Front
25/07/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-198 173: 1800m7.44Eastern Front
31/07/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-288 232: 100m6.14Eastern Front
02/08/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.88 621 : 200m18.1Eastern Front
07/08/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.75 233: 2000m7.38Eastern Front
07/08/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Spitfire76 892: 2500m7.4Eastern Front
07/08/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.75 261: 1000m17.25Eastern Front
09/08/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Spitfire75 234: 3000m8.17Eastern Front
09/08/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-175 293: 1500m8.22Eastern Front
09/08/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.75 261: 1000m8.25Eastern Front
26/08/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG-376 863: tiefst.15.42Eastern Front
26/08/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG-385 114: tiefst.15.47Eastern Front
31/08/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra88 671: 1500m12.14Eastern Front
06/09/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.60 174: 500m10.02Eastern Front
07/09/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.69 522: 500m9.19Eastern Front
08/09/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.60 521: tiefst.5.27Eastern Front
10/09/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-150 283: tiefst.12.33Eastern Front
12/10/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra49 173: 3000m7.4Eastern Front
15/10/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-110 123: 2000m5.5Eastern Front
15/10/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-110 121: 2000m5.58Eastern Front
19/10/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.39 424: tiefst.11.07Eastern Front
20/10/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.39 284: tiefst.12.58Eastern Front
20/10/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.39 412: tiefst.12.57Eastern Front
20/10/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.39 332: tiefst.12.55Eastern Front
20/10/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Pe-239 181: 300m10.1Eastern Front
21/10/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra39 631: 500m6.5Eastern Front
21/10/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra39 674: 600m14.45Eastern Front
25/10/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-757 151: 2000m12.28Eastern Front
28/10/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.47 154: 500m14.38Eastern Front
02/11/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-25km SE Eltigen: Bodennähe14.4Eastern Front
03/11/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52R-566 644: Bodennähne11.2Eastern Front
04/11/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.66 644: Bodennähne12.37Eastern Front
05/11/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.66 842: Bodennähe10.24Eastern Front
05/11/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-166 732: 1000m10.37Eastern Front
06/11/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-166 671: 2500m9.03Eastern Front
07/11/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-166 644: 1000m6.06Eastern Front
12/11/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.66 641: Bodennähne10.17Eastern Front
14/11/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.66 643: Bodennähne14.03Eastern Front
21/11/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-166 562: 2000m13Eastern Front
27/11/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-166 732: 5000m8.39Eastern Front
27/11/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-166 641: 2500m8.56Eastern Front
28/11/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.66 594: Wassernähe8.42Eastern Front
28/11/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.66 732: Wassernähe8.5Eastern Front
28/11/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.66 813: Wassernähe11.4Eastern Front
01/12/1943Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-277 732: tiefstflug7.22Eastern Front
01/12/1943Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Pe-2N. Eltigen: 1000m13.45Eastern Front
02/12/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.SE Eltigen: 400m14.26Eastern Front
02/12/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG-3E. Eltigen: 1500m14.2Eastern Front
04/12/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.E. Eltigen: 600m7.08Eastern Front
04/12/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG-3SSW Eltigen: 500m7.17Eastern Front
04/12/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.SE Eltigen: tiefstflug11.02Eastern Front
04/12/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.SW Eltigen: 500m11.12Eastern Front
05/12/1943Fw. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52AiracobraSW Eltigen: 300m13.2Eastern Front
08/12/1943Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.S. Kolonka: Wassernähe13.53Eastern Front
08/12/1943Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-266 671: Wassernähe13.59Eastern Front
11/12/1943Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-1E. Eltigen: 1000m9.11Eastern Front
04/01/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.66 613: Ground-strike (Bagerovo/Krim6.43Eastern Front
09/01/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra66613: 4500m12.01Eastern Front
09/01/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG-366614: 1000m14.4Eastern Front
10/01/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.66 641: 180m9.45Eastern Front
10/01/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-166 562: 500m11.5Eastern Front
11/01/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG-366 613: 500m13.32Eastern Front
12/01/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Boston66 611: 1000m6.5Eastern Front
12/01/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra66 534: Bodennähe13.46Eastern Front
12/01/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.66 614: 300m14.06Eastern Front
13/01/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-166 613: 2000m7.26Eastern Front
17/01/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra66 534: 50m10.4Eastern Front
19/01/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.66 642: 10m12.1Eastern Front
23/01/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.66 652: bodennähe6.47Eastern Front
25/01/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Boston66 673: 1000m12.37Eastern Front
28/01/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-166 562: 100m12.57Eastern Front
28/01/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.66 562: tiefflug15.01Eastern Front
05/02/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold6JG 52Airacobra66 5646.26Eastern Front
07/02/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold6JG 52Airacobra66 641: 300m6.55Eastern Front
07/02/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold6JG 52Jak-166 673: 3000m13.28Eastern Front
10/02/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold6JG 52Jak-966 514: 3500m8Eastern Front
14/03/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Pe-247 793: 2000m12.55Eastern Front
22/03/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold6JG 52Jak-766 534: 2000m10.55Eastern Front
22/03/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold6JG 52Jak-766 613: Wasseru.11Eastern Front
23/03/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold6JG 52Jak-766 6117.03Eastern Front
30/05/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra78 672: 5000m10.35Eastern Front
30/05/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra78 642: 800m11.05Eastern Front
30/05/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra78 812: 3000m13.5Eastern Front
30/05/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra78 674: 500m14.08Eastern Front
30/05/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra78 812: 300m14.12Eastern Front
30/05/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra78 671: 2000m14.51Eastern Front
30/05/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra78 644: 3000m17.52Eastern Front
31/05/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra78 673: 300m12.45Eastern Front
31/05/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-178 674: 800m4.12Eastern Front
02/06/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Boston78 735: tiefst.9.03Eastern Front
02/06/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.78 732: 300m13.5Eastern Front
27/06/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-707 42: 50m4.46Eastern Front
04/08/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Il-2mH.24 293: 400m11.2Eastern Front
05/08/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Airacobra11 644: 3000m11.05Eastern Front
21/08/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52LaGG-597 524: 500m18.4Eastern Front
22/08/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-997 566: 1000m7.16Eastern Front
22/08/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-787 662: 1500m13.25Eastern Front
23/08/1944Ltn. Otto Fönnekold5JG 52Jak-787 828: Bodennähe17.26Eastern Front

Known Claims : 133

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